"Im Just Sayin" - with Justin Werley is podcast of interesting conversations with people from various walk of life including Athletes, Friends, Co-Workers, Police Officers and many more. "I.J.S." allows people to talk about their lives openly and just hang out, laugh, and tell their stories.
My name is Cassandra. I am a podcaster, professional photographer and teacher from Bridgeport, CT. With my obsession with all things pop culture, I thought hosting a podcast would be a good venture to follow. I hope to bring interesting topics, fascinating guest and humor to my audience. So sit back and enjoy!
"It's Complicated" is a show dedicated to discussing hard-hitting relationship topics in a raw, real, and authentic way. Our host Neci Lane listens to her viewers and gives them a chance to share their thoughts and opinions without being judgemental. At the end of every show, she shares her view on the topic at hand and delivers thought-provoking insight that will keep you coming back for more. Catch "It's Complicated" with Neci Lane every Sunday at 9pm EST.
short daily encouragements
Meet Jennifer, Jigna, and now Jody, three women navigating the new world with an outlook of mostly sunny. With the hope to inspire those who have been laid-off to find their way. So when life gives you lemons, you make a podcast! We hope you will follow us to get notified of the latest episodes.
Thailand. Unplugged. All things Thailand, Asia, The World. From traveling to business and personal growth. We got it all. Unplugged.

D-Strong is One of those artists that should have been a household name years ago, but for some reason hip hop doesn't work that way. If you're not talking about bust downs and how many hoes you have or what style of Molly suits you best, then you're shelved as ?other? or the dreaded ?Experimental? hip hop nowadays. There's no separation of music anymore, meaning Hip Hop gets an overused title encompassing all that is urban music, while ?pop? rappers have a million sub-genre names like trap, LoFi, Ghettotech, House, Electro, garage funk to help define what they do. Be strong and see breath of fresh air and they clustered world of social media accounts and words like ?lyricist? being thrown around like hot garbage. we get a chance to sit down and talk to D and find out his take on hip hop rap music Lo-Fi the whole enchilada. It should be interesting. Today?s strain: Gelato.

Also, be sure to check out music from D-Strong @ MIXCLOUD MONDAYS available NOW at this link

Oxfords Very Own Podcast Brought To You By Bear & H. This Podcast Isn't Your Typical Podcast Which Your Soon Find Out When Listening To The Types Of Content And Guests We Have Come On. We Tackle The Types Of Content That Most Wouldn't Even Dare. But Most Importantly Have Fun. We Say What Ever The Hell We Want To Say. Remember Have Fun Listening And Give Us A Follow. SOCIALS: Twitter: @oxfords0_100 Instagram: @oxfords0_100 Youtube: oxfords 0-100 podcast Snapchat: ice_balls Enquiries: oxfords0100podcast@gmail.com
Need a break from the all the issues of the day? Binged maybe a little too much true crime? Want something fun to do while you fold socks? Join us each week for an escape from the seriousness of your everyday lives. We talk about nothing. We talk about anything. We talk about the interesting. Life. History. Pet Peeves. Interviews. And much more!
3 Time NBA World Champion Stacey King, current voice of the Bulls and Hot Sauce King of Chicago, tells hilarious stories and has huge laughs with celebrity guests every week. The bigger than life (literally bigger than life) former center with Michael Jordan, has more stories and connections than Facebook! Guests have included NBA greats Kenny Anderson, BJ Armstrong, Danny Manning, Bill Cartwright, Horace Grant, sports impressionist- Al Foran, MMA stars- TJ DIllishaw & heavyweight- Curtis 'Razor' Blaydes, Skateboard Champion of X Games -Chaz Ortiz, Bear's Insider and host of the Great American Baking Show -Spice Adams, ESPN's Zack Lowe, Angel's- Daron Sutton, RAMS- J.B. Long & Astros All-Star Alex Correa with many more. Talk about basketball, football, MMA, and other sports analysis with inside stories and unique viewpoints from a group of sports experts having a few brews, a few guests, and a ton of fun! Stacey King's very entertaining Gimme the Hot Sauce with Mark Schanowski & Friends. Stacey's platform where he entertains with his thoughts and opinions on sports and current events with great guests every week! You will laugh at every show!
3 best friends who went through college together talking about life lessons they learned, how their lives changed, and also thoughts on things going on in the world.
Just a married couple counting down our Top 3 list of random things & having fun! Part of Unnamed Productions!
A podcast about current gaming news, events and releases. From time to time we have special guests from the gaming industry.

It's 4th & whinges. Just two Yorkshire lads chatting football.

Mark and Rob discuss all things football, whether it be NFL, college, the draft or their dynasty fantasy football league.

We're no pros, just two mates having a whinge.

Follow us on Twitter: @4thandwhinges 

Get in touch via email: 4thandwhingespodcast@gmail.com

Playing all the very best in Rock Music.
Military Veteran Eric Weinstein began 69 Whiskey as a college radio show on 107.7 The Bronc. A show once restrained by rules and boundaries is coming straight to you as raw, uncensored and unapologetic as ever. Along with new Co-host Matt, and various guests of the 69 Whiskey Army, this dynamic group covers topics ranging from drink recipes, entertainment, and of course, your favorite positions ;)
The morning's first headlines every morning by... 7AM. 7AM is a co-production of UMC News and TheRolyPoly Productions.
Dig almost one hundred layers deep into the mind of our fascinating guests via a set of hand crafted questions. No question too small, no guest too big. Interesting questions for interesting people.
Come along as a graduate student and his much cooler wife explore all the minutiae, trivia, and historical contexts of contemporary politics and US history. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll vote, and we'll all have a ball in the process. Like Sawbones, but for U.S. history & politics!
Literary Personality Destiny Carter interviews the best and brightest in the industry
Live....(or previously recorded) from the Hotel Suede. We bring to you "A Fifth of Advice" with hosts Anthony and Marshall. Critics have described A Fifth of Advice as " a bit of pop culture, a captioned moment, sprinkled w mild contradictions, truly a distinctly flavored take on society". These critics may also double as the hosts, but that doesn't take away the credibility!
No photoshop, Facetune, or filters here; the A Little Bit Unfiltered podcast features co-founders and best friends Molly and Sarah as they talk openly about growth, entrepreneurship, relationships, and just life. You can expect them to be joined by the occasional guest, including influencers, entrepreneurs, and change makers alike.

I talk about life with my 6 kid blended family, life hacks, trending topics, and more. On a mission to interview the world's most interesting people. 


The Abbott and Costello Show is a comedy program from the era of old-time radio in the United States. It was broadcast first on NBC and later on ABC, beginning July 3, 1940, and ending June 9, 1949
About anything. About everything. About whatever. Welcome to a candid conversation with Kira, a feisty zillennial with a lot of thoughts about a lot of things.
Ace talks about popular topics and trends in society and give different perspectives. Tune in and enjoy a podcasts where you can learn, laugh and vibe. Visit www.aceatnight.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/acenights23/support
Each week we pick a topic to argue/discuss!

Young people today have been criticized for needing adulting classes. However, older generations (but not your instructor, she?s way cool) have forgotten that they grew up in a time when they were more likely to have a parent at home and may have been required to take a class like home economics that taught the skills we call adulting.

The first-year of college is a big deal. This CAT Community is part of a larger program, K-State First , whose goal is to offer students the things that research shows helps them to learn and to succeed in college. This class will offer practical and academic skills in a learning environment where it is safe to ask questions and make mistakes. And because learning is social, you will share what you are learning in a podcast and a blog so that others can learn as well.

Adventurous Everyday podcast features honest testimonies that will inspire you to become a better person in some way. The interviews seek to serve 3 missions: Educate, Encourage & Explore. Join us every Thursday for a new episode! So come on, let's get adventurous together!
Welcome to the Agenda Reboot Podcast One Hour of the biggest house beats from around the world with chop. All tracks used for promotional purposes please support artists tracks
The Aggies Daily Blitz is your destination for all things Texas A&M football and athletics, as well as SEC coverage as well. Join us daily on your favorite podcast app and on YouTube!
Akron Ohio is a lovely place and this show is for those who live there and want to know the latest news, and events in the area.
Hosted by Joe Fryd, Sales Support Engineer and Trainer at ZKTeco USA.

A weekly podcast sharing highlights of inspirational sermons from the most captivating, next generation pastors, along with in-studio discussion. We also feature interviews from entertainers like gospel singer Todd Dulaney, author Jon Gordon and actress Angela Robinson as they share how they implement faith into their career.  


IG: AmboNetwork 

Facebook: Ambo Television 

Twitter: AmboTV 

Snapchat: @ambotv

This season, our host, Theb A Stard (AKA the embodiment of and only hope for America) tells the tale of his very important perspective of the American Revolution!

America! The Podcast (@AmericaThePod) is a political comedy talk show starring Theb A Stard, the embodiment of and only hope for America.

For video messages, visit our YouTube Page - http://bit.ly/30J2FRX

"America! The Podcast" was created by Tim Phillippe and is a production of Shway Media. For more information, visit AmericaThePodcast.com and ShwayMedia.com.

American Salad is a conversational podcast between two young professionals who happen to be good friends. We talk about anything and everything, banter always included. We want this podcast to be a communal space for people to come together and actually talk.Not everything we say will be perfect. Not everything we say will be clever. But we will be honest, respectful, and hopefully fun. Thanks for joining the conversation.
Ancient Stories is a retelling of the history of antiquity with a particular focus on the daily lives of the people and little known events. Each season of 10 episodes will cover an in-depth look at one culture. You?ll learn about who these people were and their desires, fears, and the legacy they left behind.
In many spheres of live entertainment, the audience is privy to only a polished product. Passionate about our process, we would love to openly share our creative documentation with our audience. You are our collaborators, our inspiration. In the lead up to the release of our transmedia digital work Tides, we will be taking you Ankle Deep" into the world of our project and reveal how it came to be!⁠ With the releasing of conversations with our fellow collaborators and mentors, we also hope to showcase the local artistic talent locally grown or based in our hometown Townsville.⁠
Comedian Anthony T. Covers Daily News Topics, Weather, & Traffic. With Comedy, Motivation & Slapps. Tune in & Chat Live each week Monday-Friday by visiting AM2PM.ONLINE
The ANY KEbnY Radio show is a podcast dedicated to creating a platform for under the radar or lesser known creatives to be heard. We feature new and up coming projects and interview creatives to spotlight their work.
For information regarding your data privacy, visit Acast.com/privacy
We will talk about anything and everything. Email topics you would like to discuss. Megabossdad@gmail.com

Welcome to APOCALYPSE CAMPFIRE RADIO with Misfit Laura. How will you survive the end of the world as you know it? Prepare without being a ?prepper.? Come, huddle inside my imaginary bunker as we strategize how to survive the apocalypse...real or surreal.

A conservative and a liberal sit down to discuss, with openness and respect, everything from politics, social issues, and everyday life with the occasional piece of advice. Apolitical is a judgement free zone. There is so much division, we are restarting the conversation between both sides of the isle.
A nostalgic visit back to the Midnight Society's campfire with snark, snacks, and plenty of chats. See show notes at www.midnightsocietyfan.club
A crash course in the most interesting and important book ever written! Eleven segments covering the Bible from cover to cover from an historic orthodox Wesleyan Christian perspective.
Arming you with the information to lead a healthy, productive, prosperous, and informed life in the 21st century.
Hopefully this will become a spot for a weekly podcast from the creators of ADW (issuu.com/artdepartmentweekly)
Hi Everyone! Welcome to my brand new podcast. In this podcast, I'll talk about anything and everything. Some episodes will be just me and some episodes we'll have some special guests!
Hey everyone! Welcome to my podcast At Home With Josh! On my podcast, I will be talking about practically everything!
Everybody has a story and everybody is more interesting than they'll admit. Keith Malinak sits down with some people you may know and some people you should get to know for conversations about...them! On Twitter: @AtTheMicShow / @KeithMalinak
Bite sized inormation on all things digital. Marketing, Transformation, Life
Real talk all day, everyday coming live from Atlanta. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jameyel-price/support
Brian and Sylis are two kids who wanted to start a podcast about gaming and whatever else comes to mind. Enjoy. B/S is brought to you by Cosmic Soup Recording. cosmicsouprecording.com
Welcome to my verbal diary where I want to discuss any and all things that is essentially on my mind or have wondered about. Sometimes I will be solo and then other times I will have some amazing guests to bring all different perspectives in life. The ultimate goal is to hopefully bring some joy, laughter, inspiration, and just maybe a little bit of entertainment. Don't forget to share the podcast with a friend!

Finding balance in a chaotic world, 2 best friends wanted to bring a little laughter and fun...

Join Betty B. (aka BB) and Betty V. (aka V) every Monday as they take you on a magical journey of knowledge and some of the most random conversations in between. Politically incorrect and totally badass (at least in their own minds).

The Bettys are 2 self proclaimed experts in absolutely nothing!

Whether you grew up in a well-rounded home with the full ?American Dream?, a totally dysfunctional home with a mean Asian mom, if you?re a stay at home mom dreading that next homeschool lesson, a woman constantly hustlin? and on the go, the guy that sits in his car in the driveway smoking weed after work because he doesn?t want to spend quality time with family, the college kid procrastinating the night before a test, or you?re like the Bettys just barely making it through this rollercoaster ride called life, this is the podcast for you! 

The Babbling Betty?s Podcast offers something for everyone: 

  • Scandal 
  • Mystery 
  • Mayhem 
  • Murder 
  • History 
  • Travel 
  • Music 
  • Animals 
  • Feminism 
  • Conspiracy Theories 
  • Fun & So Much More...

What?s next? Well...

?Sit back, relax, & let?s have a fucking dinner party!?

Location: ATL, GA 

Email: babblingbettys@gmail.com

IG: babblingbettys

Twitter: babblingbettys

Join our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BabblingBettys 

Weekly podcast hosted by @camrynsidley and @kassidydesnoyer. We are two college babes drinking some brews and talking about everything pop-culture, entertainment news, and celeb gossip of course! We discuss our amazing internship with Young Hollywood and our in LA journey!
Ever wondered what would happen if you stuck two bros in a room with just a microphone and everyone?s favorite reality TV show? Well you?re about to find out. Every week, Seth and Caleb take you through episodes of The Bachelor from start to finish. Buckle up, grab some rose-scented candles, and prepare for your new favorite comedy hour.
Let us help you see how your bad thinking habits and limiting beliefs rob you of joy and energy. We can teach you how to free up this draining energy, so you can use it for creating, success, serving, envoking bliss and fullfillment!
Join Toby and Dave Shaver as they discuss the latest in comic book culture and revisit some of the greatest superhero stories ever told.
In MMA, if you're going to talk the talk, you better Back Your Chat! The Podcast that will delve into the world of Mixed Martial Arts and breakdown not just the fights but the talk away from the cage. We'll take your host's - Alesy - unique outlook to other sports and entertainment too! Future Logo Intro by WinnieTheMoog Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/5179-future-logo-intro License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Each month host Tim Phillippe (@ShwayMedia) and a guest, give the bands we say we hate one last listen to see if they're really as bad as we think.

"Bands We Love To Hate" was created by Tim Phillippe and is a production of Shway Media. For more information, visit BandsWeLoveToHate.com and ShwayMedia.com

Hey sexy people, J and V will be your host on this sexy voyage into the life and experiences in the swinging lifestyle. We will share our personal stories along with those of you that you the listener write in. We hope to have fun guests along the way and will hit you with sex in the news and our weekly DM slide. Be warned we are not professionals and are not sex experts... we are just like any other fun kinky couple sharing our fun with you.
BARE NAKED TRUTH PODCAST is a podcast that has no rules. We speak what's on our minds and we are not focused on being politically correct. The hosts "Ya Favorite Cuzzin", "Mr. Stir the Pot" and "Pixxie" are high school friends who will definitely keep you entertained with some comedy and also real life aspects. We also have quest who stop by and speak their truth with us also...The BARE NAKED TRUTH PODCAST represents the freedom to be who you are, say what you mean and mean what you say...so press play kick back and enjoy Also watch our videos on youtube.com/barenakedtruthpodcast
One has bad luck, the other has a bad back. Never mature enough for grown up conversations but always up for an adult one. As a "Show of Things" the conversation could go anywhere, no matter where it starts. We are going to take up space, whether you listen or not... Catch us on Twitter! @BarelyAliveShow Opening theme: Can't Stop Won't Stop - "Stop, Drop, N Roll" Closing theme: High N Mighty - "B-Boy Document 99"
Join Scott Braun and Kelly Nash from the MLB Network each week as they cover all the big storylines and trending topics on and off of the diamond. Be here for player interviews, game coverage and a candid look into the life of professional baseball correspondents as we chill with some baseball!
As lifelong sports fans, co-hosts Jonathan Hernandez and Robel Mengistu continue their decades long basketball debates, insights, and overall fandom about all things basketball (NBA, NCAA, Fantasy Basketball, FIBA, etc.). Join us for a funny, insightful, fresh take on hoops.
Pennsylvania has one of the highest opioid overdose death rates in the nation. Every day, thousands of Pennsylvanians mothers and fathers, children, neighbors struggle to overcome addiction. Rural and urban, rich and poor, the opioid crisis affects all of us. Neither people nor communities can fight this battle alone. Public media has unique potential to connect Pennsylvanians across boundaries, and, in an unprecedented collaboration, we are doing just that. Our local reporting and programming have covered the opioid crisis for years—but now we are uniting to show you how Pennsylvanians statewide are confronting the epidemic of heroin and prescription opioid abuse. We are increasing awareness and empathy to reduce the stigma around opioid use, aid prevention, and help people find treatment. Pennsylvania Public Media stations WHYY (Philadelphia), WITF (Harrisburg), WLVT/PBS39 (Greater Lehigh Valley), WPSU (State College), WQED (Pittsburgh), WQLN (Northwestern Pennsylvania), and WVIA (Northeastern Pennsylvania) are collaborating to produce educational programming that focuses on the opioid crisis and its impact.
Hello friends and welcome to the Beauty and the Biotech Beast, an IGTV/Podcast series. My name is Paige and I am a doctoral student studying cancer biology. This series seeks to showcase the beauty of science by taming it's complexity! Having a broad range of interests has given me a passion for discussing my research, and science in general, in an approachable way regardless of if you are in STEM or not! I hope to make science more approachable as well as provide some tips to those interested in STEM careers! Enough of an intro, let's get into taming this Beast shall we??
Hosted by Dk Murphy and Dick Sassy, they watch and review all you're favorite bad movies.
Beer, Bacon & Bros's Private RSS Feed for Alexander Jumper
Join mother-daughter duo, Ann and Mary Cate on what they think is the key to being fit and having fun: lots of laughs. Each week, they will dive into a topic that may or may not be related to fitness but will definitely be related to living a fun life.
The show to find out how those in sports, music, & entertainment made their mark!
Behind Tha Mike discusses the hottest topics across the sports spectrum. Host Michael Neal Jr entertains fans with a blend of history, opinion, a rapid-fire rundown, and storytelling. Speaking of which, in Storytime With Uncle Mike, the former FedEx man wraps each show with stories from the road most wouldn't believe...but they are true.
Behind the Story Podcast is about old Wrestling Shows, mixed in with what I think is missing from today's WWE. I also do a Behind the Scenes Interview with my Guests, although I've only had one guest, with that guest I asked questions about real life aspects from that guests Career, which is the goal of Behind the Story.
From Behind the Story, comes The Wrestling Time Machine. When there?s no guest to Interview, I?ll be talking about Shows that happened in the date that I?m publishing on.
Ben and his guest enjoy a tasty breakfast and discuss the weeks topic
Podcast by Better Off Dead Minute: The Podcast
The Who? The What? The When? The Why? Of course!! Your boy, Ty is the guy. Host of Between The Ropes Radio. A wrestling podcast, bringing wrestling fans, The Best!! interviews, with some of the biggest names in wrestling. So, you'll know after you've listened to Between The Ropes Radio, as said before, Ty is the guy. Listen To!! Between The Ropes Radio!! on Launchpad!! from PodcastOne!!
This Podcast covers the hard work and dedication of High School, College, and Professional coaches around Massachusetts and beyond.
Welcome to our Pocast , join us as we discuss movies , disney plus series , Marvel content and much much more. If you would like to see the video version of each episode subscribe to our YouTube Channel, just follow the link below and turn on notifications. https://youtube.com/channel/UCgXttN7ifNbbwjOdhdfSvQA
Audioteka Literacka Bezkresu. Bezkres — pismo literacko-artystyczne wydawane od 2019 r. Poezja, proza, dramat, publicystyka. Zapraszamy na Facebooka: bezkres.sympatycy. Jeśli jesteś autorem — zapraszam do współpracy — przyślij do nas swoje tekst, do publikacji. Czytelników zapraszam do sklepu online.
It's a podcast that is for the people. We talk pop culture, entertainment, music, sports, food, adult hood, parenthood, Boyz n Tha Hood, whatever.
Stories and lessons from my father.
This podcast is for fun and entertainment. Nothing is too serious here. We feature odd news. Some will be different random SHIT that's just plain weird, strange, kooky, and far-out. Why because we tried the regular news and it is just depressing CRAP. So bring on the freaky, funky, ghastly stories that are floating around. We can not verify the correctness of any story you be the judge of that. These eccentric & flaky writings is a celebration, to offer you a smile and a laugh or two. The Big Show is a diversion from the norm and a blast of absurdity a JOKE or 3, that we take seriously, in a recreational goofball way.
"Bigdaddy" Marty Allen and financial analyst Bart Slak give unique and entertaining stock tips Live from Bigdaddy Productions Studio in Cleveland, Ohio
A podcast by millennials for millennials.
What to watch (or skip) on streaming networks. Hidden gems and indie surprises.
Birdgang Downunder give their views on all things Arizona Cardinals from the land downunder, Australia.
The purpose of this podcast is to take everyday questions, conversations, and debates and attempt to provide answers by including up-to-date research along with occasional interviews from experts. This podcast is meant to bridge the gap between the world of academia and The People. When you listen to us, you'll always have new facts to bring to the conversation with friends on the hottest topics. And as always, continue to be the oppressor's worst fear.
BBOR: Black Box Online Radio True Crime and the far side of the Government
Blades Uncut is a podcast driven by the team and fuelled by our fans, giving you an in-depth look into the world of Blades Hockey. Host Mitch Bach is joined by the voice of the Blades Les Lazaruk from the 98 Cool FM studios, bringing you the latest information as the WHL inches closer to hitting the ice, exclusive interviews with players, alumni, and staff, and everything else happening in the world of hockey. Plug your headphones in, hit play, and immerse yourself in an all-new, digital way to connect with your favourite team this off-season!
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 'Black or African-American' people make up only 3% of the information security analysts in the U.S. The goal of our podcast is to be a resource, and catalyst in the education, advancement, and visibility of African American Cybersecurity professionals world-wide.
Welcome to Blast Podcasting! Join Xander and Anthony as the dive into Movies,Anime, Comics and Video Games! Listen to Archive Episodes on youtube.com/xanderskullion
Welcome to Blast Podcasting! Join Xander and Anthony as they dive into everything in Nerd Pop Culture. From Gaming,Anime,Movies and Comics! You're sure to have a Blast! Check out our Archive episodes on Youtube. youtube.com/xanderskullion
This is the story of what happens when two people move in together... both bringing their two kids with them - the good, the bad and the ugly side of creating a blended family. We introduce the key players in our little story, along with a brief outline of what we've done and why we've done it. 2 adults, 4 kids, 1 family.

Rosie & Vicky discuss friendships, dating & celebrity culture.

a very bored 16 - year - old talking about the struggles, highs and discoveries of teenagehood.
The first ever podcast to feature two white guys talking football. Jimmy and a local guest star break down the NFL's weekly slate and make their picks based on zero research and only degenerate gambler logic.
The epic show Booze and the Dudes is now on podcast one
Bossy Bonitas is a podcast that's covering everything from everyday life as a Latina, to entertainment, politics and more. It is hosted by journalists and tv personalities' Candice Cruz and Leslie Ambriz. Listen to the woke, intellectual and borderline hilarious dialogue that occurs when a Puerto Rican and a Chicana walk into the same room.
After All Is Said & Done - then we will know, won't we? But perhaps we can know now, if we choose to. The question then is, will we choose to?
Messages in service to Him, for His own and for those who shall be His, from His Word, by Brad Thomas.
A weekly Podcast with 2 Shows a week, one dedicated to a broad range of sports the other Dedicated to European Football. Alongside My Co-Hosts Bryant House, Jon Garcia, & Dj Lafferty, we will break down the biggest stories and news in the NBA, NFL & Sports world while also having fun doing it.
Breaking Out of Breaking In is a practical, pragmatic filmmaking and storyteller podcast about taking your creative destiny into your own hands, reframing what it takes and means to "break in" to a fundamentally broken industry, and making work that gets seen without playing the Hollywood game (or at least, while changing the rules). Each episode explores a particular subject interrogated and researched by the hosts to turn an obstacle or limitation into an opportunity for listeners, or a conversation with a guest who shares exactly how they broke out, broke in, or circumvented things entirely to define success for themselves.
Beer! Weed! Gaming! Binging! With everything else in the week that was. This podcast is for those who like to drink, like to smoke and love to laugh while doing whatever you gotta do. Do your thing with us entertaining you? We are Brewsome Buddies. BTW, we curse like a motherfucker!
Broadcast Your Beauty is a podcast for women to have real conversations about the highs and lows of life. Hosted by news anchor and author Meghan Bunchman, this show is for every woman who has ever doubted their worth. Join Meghan each week as she sheds light on common female vulnerabilities, pulls back the curtains of the TV news industry and reclaims the power of owning your own story.
Your go to show on Big 12 basketball featuring hosts Luke Blackwell (@luke_blackwells) Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/broken-backboards/support
Welcome to The Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show & Podcast. We are a Sex-Body-Gender Positive podcast and show that aims to entertain, inform, and have a little fun. There's going to be something here for everyone who believes that sexual exploration, sexual communication, sexual identities, and being open to sexual possibilities are healthy, friendly, and most importantly fun. We believe that your things might not be our things but your things are ok too. Join your hosts as we all learn and share more about this sexy world around us. Want to know how you can help us out and to reach our show goals? Maybe you can support the show, get stuff, and even be part of the party? Head on over to our Patreon.com/bcbcpodcast page and become a monthly subscriber. There are so many levels of support it is insane. Pick the level you want and become part of the magic. If we reach our goals we will start producing more podcasts, more live shows, and more stuff and prizes for you.
Bryce's Biome dives into Esports, Gaming & Lifestyle in topics with various guests and influencers.
Isn't it time for a fresh take on Medicine? Welcome to BSFreeMD where the content is raw, real, and honest when it comes to healthcare issues that matter most to physicians and their patients. If you're in the mood for a good time and intriguing dialogue, join this physician couple on a fun and engaging ride every week. There is even the occasional cocktail hour toasting to great stories and shared wisdom. Join the fun. See you there. Want more? Find and connect with us on our FB and IG pages @BSFreeMD or on our website at www.bsfreemd.com!
Welcome to Burn Before Dissemination the Podcast where we discuss a different word related to investigation and murder each week.
Every week we call bullsh*t on common business and manufacturing practices that are NOT common sense and negatively impacting your profitability. We?ll reveal an alternative approach, often based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC). And, just like Eliyahu Goldratt?s book The Goal, expect a simple, counter intuitive solution. Our goal is to challenge your thinking and to deliver actionable takeaways that business owners can implement in their own life or business. We are 3 opinionated Theory of Constraints experts wanting to make a difference and don?t mind being brutally honest to make that happen. Hosted by Beau Ganas, Brad Stillahn and ?Dr Lisa? Lang of the Science of Business.
Calling Game is a weekly podcast focused on media coverage of athletes. Hosted by two female athletes, we?re the sports news that covers the sports news. Calling Game came about after finding a staggering statistic that showed that only 4% of sports media coverage is focused on women. We?re calling game on the bias. Hosted by Kelsey Trainor & Amba Jagnarine
A fiery mix of anything goes honest talk when friends sit around a campfire and the absolute insanity that is us. From money, love, weird one night stands and our own disgusting fetishes, we bare all. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/campfireshtshow/support
Gritty and thought-provoking, Darren Johnson -- writer, professor, parent, publisher and provocateur -- wonders what is the meaning of all this &#%!@?! Based in New York, he riffs on pop culture and the media, usually recording while, literally, on the road, heading to work. He's a throwback. Sometimes he's chomping on a cigar. He owns a print newspaper called Campus News and knows a lot about journalism, and colleges. Get your travel mug and hop in. Subscribe and never miss a rant, or a pothole.
Cannabis School is an entertaining and educational show, promoting responsible conversations about personal consumption and how cannabis can change your life.

For Questions or to submit feedback please email cannabisschoolpodcast@gmail.com
Car-Boyz is a weekly podcast that looks at all things motoring and beyond. Two boys from the Big Smoke chat sh*t about cars from and pretty much any other rubbish. This in no way will inform or educate but we hope it'll entertain!
My interview with Matt Murray of Iron Trap Garage in Boyertown PA. We're talking hot rod build, barn finds, swap meets, and making videos. Follow Iron Trap Garage and CarSmarts Radio on Youtube and Instagram!
The official podcast from radio talk show host Casey Hendrickson. If you missed his show, you can catch up with this podcast on each hour of his show or individual segments. Casey's show airs weekdays on 95.3 MNC in South Bend, IN.
Moriah Daniels, a local radio personality in South Florida, and her husband Scotty D, an avid fisherman and charter mate, bring their weekly fishing stories to the Catch 'Em Up podcast. From their offshore adventures to days on Lake Okeechobee, to hitting their favorite local spots these South Florida natives share their trips, tips, and tricks to help you land a variety of fish. The couple add a comical twist to their stories as their outings don't always go as planned, and their competitive personalities make for some fun entertainment.
Cauldron of Worlds is a podcast focused on creating various story universes and worlds. In it author Chad Corrie shares some tips and ideas on what he's learned over the years in creating his own various story universes as well as providing some insight into some of the nuts and bolts (and behind the scenes information) that went into some of what he's created. This podcast and all its episodes are ©2020 Chad Corrie. All Rights Reserved. You can find out more about Chad Corrie online at: chadcorrie.com and @creatorchad (FB, Twitter, and Instagram). Questions and comments can be sent to: cauldron (at) chadcorrie (dot) com.
Celebrity Sam - podcast about entertainment and celebrity podcasts FUNNY AF Updates, news, comments about WHO WEEKLY USWEEKLY WEHEAR HEATHER MCDONALD HOLLYWOODRAW CHRIS FRANJOLA PEREZHILTON DLISTED ...
Ceo The Brand Podcast is about the people and for the people, we are shining the light on those who are making their way in the world and trying to bring change. Join us in the adventure.
A Dedicated podcast tailored towards the average and die-hard baseball fans of the world! This is a family-friendly podcast where we talk about all things related to baseball, but more specifically Major League Baseball.
Champagne & Lobster is look into the person behind the recipe, food and beyond.
It's silly to serious and everything in-between, so lets drink some Champagne and have fun! Hosted by: Jenifer
A screenwriting re-writing podcast about how much a script can change when you change one page.
Dual hosts Chase and Mikey moderate a discussion revolving around the guest visiting the show. The majority of the show emphasizes a loose conversational style between the hosts, show support and guests, encouraging a round table of ideas and stream of consciousness that might occur in addition to pre-planned material for the guests to participate in.
We will discuss our Madden Leagues "Hold the Cheese" and "Extra Cheese" with our admin team along with our users throughout the league. We will highlight GOTW and discuss matters relevant to our current stage in the season.
Welcome into the brains of KC and Sean as they talk everyday occurrence in the day and life of being chef's . Weekly shows airs on Tuesday as they talk whatever and ever and everything in between. Thursday where Sean and KC tackles "tell me what you eat and I'll tell you what you are" Food Specific Tips and Tricks in our restaurant. Patreon.com/porkandwine YouTube.com/ChefSaltyPorkPodcast Have any food questions and want to connect with us? AskChefSalty@gmail.com Sean's Twitter: @Metrocardx Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/chef-salty-pork/support
Smoothplay podcast welcomes you again! Experience the ultimate chill music to relax your part of the day. Stay tuned for more episodes. Follow Smoothplay on social media for more information. STAY CHILL !
Chill Lover Radio is a rapidly growing online radio station whose goal is to feature and promote artists across all genres including talk radio. Chill Lover Radio features from our talented team of national and international deejays and podcasters.
We are Zach & Toni! Welcome to our podcast! We're two married BIPOCs talking about life. Join us as we talk about: - Living in Las Cruces (Formerly Chicago) - Our love of the outdoors - Married life - How Zach REALLY wants a dog And a whole lot more! We named the show Chips & Salsa because that's how we bonded. Talking over one of our favorite snacks. So pull up a chair...and no double-dipping.
Choppin' it UP with Buck, hosted by former NFL Tight End Charles Arbuckle, brings sports fans of the Carolinas and around the world up to the minute engaging interviews with the most recognizable names in sports.
Hear all about the love of Jesus and what it means in our generation
Mega Harrison and Chad Davis talk nothing but Christmas all year long......... movies, shows, traditions
Two best bro's aka amigo's join forces to make a podcast while having beers, shots and talk about today's pop culture, sports, drinks and our funny stories on growing up in the heights as two latino's one Puerto Rican and the other Dominican and Colombian, if you're looking for around the way NYC drinking and funny stories tune in listen in.
You know when you're hanging out with your buddies having a few drinks and talking movies...well that is us! Cinema Stash Rehash brings you back to the reason why you love movies from the 70's 80's & 90's by celebrating the time when movies were made with original ideas, great scripts, priceless soundtracks and the use of practical effects. We are just a few guys who love movies and just can't stop talking about them, so join us as we love them, make fun of them, and discover how they fuel our everyday life paranoias. So please tune in to rehash with us, learn movie facts and to learn how these amazing childhood memories were made. Cheers!
Welcome to CIP Talks. Where I share messages of faith, hope and love as it relates to our everchanging world around us as well as talk to people who have impacted my life and will speak life back into yours. My goal is to help you experience authentic life change and inspire you to pursue the calling God has on your life.
The official podcast of United League baseball. Purveyors of fine fake baseball since 1951* [*2003].
Covering all things health and fitness, this podcast aims to give you real, actionable advice that the everyday person can apply to their lifestyle. Short15-20 minute episodes #LetsGoGetEmAgain
Lighthearted discussions between and mom and her teenage daughter about pop culture, life, and everything in between. Exploring the mother and daughters points of view.
A strong, fanatical look at the world of comic book movies and of course, all things nerdy and sci-fi, with the sources of insider knowledge and the drunk whimsy of a drunk, Irish redneck!
This is a comedy sports show that is meant to take a lighthearted look at sports. The hosts Jadon and Evan will have many guests on the show, and maybe you could be next! Be sure to check out our website collegeidiotstalkingsports.com

Podcast by Comic Boys
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Comics talk about everything. So do we.

Where is Lauren Dumolo? Listen to the award-winning docuseries piecing the puzzle together. Complicit follows the story of 29 year old Lauren Dumolo, who vanished from her home in Cape Coral, FL, on June 19, 2020. Her disappearance has baffled her family, friends, and even the police investigating her case. When Lauren's belongings mysteriously begin appearing in a nearby park, the investigation is escalated, and the community rallies to search for this beautiful missing woman. But certain people close to Lauren are keeping their distance...the question is: why? Someone knows something; someone is COMPLICIT. Follow the investigation online at complicit-podcast.com Join the Facebook group at Facebook.com/ComplicitPodcast
Co-hosts, Julio Nieblas , and Baudelio Rodriguez ramble on about soccer, mma, conspiracies, video games, and music.
Bayleigh Robinson meets up with a rotating group of friends to discuss everything that has happened within the past week. we discuss news both happening around the globe and locally, we discuss our lives, hobbies, tv & film reviews and explore our sense of humour!
Cosmic Soup Recording is a Recording Studio in Phoenix AZ. We talk about local music and movies. We are fans of Super Heroes and Sci-Fi. Please join our discussions every Sunday. You can see us LIVE on Facebook or tune in here for the replay. Thanks for checking us out!!

couch-tv - Der Talkshow Lowrider!

Mit der Ghettoschleuder von Area 51 bis Studio 54...vom Mojo Dojo in die Tiki Bar... Happy Hour im Boom Boom Room. Charlie surft nicht und Backstage sind braune M&Ms verboten... 


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couch-tv Werbespot: https://youtu.be/5MPLU3zkigU  

Welcome to the ultimate Dad Tv Podcast, where myself, an avid Dad of 3 finally gets to watch some TV as the kids have gone the F*** to sleep! Along with guest hosts, other Dad's and parents we discuss digital streaming content, tv, film, kids programming and more. What is that one show you get to fall asleep to each night? #CouchDads
A podcast where we promise you don't have to agree with everyone. If you're that person that always wants to say something, but doesn't know how to, this podcast is for you. We want to have conversations that leave you all saying, "I'm so happy you said that!" Subscribe for unfiltered opinions, very super professional advice, and laughs. Follow us on Instagram @couldntbemepod to keep up and chat! Interested in advertising or working with us? Email couldntbemepodcast@gmail.com
get to know how they got started with their unique crafts, and what their goals are for the future. Learn about the person behind the craft as we sit and chat and sip some tea.
Welcome to Crank N Sprockets, a weekly call-in podcast that answers your questions provides insights and advice and starts a conversation about Bicycles. Think Car Talk for Bikes! Every episode features a special guest who rides a bicycle. Musician Al Doughty from Jesus Jones. Individuals who are making an impact on bikes like Louis Moore, president and founding member of a bicycle club named after the fastest bike rider in the world in 1899 who just happened to be African American, Major Taylor. Bob The Bike Man Charland founder of Pedal Thru Youth who has built and refurbished over 1,200 for kids in need. Stay tuned
You are listening to Crank! - The go-to in rock and metal news, reviews, pressing issues, live shows, and the almighty Crank! Personal Playlist. Hosted by the man Patto & The Voice of God, Crank! is podcasting cranked all the way up to twelve. Yes, we have surpassed eleven. Crank! is produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Queen Norelle Studios and brought to you via Planet Airwaves. So, take a dose of Crank!, and we?ll see you on the other side.
An open invitation to the mind of a creative writer and creatives of all walks of life.This is a safe space for creatives and those who love us. Come experience the journey as I figure out life and self-publishing. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lyszflo/support
Want to know how other creatives create? What drives them? Their stories? Creatively Speaking is all about that! Professional Broadcaster Steven James sits down with Artists, Musicians, Professional Wrestlers and all sorts of creatives to talk their processes.
Crime Pursuit is a dedicated podcast in covering cold cases, recent unsolved murders, and missing women & children cases as well.
Critics w/o Credentials is a that is a podcast dedicated to talking about everything related to Film, TV & streaming. It's a collaboration of friends that enjoy discussing random movies and TV and we've been celebrating being mediocre at it since 2012.
Crooke & Candle is a podcast about two creatives on their journey to become their own boss doing what they do best...create awesome shit. On this podcast we will discuss many things from what made Jordan and Trejen who they are and why they decided to go on this journey of becoming businessmen in the realm of content creation, while detailing their journey from inception to present.
Cryptid Cross Roads 505 is a podcast with two host, Larry and Vince, who talk all things Cryptid.
A place to come in and vent or state your comments, suggestions and dislikes. We talk about anything but especially government law and social media news. Don't forget to call in (828) 705-6539‬ Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @CultureShockjl A real southern drawl host. Real episodes talking about whatever is hot at the moment. We do it right we do it big. We talk about current news topics and ways to survive dealing with the Police. Rebroadcast or retransmission of an episode, without the express written consent of Culture Shock with Jamie Locklear is prohibited. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jamie-locklear/support
The most casual hard core gamers ever? Just two dads giving thier two cents on the gaming community and games we play with our kids.
Mikey G, The Outlaw, and Back Bacon talk normal dad stuff and take a few phone calls. Special guests Tim Preator, Zac Dunlap, Hannah Dunlap, and Trent Beals.
Come with me to be a ?Treasure Hunter? Everyone wants be the next Goonie?! I live it every day as a business partner in a salvaging shipwreck company, the daily grind of it. Months of ahead planning. Trying to juggle daily life into it. Weather changes daily in Florida, relaxing watching sports to enjoying life. Help me get to 10,000 subscribers and I will take you with me traveling, eating, and finding treasure too! My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaFXWbD156NdkDku3QssYMA
We are Dames who like to have a cocktail and talk TV....the good, the bad and the embarrassing
History, paranormal, serial killers, fairy tales and more. I will talk about anything. I try to find some humor to make you smile, but sometimes the stories might make you cry.
I decided to talk about different Times in Wrestling. I also will talk about Boxing, KickBoxing and MMA. I discovered while doing TV Shows and a few Movies that I prefer talking about Wrestling and Combat Sports.
Free music weekly! Enjoy free acoustic and alternative rock songs from Danny Hauger music. Get free music and entertainment by subscribing today! Share and help support indie music for the world!
The Dare 2 Care podcast takes you inside the "shower for the people" program led by co-leaders Tim Murphy and Kate Devine. Each episode will deal with the amazing mission to bring the shower trailer to people without access to the basic necessities most of us take for granted.
How are you consistently the best you while dating or in a relationship? We discuss all kinds of crazy scenarios, and more. From the creator of the highly acclaimed Dating Intelligence blog, finally comes Dating Intelligence- the Podcast. Tennis pro Chris Louis and former Playmate Tina Bockrath give advice on dating, relationships, marriage, and everything in between. Join the fun as they discuss any and all topics dealing with issues we encounter in our dating and relationship lives. Nothing is off limits.

Have you ever wondered what intermittent fasting is and how it can be done? How about lying in a hydro hammock, hanging out in the Rockies? Barbell training, cryogenic therapy, isolation tanks, the vast amounts of ways you can use medical cannabis to improve your life; these are all things that Lyn, and a rotating panel of experts, will tackle each and every episode.

Visit deadsetonliving.com for updates and follow Lyn on Instagram @TheLynBravo

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Sometimes It's hard to tell the difference between real news and media baiting. Every Wednesday, join Doc and Prof, long-time friends, as they debate on the weeks hot sporting topics. Whether you want to hear about your favorite athletes, teams, or you just want to get a few laughs, this is the podcast for you as our desire to debate knows no bounds. Support the show: https://anchor.fm/debateamongstfriends/support Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/debateamongstfriends/support
Presented by Philo - Watch every Hallmark movie @ philo.tv/DTH

Join Bran, Panda, and Dan as they attempt to watch and review Hallmark movies. Just 3 dudes…watching made-for-tv movies. What could go wrong?
Listen ad-free at bramblejamplus.com

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Each episode will share the details of true crime stories . Some will be solved after being cold and others remain cold cases. With each individual story we will go deep in the heart of darkness and hear where someone's worst nightmare came true.
? Tropical Deep House | Summer Mix 2019 ??
They are a risk-taking couple & they are back with a whole new venture! These two literally do everything together. Met about 8 years ago in law school, got married on 11/11/2018 (2+0+1+8=11), co-founded two companies together, currently live in St. Louis & have two of the cutest little Frenchies, Onyx & Noir. Now, Nina & Brian all about enjoying the journey and becoming their best selves. Their goal here is to spread more understanding, non-judgment & unconditional love to show you, their listeners, you are not alone in whatever it is you may be going through. They believe we are all here on this planet to help each other. Now here are your hosts Nina & Brian Dixon!
3 guys talk about topics ranging from sports to music to movies and everything in between
Jay Denalos is your source for political/tech news, step-by-step guides, commentary, & more. Hear his weekly 2-hour show in crystal-clear podcast form.
Investing in stocks is a great way to make money, so is investing in yourself. Every Friday Devins will give advice and feedback on certain topics, to which listers can submit. If you want to become a Graphic Designer or a creative, or want to learn the best ways to grow your business as a business owner and get great advice for yourself, this is the podcast for you!
Local issues can divide or bring us together. DFW Confidential is a place to dig past the headlines and divisive sound bytes. This podcast is here to foster frank and honest in depth discussions of the issues that concern the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.
A relatable (and sometimes hilarious) conversation for Anxious Moms surrounding all things anxiety education and life experience.
A Podcast all about the hit 90s show Family Matters.
In diesem Podcast reden 2 mehr oder minder intelligente Jugendliche (Max und Ole) über aktuelle Themen, ihr Leben und ganz viel Trash. Viel Spaß!
A provocative and thought provoking podcast covering a variety of topics including current events, politics, social issues, black empowerment, celebrity gossip, and grown & sexy discussions. Check it out!!!
Power Throuple Laura, Chelsey, and Isaiah sit down and talk about a disaster.
Podcast sobre aquellas disciplinas diferentes, poco comunes y casi ciencia para la cultura popular. Estas serían: lo Insólito, lo Enigmático, Esoterismo, Futurología, lo Místico, Mitología, Neo-antropología, Parapsicología, las Profecías, Sanación, Percepciones, y muchos artículos más…
A podcast where Brandon and Nicole dedicate a whole season on one topic to discuss In each season, Brandon and Nicole discuss one topic per season. Topics include Star Wars, Apple, gaming and so much more! Season 1 topic: Star Wars Thanks for listening! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/brandoandnicole/support
Music lovers, welcome to the realm on your computer disk that brings you the voices of Music lover Joe Dove, and Music Producer Julian Valencia! Together we are talking about the music that speaks to us and we think may sing to you. Its not on your phone already, google already looked. Hence we have brought it from our disk's dungeon to your ear! Get ready to partake on a music conversation and journey from the dark depths of our world to the real world. Prepare to escape the unknown dungeon of life to the joy of music in your street beats, welcome to Disk Dungeon.
Unsettling, unexplained, unsolved. This is Disturbed. Season 1 launches May 7, 2020.
Dj BME Promotion Station is the spot for all indie artists of all genres to get heard, also promoted to the Masses. Get your music reviewed by Business Minded Ent. on www.musicsubmit.com If selected get on the show or get the promotion services you need directly djbme252@gmail.com
In this 1 Minute Podcast, I talk about Music, Artist, Events and Djs, but in a different way. Hopely helping others in the industry understand the business and the process. Please feel free to contact me, on any of my social medias, Mixcloud, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter - djfuzion15 facebook - djfuzionmix email- djfuzion15@gmail.com www.djfuzion.com

Mike Bills is one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston, SC and is ready to the podcast movement. If you are living in Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City or Boston and are planning a destination wedding in Charleston, you should take a listen to this and then let's set up a time to discuss your wedding in the Holy City. For even more information about me and my company, click over to my website https://www.djmikebills.com and check out one of the most informative blogs about wedding DJing on the internet

Some comedy that's just tragic and some theories with no evidence.
Dave Keeler talks with guests from Austria and throughout Europe who are pioneering unique ideas and making an impact in their fields. You can reach us at request@boundingentertainment.com.
A Podcast about Money Making Online and Social Media Growth Hacks with an Influencer who has millions of Views and over five hundred thousand subscribers on Youtube
This is the official home for the Dos and a Half 5incos podcast. Hosted by Ben, David, and Stu with Regular Special Guest Sean! Check us out Every Wednesday for Movie News, Review, and General Nonsense!
Dos Leprechauns Podcast is dedicated to providing up to date and breaking news with ND athletics. Be sure to check out our live podcast on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!
Book Talk, Celebrity Interviews, Talk Across America, Sports Talk
98% of people live their lives and don't achieve their dreams or goals. They're not really living - just following a routine. I'm George DeMartino and I hope to inspire you to take the path less beaten through my stories and the stories of others that are just as unorthodox. So step into the arena. Subscribe and listen now to the Dream Believe podcast We hope we can inspire you to take your first step.
Have you ever wondered what car enthusiasts do with their free time? So did we... Well we grabbed influential contributors rooted in the foundations of modern automotive culture and bring them to the mic.
Djon & Hannah recap the strategy, social game, and stupidity of each Survivor episode!

Dubterfuge Podcast is new podcast from Shway Media. Join our hosts Pod Team Epic (@Shterrra of @WeLoveDubVAs & @MatthewHVoss) as they discuss anime and everything new in the world of dubs.

For questions, comments, or just to say "Hi!", email us at dubterfuge@gmail.com!

"Dubterfuge" was created by Stella Luna and Matt Voss, is produced by Shway Media, and is a part of the Shway Media Podcast Network. For more information, visit www.ShwayMedia.com.

Here on Dude what am I even doing , we talk about anything and everything.The universe is just to big, bad, and mysterious for a closed min. I want this to be a way to connect and yet release myself from the bullshit life is. Enjoy and subscribe and follow for more!
"NO CUPCAKES, SPARKLES, OR GLITTER MOUSE EARS, JUST DUDES DISHING DISNEY" - New Episodes every Wednesday! Join the adventure as the dudes from Magic Vacations dish, dine, play and drink around Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland, Universal Orlando, and anywhere else dudes can have a drink and some fun . Our host, Carl is the inventor of Drinking Around the World at EPCOT and a former Jungle Cruise Skipper. The Co-Host and #1 Disney Dude, Ryan, is a seasoned traveler who has loved Disney since he was a child. Our Tech Dude and producer, Jonathan, joins in the fun as well.
A Podcast where Dudes literally talk sh*t about any and everything! No topic is off limits! We are NOT politically correct!
We talk ish that we mean. F-bomb's, N-words & funny memes. Hated by Me-Too'ers. Hosted by TJ, Trump (The Good One) and Bryan "3SL" Lyles.
You're listening to the FASTEST podcast on earth. It's about pragmatism, truth, happiness, and the search for it all. I'm Dave Kanyan, a 56-year-old truck driver, husband, father, son, brother, friend, acquaintance, and probably not the best neighbor. I'll hold the door open for anyone. Don't rush, we've got plenty of time. Listen in as I record my show from my car, as I drive to and from work. We discuss everything and nothing, all at the same time. Enjoy your commute, listening to my commute. Come along for the ride. I'll tell ya and ask you (nicely) how life oughta be. Thanks for listening!
Joseph Dunninger was a well-known mentalist, using his extra-sensory perception to read people's minds. Dunniger's psychic abilities were apparent in his childhood when he could cheat on math tests by reading the smart kids minds. His parents encouraged his talents and he entertained their friends with his magic tricks. DunningerAt the age of seven, he was already performing his mind reading abilities as "Master Joseph Dunninger, Child Magician" and was a regular on the vaudeville circuit even performing for Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Pope Pius XII. Even Harry Houdini was impressed by the young Dunninger's abilities. As radio became popular, Joseph Dunninger became one of the first paid acts to hit the airwaves. After many guest appearances, his radio show Dunninger, The Mentalist began broadcasting on September 12, 1943. On the old time radio show, he would read the minds of the audience members (including Dorothy Kilgallen) guessing social security numbers, birthdates, and even serial numbers on dollar bills. An incredible performer, Joseph Dunninger sat on a stool in front of the audience doodling on a piece of paper, practicing what he called "telesthesia" or though reading. It is quite amazing! This collection includes all known guest appearances of Joseph Dunninger on rare shows such as We the People as well as episodes of "Dunninger, The Mentalist." See also: Magic Collection, Mind Readers in Old Time Radio, and Harry Houdini Recordings.
Did You Write This $tuff Bro? A network of friends who love talking pro wrestling. You can reach Queen, Pops and Mort on Twitter: Show Twitter: @DYWTSB Queen: @TheQueenofNE Pops: @Pops2021 Mort: @Mortheous
El Legado de Borges es un podcast de AudioRelatos, AudioPoesía y ficciones sonoras. Podrás escuchar AudioRelatos y Audiopoesía de autores tan importantes como Jorge Luis Borges, Luis de Oteyza, León Felipe, H.P.Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Algernon Blackwood, etc...
General Club update, sponsors segment and a chat with someone.....
New podcast talking on culture, life, music, and many other topics.
EL: The Podcast is the voice extension of our blog and store Elevation Lifestyle. Nothing is off topic on this podcast. Hosted by a Mom and her twins, enjoy all the many topics ranging from entertainment to politics...ok, maybe not politics.
For Moms Who Want More. You have about a million things going at any given moment. You desperately want to make a difference in the world. Sometimes it's all you can do just to keep it together until bedtime. Jesus said that you will do even greater things. There's. More. Emotional Freedom Regardless of Circumstance. Resurrection Empowerment. Purpose Filled Living. Join me online at www.brennastanford.us
Programa oficial de En Tijuana Hay Rock Radio Podcast.
Endless Ranters is a fan-interactive comedy podcast.
This podcast has been created to uplift, inspire and empower. Kevin L. Garner, Sr is the founder and CEO of Enjoy Life Smile Everyday. Kevin is a multifaceted entrepreneur and Clergymen. Mr Garner believes you can shape your future by the words you speak presently. Your actions, attitude and faith will determine rather you fell or achieve the things you desire. Enjoy Life Smile Everyday Podcast is insightful and provides you with the tools you need to win the battles of life.
We are inundated with celebrities stories of transformations, journeys of self-growth , and stories of development. The "how you did it" question is glamorized from those who have tremendous resources, wealth, and time. But what about the everyday person: the caring mom who's balancing work and kid's school and extracurricular activities, the dad who's juggling a full and part-time job trying to provide the best for his family, the professional who is constantly on the go, or the beautiful soul who's just getting by? How did they do it? These are the stories that need to be shared. The Enspirate Podcast focuses on the everyday person and their stories of growth, transformation, and development; their "how they did it" story. Each episode will share the story of the everyday person's enspirational road map highlighting the successes and stumbles, and how they created their "best you". Each podcast will encourage, inspire and motivate you to your best self, giving you a story that will enspirate!


When you are entertained for awhile, it is no longer a way to kill time. Instead becomes a path to discover new you. Don't you think it's fun to share what you got on your mind and even when the comments section can't hold it all, there's still a way for me, EntertainmenT OverTime. Would you like to hear?!!

Eric & Gord want to change the way you see the world by destroying your reliance on mainstream media and bringing you the truth about the most important news of the week, most impactful stories from around the globe and fact about all the things things you didn't know you needed to know. Truthful, Insightful, powerful, Passionate and often hilarious are six words.
Extraordinary Conversations with Ordinary People
A wrestling lifestyle podcast hosted by Yukon Jack from 100.3 The Bear in Edmonton.
Exemplarités, le podcast qui va à la rencontre de belles âmes connues ou méconnues, de belles personnes qui font du bien, des gens "médicament" presque capables de soigner tous les maux avec quelques mots. Deux invités inspirants par semaine interrogés par Stéphanie Pibre et Yannick Duvergé.
EXTRAORDINAIRES is an intimate conversation between Host Terasa Livingstone and her fascinating guests: people who live their lives in Extraordinary ways. From everyday folks to thought leaders, healers, artists & celebrities: It's a relief to know we all struggle sometimes, to know we all must work to overcome adversity, to break through to success. And it's in the sharing of the truths & the lessons of our journeys where we find clarity, inspiration & connection to each other. As Extraordinaires We laugh a lot, sometimes we may even cry, but there's always a little healing to be found in every good conversation. We just have to Listen. Join us! wherever you get your podcasts & watch the Episodes on the Terasa Livingstone YouTube Channel
Former ECW and WWE Superstar, "The Queen of Extreme" Francine sits down every week to bring a podcast that everyone can enjoy. Welcoming you into her kingdom, Francine and co-host Chad discuss family, life, Disney, a little pro wrestling and welcome a some very special guests along the way.
Unfiltered, Unedited && 100% REAL perspectives from 2 Dope ahhs Queens.. Who got the Juice? We got it! #SipTime
Better life, better you through God. Learn to become your best self to live out dreams, accomplish goals and become the ultimate you through God.
Veteran Broadcaster Eric Martin Koppelman share life experiences in dealing with his journey to find God withinin his Christian Faith. The show brings talk, music, scripture and so much more.
Four individuals enter with three stories each but only two of them are true. See them compete to figure out each others lies and see if you can solve it as well.
Seriously semi-unserious commentary on serious topics. Seriously.

The FAR OUT! Podcast with Frank Hannon is all about taking risks, challenging yourself and getting out of the box, far out of the box, like doing a podcast.

Felonious Crimes started with a 30 something's obsession with true crime. That obsession led them down a rabbit hole searching for information and lesser know details. On Felonious Crimes we are focused on discussing each weeks crime with detailed information and evidence. Things the media, the authorities or those who have discussed the case before us may have missed or even misrepresented. Join us on our journey to discover the details of the worlds most Felonious Crimes. Instagram @feloniouscrimes Twitter @feloniouscrimes Or send us an email at: feloniouscrimespodcast@gmail.com
Neal Topf and Paul Catherall discuss all things Contact Centre related in an informal setting. A fireside chat without the fire
A podcast about the American Fire Service and Leadership
So you have a passion for fitness and the desire to start your own business. But launching a massively successful fitness business is extremely complex...the systems, operations, hiring, firing, coaching, sales, and marketing are critical to success. Where do you even start? This show will give you the answers. Here is Bedros Keuilian & Bryce Henson, your hosts of the Fitness Franchise Podcast, a show dedicated to helping fitness entrepreneurs launch and grow successful gyms!
FIX N SELL Q&A with Jai Lee - Learn How To Flip A House Step By Step.. 🎤📱Also here Q&R from other Investors in the Flipping Business . IG: @FixnSell @LeePro_LHS
Each week, we review a different Bronze Age comic from the 1970s and 1980s. Hosted by Mike-DELL & Mike-EL.
Travis is a USMC Iraq war veteran, he created this podcast focused on the warrior mindset. Each podcast he covers a book and explains lessons learned from a tactical and leadership standpoint.
Przenosimy si? na audio! Rozmawiamy o polskim (i nie tylko rapie). Co wysz?o nowego? Co przetrwa?o prób? czasu? Kto si? rozwin??, a kto stoi w miejscu? Który album jest dla Ciebie, a który mo?esz sobie odpu?ci?? Nasze opinie, emocje, spostrze?enia, obiekcje, mo?ecie równie? pos?ucha? w formie podcastu.

Food. Life. And a whole lotta love! Step into the warmth of Donna?s kitchen, where a Pacific Northwest transplant inspired by her Southern roots will teach you how to put together simple, nourishing meals all while reminding you that the key ingredient to any dish and to life itself, is a hearty dash of love. Watch Donna's YouTube video here to hear more. 

talk about current affairs fashion history
Genecia Alluora is former Miss Singapore and Southeast Asia Woman of Excellence 2010. She is also the recipient of the International Progressive Women Award 2019 and Iconic Influencer 2019. Genecia is also the Founder of Soul Rich Woman, the #1 female entrepreneur network in Southeast Asia across the region, with presence in 15 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Former cafe retail chain partner with presence in 3 countries which successfully exited to a public listed company owner. From as young as 14 years of age, Genecia had to support herself through school. Through working in a 9-5 job and started many businesses, Genecia had gone through the highs and lows of being a business owner. Her epic journey from being in a six-figure debt to making her first million, fuelled her passion to empower women to do the same. Genecia wants women around the world to know that it is possible to have it all - to OWN the F-word: Being Fabulous, Having Freedom & Financial Independence. In this podcast, we share stories, discuss topics like being a woman of influence, having an online business, affiliate marketing, having an authentic brand online, creating successful launches, content marketing, email marketing, confidence, online courses, digital products, personal branding, being a speaker, journey of female entrepreneurship, getting clients online, getting recognition as a leader or female entrepreneur online, how to be an expert, public relations for business owners, being an excellent money manager, attitudes of wealth, social media, turning side hustles into businesses, scaling businesses from million to millions - ALL the possibilities to have it all - to OWN & LOVE the F-word! With a vision to empower 1 million women, Genecia is passionate about helping women to take their businesses from offline to attracting clients ONLINE, get recognition & build a brand as a leader/business owner and make a positive impact in the world. "Alone you are strong, together we are unstoppable!" ~ Genecia Alluora, Soul Rich Woman
italian talks about anything
Radio host, student pilot and LA enthusiast Freddy Rivera dives deep into his story from beginning to now in all the adventures he partakes in - those in radio, flying, food and more.
www.acalltofreedom.com Join us for weekly prayer: Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88565893310?pwd=TXFmamZEcVY1M2x1TnBycHdnbU1ldz09 Call: 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 885 6589 3310; Passcode: 303022 You can donate to our church by going to our website or through CashApp $Freedomfmc YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCseSToUvM1ICrqGaQ2SmRAA Facebook: @FreedomMinistriesApopka Instagram: @Freedomfmc Twitter: @Freedomfmc
Giving you a inspirational pill that will help boost your day. You are what you make of it. The counter has been reset, and you have a FRESH24. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/clenta-walker7/support
From Rock Bottom to Rockin' It explores personal stories about those who hit absolute rock bottom. Then got back up, wiped off the dust, kicked failure to the curb, and now they're rockin' it like you'd never believe. These interviews are intended to inspire, motivate, and give hope and vision to those in their rock bottom by sharing stories, tools, and the resources that our guests used to create their 'rockin' it' moments. Host Eric Gilbert-Williams is a Canadian Entrepreneur who faced hardships as a youth like bullying, learning disorders, drugs, and crime before discovering success through his entrepreneurial pursuits. During his times through these teen social challenges, he found self-esteem and the passion to change his life through listening to the inspirational stories of others who overcame deep hardships to create great success in their lives.
PGA Pros John Gerber and Chris Bussell along with Timm ?IndyCarTim? Hamm discuss all things PGA and USGA and entertain some special guests along the way! We?ll include Johnny?s picks and predictions for each tournament and cover betting lines too!
Join Jacob Fanshaw and Noah Alvarez as the two have intimate conversations about sports, current events, social trends, share personal anecdotes and open about their personal struggles.
FRONT ROWE With JACKIE ROWE, Internationally known as Jackie Rowe, Jamaican born. Brooklyn BRED! And raised ..Affectionately respected as the Boss! Woman and the matriarch! Queen of Bk. AKA ~ ICONI- Author⚜️ Entrepreneur ⚜️Go-getter ⚜️ Young Mother ⚜️Muse ⚜️ Pioneer ⚜️ Innovator⚜️ Visionary ⚜️GlamMom ⚜️Godmother ⚜️ Legendary. OJ💋. Enjoy! My incomparable Lifestyle, and candid conversations with my guests on life's everyday struggles such as health, grief, depression, relationships, love money, power, and respect.
A Marvel Disney+ after-show with Harvey Brent and G.I. Jolie. Join us as we talk about Marvel Studios latest offerings and comic book tv and film in general. It's the same tired nerd sh*t with a little more sass.
Varied conversations about life, dating, adventures, realizations, self improvement and mental health. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beemere/support
Our goal is to help you build the best esports dfs lineups!
Teaching you about sports betting! You don't just get picks here (that's a bonus) but you will learn the art of what it takes to be a successful sports bettor and develop your own strategy to betting games. Whether you're a beginner or expert we have something for you at Game On! podcast
We have two different podcasts talkin sports and talkin games. We love video games and sports. We upload the sports pod tuesday and the gaming pod thursday starting the week of 9-16. We break down today's news and give our opinions about sports and video games. We talk about our favorite games and why we love games so much.
Movie news and reviews from comic book films to those that Scorcese loves!
Fun lively breakdown of everything from anime, fashion, video games, comics, to tv and movies. Nothings off the table. Each episode is a dive into what we see. Also smaller podcasts breaking down what we love. Its a network to let your inner self out in a way that lets you feel fun and free
"Geekable" is a weekly comic book related podcast hosted by Nick Ricci and Anas Abdulhak where they talk about their passion for comics and comic book media! Join them as they meet and get to know industry professionals that have shaped the medium for years. Geek out about comic books with friends and just generally have a good time!
First video in out Let's Talk About it Podcast. Follow us on Facebook
Every other week, we cover Hip Hop News, New Music from Gewd Life, Music Reviews, and Call in Questions from you! Join us live for exclusive music and news! Gewd Gang, text us a topic/question at (502) 513 4393 (GEWD) Artists, email your song to gewdlifeent@gmail.com -www.GewdLife.com -www.facebook.com/GewdLifeEnt -www.soundcloud.com/gewdlifeent -www.reverbnation.com/GewdLifeEnt
استودیو موزیک قنبرپور با هدف انتشار سرودهای حماسی خوانندگان ایرانی، نوای گرم مداحان اهل بیت علیهم السلام و نیز اشعار فاخر شعرای آئینی کشور آغاز به کار کرده است . لطفا نقطه نظرات خود را جهت ارتقا ی عملکرد، علام نمائید. شایان ذکر است آهنگ ها و نوحه های درخواستی شما بزرگواران با ذکر نام سفارش دهنده و یا مخاطب خاص مد نظرتان را جهت پخش ارسال فرمائید. ضمنا آمادگی خود را برای انتشار پادکست های تبلیغاتی و آموزشی جهت نشر در فضای مجازی بر روی بالغ بر ده پادکست معروف دنیا با تعداد بازدید بالا اعلام میدارد https://core.telegram.org/bots/api
After living in a haunted house for years and and learning more and more about what goes bump in the night my son Trenton and I have decided to bring our knowledge and love for the paranormal to the world of podcasting and YouTube. Weekly we will sit down and talk about what's new in the news in the world of the paranormal from ghosts, cryptids, aliens, or anything of the unexplained.
Welcome to a Sister Podcast. Join us three sisters on a journey to learn and grow alongside you as we discuss highly relatable topics. Our biggest hope is that after listening to each episode you love yourself a little bit (or a lot) more than you did before. Let's all give ourselves more compassion and grace, because let's face it, we all sleep in our makeup from time to time! Abundance of gratitude & love, Kristen, Megan & Lauren
Talking anything and everything that matters
I'm Corry Reynolds, your host for the God News You Can Use podcast. Like you, I know we can find discouraging news anywhere. But there ARE good things happening in the world. I find those stories! The Gospel message is one of good news, I believe we convey the love of our Savior through each and every bit of good news
Join DJ Nik, Rachel and Xan as together they review every single movie to have won the Oscar for Best Picture in chronological order on this biweekly podcast! Next episode coming August 19th!
Episode 1: Charlie Chandler, PGA and Ryan Overturf from The Move Project in Dallas, Texas. Discuss Golf and Movement Training with the help of M.A.T
Conversations based on the guest
A podcast that revolves around the guests visiting the show. The discussion is based on thoughts and stories that come up as the conversation unfolds.
Welcome to Grace Community! Thanks so much for taking the time to explore our church. As you browse these pages we hope you?ll discover that we are as our name implies ? a community overwhelmed by grace. Although other distinctives may help you understand our identity, nothing defines us more than the truth that God has freely lavished on us forgiveness of sins through the atoning death of his Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross. We are amazed by such undeserved mercy, and have come together as a family to passionately celebrate and be transformed by that grace. Are you searching for a new church home? Or maybe looking for answers to life?s questions? Whatever your point of interest in our church, please know that we would be honored to share with you what God is doing in our midst. Page through our web site to discover more, give us a call if you have questions, or just stop by this Sunday morning to find out why we?re so excited at Grace Community Church.
Hey Fam! It is my heart's greatest desire to always serve and share with people my road to success and instill that, if I can do it, so can you! I want to empower those who need that nudge (or kick!) to get back on the ball, tap into their creative genius and keep doing the work so that we are not behind when COVID-19 lifts! And this pestilence WILL LIFT in the Name of Jesus! I have ZERO shame in the Gospel! I have gathered some of the country's brightest and most gifted leaders to present masterclasses from every field to pour into us every Wednesday! Come prepared to fight for your vision!
A thorough explorer of society and culture. The world is a strange place and the aim is to go into uncharted territory to find information and enlighten the world from its ignorance. Join 'Grinder' as he discusses, debates and overall talks about multiple subjects related to Society, Culture and much more! In an attempt, to come up with his verdict.
Listen to the best of true crime as told by ToddFox , Matty Matt and Gabby Hear their reactions and the stories for yourself. The cases very from range of serial killers to the little known cases, to cases from way back and just a few years ago. Most of which arent main stream.
Therapists and long time friends Jeff and Mace talk about their work in the field of forensic clinical therapy. The podcast is centered around working with clients going through court-ordered therapy. It provides information for clients, current and future social workers, and any interested listener.
Therapists and long time friends Jeff and Mace talk about their work in the field of forensic clinical therapy. The podcast is centered around working with clients going through court-ordered therapy. It provides information for clients, current and future social workers, and any interested listener.
Guitars and PR's is a weekly comedy/pop culture podcast where the hosts (Zach & Hayden) talk about a variety of topics including music, fitness, shows/movies, and media in general. Formerly known as Endless Opinions.
Standup Comedians Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel love films and they love arguing about them. But in this unique podcast; they invite guests to come in and argue why some of the most financially successful, beloved or acclaimed films are trash. Kevin and Kevin preside over these cases and see if their friends have made them change their minds. Check out this podcast dedicated to giving the most hilarious, witty, and funniest movie reviews you'll ever hear.
Whats better than this? Guys Being Dudes Fantasy Football! The podcast that will make you laugh, cry, sweat, bleed, and most importantly WIN YOUR FANTASY CHAMPIONSHIP! Live Fridays 5-6 pm CST at kvrx.org.
Guys Who Law features two millennial attorneys, Andrew Eisbrouch & Jesse Weber, who discuss the legal side of the hottest current issues in news, politics, media, and entertainment You're living, working, dating, traveling and constantly bombarded in the news with all kinds of information, but how does this really affect you? Should you care? Andrew and Jesse break down what you need to know. Presented by Law & Crime Network, Producer – Amba Jagnarine.
A podcast where imperfect people discuss real life topics… and sometimes, have to ask for forgiveness later.... Because let's be honest, you can get a little hood and still be holy.
A podcast to fulfill all your basketball needs, discussing free agency, trades, and all things pre, regular, and post season. Sometimes we mix it up with different topics like Video Games, Soccer, and Tennis
This is an all Angels baseball podcast touching on the in's and out's of the team on the major league level on down plus the front office and much more. We also touch on the rest of the league and the Al west.
A-Crave and Solidmannn discussing about life, music, entertainment ,health and their partnership.
Vleeties of TWFS and Geezy get together for a Social Commentary. We break down the Hashtags & Headlines that dominate the news cycle.
A show specially catered to those with an interest in true stories of the paranormal. Each night we will focus on tales from all over the United States where the residents of the past will share with us their darkest secrets.
Two snarky glamour ghouls discuss ( and sometimes try to solve ) crimes with a paranormal twist.
Described as "the greatest virile-voiced radio DJ and podcaster of our time", Chris Nell has earned a reputation for authenticity and all-round versatility and brings both to the world of podcasting. In each episode, various personalities discuss topics that may not make the front-page - Sobriety, Animal Advocacy, Mass Media, the Performing Arts and more. Packed with raw honesty, a touch of humour and bolstered by a killer soundtrack these conversations will engage you and remain with you long after the experience has ended. Welcome to the Journey!!!
An informative & educational podcast, dedicated to health, wellness, fitness. & nutrition.
Health Righteous is a podcast and YouTube channel that empowers people to choose health and reduce harm from their daily lives. Subscribe to learn new ways to add health to your life.
Discussing health, fitness, and body optimization https://heliossupplements.com/
Hear stories of individuals from around the world who have undergone tremendous triumphs to live healthier today. They also offer you lessons to do the same.
A weekly podcast dedicated to Spider-Man comics in the 1980s. Starting with Roger Stern's debut on 'Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #43', then continuing on with virtually every chronological Spidey appearance for the rest of the decade.
Open discussions about everything! IG: hermit_radio Twitter: hermit_radio FB: Hermit_Radio Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hermitradio/support
A cannabis education podcast! Zagat editor and radio Host Merrill Shindler and Joanna Belson, Executive Producer, activist mom and cannabis enthusiast, chat about all things THC, CBD and everything in between. Listen in each week to her new topics and meet amazing people in the cannabis industry.
Life has its highs, lows, and moments of laughter. My guests and I find a topic and tell three stories, one happy story, one sad, and one hilarious story related to that topic. Buckle up, cause we?re about to get high, get low, then LOL!
MMA podcast based from one of the UK top MMA gyms featuring fight breakdowns fighter interviews and much more
Oneofus.net's weekly movie and tv show reviews in a group conversational format.
From the twisted humor of Steven James comes a radio program which harkens back to the golden days of Radio when Ron & Fez and Opie and Anthony Ruled the Roost! A last bastion of free speech and uncensored humor. Catch the show Live Fridays 11am - 1pm on Mixlr.com/Mesn-Radio.com
Grant, Mike, and Chrystal embark on an adventure to BLESS this world with national news and personal endeavors in an entertaining way to break up the monotony of everyday life, Grab a Beer and Laugh with us!!! ** Discretion is advised, some stories in this podcast are over exaggerated and some names may be made up or changed to protect the person(s) in the story. Please note this is a podcast for entertainment purposes** We are also on IHeart Radio: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/256-hold Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/holdourbeer/support
Master Astrologer-Renown Speaker, Teacher, AstroPsychology, Psychic, Business Life Coach For Soul Readings and Life Coaching go to www.askhollyhall.com
Have you ever asked yourself, "Holy crap, how'd they do that?" Dr Loren Murfield and Pat Lynch take on disruptive thinking and give you the answers to that questions and much more.
On Home Gadget Geeks we cover all your favorite tech gadgets that find their way into your home. News, reviews, product updates and conversation, all for the Average Tech guy! Host Jim Collison and his super line up of hosts are LIVE each week on Thursday nights, 8pmC/9E at http://theAverageGuy.tv
3rd season. Previous two available upon request. [On other free sites] How could i be homeless? I got screwed. But... Ultimately its my addiction and lack of human connections throughout my life.
Crazy Things That Happen When You Have Cancer
The Hottest little rock'n'roll show in the world! Hot Trax
Email: hompodcast@yahoo.com ~ Social Media ~ Twitter: @murder_podcast
The House of Nerds reviews and talks about all things nerd. Comics, Video Games, Cartoons and more.
House of Ojeda The Roundtable is a Podcast developed and hosted by Jeda. Featured interviews about the Entertainment Industry and a Rap Segment at the close of the show celebrating a decade classic Urban music.
The podcast is mainly about making money online. And you can trust me with this podcast, as there are many scams related to online money making are there. In the episodes I can provide you with tips to make money online, which I can guarantee will be genuine ones as I'll testing it before broadcasting to you guys. Cyaa be a billionaire....
create new way to podcastin
Hosted by Kelli Steckler, Humaniam is a podcast dedicated to drive personal growth. Each week, Kelli will interview different guests in either topics that they're passionate about or stories from their own past to help provide a healthy dose of perspective and insight.
Three Bros talking about Pro Wrestling and Pro Sports
A little over 4 years ago Donnie Hart, a former collegiate football player and a promising Professional Wrestler found his once fairytale life spiraling out of control following the sudden tragic death of his brother, and eventually landed at rock bottom layin in a jail cell in New Jersey facing life in prison after losing it all, at the same time across the river in Philadelphias notorious Kensington section, Tim Kudgis, a once promising professional boxing play by play announcer had hit his own rock bottom, homeless, layin lifeless on the floor of an abandon building after his 4th drug overdose. But against all odds, rock bottom became the concrete launching pad for both of them to not just take their lives back, but to reach back down and help lift others out of their own rock bottom. Now every Wednesday from 7pm-8pm on Toxic radio they will host Hungry For Hope, where they share their Inspiring stories of how they turned tragedy into triumph, all while also tasting the best food the area has to offer during their Dining with Donnie Segments, touching on boxing, professional wrestling, everything Philadelphia and having guests share their stories of hope
This is an easy going podcast that might just motivate you or make you laugh. We hope that listening to these quotes and stories by Hurricane & Stigs will make your week just a little better. We are keeping them in the 10 minute range!
Interviews with amazing people... Thought provoking hypotheticals. Always ask yourself... What If?
In this podcast we discuss a variety of topics including, Racism in Media, Science and the "Red Tape" that surrounds it, the growing violent culture on the left and Salad recipes.
I am not known yet but I will be. Power of positive thinking. I am a stay at home mom that wears many hats. You will hear about the life i live as a work from home mom trying to retire her husband at the end of 2020. I am recovering addict/alcoholic. I try to keep a positive aspect in life with daily positive affirmations. I want nothing but a happy life with my kids and husband.
Podcast about Movies,TV shows, DC/Marvel, Gaming, Music and more https://linktr.ee/daveya10mins
Three average guys from down south discuss all things entertainment. We talk about topics involving movies, tv shows, music, celebrities, sports and more.
Follow two industrial design students on their path to their senior capstone project. This journey will include interviews with Industrial Designers and other professionals related to their capstones. Hopefully these insights will help you along your creative path in your time as a student and a professional.
An [Semi] educational, comedy podcast; Asking the dumb questions we?ve all wondered but never asked out loud! Let?s learn together!
A Science Advocacy Podcast. We get great interviews with science writers, and scientists, on their specialties. Rather than focus on topicality, we talk to our guests on the implications of their research and writings with regards to larger issues. Dr. Greg Laden is an anthropologist with extensive research in Africa, as well as on climate change. With his expertise as a research and as a professor, he and Mike Haubrich, engage wtih our guests and audience to ensure meaningful content.
Join Jeremy "The Impact" York (Impact Media) as he breaks down the latest from the NFL, NCAA Football, NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS and more in ONLY the most unique way he can! Weekly shows include: Strong Style (MMA,Pro Wrestling), THAT Sports Show (All Sport), BoardCheck (NHL/ECHL).
Podcast/media company. 3 fly ladies. Chi-town bred.
New podcast weblog Technical, Practical, Writing tips, Books on Writing, Author News and Interviews for all Artists.
New episodes every Monday and Wednesday morning for you to listen to throughout the week! Weekly discussions about everything from bigfoot to the latest TacoBell burrito...
No-market Risk & Safe Money Advisor, Jennifer Lang teaches families & business owners safe retirement planning and wealth accumulation strategies. to protect principle & grow wealth. As market volatility increases, investors and employees with 401(k) plans are starting to have flashbacks of 2008's down turn and are looking for safe money retirement strategies to protect their nest egg. Jennifer Lang addresses top of mind topics such as how to not outlive your nest egg, keep up with inflation & how to plan for Long Term Care costs. Learn more: www.jenniferlangfinancialservices.com
Hello Humanista, This is Miko Santos before Podcasting and Blogging, I used to be a journalist for 20 years researching complicated issues of fact or science which most people would not have the time or access to information. This podcast is an insightful conversation with people at the top of their game and deconstructs them to find the tools, tactics, and tricks to help you achieve your dream goal.
Inspirational Whispers is a show which helps to inspire others to live their best life each day. INTIMATE CONVERSATIONS WITH THOSE WHO INSPIRE OTHERS THROUGH THEIR LIFE JOURNEY IT ONLY TAKES A ?WHISPER? TO CHANGE THE VIBRATION OF SOMEONES LIFE Produced by Sheila Henley @sheilahenley77
Spend time with Storytellers, Experts, and Heroes over a cup of coffee. On ?Human Touch? the team at Interact Studio interviews interesting people who are helping to solve some of the world?s problems. Each episode contains insights and inspiration to lift your day.
Services of the International Asian Ministry at FPC Wichita.
Veteran Broadcaster Eric Martin Koppelman always liked to talk, as a matter of fact that's why he is the broadcaster that he has become. Now...he likes to listen. That's what Intervue is all about. Talking to people, listening, sharing and learning.
A podcast where anything goes Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/aaron-m-childs/support
Kevin tells us how he and his wife got into hotwifing. Just like that, my college roommate and I were lesbians!! A quick intro to some Butt Stuff.. Dustin shares a threesome fantasy he and his wife developed. Isaac tells us about how hotwifing helped his marriage.
NYC Comedian Josh Carter and his father, International Affairs Expert, Vincent Carter have heart to heart talks on the issues of the world.
Featuring attorney and professor Toni Ann Marcolini and retired boxer Seamus McDonagh discussing creativity in all its forms. A show about conversations and people of interest ranging from books, films, history, sports, legal cases, healthy lifestyles, cooking, television to behind the scenes of the creative process.
It's Confidential is a podcast that covers a wide range of lifestyle related topics, from health and wellness, to comedy, business, and just everyday stuff. The goal is to inspire people to be the best version of themselves and to have fun. Rame Marie talks about his life experiences, thoughts, and opinions, and occasionally brings on interesting guests to tell their stories.
Three guys (and sometimes a guest) yakking about things they find funny or interesting.
We talk about popular topics of discussion
The Jackin' Around PODCAST is hosted by a 2-time Academy of Country Music awarding-winning singer/songwriter and master storyteller, Jack Ingram. Join Jack weekly as he welcomes your favorite music, sports, and entertainment personalities on YouTube and your favorite audio platform. Ingram's music career spans over four decades and includes 18 records, 6 top #20 singles, including a #1 hit, on the Country Billboard charts. In May of 2021, Jack, alongside fellow singer/songwriters Miranda Lambert and Jon Randall, released The Marfa Tapes. According to Lambert, The Marfa Tapes stems from a fruitful songwriting partnership that has already resulted in the 2018 ACM Song of the Year "Tin Man" (Ingram / Lambert / Randall). Additionally, Jack is no stranger to the airwaves, as TV host of the Texas Music Scene, a half-hour weekly program that airs in over 70 U.S markets and has won 22 Telly awards and 2 People's Choice awards. In 2013, Jack teamed up with Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey and college football coach Mack Brown to create an annual multi-day fundraiser, golf tournament, & concert, Mack I Jack I & McConaughey. Since its inception, MJM has raised over $15 million for children's charities. Learn more about the Jackin' Around PODCAST by visiting JackinAroundPODCAST.com.
No matter what your age is, what you experiencing right now, it's okay not to be okay. This podcast helps you to feel "OKAY", at your feelings, every time you experience struggles in life, don't worry you're not alone. This podcast is intended to share insightful and impactful stories that can be free to listen to from inspiring and changemaker people around the globe.
The official page for flagship podcast of the Jaguars Wire. The Jags Den Podcast is the web's go-to audio source dedicated to bringing you the latest in Jacksonville Jaguars news and hot takes from the Jags Wire panel of James Johnson, Phil Smith and Jacob DeLawrence.
Adulting, Hip Hop, Gossip, and Love Based out of Nashville, Tn. scattasitez.com
Josh VS Joshua is a show about the multiple personalities, interest, egos, and passions that wage war inside of the host each day. Who will host each episode, Josh or Joshua? Tune in to find out... Joshua Berglan aka The World?s Mayor is a Brand Designer, Master Connector and Emcee..... Personally, Joshua is driven to be a voice for the voiceless and empower others to live their truth. Whether it is on stage or behind a microphone on his broadcast Josh vs Joshua, Gratitude:UnFiltered, Morning Gratitude, Joshua speaks his unapologetic truth. After living in the shadows for most of his life, he now relentlessly shines a light on a darkness that prevented him from living his best life, blessed, forgiven and free. Joshua is proof that regardless of how nasty ones past may be, God has a purpose for all of it?..and that purpose is good! Joshua is also an expert in brand strategy and a strategic partnership specialist, and has a huge heart for people. Joshua believes ?everyone gets to win? in life and in business and this is what led people to start calling him The World?s Mayor. Joshua has helped brands get on QVC, HSN, setup global distribution and assisted in taking a startup skincare line public. Joshua has worked with A list celebrities, high profile influencers and world renowned physicians to create (develop) their own product lines. Joshua has produced major award shows, podcast, fundraisers, after parties and film. Joshua has consulted for global brands, entrepreneurs, celebrities and influencers. Joshua will be appearing in two soon to be released films, appeared on Fox Business News and been seen in Vanity Fair Mexico. Joshua has spoken on stages all over the country and has emceed award shows, fundraisers and inspirational seminars. He is the creator of the shows Gratitude:UnFiltered, Josh vs Joshua & Morning Gratitude, which can be found on Amazon Fire, ROKU, Apple TV, IHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, iTunes, Facebook Live, YouTube and over 100 other platforms. To contact Joshua Go to the contact page or call him directly at 619-394-6725. Thank you and God Bless! TheJoshuaTBerglan.com
This is and will be a comprehensive examination of all matters aesthetic, all the arts and humanities and what it means to be human. From the internal process of makers and creators, we dive deep into all things arts and humanities. Become a patron on Patreon here: Become a Patron! As a subscriber, you have access to additional episodes, live podcast events and more, as our special thanks to you! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mitch-hampton/support
Revive means making alive, keeping alive, and giving more life. Praise the Lord to our listeners. Listen to the stories, messages and follow it to grow spiritually in Lord. An Inspirational and Encouragement Ministry Sharing The Word Of God * Inspiring messages and music * Testimonies * Bible Talk
Digital marketing tips and insights for jewelry designers and retailers, updated weekly. Hosted by jewelry marketing expert Laryssa Wirstiuk.
A weekly podcast covering the biggest national sports news including all things football, basketball, baseball and international soccer with hot takes, best bets, predictions and more.
A weekly trucking radio show that talks about what is going on in the trucking industry from accidents, regulations to new and upcoming things along with special report interview episodes. Listen to My Show to Stay In the Know!
When all things matter and entertain join it landed here. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/guyindasuit/support
I know a lot of interesting people. My podcast allows me to go in depth with some of my friends, and others I've met along the way. It also gives me the opportunity, or an excuse to have conversations with people I never would have had the chance to meet. Most of my guests are very successful people, but I'm not as concerned with the success as I am with the adversity they overcame to get where they're at. The topics discussed on my podcast include sports, culture, music, travel, food, health, wellness, steel cage matches and death row meals. And I always keep it a Hundo!
Keeping It Cultured is a place where you can come to listen to exciting interviews and fascinating stories from people in the world of music, film, performing arts and more. This podcast show brings entertainment to a new level as we get up close and personal with our guests. Learn things about some of your favourite people in Canadian culture. On the Keeping It Cultured show we talk about everything from personal life, funny facts and upcoming events. Our unfiltered, unedited episodes will take you on an adventure! Just sit back, press play and listen to the stories unfold.
After decades on the radio, top-rated Oklahoma City morning radio hosts, Kent Jones and Kathi Yeager have come together to put their brand of fun and community online. The show, performed live on the Kent and Kathi Facebook page, has a strong following of their radio fans tuning in. And you can Join the cast! Have fun!
Veteran Broadcasters Jayce Schweiger and Eric Martin Koppelman, aka Kidd and Kop, bring their award winning Radio Show to the Podcasting Airwaves. Daily talk of current events locally, nationally and worldwide.
Pierwszy odcinek do?? chaotycznego (jeszcze) podcastu, w którym sk?adam Pa?stwu propozycj? nie do odrzucenia, troszk? si? j?kam, mieszam w zeznaniach i bardzo próbuj? dok?adnie wyja?ni?, o czym w?a?ciwie b?d? opowiada? w kolejnych odcinkach. Zdj?cie wykona?a: Agnieszka "Frustra" M?ynarczyk.
They're two lifelong friends who have normal jobs and look like normal people, but underneath their ordinary exteriors lurk true crime fanatics who love diving deep into all of the details and retelling the stories with their own blend of sarcasm and humor to anyone who?ll listen.
Raw and informative, conversational podcast. Just me and my friends talking about love, sex, relationships, marriage, and so much more all while drinking some adult beverages!!
Knock Knock is a true crime podcast, hosted by Jason B. Jones, featuring real stories of the families and communities that have lived through the horror of an unsolved murder. Season 1 tells the story of Jason's grandmother, Betty Jones, who was murdered alongside her friend, Kathryn Crigler. In Season 2, we introduce another family that is desperately seeking answers to their loved one's cold case. Together we help tell their story, uncover the details of the crime, and seek justice for the life of the victim.
Veteran Broadcaster brings his style of "talk show" to you daily. Reports of news, talk, guests and information from local, national and worldwide sources.
Veteran Broadcaster Eric Martin Koppelman brings his Radio Show to the Podcasting airwaves. Daily news briefs, guests, investigations into Fake News and a few laughs make this Radio Show one you won't want to miss.
The UnCut Live Show: Time and Day TBA Powered by: http://www.kbackradio.com, AE41|entertainment, Midwest All Pro Wrestling, Remedy Brewing Company and Alberta Wrestling Academy [Find us on Social Media] Links in Bio: https://linktr.ee/kotairadionetwk ( Pro Wrestling/Sports/Music/Food/Independent Pro Wrestling) Merch Store: https://www.bonfire.com/store/kotiradionetwork/
Kelly and Matt sit down and pick some of the most popular Kpop songs and translate their lyrics into English. They go over what they are singing about and try to uncover and decode some of the nuances of the language between Korean and English. It is a lesson in language and culture. Please send your comments if you would like us to analyse your song. Thanks for listening! ??? ?? ?? K pop?? ????? ??! ? ???? ?? ?? kpop? ?? ??? ??????? ! ?? ? ??? ??? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??????. ??? ??? ?? ???? ??! ????? ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????. ?? ???? ?????.
Come kick back with G-Mo The Great, Janae Tha Bae and James Tha Gemini, The Dopest Podcast in the World as they drop jewels every episode about navigating real life, black culture, black community, Modern society, entertainment news, sports updates, love advice and social media mess with an occasional dope guest.
We are L.O.U.D(Ladies Of Ultimate Dreams) Radio Podcast based out of Troy NC. Our main goal and mission is to bring positive attention ONLY to whats going on in Montgomery County and surrounding counties and all over the states, we seek to be a positive platform for ladies and gentleman with positive intentions to share there stories, their events, businesses and so much more.
La claves económicas en 3 minutos antes de empezar la semana.
Un momento que nos inspira a reflexionar y ver la vida desde la perspectiva de Dios y Su Palabra.
In a world of testosterone, race cars and fart fans emerge the women of the Carolla Universe, breaking down the walls of the ultimate sausagefest. Follow these young transplants as they journey through Los Angeles and exploit the details of their lives. From wild nights and dating to behind the scenes, updates and guests from Carolla Digital & Carolla Drinks. They're ready to let it all out. After all, this is their therapy!
This is for the Ladies and ONLY for The Lady's of the Kingdom. Cher2ification has once again stepped out on faith to represent all of the Ladies who are fighting for the Kingdom of God. FOLLOW HER TO GET THE LATEST UPDATES....... FB: @ladysofthekingdom and @Cher2ification Station lG: @Cher2ification SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC: ladysofthekingdom@gmail.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ladysofthekingdom/support
Hi, I?m Marc, I?m the host of my new Podcast called ?Last Week? I?ll do a weekly 30-minute show about some news in Australia (including an Australian sport), the world, and some general chat about whats happened last week! I?m looking forward to chatting with you and having a light-hearted conversation about what?s happened in the last week.
Late Night Health is the premier health radio program. Our goal is to teach listeners how t take charge of their own healthcare. We featuring topics ranging from health insurance issues to the FDA, the latest in spiritual health to the newest supplements. We also cover allopathic health issues including cancer treatment and relationships with doctors.
A Podcast with two host who talk about all thing Cryptid, Paranormal and sometimes they touch on the latest news that is trending.
The Leafs on Deck podcast takes an in-depth look at the Toronto Maple Leafs prospects. Jacob Stoller and Mike Stephens evaluate whose up next in the team's depth chart, who to look out for down the road, and the development of recent AHL graduates in the AHL. With in depth coverage of Leafs prospects, you're going to love our podcast with new shows every Thursday.
Topics are Personal Discovery, Spirituality, Cancer, E-commerce, Sports, Entrepreneurs, and Healing. Developing deeper levels of thinking and self-awareness. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feelings about the guests and their resolve. Much Love and appreciation for all of you who choose to listen. Have a Blessed Day!
"Les Interviews d'Eric Cooper" is a member of "The Podcast Factory Org" (ASBL-VZW-NPO) "Les Interviews d'Eric Cooper " est reconnu par le Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel (www.csa.be) comme Service de Médias Audiovisuels dit « non linéaire ». Une conversation est un échange d'informations entre au moins deux individus, portant généralement sur un sujet précis . La conversation est une forme courante de communication qui permet à des personnes de faire connaissance. (Wikipedia) C'est sur le ton d'une simple conversation que se déroulent « Les interviews d'Eric Cooper ».Le décor est simple : la terrace d'un café, un musée, un parc, une gare . Ambiance parfaite pour permettre à la conversation de se dérouler aisément. Le seul témoin de ces mots échangé, c'est le micro. Il restituera fidèlement les échanges, les bruits extérieurs … L'auditeur n'assiste pas à cette conversation. Mais il pourra la revivre fidèlement grâce aux « Interviews d'Eric Cooper » . L'écouteur pourra découvrir un chanteur, des rugbymen, un scientifique, une écrivaine, un dessinateur de BD, une ancienne hôtesse de l'air , un majordome royal, Une acadienne , un musicien, un passionné de flamenco … et vivre un moment « podcastiquement » unique et hors du temps. Pour vivre ce moment , connectez vous maintenant sur « Les interviews d'Eric Cooper » pour partir à la découverte, au fil de leur mots des passions et créations de personnes passionnées et passionnantes
Lisa Lampanelli is now a life coach. That's right - The Queen of Mean is now The Queen of Meaning! Join Lisa each week as she sits down with a guest co-host to solve their problems as well as some of her own. She'll also be answering letters from fans to offer advice and taking calls from her actual clients to learn how she can be a better life coach. So if you have a problem - Let Lisa Help! If you don't listen, blame yourself for your horrible life.
Join Sheryl and a cast of crazy characters on an adventure to piss off the world!! Just kidding, but they do say whatever they want.
Hi there!I'm Heather Fletcher and I am your host of the "Let's Grab Coffee" Podcast! "Let's Grab Coffee" is all about friends, community, life, and Jesus. I'll be grabbing coffee with friends and talking about different topics and, well, just life! Grab a cup of Joe (or whatever floats your boat!) and join us!

Join Lezley-Ann Shaw as she performs and chats about anything and everything. 

Want to support the show? www.buymeacoffee.com/lezleyannshaw 

We want you to get involved with topics and dedications on the Facebook page 


Life Concierge Podcast's mission is to create friendships and community through honest storytelling, humbling laughter and sharing lessons learned on the pursuit of finding purpose. Host Sarah Hider introduces you to guests you can relate to, learn from and connect with through conversations that are fun, yet grounded in truth, growth and perspective.
Life Through a Dram sees Danny Brown's take on life, being a better person, and appreciating the here and now, all accompanied by a dram of fine single malt whisky. With a relaxed take and an eye for the good and the inspiring, Danny shares stories and personal examples of people making a difference in the world, as well as how you can make that difference too. Life Through a Dram is the perfect way to either start your week, or end it.
Solution focused therapy for an abudant life.
"Behind The Veil" is an atmosphere created by men and women of God speaking in the Holy Spirit the Father's Word. Spiritual and temporal topics are addressed openly and without respect to political correctness or religious restraint. The underlying question is always being asked; "Are you hungry and open for more of what God is pouring out?"
Welcome to the show that's all about getting the most out of your life. If you are in-process of changing your life - and you?re seeking a community of like-minded people, then this is the show to follow. Join David C. Guggenheim and Dave Wein on their journey of remaking their lives, the way they want with the help of the Live It or Waste It community. New episodes drop every Monday.
A community dedicated to highlighting Live Reality Games from around the world! Check out our facebook group for more information: https://www.facebook.com/LiveRealityGames/
Discussing God, Life and everything in between.
This is Gabriella wilder, mindset and crystal junkie and obsessed with living my best life! Each week I will be teaching you to be the wildest, most raw and unedited version of yourself and to be unapologetic about it! We are all wild ones just wanting to make all our dreams come true and I want to help you get there each week! So follow along for your weekly dose of inspiration, woo woo tips and tricks and affirmations to make you feel super high vibe. This is the live your wildest life podcast and I am so excited you are here on this journey! For even more inspiration follow along on Instagram @gabri3llawilder. xoxo
Honest, no-nonsense, down to earth News, done the right way. Hard truths and great laughs for no matter who you are
Are you feeling like you want more meaning and purpose in your life? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the chaos and challenges you are up against? Then this is the podcast for YOU. In each episode, Amelia Barnes will deep dive into how we can overcome our biggest obstacles, fears and insecurities, and create lives that are truly aligned with our passions and values. Through personal reflections and intimate conversations with thought leaders, experts, and inspiring souls, Amelia explores what it means to walk in your truth, your love, your joy, and your grief. Globally known on Instagram as @ameliakyoga, Amelia is a yoga teacher, environmentalist, wife, mother, founder of eco-friendly clothing brand PranaVidaStyle.com and author of Landon's Legacy - the riveting story of her son's brief, yet powerful, life. If you have been waiting for the inspiration to turn your pain into your purpose and manifest your dreams --- click play. Some of the topics explored on the podcast are: - mindfulness, yoga and self growth - wellness and plant-based nutrition - living a low waste, minimalist lifestyle - conscious parenting and relationships - entrepreneurship, manifestation and finding your purpose - overcoming loss and hardship - body image and self-love - living in the "flow" and in alignment with your values
TV host Mike Janela and actress Sarah Pribis share their show business stories, struggles, and tips for how to succeed in media.
Living the Dream features host Penny Stankiewicz in conversation with renowned women from the food and beverage industries, including chefs, television personalities, and industry executives, all sharing their unique insights into the trials and tribulations of working in this passion driven industry. The show is produced by LDNY and Penny Stankiewicz. LDNY is an unparalleled collective of forward-thinking and successful female leaders in all sectors of the food, beverage and hospitality industries. Its mission is to advance and support aspiring professional women in food and beverage, as well as to champion critical industry issues. LDNY?s vision is guided by three objectives: Education, Advocacy and Philanthropy. For more information, visit https://ldny.org/
Curveball talks with people doing amazing things and living the dream.
This show will cover topics pertaining to Mental Health recovery that the Host and Co-host have used to maintain stability while being married and raising two kids.
Life, Music, and Pets! Each episode opens and exits with a new song produced by Kai Kingkeo. The format of this podcast varies from casual to serious conversation among friends as it goes in life! The one guarantee is a steady flow of call outs and shout outs each episode. Subscribe and follow us on Instragram & Twitter @lmppodcast

Logotip.online official podcast: service to create a logo online 

Three guys talk Minnesota United, craft beer and real life, providing an independent and unbiased perspective of MNUFC's tactics and decisions. These guys are unwilling to hold back on their opinions about the Loons and their direction while throwing in humor, insight into their lives, and odd news with a sprinkling of guests to boot. They regularly visit Minnesota craft breweries, recording on location, to offer listeners an opportunity to explore and support the local, thriving craft beer culture.
Welcome to Loud & Opinionated! I am your host Russell Brown! On our podcast we talk about EVERYTHING! We will talk all things DFW sports as well as all of the weekly breaking news in sports! We will even mix in a little WWE. We will even mix in some movies and TV shows with a lot humor! Hope yall enjoy!
Love Lockdown is a relationship, and marriage podcast hosted by Britney Slater YouTube's Review Queen (MsBritBrat1986) and Christopher Slater owner of Initial Brands Inc. This married couple of almost 4 years come together to give you all the "REAL" opinions and solutions regarding Relationships They don't always agree, but what healthy couple does!?
Programa de entretenimiento en el que se realizan entrevistas a escritores, cantantes, escultores, presentadores, etc. además de interpretaciones de textos, narraciones, declamaciones...Un programa que fomenta la cultura.
Join Trav and Jenn as they laugh their way through obstacles life throws at them as black millennials juggling career life, relationships, family, etc. Real topics. True stories. Hearty laughs. Zero political correctness from 2 people who show no sympathy.
We talk things related to sports amongst other things
Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder (MD, or MaDD) is an unrecognised mental health condition affecting many people around the world. MaDD on Planet Airwaves hopes to raise awareness of this legitimate disorder and bring about a much-needed change to the medical and psychotherapy industries. Each episode includes information on Maladaptive Daydreaming, a re-enactment of common daydreams shared by all those who have this condition, and documents the efforts of the podcast?s host, Cris Penrose, to seek professional help. We?re MaDD, but that doesn?t mean we?re crazy. Episodes are uploaded monthly to Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and BluBrry.
Made in America Podcast celebrates the pride and heritage found in American manufacturing. In each episode, we have a one-on-one conversation with a founder, owner or leader of a company that is made in America. We hear their stories in their own words, get to know them and hopefully learn a little something.
Don't Get Mad, Get Media! Rare Music Celebrity Interviews MadPod.com
Helping readers find the best books by known and unknown authors! Romance book reads, audio and reviews. Giving a voice to new authors and seasoned ones through author interviews from authors of all genres. Motivational stories, health and social issues, and music. From Mahogany SilverRain, IR romance author, show host and ESL teacher.

Make Photo is an author's online publication about the art of photography.

We teach you how to create and process photos, as well as how to make money from your favorite business.

You'll find articles on all topics related to photography, cameras and photography software.

A lot of useful materials (from professional courses to presets and tutorials) will help you start or advance in the profession of a photographer.

We also introduce users to the features of photography on modern smartphones, phones and other gadgets.


Watch out, radioactive man! This is a deep-dive into the crazy world of pop-culture! It's safe to say, not every geek or nerd is perfectly versed in all things in the world of Fandom. So that's exactly what this podcast is all about! Everything from sci-fi to making wine, you name it, each of us can geek out to just about anything! Join us to see what it takes to be made into the ultimate GEEK!
Making Impact is a multi-dimensional organisation which its central theme is on discovering and maximizing of potentials in individuals, which also includes transforming of lives by producing efficient and significant leaders in all areas of life. This podcast site is meant to reform, transform and impact everyone including the society. The host Daniel Patrick is an international motivational speaker, preacher of the supernatural with a mandate, author, leadership mentor, relationship/marriage coach, educator, consultant for businesses and the government. He is a leader with a sensitive heart and an international vision, also an ambassador for Peace under the Universal Peace Federation which is a body under the United Nations. You get fresh episodes under each series every Tuesdays every week. Get in touch with Daniel Patrick on: Facebook: Daniel Patrick(Amb). Instagram:danielopatrick. Twitter:@ApstDaniel. LinkedIn:Daniel Patrick. Email: inhispresenceministries8@gmail.com. Amazon author page: https://amazon.com/author/patrickda.
On Mama Mystery, we discuss some of the most well known and some of the most obscure true crime cases. Whether you're a true crime junkie or new to this world, we are your people and we're happy you're here! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mamamystery/support
Los Angeles Real Estate Developer https://www.nelabuyshomes.com/
kocham kawe. mój swiat czaruje wrazliwoscia i cynamonem. na wszystko patrze inaczej i uwielbiam sie tym dzielic. przy kawie porozmawiamy sobie o wszystkim, co wazne i wszystkim, co niewazne. rozsiadzcie sie wygodnie, wezcie kawe wygodnie i pogadajmy o szarej codziennosci na kolorowo.
Mateusz Wójtowicz z RWP czyli zobacz nie tylko sesje i komisje Rady Miejskiej z Rabki Zdroju, ale i wiele rzeczy na https://matwojt.pl/
Matt's Today in History was a podcast I created from 2005-2012. It looks at an event in history that took place on today's date. It is a short (5-15 minutes) show that will, hopefully, encourage listeners to begin their own journey of historical discovery.
by arteatti on twitter, if you have any request feel free to dm me!
Everyday life to business to making decision down to just plain common sense Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hakim63/support
Keeping it real about mental health, mental illness, addiction recovery and the business of behavioral health. Our guests and listeners are from all over the globe and all walks of life. The signature show on Mental Health News Radio Network - the world's first podcast network dedicated to our favorite subject: Mental Health!
An overview of Methodism within the context of history and theology, from an evangelical Wesleyan perspective
Many times, the Midwest is referred to as ?the flyover states?, but what people don?t realize is that innovation is right in their backyard. This show, hosted by MotherG?s CEO Dave Davenport, will focus on businesses, athletes, entertainers and overall disruptors that want to share their unique story and are proud to call the Midwest their home.
Every day, Mike Matthews broadcasts from Cafe Anyway and brings you the characters made famous on Ventura, California radio for over a decade. Plus he covers the positive thoughts, ideas, and tips to improve your life! Call in with your questions at (336)MM-DAILY.
Join married couple Tanya and Justin as they discuss the wacky crazy unpredictable everyday life they live. From parenting a teenager and a 5 year old spunk bucket to keeping the flame of a marriage alive. O and we also talk about Tanya's hauls...
My name is Eric Martin Koppelman and I suffered from Panic Attacks and Anxiety for years. Mindgate is all about understanding why. Once we understand why we can move on to never again.It's all in your mind.
2 mamas. 6 kids. 1 podcast recorded from their minivans (because quite frankly, that was the quietest place they could find). Join the minivan mamas Cherish Payne and Alexa Zurcher as they spill the tea - all while drinking their diet cokes. They'll dive into all things you talk about with your besties - mom fails, why-didn't-anyone-tell-me-that-about-postpartum stories, best and worst marriage moments, and all the junk they find in their vans. Motherhood is hard enough and you shouldn't have to go through it alone. Buckle up!
Dormroom Discussions have begun! BJ and Tellier give an NFL Preview of all 8 divisions!
Learn from top business leaders on what works in Marketing in today's digital world. Join Tony and David, founders of a digital agency, as they interview market leaders in various industries and dive deep into the dos and don'ts of marketing. If you are new to #marketing and are looking for real insights with a slight bent towards #digitalmarketing, this is the place to learn a little and laugh a little more.

Sit back as I pick major MMA Fights from fanalyst's point of view. You never know who is going to show up to pick the winners of the world's most anticipated MMA fights. I wouldn't place bets on my picks though.


Two moms, broadcasting from a bedroom in the heart of the Midwest, spend an evening diving into the mania of motherhood and all that goes into being a "modern mom" in the world today. Practical, irreverent, and honest, we explore all kinds of family and kid-related topics with a focus on the women who keep it all together. Join us for topical podcasts, relevant guest interviews, and straight-up girl talk as we enjoy some wine and talk all things "MOM." Because mommin' ain't easy... and you don't have to do it alone. Come sip with us!
Welcome to the Moment By Moment podcast! Here we'll talk about the joys and struggles of life and the way that a simple moment in time has the ability to impact a person for a lifetime. To comment or suggest content please email us at momentbymomentpodcast@gmail.com Thanks for listening!
the Kennedy assassination, my lifetime search for the truth
"Monday Mornings at The Linden Lounge" is a quick weekly insight into current events and life in general. Filled with true stories, laughter, ad blanketed with hope, "Monday Mornings" is based on the true life adventures of DJ, Sports Announcer, and Motivational Speaker Rich Linden.
Increasing your wealth by increasing your knowledge.
Just a guy with a mic who has a lot to talk about. Follow on socials to stay up to date on uploads, guest features, and to give feedback Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/most_wanted_podcast / @most_wanted_podcast Twitter: https://twitter.com/most_wanted_pod / @most_wanted_pod YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAL0U38LFokIpmwsNDL3uoRx_UFFSlB26 Anchor: https://anchor.fm/nahom-bogale Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@mostwantedpodcast?lang=en / @mostwantedpodcast
We are a group of paranormal investigators and researchers whom have dedicated ourselves to continually educating ourselves, other paranormal investigation or ghost hunting groups, and the general public about paranormal science, related sciences, investigation philosophy, tools, & techniques, as well as proper comportment and professionalism while engaged in investigations or research. This podcast with be an audible version of our blog on the website which will explore topics pertaining to paranormal science and parapsychology. Mount Washington Valley SPIRIT (Scientific Paranormal Investigations, Research, and Interpretation Team) Homepage: https://www.MWVSpirit.com Podcast: https://mwvspirit.podbean.com Youtube: https://bit.ly/3F7aCG8 Blog: https://www.MWVSpirit.com/blog/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MWVSpirit Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MWVSpirit Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MWVSpirit LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mwvspirit/
Warren Hanson and Jason Purcell are your personal guides on the path towards entertainment. Allow these two movie lovers turned filmmakers to recommend your next movie night. Enjoy full movie breakdowns, artist spotlights, spoiler-casts and much much more. Nothing is off limits, no film to daunting and everything is worth the climb. Join them every Friday 9am EST just in time to make or adjust those weekend plans. Grab some popcorn a beverage and some comfy shoes and follow the path they've blazed towards blockbuster base camp.
My mom loves movies, especially when she catches the last 40 minutes of one on TNT. This is a podcast about those movie watching experiences!
Advice" guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action, typically given by someone regarded as knowledgeable or authoritative: Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mr-advice/support
Welcome to the Cabal. It's not all fun and games and there's not always infinite profit. We hustle, we grind, we're data driven and honest about what we do.
A conversation and deep dive between two friends with plenty of life experiences and how others must face realities that our egos choose to sometimes ignore.
Podcast o umuzykalnianiu dzieci w domu przez zabaw?.
Rockin' Horn Band "The Gringos" talk with some music and entertainment Industry heavies including Musicians, Agents and Producers.
Hosts Aaron and Mike interview the songwriters, artists, and behind the scenes industry experts in Nashville, Tennessee.
Native American (Indian=NDN) / US Military news and information. The latest traditional to contemporary NDN music. Everything from powwow to hip-hop, to hymns. If it's NDN you'll find it here on NDN Nations! 586 tribal Nations...ONE station! A program of non-profit organization Celebrating Traditions; Native American Arts and Cultures 501(c)3
In this episode we will talk about the uodates on Antonio Brown.
New Age Territories is a fan made Podcast and twitter page covering all corners of the Pro Wrestling business. From AEW, WWE, NJPW to NWA, MLW, IMPACT and ROH. I'm the main host Joey Stone and I have a Rotating co-host chair with different members of the Pro Wrestling world from the Chicago, IL independent scene.
Life is constantly evolving, over and over again people are forced to adapt and overcome scenarios in life, or they become stagnant. My life's journey is a constant adapt and overcome scenario. I was studying to be a Catholic priest, but knew God was leading me to a different path. So I started dating, and eventually found the one for me. Now I'm married, and got the wife pregnant . Everything changes, will you keep up?
Greg Landorf blends sports and rap together through short features and interviews. Focusing on relevant and engaging topics ensures each piece is well written. Two-Five minute segments, released 3x weekly, capture the audience's attention while utilizing time. Sit back, relax and elevate your mind as you listen to New York Sports and Rhymes.
Trzy kroki do ty?u, dwa w bok.
With all of the fake news that is published each and every day how does someone know what is true or false. Newscheck researches the stories in question and brings you accurate reporting to clarify whether the story is true or just fake news.
Hear Golf's Greatest Legends, Players, & the Top Instructors In The Game Sharing Their Stories, Insights, and Playing Lessons.
Dedicated to the Automotively Obsessed | www.ninetyoneoctane.com
"Celebrating and Learning from those that push the limits of the Human Condition" The No Fear of Falling Podcast is a production of the Athlete Management firm "No Fear of Falling", and features mini-documentaries, opinion pieces, and interviews with athletes and other interesting people to talk about their journeys in their respective fields, and how they perceive the concepts of success and failure.
Elizabeth Boyle, a long time legal aid lawyer in Florida helps an innocent man, John P. Stewart, regain his freedom after being wrongfully charged with Second Degree Murder- a Life Felony. Together they journey through the darkest corners of the American Criminal Justice system. Like many generations in his family, John enlisted in the Marines after high school in Connecticut. Leaving military service because of injuries, Lt. Corp. Stewart-E4 soon moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, where he embarked on a new career as a massage therapist as he studied anthropology and archaeology. His first child was born in 2012. He received a Masters in Florida Studies and planned to teach college and pursue a PhD. In 2015, he met an attractive young woman from Bradenton. She had four young children. He hesitated to get involved because she had a bad history with heroine. She said she had it under control. He fell in love with her and her kids. And then the worse thing imaginable happened that would change the course of his life.
No Interruptions is a human experience podcast that offers real life conversations connecting us through real life experiences in a meaningful way. Whether we converse about politics, pop-culture, spirituality, parenthood or paint color, communication is the most important tool in our tool box. It helps us to construct and maintain our moral compass. When used effectively it allows for us to connect to the most human part of who we are though the people and the world around us. Conversations and growth is limitless. Let's Talk About It! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nointerruptions/support
Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning to discover that your digital existence and everyone else?s has been stolen and is now available online for all to see at the website NoMoreLies. Every text message and email you ever sent or received; browser history and personal data from every website you ever used; confidential and revealing information from every app on your phone are all there for others to peruse. Your phone?s GPS history, your income and financial data, your medical records, audio/video footage from your home security system, personal photos, and phone app activity are in the public domain. Even audio and video from your computer/tablet/phone/Amazon Echo you didn?t know were recorded is out there. Moreover, the leak is not just limited to personal data. Government and corporate secrets are on display for all. Privacy is dead. (NoMoreLiesPodcast@gmail.com).
Time is precious, particularly when it comes to running a small business. While being your own boss is a dream for many, it comes with a lot of responsibility. No doubt, you never seem to be able to check off all the items on your to-do list. From accounting and inventory, to networking and marketing your company. We are here to give you few tips (well researched) , Let grow together!!!
Everton fan podcast from the admins at www.facebook.com/efcnotbitterjustbetter twitter @justbetterefc
Review of Draye Hunnid's music Whether we think women should breast feed in public Our Top 5 Blood and Crip rappers AND MORE!
3 dads living in South Central Agoura Hills talking about Drinks, Lakers, and #Dadlife. Follow us on Instagram and let us know what you think of the show @notoriousDADS
Novedades sobre las actividades de la red CLACSO. Más información en http://www.clacso.org
Join Mike as he broadcasts fun, engaging Stars Wars content from a hidden rebel base in Southeast Massachusetts. Come for the underrated character minute, spot reviews, and free-range Star Wars conversations. Stay for the unique opportunities to interact and join the conversation!
exclusive music featuring, dj mixes, instrumentals, underground releases
NYNJ Real Talk is shaking things up every week with their very funny, spit your coffee out your nose comedic style. Listen in, it?s guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and have you saying WOW did they just say that! Hit the link below to tune in!
Dark stories, dark truths and dark humor presented by former roommates, Kelly DeVries and Jenna Swanson, now living in different states; episodes drop every Monday.
Gameweek Review, Match Predictions, Transfers Plans, Q&A, Crypto Picks and More
Join lifelong Chicagoan and caffeine fiend Dion McGill as he converses with the varied personalities that make Chicago an amazing city.
Surf writer, Neil Pearlberg, and skate shop owner, Terry Campion, host of the very popular Off The Lip Radio show in the #1 surf city in the United States, Santa Cruz, California..
The show where two Armenian women discuss the intersectionality of social issues and media. Our heritage alongside our international affairs major influences our story selection and the way we approach them when we share them with you. Our goal is to have important conversations that unravel misunderstood perspectives in music, television, film, and everything in between. Follow @offscreenwithjillandsoph
Join William as he reacts to the ever-changing sports landscape. From personal views, to predicting victors - from football to basketball.
OKayFabe talks all the latest news in pro wrestling with the Random Wrestling Podcast! Recapping the latest on WWE RAW, WWE Smackdown, WWE NXT, AEW Dynamite, NWA, New Japan Pro Wrestling, PPV's & MORE! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/okayfabe/support
On The Rocks is a weekly talk show hosted by on-air personality Alexander Rodriguez. A mix between Joan Rivers, Johnny Carson and Judy Garland, Alexander talks about entertainment, fashion, pop culture and hot topics while sipping cocktails with his celebrity guests from stage and screen. Academy Award Winners, Golden Globe Winners, Tony Award Winners, Emmy Award Winners and pop culture headliners ? he?s drank with them all.
On Wildlife takes you on a journey into the shocking world of animals. Your host, Alex Re is here to teach you everything you've ever wanted to know about your favorite animals. Let us bring the wild to you, every Wednesday. 🐍🐅🐋
On-Ball Podcast [än- bôl ?päd?kast] A podcast about NBA basketball. The term ?On-Ball? serves as a double-entendre referring to the term used to describe the defense of a ballhandler, and it serves as a descriptor indicating the sport being discussed: Basketball.

"Once... We Were Monsters" is an audio drama podcast detailing the aftermath of the most destructive event in human history.

On December 24, 2022, more than half of humanity spontaneously turned into bloodthirsty monsters, destroying everything and everyone in their path. Twelve hours later, those who changed returned to normal with no memory of what happened. More than 2.5 billion people were killed, mostly by those whom they loved.

Season 1 follows Dr. Austin Lee and a group of the changed, a year and a day after the event, as they discuss their stories, their loss, and how to move forward.

"Once...We Were Monsters" was created by Tim Phillippe, is produced by Shway Media, and is a part of the Shway Media Podcast Network. For more information, visit www.OnceWeWereMonsters.org and www.ShwayMedia.com.

Onest Conversations is a podcast where we talk about growth mindset and entrepreneurship. Listen to inspiring startup stories, get motivated to work smart and learn the essential tools to succeed in your life as an entrepreneur and inspiring business leader. Meet your host: Olga Nesterova is former pro world champion athlete, UN diplomat, NBA/NHL/WNBA halftime entertainment turned entrepreneur, tv network executive, producer and tv show host. Olga is president of Onest TV Network, CEO of Onest Media Productions and head of Artists 4 Justice nonprofit initiative. Having lived in 4 countries, Olga has graduated with 3 university degrees in 3 countries in Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Law with honors. Olga speaks 5 languages and is always eager to connect and provide the most value to her audience. Connect on social media and join the ultimate FREE go-getter community on www.onestclub.com/links
This podcast is has various comedic, interesting, & entertaining topics but my goal is to focus on the history of the Indigenous people of the American continent that was lost or stolen from history or hardly ever talked about. Opochtli is also known as the 'Left Handed One' or 'He who divides the Waters' in Nahuatl which is the Aztec's native language.
NBC World of Dance stars Luka & Jenalyn dive into their differences and talk about their personal experiences on hit TV shows, world tours, music videos more. Being so different, who would expect Luka & Jenalyn to work so well together! Their goal is to help other couples embrace their differences and come together because of it! Get to know this fantastically different dance duo like no one has before and learn how we navigate the rollercoaster we call LIFE!
Join hosts Matt and Alexei as they do a deep dive into the weird and obscure communities that make our world the weird place it is.
This true crime podcast focuses on athletes who did great on the field but terrible in life! Or some who brought them down in their prime. Listen as Carlos and Todd break down all the highs and lows!
OOP Token is bringing integrity and transparency into the world of Defi. It is designed to punish Paper-hands and Reward Diamond-hands in Bitcoin. The total Supply is 10,000,000 There will be a 5% burn Bi-Weekly as well as 7% Reflections in Bitcoin (BTCB). 4% of fees will go to Liquidity, there will be a 5% Buyback and 5% will go to Marketing. ? 100% Transparent ? DOXXED Dev @PrettyKeli ? Community driven with experienced, reputable Team Leader ? Huge 1000x growth potential ? Huge marketing plans ahead ??Telegram https://t.me/OutOfPocketCrypto ??Website http://www.OfficiallyOutOfPocket.com ??Twitter https://twitter.com/outofpocket_oop #OutOfPocketCrypto #OOP #cryptocurrency #crypto
Welcome to the Outlier Podcast, the podcast for everyone who is interested in building better homes. Host Sandra is chatting with Anthony, the founder and lead designer at Outlier Studio, who is passionate about creating beautiful and high-performing homes. Together, they sit down once a month to chat with industry experts and to answer any and all questions about high performance homes. We want to educate Australians about the possibilities of energy efficient design and change the way we build houses today. We hope you join us on that journey.
Two friends come together to drink wine, beer, vodka or whatever is available and chat about everything your Momma never told you...and then some!
Conversations about our 24/7 D/s and domestic discipline relationship.
Ozarka is a podcast about all the miscellaneous dark corners of the Ozarks from tall tales, to hauntings, to true crime, to unsolved mysteries.
Parents! We CAN change the world, starting with the way we're parenting our future. Up to this point in history, children have been seen as less than and parented in a way that uses power over a child. Most of us were parented in this way but there is a shift in thinking about the way we raise our kids. Parents don't feel good about using shame, blame, criticism, punishments, and even rewards, to get their kids to listen. Parents are wanting a different way because they know from their own childhoods this type of parenting hurts and leaves us with scars we take with us through our adulthood. Each one of my episodes is designed to help you navigate the difficult journey of parenting but in a way that is more peaceful and intentional. I'll show you how to get your kids to listen and cooperate without yelling, punishments and rewards. I'll show you how to understand your own feelings and those of your kids. My intention is to bring you to a place where you feel connected with your kids and yourself (we often get lost when we become parents!). Tune in weekly for all the inside tips, tools and tricks I teach my private clients to help you build the family you always wanted, and to become the parent you always envisioned you would be. I promise to provide you with fun and entertaining content that will leave you seeing your kids and your reactions in a whole new light! Please make sure to share the episodes that give you goosebumps, and leave you feeling inspired! I am always grateful for every person who subscribes, leaves a review and rates my podcast 5 stars.
Kaspersky Labs reports on a survey on stress levels that our passwords cause, for a segment of "Your Moment In Tech".
Come To You With Great Cultural Topics That You Can Relate To, and If Not I Can Hip You To It
A weekly podcast, released every hump Wednesday, with original short stories centered around crime, love, triumph, and adversity.
A Podcast dedicated to bringing current and controversial conversations about love, politics, family, and more. The randomness of it all makes it even more intriguing. Step into Peeps' Creek Cafe, order your favorite drink, and join the conversation!
People Taking Action broadcasts the stories of inspiring people around the world who are working for the sustainability of our planet. By interviewing leaders who are pioneering their own environmentally sustainable projects, whether it be in advocacy, climate science or community projects, we bring their voices to the forefront.
Welcome to our Podcast!! The Permanent Vacation Project Podcast is hosted by Sean Mallett & Jodi Reath. They are Former longtime residents of Massachusetts, Owners of Millions of Muscles Fitness and a couple with 3 children..... A few years ago decided to take the plunge and move to Sunny Tampa! We are excited to bring you this podcast featuring our adventures and stories from in and around Tampa Bay and all of Florida!! Let's all work to live our Permanent Vacation life...
Chris (a cop) and Damon (a lawyer) geek out about whether your favorite movies get the "law-thing" right or wrong. Our ideal listener loves movies, enjoys podcasts while commuting to and from work, and questions whether complicated subplots would play out in the real world. Perp Fiction provides expert perspectives, insights, and analysis that our listeners can work into the conversation when they geek out with fellow movie-philes.
Our hosts Peguy and Dee are both Haitian. Peguy was born and raised in Boston, Ma. Dee was born and raised in Haiti. Peguy has a Perspective as a Haitian-American looking through a lens into Haiti while Dee has the opposite perspective. Listen, as both host take a journey to somehow meet in the middle.
Discussion about vaccines and vaccine hesitancy
Welcome to the Pharoh Runnin podcast where I will discuss my love for running and the sport of road running! From signing up for an upcoming race to training to race day, be there with me every step of the way! Cover art photo provided by Daniel H. Tong on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@danieltong
what new in photography!
One man's journey toward greater self-reliance.
A sweet, kind, engaging, imaginative, funny podcast for children of all ages. Each podcast is 10 minutes, ending with a poem. Weekdays: Mon - Fri.
An OutedFox production presents a beer review podcast with a little bit of comedy on the side.
Plan B is a Sugar Daddy is a girlfriends guide to figuring out life plan A so you don't have to resort to plan B. Fashion industry friends Rachel and Leone are here to offer up unsolicited advice on all things work, play, and love. Prepare to dive into the entertaining backstage version of transitioning from LA fake adult, to real adult, with 0 daddy issues.
Keyvon Thierry is a successful music mogul-turned real estate investor. For his trailblazing efforts and philanthropy, he is on the verge of receiving a lifetime achievement award for his work in establishing the South as a dominant force in Hip-Hop, both culturally and musically. What he started as Magnolia Music Inc. blossomed into Magnolia Holdings and Investments. The opposition he faced 25 years ago when starting a hard core rap label in the south, was conventional thinking from outsiders. The opposition he faces now, comes in the face of urban development, "old money," and corrupt politics. Keyvon sits with Senior Editor, Saul Gravy, from The Main Source Magazine to discuss 90's Hip-Hop culture along the Gulf Coast, gentrification, and how his money flipped three ways."Playerz from the South, is the first scripted Hip-Hop podcast. A creative blend of dope writing and pursuasive storytelling. The south has a deep, yet exclusive history in Hip-Hop culture. The evolution is evident, yet the curation of storytelling has always suffered from misinformation perpetuated by negative stereotypes. Now we get to tell our stories, our way!" Creator- Nathan T. Rideaux
two girls navigating life in 2021. everyone's thinking it, we're just saying it. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/plsstop/support
Straszna sprawa z tym Top Model, szkoda ?e przys?ania polityk? i prawdziwe problemy.
Podcast del seminari d'economia crítica Taifa. http://seminaritaifa.org
Podcast of Champions is a new weekly review of the WWE flagship shows and AEW Dynamite! Join the three man host team Micah, Cooper, and Jaylon as they break down this week in Wrestling, laugh at wrestling memes and provide breaking news,rumors and all around fun! Be sure to add this show to your weekly wrestling podcast playlist!!
Join Cal, Dan and guests as they tackle the never ending cycle of gaming, the internet, movies, or whatever else springs into the show! More content at www.podcastvsplayer.com

Let's make podcasting easier....

When I first started getting into podcasting, it became a bit overwhelming trying to figure out how to record, where to host my podcast, and how to distribute to different platforms. 

Articles and tutorials I saw out there said you needed lots of expensive equipment, a complicated set up to make phone / skype interviews, the most expensive mics, headphones, etc. 

Well guess what, that simply isn?t true. 

Every week I answer your questions, and give out tips to make your podcast lives simple, without the headaches and fancy equipment. 



Podcasty z gwiazdami - 1 - Weronika Jaskó?ka. Wywiad z aktork?, prezenterk?, modelk? Weronik? Jaskó?k?.
Inside government from guys now on the outside
Poly-Saturated is an in-depth, ongoing discussion from a polyamorous family detailing the poly lifestyle keeping it poly-real along the way. The host J, Crow, Xan, and co-host Scarlet take you on a polyamory journey through the ins and outs of their poly-life.
A podcast by two pals with too much pop culture knowledge to know what to do with.... so here we are! We're talking music, movies, celebrity break ups and make ups, breaking celebrity news and so much more! Join us each week to hear us poppin' off about pop culture!
Welcome to Season 3! PopRocks is about two dads discussing those wonderful retro stories set in the decade of decadence—the glorious '80s and early '90s. Co-hosted by Daniel Parkins and Larry Mauro, PopRocks interweaves narrative storytelling with pop-culture references that will ultimately make you remember and relate to an era we could never forget. Shows drop bi-weekly on Friday nights. Supplemental pictures and videos air on YouTube bi-weekly on Saturdays at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCecuiFLBd-2Y2em7wVErY-A Please Like, Subscribe, and Leave a Review!
Power Dynamics is a show where KME discusses how power works, how it is manipulated, how it is used, and how it is abused. Each week, a different term or phrase is tackled and KME talks about the power behind it.
Jessie has lived in Texas for 20 years now (half her life) and still ponders "what makes a Texan?" Prickly and Blooming is a weekly conversational podcast hosted by Jessie Browning *now focused* on the women of Texas. Weekly interviews with guests who share their story. Minisodes to dig into women from Texas history. P&B is the society & culture podcast home for the women of Texas.
A weekly discussion of Disc Golf between Chris Tellesbo (Pro) and Gavin Goodwin (Amateur) for anyone interested in the sport.
Audios grabados sobre viajes, cocina, tradiciones, misterios y otros temas.
Wrestling Ratings, for the past 25 Years, have been the Cornerstone of how Wrestling Companies have gauged there probability in lasting on TV and as a Company. In the Wrestling Ratings Podcast, join Host Daniel Veillon as he discusses modern day Ratings and talks about the old Wrestling Shows. With WCW Nitro and WWF Raw?s Ratings as a major part of this Podcast, tune in to see what differences were made by each episode and than listen as Daniel compares each Show to see what he thinks made the biggest difference.
Podcast by Psycho Odżywianie
Podcast psychologiczno-dietetyczny prowadzony przez psychodietetyczki z podwójnym wyksztalceniem. Czym jest psychodietetyka? Kim jest psychodietetyk? Z jakimi trudnosciami pracuje sie w gabinecie psychodietetycznym? Jak wyglada wspólpraca z problemem zaburzen odzywiania? Jak wyglada przygotowanie do operacji bariatrycznej? Jak skladniki odzywcze wplywaja nasz umysl, i jak pulapki naszego umyslu wplywaja na podejmowanie wyborów zywieniowych? Te i inne kwestie poruszane sa w naszych podcastach. Zapraszamy!
The rebels always bring changes and all change is born as an act of rebellion. Several of them grew up around music, let's know who they are.
A podcast dedicated to Marvel's greatest cosmic superhero: Quasar! Every episode follows the chronological appearances of Quasar in the Marvel Universe, beginning with Captain America #217.
Welcome to Queenz Babe Radio! I'm your host Mariah, here on QueenzBabeRadio will be talking about everything from relationships, break ups, mental health, being a women in this day in age, body positivity, and most of all SPEAKING OUR TRUTH! This is a podcast were speaking freely is never judged or silenced.
A podcast series dedicated to the discussion of the crimes and criminals who have impacted the queer community.
Hosted by The Voice Of God, Radioactivity is the latest in premiere entertainment with world-class talent at the helm. Seriously though, we have no idea what we're doing.
Artystyczny Biznes - czyli kolektyw zajmujący się swoją pasją czyli rozmową. Działamy przede wszystkim w ogólną pojętej kulturze Hip-Hopu aczkolwiek dla młodych ludzi nie ma granic. W planach mamy o wiele więcej audycji między innymi: na temat sztuki, spraw społecznych, mody, sportu i co nam przyjdzie do głosu. Tworzymy z pasji dla ludzi z pasją
Let's Rap It Out! As we take on rappers and musicians to get a behind-the-scenes look at their life in music and what it took to get there. Guests, laughs, talks, and performing will show the world what being an musician is like and encourage you to get into songwriting and rapping.
Re:Vision, simply put, is about the future of the future. Not too long ago, when we looked over the horizon we imagined flying cars, magical cities and a better life for everyone. Somehow, popular media has transformed the future into a dystopia where everything has gone wrong and our worst fears have been realized. With Re:Vision we hope to show how people, organizations, and industries are working towards creating a beautiful tomorrow we can all be excited about.
Ross Garber, a prominent impeachment attorney will navigate listeners through the current Presidential impeachment proceedings by leading frank discussions with top experts in an unbiased format.
LISTEN NOW! Real Talk with Judge Joe Brown (season 1) is a NEW PODCAST with opposing points of view and engaging celebrity conversation. Judge Joe Brown and his co-hosts, Aida Rodriguez (comedian), DeAnn Salcido (Former family judge), and Clifford Stewart (martial arts guru)sit down with celebrities, political figures, artist, experts, and many others to exchange strong opinions. Real Talk with Judge Joe Brown (season 1) is comprised of eight (8) jaw-dropping episodes that will surely leave you picking sides. Click the episode links below to listen NOW!
Breaking down the best of Reality TV. Come join the for our weekly recaps of Survivor, Big Brother and more and starting 3/30/2020 Reality Daily Recaps.
Rebecca L. Mahan is focused on ensuring each episode delivers enriching content to entertain and inspire the audience with interesting guests and resources to help move lives in a healthy direction.
Miles Kubheka, the big, big dreamer and founder of Wakanda - Food Forever, talks to experts and specialists in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to help people better understand, and navigate, this challenging and rewarding space.
Red Nexus "Get Your Freedom On" | A Conservative viewpoint on today's topics, and some life lessons through "Gants Rants." It's time we take back our Constitutional Republic. www.RedNexus.tv **Fair Use**
RedRock is the home of The Shiznit Show which is a talk show that covers everything from celebrity gossip to serious social issues with a whole lot of funny thrown in and Pod of Thrones reviews and predictions about all things Game of Thrones!
College student, realtor, future therapist- Mackenzie Davis explores the middle ground between her twenties and goals in education & entrepreneurship. Follow along to experience this rollercoaster that includes interviews with experts, stories of success and failure, along with valuable information that will live in your head 'Rent Free'.
Welcome to the reProgram podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, coach, and world traveler Alexander Kidd. On this podcast I talk about the keys to health, wealth and relationships -- all the stuff they don?t teach you in school.
We are the Saturday night DJ's at Singers Karaoke Club in Solvay NY. You may know us and Boozy & Baked. Our podcasts are meant to make you laugh, think, and generally put you in a good mood. So sit back and enjoy the show.
Hi There. I'm Scott and I have a podcast called Restating The Obvious. Each week I am going to be discussing five stories in Sports, Politics, News and Pop Culture. Sometimes I have takes people don't agree with, sometimes my opinions go against the grain, sometimes I present my thoughts in groups of threes. And that's all fine by me! I hope to discuss engaging and important topics and provide thoughtful, nuanced opinions. Contact me at RestatingTheObvious@gmail.com and Like and Subscribe!
A Master Class In Life As A Restaurateur
Resting Bitch Face features weekly guests sharing the uncensored details of their crazy lives. From dating disasters to workplace drama and everything in between, nothing is off limits for these hilarious and relatable friends. So whether you're laughing with them or at them at least you'll feel a little bit better about your own F'd up life!
We examine Restorative Practices: What does it restorative practices mean, the value of restorative practices for and the students.
I created this podcast – to attempt to retell some of my favourite Bible stories in a way that might help us to hear them as their first listeners would have done so. Such a retelling may not help us to know exactly what happened, but I hope it might help us to delve into those truths that they were trying to communicate.
The Dynamic Duo is back and this time they're leaving it all out for the world to hear. Rockin it out with their...socks out....Uncut like a fine china white. Rhett The Thrhett and Outlaw Myke shaking babies and kissing hands like the old school bands.
Relevant topics for today. We'll discuss current events, pop culture, sports, technology and much more. This show will challenge popular opinions, cause our listeners to think, laugh and cry. Guess will join regularly from all corners of the world.
A queer asf podcast featuring Miss Geena, a transfeminine drag artist from New Zealand and sometimes guests talking a bunch of shit and spilling tea.
The World?s TOUGHEST Men & Women ? at their most VULNERABLE. Their stories of triumph. Their falls from grace. And? their climbs back, to the top. To LIFE.
Riding Shotgun With Charlie is a aims to entertain and educate people who are into firearms. However, not everything is firearm related. We may talk music or politics or whatever may come up during a conversation between the driver and the passenger.
Rocci Stucci Radio Personality / Public Speaker Your hard charging, no nonsense, take no prisoners, master of ceremonies…… The "Emotional Meatball", Rocci Stucci! Unscripted, unfiltered, and completely unapologetic. Rocci Stucci is the absolute antithesis to the malpractice of western media, and the bonafide, guaranteed cure to society's ills. Rocci is a purveyor of patriotism, and a constitutional connoisseur, who strongly believes in the values on which this great nation was founded.
The Rock and a Hard Place - the only place we talk about absolutely anything and everything.. and we do it in at least 2 different languages cos apparently doing it in one language is too mainstream! This is Bangladesh's first true podcast.. So we clearly have a reputation to uphold! A mostly English but sometimes bilingual podcast!
ROCK SALT: MUZKAST EXPERIENCE is a podcast that focuses on life and news events blended with music with a message.
Chickie throws it your way on his way to work

Team Lombardi               


Twitter - @teamlombardi2

This is a show that will cover everything controversial involving UFO, Alien, and Conspiracy. It is a hotbed of topics that will have you going wow. Listen in or get left behind
We're in Paradise, baby! All our favourite (and least favourite) contestants from past Bach/Bachelorette seasons are all on a resort in Mexico ready to find love! Or if you're Aaron, ready to find another enemy!
Join me as we traverse controversial and important life, Spiritual, and Metaphysical topics ranging from Energy Healing to Reincarnation to the Law of Attraction!
Online & Offline Safety Tips, Techniques & Technologies
SamzSportz is a platform where we allow voices to be heard!
Where we will take on the task of helping you be informed, and change the world for a place where common sense rules
This podcast will cover a variety of topics such as Sports, Pop Culture, Movies and TV.
Chef Jeff and his brother Kenny are brothers that love to eat and love talking about good food. Each week they will be talking about all the food that they have eaten that is worth talking about.
Life stories and experiences. Being a mom / woman who smokes and grows weed.
Welcome to Saturday Night Convos! Join us, Ashley and Regan, as we get together every Saturday night to discuss trending topics, things going on in the world, and whatever may be happening in our own lives. Nothing is off the table! Find us on all of your favourite streaming platforms including IHeart Music, Apple Podcast & Spotify! Follow us on Instagram @saturdaynightconvos and on Twitter @ConvosNight ! Comment and rate our podcast to let us know what you think! Alternatively, you can email us at saturdaynightconvos@gmail.com to let us know what you think! We would love to hear what your thoughts are about what you've just listened too!
Say It Forward brings top money advisor Rebecca Rothstein with guest hosts Lee Ann Daly and Kim Garner as they go inside the real life stories of fascinating people at the vanguard of art, music, business, pop culture, TV, film, fashion and more. Their guests are often professional colleagues and friends! Some are famous, some are rich, some are both, some are neither...but all deliver juicy, insightful, often funny and always amazing stories told with heart from the heart. The interviews take you inside to uncover struggles and joys that have never been revealed before. Join them as their guests rewind to the beginning and Say It Forward.
The Podcast talk show where cynical horror movie geeks talk the world of horror and pop culture. Welcome to SCARIFYER! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/scarifyer/support
This Vanderpump Rules star is getting into some shenanigans as she brings the party to you. From conversations with celebrity and industry guests, juicy stories from her time on the show, and her life in Vegas; it's a party only Scheana could throw. It's downright shenanigans!
Chronicling the highs and lows of Shadynasty League.
Here at Self Discovery Community Media Hub, we bring you illuminating stories that change and empower lives. These stories of inspiration are an invitation to us to journey forward in our own lives, filled with wisdom from those that have gone before us. You will see the many diverse shows on many topics, but each one is foundered in a core value of self-love and meaningful purpose that serves mankind. You can hear these illuminators by Podcast across 4 sites and 11 audio platforms and on youtube. selfdiscoverymedia@gmail.com www.selfdiscoverymedia.com HTTP://hubofdiscovery.com
Join us for a weekly show for the aspiring social media influencer and pop culture vulture looking to stay ahead of internet trends. We're giving you all the tips and tricks you need to take your social media career all the way. Learn from our guests, the biggest social stars in the world, and get inspired!

Join me, our sesh is waiting.


NO legal advice, solicitation, or relationship intended. Strictly for educational and informational purposes. If you need legal help, email esq@shalwetoke.com 

Meghan and Amani are 2 shark researchers exploring sharks and their relatives! Get ready to jump in every-other-week to the world of sharks where Meghan and Amani break down the science with some of the legends in the field. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sharkpediapod/support
A podcast for the non-traditional woman. Sophie and Tiana are two unconventional women from opposite sides of the world who are in a loving relationship. Join them as they dive deep into their experiences and explore what it means to be a woman in today's society. They'll speak on feminism, LGBTQ+ issues, gender stereotypes, sexuality, emotional maturity, and self-awareness. If you find yourself wanting to design your own life outside of traditional stereotypes, then shifting her experience is for you.
Shomee Events Industry Jam By Shomee dot Life Shomee Events Industry Jam features interviews with event organizers, speakers, educators, and performing artists of every kind discussing events industry trends. Suggest topics, give feedback, and submit questions at anchor.fm/shomeelife. Interested in being a guest? Read our FAQ at www.shomee.life/podcast-faq
From the studios of 104.7 The Bull, KQSN Radio, Shootin' The Bull features the latest on news, events personalities and happenings in Ponca City and North Central Oklahoma.
New Pro Wrestling PodCast by 2 Canadians in Finland.
Before you commit to what could be your child's next favorite TV show, let voice actress, Kara Edwards, and child therapist, Laura Orr, break down the good, the bad, and the downright annoying of the many TV programs available to your little ones.
Welcome to Silent Podcasts! We're anything but silent! Check us out if you're looking for Reality TV recaps, Scripted TV show reviews, Animation reviews, and more! Youtube: Silent Podcasts Twitch: https://twitch.tv/silentpodcasts
A film enthusiast, lecturer, and teacher just talking about all things movie-related - some newer, some that are more classic. But I don't say "old" - as Lauren Bacall said, "It's not an old movie if you haven't seen it."
Casey Stickley from the band "Second Echo" connects music lovers with legendary, as well as up and coming songwriters! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/singalongpodcast/support
A weekly podcast where your favorite friends SIP and TELL about everyday adventures, lessons learned, and the mistakes we keep making. We'll share everything you need to know to avoid the pitfalls, even though we're aware most of you will need to figure it out yourselves.

About RemnantNation.TV:

Created by Sir Maestro, bringing quality programming, real dialogue and a platform for the rise of this generations voice. Intentionally. Podcasts, Film & TV, PPV, Fashion and more, stay tuned to Remnant Nation TV & Media LLC.

About Sir Maestro Let's Chop It Up! Podcast:

Sir Maestro Let's Chop it Up! strives to deliver comedic relief to the trending topics of today within and outside the black community. We're taking those intimate yet important conversations and bringing them to the forefront to provoke thought and change to the community. So, come Chop It Up with us!





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Join The Shaver Brothers as they discuss each episode of the Netflix Original Series "The Umbrella Academy". Toby and Dave also explore the show's source material, the Dark Horse Comics series "The Umbrella Academy", by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba.
Gossip Fiends ALLISON MCKAY and PRINCE FLEET EASTON disentomb celebrity corpses and pick through for the gold. We may dislodge a few roaches but we come up with the nuggets for you!
#Skaluj z Hubspot to cotygodniowy podcast w calosci poswiecony zagadnieniom zwiazanym z platforma HubSpot prowadzony przez Pawla Stetkiewicza z E-lead.pl
An unorthodox film review podcast where you tell me your favorite movies, I do my best to tear them to pieces, and you defend them, as the masses listen in.
Sleep Is For Billionaires The Podcast shares insider information from celebrities and industry professionals for aspiring entertainers and those seeking a career in entertainment. The host Jonni Vegaz asks specific and very detailed questions to make sure the audience receives the necessary knowledge needed to guide them into a career in the entertainment industry. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sleep-is-for-billionaires/support
nash telegram kanal: https://t.me/s/sdradio1

A podcast of small business owners and experts discussing business start-up, entrepreneurship, marketing and management books.

Snapshot XL is your deeper dive into the world of tech. Stay updated with latest tech news in the most detailed way. It is also an extension of the Snapshot Series (by Technologically Challenged) on YouTube. Subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/technologicallychallenged for more tech news, views and reviews brought to you by a professional idiot, which is I (Kazi Omar - BD/UK)
So, I Was Thinking is a podcast where we challenge your brain to think... and then to think some more! This cast is meant to be a conversation, a discussion, a debate, a learning experience and an exercise of the mind. Some topics we cover might be uncomfortable or hard to hear. None of our co-hosts or guests claim to be experts on the topics that we discuss. At times, we will poke and play devils advocate for the sake of conversation and to explore various viewpoints that may even differ from our own. It is never our intent to cause harm or be insensitive about the subject matter. Our goal is simply to open up meaningful dialogue without the restrictions that often come along with controversial topics.
Two established Podcaster's join forces to have some fun with the swap meet of poorly formed opinions that is social media. Splash Jordan of the And Friends 360/ Verdict Podcast and I AJ of the AJ Presents The Gr8r Good Podcast attempt to digest the under cooked chicken of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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No show page because dammit we both already have show pages that force us to read this crap all day every day... so check those pages as well as our own shows!!

AJ Presents The Gr8r Good
The Verdict Podcast
And Friends 360

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House Of Splash

Blu and Black Atom discuss topics that moves the needle within the culture...from sports,politics, music, film and fashion. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/societysculture/support
SoFlo Weird Show is a podcast featuring weird Florida stories. Every one knows, Florida is famous for being infamous. From the days of Prohibition to just about anything that happened last week, we?ve got an endless supply of wild stories waiting to be tapped in to and shared with our equally quirky audience. We feature legend tripping, haunted sights, offbeat travels and true crimes so bizarre you?ll think we made it up. Plain and simple? It?s weird stories for weird people and you fit right in. www.sofloweird.com
SOM Talk Live is an Entertainment and Business podcast which focuses on a variety of topics on the iHeart Radio Platform. SOM Talk Live got its first full concept when the host, Rueben Wood, begin his journey into media in 2016. What took over a year to create started in 2017 when the SOM family released its first broadcasted episode on iHeart Radio. The SOM Talk Live podcast/radio show focuses on entertainment and business with some of todays leading influencers, entrepreneurs, and musicians. The show also has a strong focus on the happenings in local communities and enriching the next generation with the importance of opportunities for continued education.
Every episode I (Some Guy) quickly rant on a random topic or subject that recently has caught my attention.
Some Guy & DK Murphy talk about all things taboo All this well drinking and catching up on our lives
5 women discussing books and other stuff during our lunch break....Join us!
Podcast by Jason and Melissa, owners of Soul Flo Yoga in Plainfield, IL. We are just looking to share our point of view of different topics and also bring others in to share their knowledge as well. Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soulfloyogainc/ Check us out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soulfloyoga1 Thanks to Joseph McDade for the intro music. Check him out here: https://josephmcdade.com/
This is a program designed to inform, enlighten and entertain people about the growing space program brought to fruition by NASA and JPL. Jeff Rayno is a volunteer. His opinions do not reflect the opinions of anyone at NASA or JPL. He is a Solar System Ambassador volunteer. Enjoy the show.
Join PirateTomski as he sets the record straight on a number of issues affecting society today. We'll cover everything from social media, big tech and politics right through to the relevance of religion and conventional education.
Brett & Marc talk voice overs, marketing and how business can use voice overs in many different scenarios! Special guests on some shows talking about how voice overs have helped them!
Imagine if two wise monks met up a mountain, had a chat and shared each others wisdom. I have open conversations with wise and spiritually awakening beings across the globe with no direction of where the talk will go. My mission is to normalise the un normal. By speaking about things most people think about but most never talk about. We have what seems to sound like a normal conversation but when you analyse what we're saying you realise it's far from what most people talk about. But for some reason, it resonates with you. You'll be addicted. talkwitholiver.com @yeskingoliver. Joe Rogan
Where Sports and Politics Mix and Mingle.
Sports Betting tips for Tennis, Soccer, Football, Baseball, and more! It's 5 O'Clock somewhere so celebrate Happy Hour with Prime Picks! Ej Garr is your host and he drops down your plays and predictions for numerous sports and leagues usually for the following day. Tennis betting, Soccer/Football betting, NCAA Hoops betting, and much more comes your way during Happy Hour!
A dynamic weekly sports show hosted by "The Conman" himself, Mike Conceicao. With his decades of experience and passion for sports, "The Conman" brings his unique, old school brand back to the air waves on The Baldies Podcast Network! Whether its delivering the latest in the sports world, giving you his opinion on the hot takes of the day or bringing you a new guest each week to chop it up and go one on one, step onto the Sports Corner with the Conman today!!!
It's the rivalries that make the games
Sports Round-Up with Hoss Martin (https://hossmartin.com/)
SQR Podcast is designed Educate, Entertain & Encourage via real stories from real people. Tune in every week to hear new podcasts that you won't hear anywhere else!
GiO is the lead singer/rhythm guitar player of squA²red. In this episodic podcast you can hear what goes on inside the mind of GiO!
This podcast gives a glimpse into what it's like to be a striving musician in todays music industry. Hosted by a metal band called The Doubted and based in Los Angeles, It seeks to be a glimmer of hope for anyone wishing to pursue a career in music.
Ryan Vaughn gives his no holds barred thoughts & opinions on everyday life & everyday issues.
"Stay the course" is a phrase used in the context of a war or battle meaning to pursue a goal regardless of any obstacles or criticism. Keep it funky, Keep it O.G and Keep it Real. Press on, Stay the course!
A weekly Movie Podcast for everyone who loves movies, from the movie snob to the philistine. Every week Syq ranks the last five movies he watched, and periodically, Syq and his wife Teashia go over their personal top 10 lists while drinking Scotch and Red Wine.
Stories From My Youth is a podcast about my life. Funny or interesting stories to make you laugh.
Marlene Pardo Pellicer, host and producer of Stories of the Supernatural is a writer and paranormal researcher who established Miami Ghost Chronicles in the 1990s.

Join her every week as she interviews authors, experts in the paranormal and those who have witnessed the unexplained.

Her books, "Haunted History of the Old West's Wicked Ladies & The Bad Hombres They Loved", "The Lady in the Blue Kimono: Film Noir Murders" and "Supernatural Safety: A Paranormal DIY Guide" are available on www.MarlenePardo.com or Amazon. A fourth book, "An Odd Collection of Old & Obscure True Ghost Stories" will be available August 2019.
Seductive Storm discusses sex work and discusses other hot topics along w Bbw fashion chat.
Strictly About Business is a show where entrepreneurs can learn how to grow their businesses. It's also the only show that doesn't have any guests, but instead features my own approach to solving problems. This show will have you changing your life faster than you ever thought possible.
Join Stu and Al on topics that include ?Top 3?, ?90?s Corner? and ?Tales of the Bag O? Nails?. Irreverent chat and laughs (Not a guarantee).
Welcome to the Studio Vibes Podcast on iEnt Live, where we discuss everything from songwriting to music marketing, with interviews, reviews and much more
Welcome to 'Stuff You Wouldn't Say Out Loud' with Jake and Mike! The guys talk about everything and anything on their mind. The twist - they speak honestly. Shit you wouldn't hear out loud in public. Guaranteed you thought it, but Jake and Mike say it out loud. Join us every week for a new episode of Stuff You Wouldn't Say Out Loud!
Internet outrage is poisoning the way we communicate. Everyone's angry, everyone's cancelled and NO ONE'S allowed to think for themselves!! Subtweet THIS is an open discussion on the topics that make you angry. Our goal is to prove that disagreements are normal and civil discourse is still possible. #SubtweetTHIS
Need to make some new friends? Join the 3 ?Good Friends? Michael, Annemarie, and Trina every Wednesday as they try to navigate through the most experimental, amazing, tragic, & interesting decade of their life: Their 20?s. Each episode contains wild stories, helpful advice, games, & lots of laughs with guest friends. If you?re needing a new friend group or just like being nosy and listening to other people?s conversations then you can definitely sit with us. Follow us on Instagram @suchagoodfriend
Enjoy the content on the main feed of ESSR? Well you are in luck as we have a whole plethora of bonus content now available on our ESSR Extra feed
Suspense Radio, brings you the best of the best in suspense / thriller / mystery and horror. Interviews and reviews in the genres.
Dreaming big and trusting God, every step of the way.
Why Synergy? Better success. Increase profit, potential and healthy work environments.

Named best new Wrestling Podcast by LP Productions. Join Trevor Shelby and Thomas Kennedy on a roller coaster ride of Professional Wrestling. Every week we drink beer, rate, review and then argue about everything involving Professional Wrestling. 

The Monday Night Wars: Just before the 25 year anniversary of the Monday Night Wars they began a journey to relive each and every episode that pitted WCW Nitro and WWE Raw against each other. Each week a winner is declared and at the end of the Monday Night Wars, we will find out who really won the war.  

NWA Powerrrhouse Podcast: The NWA Powerhouse podcast is a weekly overview of NWA POWERRR and its Pay Per Views. 

Watch Along: Need a friend to watch Professional Wrestling with? Well look no further. Join Trevor Shelby as he watching Professional Wrestling from today and yesterday

Talk Purpose and Truth; Shifting You Into Higher Consciousness is a podcast hosted by Eden Sustin; physical medium and Kim Somers Egelsee; intuitive, #1 best selling author and inspirational speaker. This unique show elevates, uplifts and encourages listeners to grow, heal, awaken and evolve. Eden and Kim include bold topics, special interviews with inspiring guests, intuitive reading, channeled messages from beyond including celebrities, hot topics and more! Tune in for unprecedented truth, on purpose discussions and magic moments!
Join me as I talk everything Dallas Cowboys from previous Games, upcoming games, injury?s and more.
Its a fun show that features interviews with rock stars, comedians, professional athletes and various pop culture icons, mixed with lifestyle related talk, comedy bits and other insanity.
NSFW! Two Adults try to tackle waking up every day, in a very raw way. Warlock Fred & Condor bring a couple of 30-year-old perspectives, both different. Friends from Elementary School, They now put this together from across part of the country. In a bedroom studio. New Episodes Mondays. If You Like What We Do, Check The Links... https://anchor.fm/talkingchaos/message https://www.patreon.com/TalkingChaos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFxRrkugZPhLuo9HHWPolBA Become a Patron! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/talkingchaos/support
Ted and Gus talk about Stalkers, Renting Coffee Cups, Home Cleaning and other random nonsense.
A daily talk from Samuel Stockton.
Comedian Sunda Croonquist sits down with comedian Stacey Taylor to talk comedy, prison, recidivism, and the Straight Jacket Comedy Tour. Stacey Taylor is a stand-up comedian from Los Angeles, California. After doing 23 years in prison for a life sentence, he was given a second chance at freedom, but didn't forget the jokes along the way. He channels his experience of being incarcerated, and brings it to the stage. Stacey says some of his major influences are Richard Pryor, Red Fox, Leroy & Skillet, to name a few. His goals are to use his comedy to inspire young kids and people, in general. His favorite quote is, ?it's not how you start but how you finish, that's important!? Performing at the Laugh Factory has been one of his biggest accomplishments as a comedian, and he's just getting started. "Runaround" by Andre Merrit and DJ Topic Instagram: @Andre_Merritt Twitter: @Andre_Merritt Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dre-merritt
The barbershop-like atmosphere, where we talk about a multitude of subjects.
Just two Dads Talking about everyday life!
On this episode I interview Mike Nificent
To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson.... once you get locked into a serious beer collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The Tap Takeover Podcast is a beer podcast focused on promoting craft breweries in the Midwest. Featuring interviews with the brewers themselves, and all industries that support microbreweries. Including tastings of exclusive recipes, and traditional styles. Cheers! ??
We are 2 best friends who have no limits! Come hang out with us and find out about our crazy real estate careers, family life, dating life, and so much more!
  • Twitter - @teamlombardi2         
  • Brewmaster@lombardibrewing.com
  • Produced by Kaitlyn Lombardi

Stay up to date on each weeks tech and other news.
Welcome to my new podcast! Love tech as much as I do? Join me as I share my latest tech! My main focus will be mid-range hardware. The goal of the channel is to help you get an idea of what to expect out of midrange tech, specifically covering the components that I purchase. PC Builds. Reviews. Tutorials. I am also a STEM teacher at my local middle school and will be sharing ideas for the classroom. Requests are welcome! Contact me on IG @jasonrosetech. Please subscribe and share! Thank you!
Official Ten Dollar Slimer podcast, check us out on youtube for more fun. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDb4Y7SKV372wu4yMLN8v0g
Testing how this works, this is just a test of a podcast.
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Learning the ropes with LaunchPad DM
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A podcast of uncompromising realness of everyday life. Discussing life experiences, subtle advice, HipHop, celebrity misdeeds and well doings, entertainment & news. Nothing is off limits as Fly gives his opinion with unfiltered honesty toward anything thrown his way.
We are two besties based in Dubai, and we jibber-jabber about random shower thoughts that come up in our heads, give advice to listeners and also bring in some very special guests. If you are looking for some laughs, relatable content or just some background noise, tune in to "That&This"
Do you ever catch yourself thinking 'I'm totally that BITCH'? Listen to stories that empower and entertain by your host Serena Laturnas-Shuba. Spilling tea about sex, relationships and general bad-assery that will make you laugh and feel confident. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thatbitchpodcast/support
Buckle up and get ready! My highly-anticipated online TV show, "That Girl from Jersey" is available to the public! Weekly video podcasts where I interview influential guests with a sprinkle of my New Jersey swag. I know what you?re thinking. There are over 700,000 podcast shows and over 29 million episodes, why would I dare jump into the enormous sea of podcasts? Oh good gracious! For years people have watched me work in the public relations field, often aside some of the biggest celebrities in the world. They've watched me bring out the best in people with my pizazz and one-in-a-million interview style. But yeah, this is a little different. That Girl From Jersey is completely uncensored! I get to express my personality and connect with my audience with my Jersian attitude in a less formal way. This is no ordinary ?talk show? podcast and online TV show that bores viewers and listeners to death. It?s a fun and exciting podcast for those who can handle the energetic and sometimes humorous nature of my personality. We?ll interview guests and discuss interesting topics -- everything from current events, funny topics, interesting stories and much more. You?ll be fully entertained, bursting with laughter, uncontrollable excitement and anticipation of what will happen next. You?ll be completely sucked into these sizzling hot conversations asking yourself ?Did she really just say that?? But we all know the answer. ?YES! She did!? Never been to New Jersey? Don't worry about it. I'm bringing Jersey to you -- direct from my professional studio or on location every week. Give yourself a break and enjoy this wild and fun journey with me and special guests each week. The show is available for download on major platforms: iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify and video platforms such as YouTube.
Public safety professionals from the U.S. and beyond spend a lifetime serving and protecting their citizens. These are their stories...sad, funny, poignant, inspiring. Join us as they recall... that one day.
Before we entered this world we knew nothing and perceived nothing, However, our minds were alive and ready to take on whatever was inputted or programmed into it. Simply by crossing into this world do we become subject to this programming. Lies are easily believed as truth because they seem so apparent. In this Podcast, "The D Program" is simply a play on words to mean exactly what it says. When you enter "The D Program", you are listening to be "Deprogrammed" from the lies and deceit that comes on every human crossing over into this world from birth.
Giving you quality topics, Connecting, Vibing, and expressing real everyday struggles. Come "Talk That Talk" with Mark & Ted !
A podcast about fitness, drinks and anything else!
Join TV royalty and music artist Jessy Taylor as she deep dives into pop culture, celebrity life and relationships with a sweep of top-tier guests in her brand new solo podcast, ‘The 16th Minute'. With her unique humour, stories and take on living life in the spotlight, the fearless media queen is spilling aaallll the tea — and Jessy's not afraid to tell it like it really is. If you want the juice, subscribe now.
Season 1 Episode 1 Introductions
In this podcast, The 6 Initiative team interviews different entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life. We dig deeper into their stories and lessons to excavate the most practical and valuable tips that you can use to help grow your own business.
COMING to you from Brooklyn by way of his mother's vagina, THE QUINTESSENTIAL STUDMUFFIN Joel Gertner does his damnedest to overcome his natural modesty to TELL YOU HOW GREAT HE IS, do today's top stars the favor of having them on for great interviews, talk about the news of the day and make you think FOR ONCE!
Toronto Superfan, Ivan M, brings his brash and passionate views and opinions on all the major sports leagues in North America and of course, defends all Toronto sports teams to the end! Joined by his sidekick, Tammy, the two tackle all the major and minor storylines in sports with a little spiciness mixed in.
Join me, Donnell Almonte Morris, as I discuss hot topics, Sports, Politics, and Entertainment etc., no category is safe! An Remember, I Discuss, You Decide!
Knuckleheads, Austin and Dustin argue about the greatest basketball players, pro wrestlers and mma fighters in history and break down matchups in the All-Time Tournaments!
In "The Beltway Outsiders Podcast with Daniel Vaughan," columnist for the Conservative Institute, lawyer, and writer Daniel Vaughan talks through the news and stories of the week with occasional guests. Sign up for the newsletter at http://www.thebeltwayoutsiders.com/newsletter-signup/
We take 5 minutes and give you wine conversation starters and travel destinations. WELP Magazine recognized the podcast as one of the best Travel Podcasts of 2021.
Welcome to the official home of Newstalk ZB Southland's All Sport Breakfast, 7 to 9am Saturday mornings on 864AM with Nick Jeffrey, brought to you by the Invercargill Licensing Trust. For more visit www.allsportsbreakfast.co.nz
Join Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Calvert, as he discusses everything you need to know about plastic surgery. Together with his co-host and fellow plastic surgeon, Dr. Millicent Rovelo, they discuss all aspects of plastic surgery including facial aesthetics, body contouring, and noninvasive techniques. You get a behind the scenes look at how plastic surgeons think and evaluate patients, how operations are performed, and what to expect as a patient going through these operations. The format is open, honest, and frequently hilarious! Welcome to the good, the bad, and the beautiful world of Beverly Hills plastic surgery!
We discuss everything Bizarre and Unexplained.
The first ever podcast to feature a bunch of white guys talking football. Jimmy and a local guest star break down the NFL's weekly slate and make their picks based on zero research and only degenerate gambler logic.
Join Toby Shaver ("Back Issues") and his daughter, Lucy, as the recap and discuss each episode of the DC Universe/CW Original Series "Stargirl".
James Ledbetter is a journalist who joined Western Free Press in 2018. Since then, he has written extensively for Western Free Press, Western Journal, Star Political, and Conservative Daily News on the Trump administration as well as on other political issues. If you have a NEWS TIP, send an email to jameswfp@protonmail.com Subscribe to our podcast: http://theboldconservative.eu5.net/newsletter/ Support this podcast: https://patreon.com/TheBoldConservative
The Book of Wrestling Podcast is about looking at old Wrestling Shows, mixed in with what?s happening today. I also do Behind the Scenes Interview with my Guests, although I've only had one guest, with that guest I asked questions about real life aspects from that guests Career, which is the goal of Behind the Story.
World's first and ONLY Commercial diving podcast. Working divers talking shop, interviews, news, safety, and sea stories. Are you a scuba diver and think you know everything about diving? Drop into our world! Are you ready for a podcast that pushes the envelope? Raw real talk about industry practices and some dive stories in between. Grab a beer as we take over the airwaves! There isn't a better commercial diving podcast out there. All things dive, all real, and not afraid to give it to you straight! LB diver out
Reality of Media presents "The Bounce Pass Podcast" hosted by ESPN 97.5, Reality of Wrestling and The Schmoedown's Brad Gilmore.
Three gentlemen in their mid-twenties talking about the ever changing world of professional wrestling. Made by fans, for fans.
Your daily source for Ohio State Buckeyes football and athletics news and opinion from one of the most opinionated sports personalities in all of Ohio, Jeff "Tito" Thitoff! Make sure to check out the Buckeyes Daily Blitz YouTube channel for all the show videos and next-level content! Presented by BetUS.com - Bet with the 3-Decade leader, BetUS! Join now for a 125% bonus or a 200% bonus with crypto. Use promo code DSP125 for bonus or DSP200 for crypto, and bet sports, casino, horses, pop culture, & more at BetUS.com. You bet, you win, you get paid. BetUS.com
Listen in on weekly conversation between the one and only Scott Streets and the show they call Freak,. as they discuss PRO WRESTLING, MMA, FOOTBALL,BASEBALL, COMIC BOOKS, MOVIES AND MUCH MUCH MORE. in fact you'll never know where the conversation going to head. plus frequent guest host joining them

The Podcast For Canadian Investors.

The podcast features in depth discussion around individual stocks and various investing strategies while incorporating the nuances of Canadian investment vehicles.

Show hosts Braden Dennis and Simon Belanger bring both experience, fresh takes, well-researched information and entertainment to an investing podcast for Canadians.

Unique take on dog training podcast using my positive methodology and positive reinforcement dog training. Yet a funny and informative, conversational and fun presentation to help dog owners with their dogs. Problems being solved live, with audience questions. Sometimes guest dog owners as well as other dog world informative people. Loose, yet scripted in a very easy going manner. Game show episodes with dog owner contestants needing help with dogs and issues. This will be THE dog everything podcast and incorporate many other relating subject matter parallel to the dog world.
Current Events, Sports, Comedy, and music
The Solution, Strategic and Action Driven Expertise Designed to Help Business Owners Navigate the Challenges Preventing Growth and Accelerate Profitability.
The Chirp Podcast features musings, verses and stories that clear the chaos outside and within. Streaming every Sunday evening!
A wrestling podcast that brings you the latest happenings in the world of pro wrestling.. Covering all the major promotions..not just WWE.
The weekly podcast covering everything sports from Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio! Hosted by Lee W. Mowen.
The Classic Metal Show is the premiere comedy and rock n' roll/metal show online today. The show features the comedy stylings of Neeley and Chris Akin. Tune in live every Saturday from 9pm-3am EST at www.cmsradio.net. In case it isn't obvious, all statements made on THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW are merely the opinions of the hosts, their guests and their callers. No statement made on the show is said as a fact, but offered as merely the opinion of the person stating it. Deal with it, crybabies!!
The Creative Team Podcast ( Pro Wrestling/Sports) Every Wednesday Join Ron Kilbourn, Cole Dawson of The Creative Team Podcast Pro Wrestling Podcast.
We are a unique inter professional team with decades of experience caring for critically ill pregnant women. Join us as we review clinical topics and make them easy to understand.
Welcome to Cuaimaland. A safe place to be the baddest bitch you can be. Join us as we explore the many sides of what a Cuaima is perceived to be. Cuaima: adj. snake, psycho, crazy bitch aka an average woman.
A Dallas Cowboys podcast in partnership with CowboysSI.com and DSP Media. Talking all things Cowboys and NFL with Timm 'IndyCarTim' Hamm! Join us daily for the latest Cowboys and NFL information! Follow us on Twitter @IndyCarTim and @CowboysDailyPod. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/DSPMediaPodcastNetwork
Art. Culture. Opinion. Made in LA.
Join JATP superfan Lucy Shaver and her dad as they recap and discuss each episode of the Netflix Original Series "Julie and the Phantoms".
Join The Shaver Brothers, as they take a deep dive into the Amazon Original Series "The Boys".
We talk about comic books, movies, tv, sports and more pop culture! Dennis is a life long comic book and Green Bay Packer fan as well as a comic book appraiser and connoisseur. Andy is a full time comic book artist having worked in the industry for Marvel, DC, and more for going on 30 years, he's also a Dallas Cowboys fan.
The Diamond Digger, a former sugar baby, tells you how it is. How is life as sugar baby in Asia? What flies, what doesn't? Tips and tricks. And what comes after?
The Only Podcast that will help you lose weight and stay motivated???? feel free to leave your show topic ideas and request in the Convoz app today. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/oaklandsunshine/support
Three childhood friends in their mid thirties interview eclectic guests and talk about current events from an uninformed male perspective. Listen to their comedic take on life, marriage, friendship and awkward everyday situations. Join them every Monday at 8:00 am for their expert MMA analysis of the most up to date UFC and Bellator news and fights.
Peer inside The Doubted, rock/metal band from Southeast Missouri, and learn their story and process through the years of success as an up and coming artist.
A show where the hottest topics are discussed and dissected!
Join us on Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE, and Periscope each Wednesday night at 8pm CDT as we broadcast/simulcast the recording of our show LIVE from Tailgaters Sports Bar in Plano, TX, where BigRed, IndyCarTim, and Colby Sapp discuss the #DallasCowboys, #TexasRangers, #DallasStars, and #DallasMavericks, and of course ALL the sports, guy stuff, and current events, all while enjoying their favorite whiskeys. Strong sports opinions and slurred speech occasionally take over and hilarity always ensues! #ListenLikeShare! Sponsored by HighlandsPGC.com, KavlaForMen.com, MySleepSheets.com - Check us out on IG: @thedrunksportspodcast and Twitter: @DrunkSportsDFW | @BigRedBlitz | @IndyCarTim | @ColbySapp! And make sure to subscribe to our epic YouTube Channel!
Podcast that discusses God
Life is hard! But it's possible to survive even the toughest trials. The Encourageous Podcast is where people who've emerged victoriously from difficult circumstances share their stories with vulnerability. Each guest is living proof that it's possible to overcome. Tune in on biweekly Thursday's for a new episode. Get ready to be encouraged & inspired! 
Unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit in you
Join The fellaship as Chris Serra and guests break down the importance of doing life in community and being part of The Fellaship.
Every week, Aiden and Dean catch up on all the latest boxing news, results and previews.
Dallas Cowboys analyst Mike Fisher has for 30 years been embedded with 'America's Team' - an office at The Star, on the team bus, plane, hotel, in the locker room and the press box, home and away. 'Fish' covers the Cowboys for Sports Illustrated at CowboysSI.com and the Dallas Mavericks at SI's DallasBasketball.com.
Chris Ownbey has been a certified personal trainer for over 30 years. Fitness has always been Chris?s passion. His history includes success as a state powerlifting champion, bodybuilder, a mixed martial arts competitor and golfer. Chris?s success comes from his big heart and the desire to help and empower others. Now in his 50?s. Chris coach?s men and women 40+ years of age to get fit and healthy in a private studio in North Dallas with our 30- minute HICT workout system. Tyson Faifer is best known as the first comedian to ever compete on NBC?s American Ninja Warrior and you may recognize his face from your favorite reality dating shows? most recently on ABC?s The Proposal. Tyson?s act has been described as smart, witty, and a ball of energy, covering topics such as his love of the 90?s, growing up on the Mexican border, and the struggles of living in your early to mid/late thirties. His first comedy special was recorded in 2017 for Ride TV and can be seen by tens of people who actually have that channel. Now living in Los Angeles, Tyson has been touring the country and is on his way to a city near you. In the meantime, you can still find him on reruns of WeTv?s Million Dollar Matchmaker, Fox?s Love Connection, The Steve Harvey Show, Ford Mustang Speed Dating Viral Video, Judge Hatchett, and SoulPancake?s Date My Dog.
Presented by BetUS.com - Bet with the 3-Decade leader, BetUS! Join now for a 125% bonus or a 200% bonus with crypto. Use promo code DSP125 for bonus or DSP200 for crypto, and bet sports, casino, horses, pop culture, & more at BetUS.com. You bet, you win, you get paid. BetUS.com. Join longtime fantasy football experts and radio hosts Jeff "Tito" Thitoff and Adam Conn as they catch you up on all the latest roster notes, fantasy football trends, and insight as you prepare each week to dominate your league. Make sure to catch their weekly show either on your favorite podcast app or on the Flying Elvises YouTube Channel!
We are live every Tuesday 8:30pET/5:30pPST exclusively on the TuneIn Radio app! You can listen to the FORDCAST by subscribing.
Discussions about today's world, pop culture, politics, movies, music and more!
JD (Jhevani 'Free Smoke' Dixon), a Professional Boxer, talks the recent world within the sport of Boxing while adding a bit of current news, music, entertainment, and comedic breaks!
The Gay Christ Follower is a podcast about one man's journey through struggles and ideas about who Christ is, how the man sees himself, and how God is working in his daily life. An encouraging podcast for the people who are trying to be themselves while having the feeling that the "Christians" you know aren't accepting, nor accept anyone who isn't perfect. Written, produced, and recorded by Mikey Antczak.
Giants Country, covering the New York Giants for SI.com's Fan Nation, presents its official podcast.
Join sisters Maria and Stephanie Giesta as they reopen and invite you down to The Giesta Cafe Podcast each and every week! Covering everything from entertainment. traveling, politics, food, real experiences and so much more, you won't want to miss their unique take on everything under the sun.
Music/Pro Wrestling podcast located in Phoenix, AZ. Check out The Gio and Meatbag Show live on Facebook every Week or on all podcast streaming platforms! Punk Rock, Pro Wrestling, Comedy etc.!
Football Chat in General But mostly About Glasgow Celtic Scotland?s 8 in a Row Champions and Most Succesful Club In Scotland !! ....
Welcome to The Go Hard Podcast! Come along as we Go Hard to elevate ourselves and our community!
The Good Times Podcast is hosted by The Xekutioner & Almanac Jack. The Good Times duo finds themselves jumping into a large variety of topics with the sole purpose of keeping YOU entertained!
This is a podcast created for and by fans of the greatest video game franchise ever created...Grand Theft Auto.
Everyone has something they are passionate about! Every episode Cody has a guest on to talk about what they are passionate about.
Hey Y'all it's Tati and Shae (were sisters) and welcome to our podcast. In this podcast you hear about our interesting life stories, our personal experiences, reviews and much more every Friday! We look forward to you guys listening and communicating with us on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Amazon Music.Please feel free to email us your questions. If you have a story and want to share let us know. Our email is martisproduction2021@gmail.com Thanks for listening!
This show touches on a variety of topics from our sports specials and weekly picks, to the football season and our relationship episodes and whatever other topics that grind our gears. And we also give takes on entertainment, music, movies and more. Just two guys who have lived life and have alot of life experiences and perspectives .
A Life podcast about the issues surrounding the host?s life. Recovery, Medicine, Substance Use Disorder, and the way in which they all intertwine.
Skateboarding - this is just a test
A podcast where there's no limits, no scripts and no f**king chill.. You asked for it and we brought the hate out.
I talk about the Episodes of Heartland and the Cast of Heartland.
This podcast covers disasters in antiquities, ranging from natural disasters, famine, plague, man-made disasters, and more. You'll hear about events like the Pompeii to the little know earthquake and tsunami of 365 AD.
Country Music, Songwriters & The Stories That Make Them. This podcast is concentrated on the music. We will take you behind the curtain with some of the biggest songwriters of your favorite songs and how they came to be.
Martin Figueroa interviews and examines the day to day lives of extraordinary people who are passionate and successful in life without the hunger of material rewards or gains.
The In Search SEO Podcast is a weekly podcast tackling the industry's latest trends and questions all with a touch of humor and spunk! Listen each Tuesday for a unique and refreshing take on search engine optimization and on the search marketing industry itself. Our host, Mordy Oberstein, dishes out deeply engaging analysis on where Google is heading, what has changed algorithmically, and what it all means for you going forward! Pick up great insights to help you develop both a winning SEO strategy and a comprehensive understanding of Google's underpinnings. And of course, be sure to tune in as we interview the greatest minds and personas within the SEO industry! Get tips and insights on everything from content marketing to local SEO straight from the mouths of SEO's most authoritative thought leaders! [Rank Ranger is a leading SEO and digital marketing platform that provides actionable insights to help you increase your site's organic and paid presence, traffic, and revenue.]
Welcome to The Inebriated Podcast
hosted by Sam C and my Co-host JDot
thank you for joining us
we are a weekly podcast with high energy conversations
and entertaining views about pop culture and weekly topics
about the South Florida experience.
like, comment, subscribe, and share on all media platforms
thank you and enjoy.
The scariest stories from all over the internet. Ghost stories, stalker stories, monsters in the woods stories, and everything that will make your skin crawl. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-infiltrators/support
Mediaite presents "The Interview", a podcast featuring conversations with the top personalities at the intersection of media and politics. Mediaite editor in chief Aidan McLaughlin speaks to the broadcasters, reporters, editors and politicians making the headlines.
A collection of intriguing paranormal tales told by me, Jules.
Our goal is to make you laugh till you poop. 67% of the time every time.
with Talk Radio Star - Jiggy Jaguar. Comedy, phone-ins, mad chat, rants, in-depth interviews. You name it and it all happens on this show. Don't miss it ! Guests include Dean Koontz, Mary Higgins Clarke, Eddie Money, Adam Carola,
Welcome to The Joey and Gilly Show. Packed with utterly hilarious witticisms and today's common problems. Regular articles Hate Mail and Gilly's Tinder Tips. Twitter / Instagram - @JoeyandGilly Facebook - The Joey and Gilly Show Viva the Revolution!
The NFL podcast for fans, by fans. We are not experts, or professionals, we're just 2 dudes from Maine who wanna talk #Eagles #Vikings and now the #Patriots, and the rest of the league! Join the conversation Email us at JointPracticesPod@gmail.com Tweet at us! @JointPractices @ElevenTheGoat @TheKnoxSays @ElijahTheWoat
MoreJoy Media Podcasting presents Joy Songs. Joy Songs is podcast that has bee in the works for several months. If you listen to MoreJoy Radio, and why wouldn't you listen to MoreJoy Radio?, you would have heard about our launch of this new podcast where we ask listeners and our social media friends to fill out a form that we will send you to be filled out with the five songs that bring you the joy and then explain why. Our host Lee M. Bailey will create a podcast in which he plays your five Joy songs and explains why they bring you Joy. It is our hope that you will find many of thse songs will bring you Joy as well.Whether you have ever heard of the artist or song or not. Then the bonus, Lee will select a song at the end that he hopes will bring you joy. If you would like to participate and get a form please do so. Go to our website: MoreJoyRadio.com and register to receive a Joy Songs form. Please enjoy our Joy Songs podcasts and the others MoreJoy Media is producing simply by going to our website and selecting a podcast you may enjoy and tell your friends and family too.
The podcast tackles hot topics in the culture, but is not limited to that. The host (Vis Swoops) and co-hosts (Randy Sav & Dot G) speak from their own expertise and experience. All the while breaking down an array of topics from Hip Hop, growing up in the struggle down to mental health.
Podcast by The Land Of Confusion Show
PrettyKeli's "Late Night Snack" is a Weight Loss, Fitness, lifestyle and Nutrition Tips for Women podcast. It is filled with helpful information to help women achieve their health goals. New Episodes will be released every week on Thursday. Enjoy this Weight Loss Podcast! https://www.YouTube.com/PrettyKeli https://www.PrettyKeli.com
Welcome to Latinx Voces a Writeidea8 & Policarpa Studios production. Latinx Voces is about Latinx, Latinas, and Latinos who thrive and contribute to the world economy as artists, educators, and the entire range of professional life.
Every episode working actors join Ivan Wanis Ruiz to discuss the realities of the acting industry and reveal their methods and secrets to becoming a professional actor. The discussion is done through the lens of the great acting books of history. Every episode we review the key lessons of each book and discuss how it applies to the day-to-day of the working actor.
Just like other podcast but only lazier
The pioneering hockey web site has its own fake radio show. Tell your friends.
One of the UK's premier podcasts dedicated to pro wrestling and sports entertainment. Join us for the latest news and info from WWE, AEW and many other organisations.
Between the two of them, Hannah and Alexis have a wealth of expertise in all things mundane--and some not. But their respective venn diagrams only intersect with behind-the-scenes footage from the 2005 version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, so each week, they take some time to learn something new from each other. One?s the dummy; one?s the expert.
Three mates who love to talk and tackle the issues of everyday life by having a laugh whilst discussing important debatable topics. Instagram: @TheLetsGetRarePodcat Email: letsgetrarepodcast@gmail.com
Level Up Latina partners with working women and mommas alike to guide them in achieving fulfilling career and life goals through a truly guilt-free evolution.
A no holds barred podcast hosted by Boston Radio/Podcast veteran Shawn SixX and Gemini Syndrome vocalist Aaron Nordstrom. Conversations range from Music, Life, Science, Theology, and everything in between. Episodes are recorded at various locations across the U.S.A. Follow TLC on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, iTunes, and LaunchpadDM. Proudly endorsed by: DIRTBAG CLOTHING
It's not too long. @maxkevincomedy
Lee has lived in Northern Virginia since 1978, Mark and Bill have each lived in Northern Virginia, let's see, their entire lives. The boys have talked endlessly, over the years, about starting their own radio show. Along came podcasts so here we are, doing what they have talked about for a very long time. They each have very unique perspectives on life here in NOVA and they don't always agree but they do make each other laugh so take a chance and listen yourself to what they have decided is a Seriously, not serious at all podcast each week.
Purely my opinion, examining the available evidence and testimony pertaining to the assassination of JFK. Looking at history in a new light!
The Loud Sports Show is a sports podcast born from the brain of a hyper-analytic sports fanatic named Justin with a unique take on the sports world and entirely too much time on his hands. From football to fighting to basketball and anything interesting in between, check out the new weekly sports show that you didn't know you needed in your life!!!! New episodes weekly!!!!
Here at the Lundy show we talk about wrestling and hockey
The Luxury Item with Scott Kerr is a podcast on the business of luxury. The show is for marketers who want to understand with greater clarity the key dynamics of change in the luxury market that are impacting their business, category, brand and customer. The show will feature interviews with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the luxury space who are finding new and innovative ways to win the hearts, minds, and wallets of affluent consumers.
Malcom and Ronald discuss the recent happenings around the sports world!
The Magick Jukebox is a showcase for independent Pagan music and media
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - ARM YOURSELF WITH IT! Thank you for listening - you didn't have to but you did! This podcast seeks to separate the truth from propaganda in the field of natural sciences and human health. Here you will find a hard-hitting analysis and commentary covering a number of prescient topics focused primarily on British Columbia. From time to time we will also expand our focus to look at global issues. It is not enough to simply complain about our problems and therefore this program aims to find modern solutions to the issues facing all of us.
Subscribe to The Matt Locke Show podcast and join the growing number of conservatives who are looking to take this great country back. Get news, information and entertainment you can use to navigate the liberal left argument.
The mechanical guide serves as a channel of communication to keep mechanical engineers updated with the latest news about the industry, guide them through their career choices and showcase some of the latest mechanical engineering innovations.
Hosted by Selene Montijo, The Media Lounge is your source for VIP interviews, Entertainment & trending news.
The Michigan Man Podcast is produced for die hard Wolverine fans. The show will include weekly interviews with Michigan Bloggers and other special guests. The center piece of the show will be fan feedback. We want fans to phone in audio posts, and email their comments, rants...whatever is on their mind regarding Michigan athletics. The Podcast format will evolve in the coming months. Initially we will have four segments. 1) The View from section 17 - Commentary from host Mike Fitzpatrick 2) Weekly guest interviews. 3) Post game notes and scores focusing on Wolverine Football, Basketball, and hockey. 4) Fan Feedback - Audio posts from fans who want their opinion heard, or would like to comment on topics from earlier shows. Website:www.themichiganmanpodcast.com email: themichiganmanpodcast@yahoo.com Listener Line: 313 263-4842
Film opinions, facts, musings, rants and ravings with Derich Heath and Josh Davis. Covers a wide variety of genres, periods, familiar names and titles - everything from Spielberg to Kaufman to Argento to Herzog to Lynch. Loaded with obscure trivia and interesting anecdotes.
Each episode, Mike welcomes guests on the way up from the world of media, sports, and entertainment.
THE MISOGI METHOD PODCAST is designed especially with you in mind... helping you discover inspirational and motivational conversations with amazing leaders who have redefined possible in their personal and work lives. Tune in and let your host, Jody B Miller and her guests entertain, motivate and inspire you to live a life of meaning, happiness, and success by moving far outside your comfort zone.
Former WWE and Total Divas star Natalie Eva Marie and husband Jonathan Coyle team up to deliver one of a kind opinions not heard on any other podcast! With a rotating guest list including celebrities, influencers, and activists - Natalie and Jonathan take aim at your ears. Prepare to be informed, intrigued, and entertained!
The Podcast Series " The New Chemist"- where we discuss chemistry which simply put is the science of change, as well as careers, community, and research.
A speculative fiction narration podcast devoted to narrating independent authors and supporting creators. Voice by Dana Tyler Bolton. Feel free to reach out at Nightterrorpod@gmail.com for any comments, questions, or just to yell inaudibly. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nightterrorspodcast/support
The No Concept Podcast features conversations with some of Nebraska's most entertaining "experts". Katie Cunningham and Darcy Lueking Bahensky breakdown the topics they've always wondered about in this barely educational format.
Hosted by an educator in the Mental Health sector with 15 years experience in the AOD and Mental Health fields.
Giving you raw and uncensored opinions on how we see all things entertainment, sports and everything else in the world!
The Open Mindz Podcast is a show where we talk about real-life situations, personal stories, as well as pop culture. Where the end game is for you to reflect, learn, and enjoy.
Discussing the weird world of the paranormal one episode at a time. Grab a drink, grab your blankie, and tuck in for some seriously spooky fun.
Welcome to The Petty Chronicles...where each week we discuss the most random things that you never knew you wanted to hear. There's 3 choices in life, you can do things the right way, the wrong way, or the petty way.
The world is full of mysteries. We see strange things in the oceans, lakes, rivers, in the mountains, forests and jungles, and certainly in the skies. The purpose of this podcast is to shine light on a myriad of strange phenomena that hide in the shadows of reality and in the depths of our minds. Life isn't what you think it is...it's a whole lot stranger.
Weekly interviews with small business owners about their stories of resilience.
Sports, off-topic takes, stats and no research. This is The Pocket. | Hosted by Parker McWhorter and Mattison Allen.
Life Topics, biblical Inspirational messages, food reviews and more! with Marlena G. and co-host Tey Tell It Information @ ThePodcastPositivityShow@aol.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/Marlena-GPodcastPositivit/support
What happens when four best friends since high school decide to start a random podcast? They create the Poddamn Idiotz Podcast, discussing random news stories, talking sports, playing games, being controversial, and just having a good time! Join Captain B Slow, J Hizzle, Ric Spade, and Texas, as they have idiotic discussions for your entertainment. **This Podcast is not suitable for children**
To ponder, means think about something or someone carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion. If the pandemic has taught us anything, its that we weren't used to having so much time to think. As the world opens back up we will be forever changed by this shared traumatic experience. What has been on your mind? How are you different? For me, I'm going after the things I love, as distraction free as possible. One of those many passions, is podcasting. I love to talk to people, who have something to say, and have some perspective on the world around them. So here we go, The Ponder All Podcast. Conversations with interesting people who contribute to society with their passions and perspective. From Celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians and more, we discuss the world around us and how their contributions help the world get better, one day at a time.
Host J.Matlock is very insightful and passionate about whatever it is that he is talking about. Which he uses to make his podcasts amazing. He brings a certain energy.Dont take my word for it, find out for yourself.
If ever there was a textbook definition of the Prodigal Son They would most definitely user find a picture of the host of the show associated with it. Veteran broadcaster Eric Martin Koppelman Strongly believes that he's following the will of God with each broadcast of the show.
Join us for some great conversations with the best and brightest in the product design space. We'll dig into how they got to where they are today, what mistakes they made along the way, and what advice they have for you as you navigate the world of product design.
Adam and Kevin love sports but nothing more than the Los Angeles Lakers. Each week they talk reflect on the games of that week and take their most memorable moments from those games.
Have you ever just thought to yourself that something just doesn't sound right? Something about that news article, sports team, athlete, religious experience, or life event doesn't seem to be totally truthful? That's where we come in! We are looking for facts and unbiased opinions on every subject and topic under the sun. We are... The Question Everything Guys! The Question Everything Guys' Podcast is a weekly episodic podcasts on most podcast platforms. We are here to give you the answers to the questions others are afraid to discuss.
Veteran Broadcaster Eric Martin Koppelman brings his Radio Guy Live Radio Show to the Podcast airwaves. You can hate him, love him or not give a damn about him, but you'll agree he is a damn good Radio Guy!
Live Cassette Recordings of bands in tempe az in the 90's, i have 100's of cassettes i recorded of over 30 yrs, if you would like to here more you can email me at iequit1@gmail.com
The Real Housewives of Reality cover everything Real Housewives related but also incorporate other hit reality shows.
Remington is an Native Californian living in Pasewalk, Germany. Since moving to Germany in 2007 he's built a life in Germany with his wife and three kids.
We hit on everything Football, NBA, all around sports and pop culture. A new honest sports podcast that is uncensored uncut and raw. Strap in and get ready for the best sports, hip hop, and pop culture podcast on the net! You can Catch us live streaming on TheRBPodcast.com
The Redefine with Jeremy & Cristy is a lifestyle podcast based in Tulsa, OK hosted by two friends from completely different professions sharing good vibes, friendly encouragement, and honest conversations from life and Cristy's years in the wild beauty industry!
Gonzo style on the street freestyle interviews with strangers mixed to Lofi hip hop instrumentals. We discuss anything and everything, content varies each episode depending on whoever crosses my path in my travels around Australia. Maybe one day I can figure out how to make a living off it.
The Renegade Podcast is an essential Afrobeats and Pop Culture critic Roundtable conversation hosted by Kaycee Oguejiofor, Dro Ameh and Georgina Madu. The podcast launched into the top 50 'Society and Culture' chart on Apple Podcast and had a pioneer season available for exclusive listen on Afrobeats' biggest blog - NotJustOK. Welcome to Season II: Music reviews, news commentary, celebrity behind the scene executives and everything in between. Subscribe and listen on www.therenegadepod.com
Comedian Eulalio Magana invites entertainers from all types to talk about their road gigs, how they got started, provide insight about their industry all while making fun of himself and telling his own road stories.
Robby discusses current events, gives a take on various topics. He might be joined by friends, podcasters or popular influencers to share similar or opposing view points.
A rock and metal podcast featuring extended interviews with members of bands ranging from the unsigned to the biggest names in rock and metal. Very different questions leading to some extraordinary answers.
Our show will include various topics in mixed martial arts, entertainment and current events.
Welcome to my brand new podcast, The Royal Pod! Every single Monday & Wednesday I, Rican King, will be coming at you with some great chats about life, sex, relationships, creepy ghost stories, interviews with music artist, life experiences, and more to come. Thank You so much for taking the time to listen to The Royal Pod!!!! if you liked this episode please make sure you subscribe on iTunes, Google play and leave reviews. You can also listen to The Royal Pod on soundcloud and spotify, Just search The Royal Pod or my name Rican King. Thank You for listening enjoy now!!:):)
Broadcasting from the DMV, the podcast exploring the relationship between strength training and intellectual development, everything from discourse to deadlifts & beyond. It's why the S&I motto is Civilize the Mind, but Make Savage the Body. Follow me on Instagram for the latest podcast-related news and all-things S&I: @scholarsandiron
A podcast for sports fans by sports fans. We talk a little bit of everything in sports, but we also delve into pop culture and whatever comes into our minds.
An Entrepreneur with a Unique Perspective on the Complex world of Business, Positive Mindset & Success. They used to call me "T-SHIRT BOY" now I have a multi-million dollar e-commerce clothing company...and I've barely even started yet...
We all have our own philosophy about life and things that we believe in and topics that we like to discuss. This podcast is about that for me. This is where I am going to talk about things in life that interest me, things that I want to learn more about, things that I think are worth discussing and in general, things that I hope you will find interesting and thought-provoking. I am Sean Street - Life Coach, Hypnotist, Mentor and Trainer - your host and long-distance friend and it is my hope that each week, we will find something current and noteworthy to talk about. Welcome!
Chicago sports podcast 🎧 | Text/VM Line 📲(773) 977-8010 | A member of the On Tap Sports Network Family. Hosted by Patrick Flowers and David Wildman.
Jason Smith is "The Self Made Conservative" here to educate you with facts and real news because the mainstream media is corrupt. Jason and his partner Paper boy Henry will talk latest news, politics and most importantly the truth! They will debunk and unmask the lies of the left every Saturday. Please share this podcast and hit the notification bell to stay updated! Twitter - @selfmade1776 Rumble - @TheSelfMadeConservative GETTR - @selfmade1776 CloutHub - @selfmade1776
Here at The Shenanigan Show our conduct is questionable, our practices are mischievous, but our spirits are high...literally. It's the podcast no one asked for, delivered hot and fresh weekly. Join us as we cover all the gigs, the ha-ha's, and the funnies, while also providing you with not-so-expert opinions on things we are more than unqualified to give.
The only show in the universe that covers politics, current events and comedy from a libertarian perspective.
The SkyStem Podcast aims to deliver our educational content for finance and accounting professionals in light and bite-sized chunks so that, as busy professionals, you can stay up to date on the latest developments around process improvement, internal controls and finance technology wherever you go. SkyStem delivers cutting edge month-end close solution for accounting teams around the world. Visit www.skystem.com for more information.
A weekly, dynamic podcast hosted by "The Conman" himself, Mike Conceicao. With his decades of experience and passion for sports, "The Conman" brings his unique, old school brand back to the air waves on The Baldies Podcast Network! Whether its delivering the latest in the sports world, giving you his opinion on the hot takes of the day or bringing you a new guest each week to chop it up and go one on one, step onto the Sports Corner with the Conman today!!
Hosts Kory and Richard talk sports,
The Sports Town Podcast. No drama, no politics, and no arguing. Just 2 guys talking sports. A weekly podcast with JJ Peters and Michael Mentzer. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sportstownpodcast/support
The sports lounge thrives to bring you Intimate conversations with athletes from different sport backgrounds. We dialogue about how they transitioned from the sports world to achieving the best life after playing college and professional sports. This podcast was created to talk about the athletes mental health after sports and provide athletes with resources and different pathways following a career in sports. Join us as we celebrate the Athletes living the good life after the game.
The Startup Life is a show for entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business and career-minded professionals looking to scale the corporate ladder. Get ready to receive major value as host Dominic Lawson interviews the best business minds in the world. Marc Randolph (Co-Founder of Netlfix), Tom Golisano (Founder of Paychex), and many others that have been featured in many publications from Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, and more. So if you have an idea, be about that life...The Startup Life!
Pour yourself a whiskey and join hosts Ryan and Doug as they convene The Steering Committee, a laid-back take on all things cars and driving, straight out of Colorado. The Steering Committee podcast? where it's okay to obsess about cars!
All the major sports news and topics rolled into one podcast.
The SuperpowHer Podcast is a curated series of super-powerful conversations with Life-Coach Author, Speaker and Media Personality Deya Direct and friends; sharing REAL solutions, tools and life-changing stories from celebrities and thought-leaders to reignite love, growth, and self-care.
Former MMA Fighter turned Actor, Author, Tattoo Artist, and CEO of Tattness Co. Clothing, Keith "Tattness" McCleary Hosts a Podcast that has no boundaries. From the paranormal to interviewing fellow celebrities, pop culture and current events. This organic conversation based show follows no script and you never know who might swing by.
Long-time DFW Sportsradio host Colby Sapp and longtime Horns fan Garry Light get you caught up on all the lastest Texas Longhorns news, updates, and opinion, with a twist that only the Daily Blitz can provide. Part of the DSP Media Network. Make sure to find your favorite team's Daily Blitz on your favorite podcast app or on YouTube! Presented by BetUS.com - Bet with the 3-Decade leader, BetUS! Join now for a 125% bonus or a 200% bonus with crypto. Use promo code DSP125 for bonus or DSP200 for crypto, and bet sports, casinos, horses, pop culture, & more at BetUS.com. You bet, you win, you get paid. BetUS.com - https://bit.ly/DSPMediaBetUS

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This weekly show will talk about current events in Tiger Schulmann's, thoughts about martial arts, motivation, exercise physiology, martial arts technique, and the mindset for training.

You can listen on YouTube as well - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpjvfCUuPgyKKG2wImkAByQ/ 

Find the Podcast on Instagram @tssmithtownpodcast

Sensei James Leonelli can be reached at senseileonelli@gmail.com, or found on Instagram and Twitter @sensei_leonelli

Tiger Schulmann's Smithtown can be found online at www.tsksmithtown.com on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TigerSchulmannsSmithtown/ and on Instagram and Twitter at @tsmma_smithtown

Our theme song can be found here https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Computer_Music_All-Stars/May_the_Chords_Be_with_You/May_the_Chords_Be_with_You

Why listen to the low hum of the dark void we call a universe, when you can listen to the sultry rambles of Edwardo "The Manager" and Derek? With a rotation of recurring guests they'll help you flex those pop-culture chops, and you're guaranteed to have at least ONE awkward moment when you're listening. Though, it will most likely be because you've accidentally laughed out loud in public. Did we mention this is a comedy podcast? Definitely not a couple of guys trying to embarrass you in front of your coworkers who can hear you chortle in your cubicle. Or maybe you're commuting home? Then it's okay that you're smiling like a crazy person behind the wheel. Your hosts won't judge you for the way you listen; they're simply here for nostalgia, shits, and giggles. So come spend your time poorly with us! The goal of this show is to reach an audience and develop a following organically over time. Subscribe for free by searching "Time Spent Poorly" on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. Follow us on Twitter too @TSPNMedia & @yonimusprime
The Train Historian is a podcast dedicated to all things trains. I will cover topics as broad as the history of the Union Pacific to the history of a specific car that was used for just one thing. There are going to be amazing stories about places that would not exist without the railroads. Come along with me to explore the history of all things trains! The podcast is launching on January 6th, 2020.
A Travel Agents Journey, On The Travel Agent Podcast, we explore the trials and triumphs of the travel agent's journey, and our guests share the lessons they've learned along the way. We look to inspire and encourage the travel community to learn, share and build together. Join our Travel Agent/Advisor Community on Facebook www.TTAPGroup.com Be sure to join us every Thursday as travel professionals share their stories and see how their knowledge can improve your travel business! Feel free to take The Travel Agent survey to ensure we are providing you with the best possible content. https://forms.gle/ojnZumRtWH8N68dZ9
The Trend with Justin A Williams Podcast is an extension of the historic NY Trend Newspaper and NY Trend Online! This podcast continues the legacy of engaging content that covers a variety of issues that make culture awesome! Always conversational and always current, this podcast is meant for people who love a lil laughter and lifelessons with their learning! As our motto says, "We are better when we Trend together!" Reach out @ thetrendwithjustinawilliams@gmail.com Follow on IG @thetrendwithjustinawilliams Follow our host on IG/Twitter @dubzeverlasting and cohost @texonig on IG Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-trend-with-justin-a-w/support

The Underwood Collection is a 5 season, 50 episode narrative detailing the supernatural happenings of and around The Usher Foundation, Washington, DC. Lurking behind the individual statements, though, are the private affairs of Head Curator Ulysses Bamba as well as the Curatorial and Archival staff, when the personal meets the horrific. 

The Underwood Collection is a derivative, non-canonical, fan-made project derived from The Magnus Archives, an original horror podcast which is created and distributed by Rusty Quill Ltd. The Underwood Collection is not endorsed by Rusty Quill Ltd and is distributed under a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial sharealike 4.0 international license. For more information about or to listen to the original source material visit www.RustyQuill.com/TheMagnusArchives. 

A podcast where we get baked and shit on everything you know and love.
The Unnamed Podcast is a weblog that discusses compelling topics on current societal and cultural values. This new podcast was created to document Theodore and Cierra's journey as independent beings, but also as partners. The two use their past experiences as a guide to creating an evolved perspective today.
Weekly football talk about the topics that matter most from a couple of guys who live, love and gamble football! Weekly picks, what games to watch or go to bed early for, and all the weekly football news and reviews all in one place! Download, subscribe and fill your ear holes with us today!!!
The Usher Project is a fan-made, unofficial derivative podcast of The Magnus Archives, an audio drama by Rusty Quill Ltd which tells stories from the Usher Foundation, the American sister establishment to the Magnus Institute. Join the Curator and the rest of the Foundation's peculiar staff for a spooky, (hopefully) canon-compliant adventure. The cast and crew of The Usher Project are completely unaffiliated with Rusty Quill Ltd. This project is not sanctioned by Rusty Quill. It is non-monetised and seeks to pay homage to its source material, The Magnus Archives, as often as possible.
Welcome violin (or viola, cello, guitar, trumpet...) geeks everywhere! With all the detail and troubleshooting of a one-on-one lesson, in The Violin Geek Podcast, violinist and violist, recording artist, author, and string teacher Laurel Thomsen shares her daily discoveries, insightful interviews with top performers and music industry leaders, and tips for practicing, polishing, and becoming the best musician you can be. Happy Practicing!
Your favorite book club podcast
Tune into Wayne Ayers talking to some of the most important figures in the entertainment industry.
Listen Again... The Wayne Boucaud Radio Show,Blackin3D Presents In Conversation with singer/songwriter and lead vocalist of Chi' Town's hottest band JD's Revenge, the force of nature that is Treneka Lanay, talking how she ended up front and centre of JD's Revenge, we'll delve into her unique songwriting, some lyrical analysis, representation, touring with The Bad Boys of Paisley formerly Mazarati and much more,coming up in the 2nd segment of the show. But first, music from The Eclectic Sessions, the genre spectrum from around the globe, playing Marcus Miller-Chrisitian Scott, Dave, Van Hunt, Cameo, Chaka Khan, Wendy and Lisa, Cherrie V, Madame So, Me'shell Ndegeocello, George Benson, Steve Arrington, Debra Debs, Dam Funk, Blak Emoji, Sound Garden, JD's Revenge. If you here an artist that you like hit 'em up,download there music and tell 'em we're you heard 'em...! All happening right here on 'the coolest show on the planet'. [Includes full track listing] Peace. Wayne. K2K UK BI3D
The Weekly Audio Vent Podcast: Hosted by Vania and Justin...A weekly vent session amongst friends with microphones in front of them. Quirky, interesting anecdotes...Current events...Weekly ridiculousness....and anything else under he sun. Tune in each week to hear from Vania, Justin and a variety of guests.
We are a new podcast and our goal is to just be off the cuff and talk about literally everything that is on our mind. We are going to recommend you start following us on social media because we will be putting topics there to help us better understand what our fans want to hear us talk about.
The Who & How Club is a podcast, blog and movement created and hosted by recording artist Arys Déjan. On this show, Arys sits down with friends, family, creatives, and everyone in between to not only reflect on, but to also share life stories and perspectives on art, relationships, energy, love, social issues, and most importantly, how to answer these big questions ....Who are you? and How did you become you?
Comedian George Collins rambles about everyday life. Games, Audio, Movies, Media, Everything Support the show with a dollar a month here: https://anchor.fm/the-whomst/support www.Paypal.me/comedian Follow: Twitter: Regularasgeorge Instagram: RegularAssGeorge Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-whomst/support
paying country songs from my internet radio station
How did we get here? How does anyone get anywhere in life... A breakup! Yes a breakup. For some odd reason breakups have become the modern day epiphany. True story. Breakups will make you realize, despite what all your friends and family have been telling you years, that you have made several bad decisions when it comes to dating. Breakups will make you realize that the recent relationship you just got out of was single handedly holding you back from reaching your full potential. The breakup will also make you realize that not only was your counter part never a good fit for you but also your involvement in the relationship was preventing you from individual success. It was the main reason for not capitalizing on a career change, the need to go back to school, the gym, opening a bar or even starting a blog. Ironically, breakups will make you realize that you were never ready for a relationship in the first place. Furthermore, breakups can even make you come to the realization that you are the worst boyfriend ever! If you are guessing whether or not a breakup is the reason for this blog, you are correct. Although the breakup was expected I was still devastated because I was the dumpee and not the dumper. I?m sure if I was the dumper I would have handled the situation a lot better but I did not. So in my bout of depression, what the breakup made me do is reflect on every single aspect of the relationship including how things turned out so bad. While in that moment of reflection I realized that there were a lot of things I should and could have done different. So here we are. This blog is my attempt to evolve into not only a better boyfriend but also a better person. By researching, discussing, inquiring and getting feedback from men and women I?m hoping to get to the bottom of this whole relationship enigma and see if I can one day become datable. I?m not holding my breath though... Enjoy!
Lifelong pro wrestling fans giving you their reaction to the current state of the product. A podcast for the FANS, by the FANS!
This is the Introduction and my name is Arnob Chakraborty and I'm from India and this podcast regarding wrestling conversation. So if you wanna listen to my podcast then join us on Spotify, Deezer, Overcast, PocketCasts, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, OLA Podcast, VK, Tunein, Breaker, Castbox, Spreaker, RadioPublic, Stitcher, Podtail, Vurbl, Podchaser, Chartoo, Audible, fyyd, Audioburst, Chartable, Amazon Music, Player FM, iHeart Radio, Pandora, iTunes, Bullhorn, Audiomack, Goodpods, Listen Notes, Himalaya, Gaana, JioSaavn, Audacy, IVoox, Audry. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/arnob-chakraborty1/support
The sexy taboo stuff, that's on everybody's nasty mind. Juicy topics that includes the strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and the NUTS! Can ya dig it! No topic is off limits or left unturned! Come listen to an array of topics originating from the numinous mind of your host, while being butt-naked and unperturbed. Nothing escapes X & Y Baby!
This is more than just a show, it's a movement. Zach Halcox delivers a message to Americans and people worldwide that we need to have honest conversations, know what we believe in and stand up for what is right. Join the movement. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/zach-halcox/support
Join host Referee Odie Brown as he interviews members of Zebra Talk from all over the world, come meet the Herd. This Podcast sheds some light on what life is like for a Pro Wrestling Referee Zebra Talk is a Global Network of Referees who have come together to help one another network, learn, and grow to become better Referees. www.prowrestlingtees.com/zebratalk Find us on IG/Twitter www.instagram.com/zebratalk123 www.twitter.com/zebratalk123
Theatre Scorpio is a semi-weekly podcast that dives deep into Japanese film, whether mainstream or obscure, new or old. Each episode hosts Mark and Scott cover a different film in a loose, conversational manner.

Ruminations from ThePod
Contemplations on Life, The Universe and Everything from the unbridled mind of TK Anthony
about his experiences, observations, social interactions, life, and myriad other topics such as:
Podcasting, Commentary, Art, Technology, Radio, Video, News, Philosophy, Media, Photography,
Science, Lessons, Home Studios, Communications, Lighting, Health, Psychiatry, Visualization, et al.

These programs may be episodic, serialized, or randomg droppings of any length

All Basketball every week Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thesixthman/support
Former Apple Genius Bar employees discuss the world of Apple! Share personal experiences from the Apple Retail store, coverage of Apple in the news, and discuss the tech world each Friday. We love to educate and talk about everything Apple. We challenge you to Think Different.
I'm so Enthused to quench your Thirst with my knowledge of the beer, wine, and spirits, and food industry. Traveling the world, one drink at a time. Providing a platform to share my experiences one drink at a time.
Thirsty Digging Podcast hosted by John Wannamaker. Be thirsty and dig. This podcast is about living your best life, on purpose. Be intentional. There are only 24 hours in the day for everyone, use your time wisely because it is worth whatever you put into it. Dig like there is no water except the prize under the sand. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thirstydigging/support
Join us each week as we discuss personal stories, national news and whats happening in the lives of celebrities.
Robert Lohbihler has plenty of stories that we can all relate too. Sit back, relax and get ready to laugh because.. This Is So Us.
Jeff Roster (the analyst) and Brian Sathianathan (the VC) will explore the retail sector startup community. We will discuss the trends driving the retail industry and examine the technologies being built to take advantage of them.

You always wanted three assholes. Now you can have them! Three ordinary guys discuss current and historical events from their own unique asshole perspective. Not for the easily offended, the assholes dive into various topics and offer opinions you may share but are too afraid to say out loud. @3assholespod

Welcome, we are Chris King and Kurtas Cook. We are game designers and developers that aim to make amazing games that will bring joy to millions and our podcast aims to break down games and try to explain why they are engaging and fun for others to play. We may get off topic or go on rants but that is because making games is our passion.
Hear NFL legends, players, coaches, and media members from around the country sharing their stories and insights into what's going on around the League.
There's a lot more involved with delivering power than turning on a light switch. And the water that flows through the canals throughout the Turlock Irrigation District service area, where does that come from? Each month the TID Water & Power Podcast sits down with industry experts and TID employees to discuss fascinating facts and important issues that shape the operations of your community-owned utility. Let's get social! Facebook: @TurlockID Instagram: @TurlockID Twitter: @TurlockID LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/turlockid Find out more about TID at www.TID.org.
We LOVE to hear from you! Email us at timeforten@gmail.com Time For Ten is a podcast that features a number of top ten countdown lists that range in topic from mob movies to olympic events. Hosted by Bob & John, two regular guys from Connecticut, they'll keep you entertained week after week.
Todd and Jules cover everything from sports to life and back to sports again, all from the comfort of Todd's couch.
Get early access to ad-free eps and supes fun bonus content when you subscribe to my patreon! https://www.patreon.com/tommylenk Hey it's me Tommy Lenk! No, I don't think we've met. Well, I'm an actor and also that guy from Instagram who makes the garbage dresses? No, the other one. No, that's the baby wearing costumes while it sleeps. Forget it. Anyway, this is my podcast where celebs, friends & crazers bring me their prized possessions and items that no longer "spark joy" and I try to figure out what's trash and what's treasure! I'm like a totally unqualified Marie Kondo, with none of the discipline and a very shoddy work ethic - OK, so basically we're the complete opposite - but I do think you'll enjoy the magical art of NOT tidying up with me! And remember, one man's trash is another man's podcast...I mean TRASHcast!
This podcast will have music and sometimes use explicit and sexual language. We'll be talkin about anything from entertainment to Health and Fitness. And we also will be talkin about life challenges and other topics.
Nan emisyon sa a nou pote pou yon sije chak semem ki gen karakte spirisyel. Nou fe limye sou sije ke anpil moun pa vle touche
In this podcast author Chad Corrie shares some insight and information related to the world of Tralodren and the various stories that take place in it. This information is similar to DVD extras wherein he'll be sharing things from a "behind the scenes" perspective. From time to time he might also share information on the development of other projects and ventures related to the world and/or other related works as he has leave to do so.
Created and hosted by fantasy author Chad Corrie, Tralodren: Legends and Lore will expand more of the Tralodroen cosmos by delving into its rich history, legends, and lore. Meant as a supplement for fans and followers of the world setting it's also a companion to the various other incarnations Tralodren finds itself translated into?whatever formats those may be. This podcast and all its episodes are ©2020 Chad Corrie. All Rights Reserved. You can find out more about Chad Corrie online at: chadcorrie.com and @creatorchad (FB, Twitter, and Instagram). Questions and comments can be sent to: lore (at) chadcorrie (dot) com.
Transformational Living is committed to serving God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Transformational Living Center is committed to empowering Christians by offering mentorship, coaching, and direction while the Holy Spirit develops your lifelong spiritual journey. This is our podcast website.
Whyalla's local community station. Catch up on shows you missed here!
The Brovivor Podcast Network is happy to release it's new show "Trivial Tournament". Each episode see hosts navigate a pop culture tournament. Who is the best Disney character, greatest sports moment or best fast food chain? Come here each week to be part of the bracket.

Do You Really Know What?s Going On In the World?
Do You Want to Know?  Keep reading?

Hosea 4: 6 My people perish from a lack of knowledge. 

If you rely only on the mainstream media for your news and information?you?re lucky if you?re getting half the truth!

Tune into The Truth Seekers Radio Show and listen to what some experts and researchers have to say that you won?t hear in the mainstream press.

The mission of The Truth Seekers Radio Show is to attempt to uncover and disseminate truth to listeners about spiritual, political, social, economic, and health related issues through interviews and discussion. 

TurkTalks is a podcast about daily news,information,education and positivity. We will explore the world of social justice, business, money, love, social media and ALL of the stuff going on in the world now. So come with your brother. Let's talk.
You ever wonder why something that should just make sense becomes so convoluted when it comes to the law? Turns Out... we're here to help. Lawyers Kelsey Trainor & Kerryann Cook hit you with the most digestible takes in sports legal news. Disclaimer: The information provided on this podcast does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials are for general informational purposes only.The opinions expressed are solely Trainor & Cook's and do not express the views or opinions of their employers or firms.
Two average guys with zero financial degrees or experience teaching YOU how to become a trader. Bringing the average person with limited funds the knowledge they will need to be profitable in the market.
With our your hosts, Sean and Myke. With the release of the new Star Wars series on Disney+ titled ?The Mandalorian?, we decided to talk about the story of the Mandalorian and also history of the Mando?ad culture. As a Star Wars enthusiast, Sean is well versed in most of the Star Wars Canon and Legends universe. As an addition to Mandalorian culture, we will also discuss other fun and exciting facts about the Star Wars universe! Thank you and may the Force be with you.
Politics. Culture. Society. Science. Comedy (both intentional and unintentional). General ranting from two self-righteous and overly-educated ex-Army guys. You could call them relics. You could call them #wokeless. You could call them agitators. But be careful, they may call you an ambulance. And..... one of them is an actual bastard
Are you tired of the Mommy Wars? Why not spend an hour each week stepping back from the carnage as it unfolds on social media to take a deep dive into the story of one of the soldiers instead? Being a mom is hard as hell. Each week, host Stacey Gross gets together with another mom (or a dad, or a grandma, or someone who's chosen not to have kids at all) to talk about how they relate to the enormous concept that is parenting. Whether you have kids or not, tune in every Saturday for a fresh dose of humor, humility, and unvarnished truth about the fact that mommin' ain't easy. Love the podcast, and want your fresh episodes a week fresher? Find me on patreon at patreon.com/twomomsdaydrinking.comAlso, if you wouldn't mind and have 5 - 10 minutes to spare, consider taking my listener survey, to let me know what you like about 2MDD, what you don't like, and how to make the podcast everything you want to hear! Access the survey at: https://forms.gle/1Qj8sAs4mWzgCCd88
On this show we will have guests on every Tuesdays and Fridays and discuss the topics in sports of the day
Denver business broker Tyler Tysdal and Robert Hirsch from Freedom Factory discuss how to prepare and sell your business for maximum value. Videos and podcasts available for entrepreneurs to learn how to properly assess the value of their business and time the sale accordingly. Tyler Tysdal is a managing partner and business broker at Freedom Factory in Denver Colorado, helping entrepreneurs sell their businesses for maximum value. The Partners at Freedom Factory each have a minimum of 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, and our passion is "helping the helpers" by putting resources in the hands of our fellow producers to radically. Tysdal has years of experience as a private equity fund manager managing millions of dollars from investors in the sports and entertainment industries. Tyler Tysdal has operated Impact Opportunities Fund, Cobalt Sports Capital, and TitleCard Capital. Managing director of Tivis Ventures and Platte Management. Tyler T. Tysdal is a distinguished alumni from North Platte High School and graduated in 1989. Tysdal graduated from Harvard Business School with his MBA.
Reviewing the fights, bringing unbiased news, and entertaining debate on hot topics in the sport of mma.
Weekly podcast talking about everyday topics from a biblical perspective along with testimonies.
The UnCut Live Show: Time and Day TBA Powered by: http://www.kbackradio.com, AE41|entertainment, Sponsors: Midwest All Pro Wrestling, Remedy Brewing Company and Alberta Wrestling Academy [Find us on Social Media] Links in Bio: https://linktr.ee/kotairadionetwk ( Pro Wrestling/Sports/Music/Food/Independent Pro Wrestling) Merch Store: https://www.bonfire.com/store/kotiradionetwork/
Unmistakable in his red hat, Rick Achberger attends 40 to 50 WWE shows a year. He is known to the WWE Universe as either ?Sign Guy? or ?Red Hat Guy?. He wears the same red hat and blue shirt to every WWE event he attends and always has a few witty signs with him.
Under The Table is a daily betting podcast hosted by Jason Ryan. From his luxurious home overlooking Moutain Creek Lake in Dallas, TX, Jason pours over numbers, spreads, trends, and analytics to bring you winners and take money from your bookie. The no-nonsense approach to this podcast can have you ready to ?run to the window? and finance your children?s education or buy a new car for the missus. Tune in!
We started our podcast in Brooklyn East Flatbush to Interview Creators,Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Musicians,Designers,Producers, Pastors Etc in our community, nationwide and international. We talk about their their Start & Their Journey, Their Purposes, Ups and Downs, Their Drives, The industry their in, People they would like to work with, Their Mentors Etc. Hopefully we can get some donations to help fund and grow our podcast (More Equipment, BiggerSpace,Marketing,Venue Rentals for on stage interviews and so forth) . https://www.gofundme.com/f/ugr-podcas... We want to get this out there professionally to a huge audience before these talents that need to be brandished get tucked underneath the carpet and go to waste. With your support we can keep rolling footage and Enhance our content to the Best Quality Videos and Audio Recordings. We are a living advocate for our community and a voice for our Generation and those before and to come.
What is happening this week in the United Wrestling Network?
Navigating post-grad life as unladylike and unapologetically as possible in a big new city alone.
Welcome to the Unnecessary Commentary Podcast! Brought to you by Brittany, Juan, and Joseph.
Welcome to the Unofficial Robins Podcast - Chat by Fans for Fans. News from the games.. League, FA Cup and Trophies.
Unpacked Bags Podcast based out of Nashville, Tn. Episode 5 Baby Daddy and Momma Drama.
A podcast where we can all "unplug" and talk about real life shit. This podcast is all about self-love, vibrating higher, life advice + my personal experiences. This is a space where we can all come and just essentially 'unplug' together, free of judgment and just talk. Welcome, goddess xx
Tune in to Episodes of UNPRIVILEGED DRINKERS, as we discuss various topics of BEER, WINE and LIQUOR. We're a band of brothers who come together and indulge in all different types of Alcohol and share our experiences. We promise you will not be disappointed, at the very least you'll get a great laugh.
Drunken sports rambling by idiots. It's real original! We cover a variety of sports topics from NFL, NCAA ,MLB UFC, local Highschool Sports to anything in between! Check out Unrealistic Expectations Podcast (@UnrealExpPOD): https://twitter.com/UnrealExpPOD?s=09
Unrealized Profits is an investing podcast focused on providing financial education behind the teachings of John Bogle, founder of Vanguard, on the importance of using index funds as the best way to reaching your financial goals
Veteran radio sports talk host Mike Jansen, and the ultra-versatile Chris Flook, have spent their lives getting in trouble for their big mouths. UNSCRIPTED with Mike & Chris is a sports podcast, for the most part. But the unscripted nature of the show can take it in any number of directions, with no topic off limits. Enjoy new episodes every week!
Two cousins, Ryan and Ebonee use their podcast platform to speak on real, raw, and relevant content. The topics are all different walks of life for everyone and will help any one that has gone through it, will for through and need to get through it. Just listen....
We typically think of the Civil Rights Movement as occurring during the 1950s-60s, however, I believe the movement for civil rights and racial equality extends as far back as slavery and continues to the present time. In this podcast, which is an adaption of an ad hoc seminar I created while a student at Duke University School of Law, each week I discuss the stories beyond some of the most important civil rights cases, from slavery to the present, and explain why I believe they are significant and what we can learn. This podcast is the audio adaptation of the video series I created titled "The Untold Stories of the Civil Rights Movement," which can be found on my website www.palookesworld.com Follow Me: Twitter: @palookesworld Instagram: @palookesworld YouTube: Brooke Girley
Erica Amagoh and Federica Cardamone are college-educated ladies living in New York City and Los Angeles, respectively. Self-proclaimed "haters" and trying to navigate a cross-country friendship, both are frustrated about a lot and just trying to talk it through. Unwarranted is a podcast about things that irritate them, trends they don't like, and a general commentary on the status of world issues and trending topics from two people who have a lot of opinions.
We are two sisters who grew up around the Country Club life, in the Valley of Fargo, ND. We share a love for faith, friends, animals, and laughter! Talking about our life experiences, favorite things, and what goodness there is in the world. We know listening will be a weekly must! With a few sister spats and what makes us different will also make this podcast a "must keep listening" tune in! - Kate Baldock is a creative entrepreneur and feline lover. Working hard and pedaling her artwork across the valley! - Laura Christianson is a an accomplished registered nurse specializing across the board in neonatology, pediatric oncology, and skincare dermatology. She's one smart cookie!
From the creator of Behind the Story Podcast comes a Podcast about Wrestling, TV Shows, Movies, MMA and Documentary type Shows.
What's good people tune in weekly with Verse and Ace for a fun, informative and honest podcast that's geared to make you think, elevate, relate and laugh your ass off. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/verseandace/support
Love to debate and bet on sports with friends? Dive deep into all the hot topics in sports - including betting lines, sports technologies, personalities, and more. You might even hear some crazy bets between Host Art Vigil and his trusty sidekicks. Brought to you by Undefeated.Live - the app for live sports contests. Stay Vigilant
Join Adam and Beef as they explore the World of Booze. They will be talking with the makers, the creators, the sellers and the drinkers. You will find out the craft behind the beverages, meet the colorful people that make it, have fun with pub trivia, story telling and two buddies who have known each other for a long?long time. Adam has over 20 years? experience in the Hospitality Industry from bartender, to creating beverage programs, owner of a restaurant and selling booze. Beef has over 20 years? experience drinking booze!
Sports, Professional Wrestling, Lifestyle Follow me on twitch.tv/realvleeties, Subscribe for exclusive content on Discord, included "Cast from the Past" and "The V.I.E.W.W." Watch Vleeties Live Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 PM EST, and every Wednesday as part of the The Whole F'n Show on twitch.tv/TWFS.
Ken D Fosters' Voices of Courage Show is more than just another radio program! It will take you on a journey to find your courage, breakthrough your limits, and master your destiny. No kidding! Ken has brought together the most Courageous People on our Planet who will inspire greatness with you and change your life for the better. In fact, if you are a regular listener, you will soon see the unseeable, know the unknowable, and do the impossible. You Will: * Be Inspired * Be Courageous * Become Unstoppable * Create New Habits * Let Go of Disempowering Thinking * Live Fearlessly * Embrace Uncertainty * Be a Comeback Story
Zierlandia, a world in chaos. 2 Heros, and a whole lot of stupidity
Welcome loves! Bringing you a podcast of all binge watching, celebrities and other fun things under the sun.
Veteran Broadcaster LJ James returns to the airwave to do what he does best....Internet Radio! Join LJ every weekday morning as he talks about life, news and more life. It's Internet Radio the LJ way!
Join college students and full time wannabes Sofia and Marie for weekly chats about fashion, lifestyle and college. Listen along as these two best friends balance their ambition and schoolwork, and talk about topics which they are absolutely unqualified to cover. Learn why Sofia and Marie pride themselves on being wannabes and maybe even become one yourself.
Following the Washington Football Team daily with updates on roster moves, coaching moves, player and personnel updates, as well as the best NFL news available. Make sure to follow along on YouTube at YouTube.com/DSPMediaPodcastNetwork!
My opinions on the different pop culture I consume, from an 28 year old nerd's point of view.
Listen hack producer Mr. Dr. Prof. SLAMbuka slowly address the cynical attitudes of Louise as they dive into irrelevance and irreverence.
A discussion between Linden and Tony covering a range of topics from finger food to family life.
Disconnect from your daily grind to connect, laugh, grow and get real with us - we can relate!
"We Didn't Do It" is a true crime & comedy podcast which dissects unresolved mysteries and cold cases. Only one thing's for certain... we didn't do it.
We talk about stories that we find interesting or ridiculous. Make sure to grab a drink and enjoy the ride!
Locals from around the world share the hidden treasures of their city. We'll go beyond the basic tourist attractions to discover the best things to do, eat, drink, and see from a local's point of view. Whether you're using airline miles, hotel points, or cold hard cash to travel, our goal is for you to have the best experience possible when you visit these cities thanks to the insider knowledge of our guests. Stay tuned and subscribe so that you can join us when we travel there.
A podcast dedicated to the Wednesday night wars between AEW and NXT.
Podcast by Weekly Clink
Today I'll be discussing why I created this podcast, and what's to come in future episodes! Enjoy!
WeReLive is an extension of ReLive, an event, promotions and marketing company, part of an elite (but currently secret) group of brands, creatives, artists & influencers which will soon be revealed. As for now, think of it like this; You live in the moments. We capture them. You ReLive them. Listen as we chat with all the cool people we meet at these events. You might laugh. You might learn something. You lived it. We captured it. Now ReLive it.
A Podcast all about the odd and awkward thoughts and behavior we have as humans.
Tips from someone who has been cut and contracted in the top 12.
Join me as I bring an educated plus hood mentality of my opinions regarding a wide rage of topics.
If you can?t stand following the news, don't have time to keep up or are angry about the level of discord in the news, then this is the show for you. This is, What You Missed... Join David C. Guggenheim & David Wein each week as they dish out the top stories of the week in a digestible, fun and ever so enticing way.
The mind of a 12 year old is an odd and funny thing. Eli and his dad get together occasionally and discuss things they've done together, Eli's 5 siblings, and his astute observations as he sees the world through a middle school 7th grader. You'll find frequent references to his passion for video games and more!
Do you struggle with issues in your life that cause problems in your relationships or limit your ability to succeed? Join "America's Behavior Expert" Scot Ferrell each week as he provides behavior solutions and interviews experts in various fields about life success strategies. If you aren?t happy with your life, relationships and the results you're seeing, this show is for you.
Sermon by the late Brother Maze Jackson When He Was On The Cross
Come on in and join me while I overthink all things relating to life.
All the Bengals news the day the podcast comes out.
My friend Elanee lives a very media sheltered life. listen every 2 weeks as I take her through some of my favorite movies from 2010 and back. some she'll enjoy, most of them she will hate.
Wiadomosci sportowe emitowane na antenie Radia Sport
Podkast na temat działań w sferze audio związanych z wikimediami.
Rss: http://feeds.feedburner.com/wikiradio
iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/pl/podcast/wikiradio/id1037821599

Welcome to Wild & Basic! A business and a lifestyle podcast by @mursalison. He showers his listeners with encouraging words through the funny and serious stories he tells with or without his guests. It's full of vulnerable episodes but also lighthearted episodes to crack you up. The podcast's mission is to portray to all the listeners that it is okay to be vulnerable and express what you have gone through to become who you are today.
A college football & NFL sports podcast that not only keeps you up to date on the latest news, but also previews & picks games, and dives into the history of football, and asks the simple question of why things have to be the way they are.
Wit & Wisdom a satire, news and interest show that covers sports, politics, video games and whatever the hell we want. Wit & Wisdom: a show containing and lacking both.
Playboi Hokage
Wombat Water is a periodic podcast game show full of amateur musical parody artists and their friends. Its goal is to crown one thing the best thing of all the things! Each episode focuses on a different subject, as contestants draft or create items/concepts, debate their pros and cons, and ultimately compete to determine the winner through very empirical means! The winner gets bragging rights and the esteemed title of Waterbear.
Traveling the world collecting compelling local stories from podcasters, icons, influncers in the areas of business, sports, music, food, lifestyle, the arts, non-profits and more! Visit: http://www.PodcastWorldTour.org Podcast World Tour Inform ? Inspire ? Impact www.PodcastWorldTour.org info@podcastworldtour.com Voice/Text: 305-209-5678
Podcast z sesjami RPG i publicystyka zwiazana z nimi.
Matchmaker and Dating Expert Amanda Rose shares her expertise on all things dating, relationships and everything in between! Submit your questions to info@datingboutiqueinc.com and for more dating tips go to datingboutiqueinc.com.
Join Xander Skullion and James Gruesome for a Podcast for Gamers by Gamers. Bringing you something old, something new, and a little bit of nostalgia too! If you enjoy the show be sure to check out youtube.com/xanderskullion for more Content and Archive Episodes
YEG MS is a podcast based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The podcast focusses on Multiple Sclerosis and is created by a man living with MS. Each episode features interviews with others who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or are somehow involved in the MS community in Edmonton, the Capital Region, and Northern Alberta. While the podcast in based in Canada, the content should appeal to anyone who has MS as part of their lives.
Yo But Listen, is the the podcast about everything, and nothing at all at the same time. It's informative, comical, artistic, mixed with sports, life and everyday sh!t
Welcome to You've Got Mail! The podcast discussing everything you experience in your twenties spanning breakups to social constructs. Join me, Bella, as we delve into this next decade through weekly episodes published on all major streaming platforms. Thanks for listening! Instagram: youvegotmail_pod
Live an Abundant, Inspired life. Discover true empowerment through a deeper spiritual connection with yourself. Meditation, Stories and Interviews. Body, Mind and Spirit are integrated into one with the You, Inspired Podcast.
A podcast that mixes its host's love for MMA and the Peanuts, Your Favorite Blockhead will keep you laughing and looking for more. Host, Brian Little, has a love for the Peanuts like no other. He is also a very knowledgeable fan of the sport of MMA. This guy is on fire!

I have been in the beauty industry for over 30 years in many different aspects I was a beauty manager I was also manicurist and pedicurist ,and I'm now a licensed Lead Esthetician and cosmetic artist.I'm passionate about skin care and I like to share all of my knowledge here with you!! Thanks for listening

The global lock down has affected everybody. Some people are inconvenienced while others have their lives turned completely upside down. While many understand that it's important to keep physically healthy during these times, so many have neglected to be spiritually healthy. This podcast is for you if you are open to the idea that you have a unique gift that only you can offer to the rest of the Universe and that you are willing to try on the possibility, that this lock down is your opportunity to discover that gift.
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Witam Cie na stronie podcastu ,,Zdalne Wsparcie Biznesu". Nazywam sie Agata Stanczak-Pogorzelska i wspieram zdalnie przedsiebiorcow w zakresie marketingu. 

W moich audycjach posluchasz o biznesie i jego rozwoju. 



Follow the average story of Jordan Rashdan and Carson Ryan Flis as they bicker about the problems of the world and debate serious issues. Join these borderline sociopaths as they make jokes at just the wrong time, because in the end isn?t every topic... Controversial? (Trademark pending)

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