Music lovers, welcome to the realm on your computer disk that brings you the voices of Music lover Joe Dove, and Music Producer Julian Valencia! Together we are talking about the music that speaks to us and we think may sing to you. Its not on your phone already, google already looked. Hence we have brought it from our disk's dungeon to your ear! Get ready to partake on a music conversation and journey from the dark depths of our world to the real world. Prepare to escape the unknown dungeon of life to the joy of music in your street beats, welcome to Disk Dungeon.


Disk Dungeon

Disk Dungeon | Gunship & RX Bandits Ep 30 "2020 in 30"

Disk Dungeon Episode 30 On today's episode, Julian embarks on a journey aboard the #Gunship, and gives us the most epic 2020 story ever. Joe gets his vaccine early, with The #RXBandits that is. Welcome to the Disk Dungeon.
00:37:58 6/17/2021

Past Episodes

Disk Dungeon
Welcome back to the #DiskDungeon in this #Music podcast special I am put on to the music and melodies from the dark depths of YOUR computer disk! This week my friend Mary Bauer put me on to #VNVNation the #industrial #Synth band. Learn about the band their history and style in this episode. Want to put me onto an artist? Check out our twitter instagram and facebook and comment your band.
00:14:52 6/10/2021
Disk Dungeon
Hey Friends i am back with another Dove Dive on the Disk Dungeon. This week I am brought to the synth sounds of #Robotaki by Kayla, a total treat. Lets jump in learn hear and understand this #Canadian artist / DJ.
00:17:21 5/11/2021
Disk Dungeon
Joe Dove is riding Solo for a bit welcome to the first of the Dove Dive Series where I am put on to musics and melodies YOU put me on to! You can follow us on Tiktok, instagram, and Youtube search Disk Dungeon. Send me a song and I will thank you and it will be the focus of the Dove Dive episodes. You can also hit us up on This episode I was put onto the Band Lord Huron a folk band from LA. Lonesome Dreams, thank you to Rob for putting me on!
00:16:32 4/27/2021
Disk Dungeon
Cohost Joe Dove has a special guest as Julian and Joe get ready for all new episodes. Brandon Lu from Comic Conversation and Belly of the Beast joins us down the dark disk of movie soundtracking. Joe and Brandon talk about their favorite comic book superhero soundtracks. This is a deep dive spanning their two favorites and least favorites.
01:00:53 3/21/2021
Disk Dungeon
#DiskDungeon returns to wrap up the year on a high note with the two album reactions to #Faithless To all New Arrivals and #Gorillaz Demon Ends
00:29:52 1/23/2021
Disk Dungeon
Hello friends and family, welcome to this special episode of the disk dungeon where we put you on to the Grunge Music era! This week we have a special Co Host Steven James from the #HivemindRadio show! Steve and Joe Dove get down to the music that set the state for their coming of age, #StoneTemplePilots and #PearlJam ! Their concerts albums and epic moments in music that set the bar for the era.
00:51:45 12/16/2020
Disk Dungeon
#Julian #Valencia RNB and Rock artist dives deep as cohost of the Disk Dungeon, this episode we hear his reaction to the B52s Album #CosmicThing and Joe Dove hears and reacts to Frank Ocean's #NostalgiaUltra
00:42:26 11/16/2020
Disk Dungeon
Welcome back to the #DiskDungeon where we put you on this week to #ChildishGambino "Because of the Internet" and #FictionPlane "Left Side of the Brain" Joe gets into the magic of Fiction Plane and his connection to the band through a concert with his mother. Julian speaks about what #Audios is doing for #HispanicHeritage Month Showcasing various music artists. Our Tricks of the Keys is #REM "The One I Love."
00:26:56 11/3/2020
Disk Dungeon
Julian and Joe speaks on some of the positive aspects of music gaming music, dealing with the memories of their childhoods regarding connections Music Saved My Life section of the #podcast #BehindTheBeat Julian prepares to release his album #ShadesOfGreen we have one of the producers of this album and business partner of Julian Henry Martinez! We discuss with Henry where his music sounds and scapes which are derived from the midi era of video game music! Big shout out to Joel from Audios who produces this podcast which I hope you download off #iheartradio #spotify and #iTunes . And Finally , #TricksofTheKey Joe Doves bonding with his Grandmother before her passing Follow us on #Instagram @DiskDungeon
00:39:44 10/24/2020
Disk Dungeon
Episode starts at 11:30 #Sampha and #TheBoxerRebellion that's what Joe Dove and #Julian #Valencia J Let us know what you think of the music from these bands and the episode. Follow us on #Instagram @DiskDungeon
00:30:00 9/26/2020

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