Music lovers, welcome to the realm on your computer disk that brings you the voices of Music lover Joe Dove, and Music Producer Julian Valencia! Together we are talking about the music that speaks to us and we think may sing to you. Its not on your phone already, google already looked. Hence we have brought it from our disk's dungeon to your ear! Get ready to partake on a music conversation and journey from the dark depths of our world to the real world. Prepare to escape the unknown dungeon of life to the joy of music in your street beats, welcome to Disk Dungeon.


Disk Dungeon

J Dilla | Mike Oldfield | Lyric-less DD ep 35

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an instrumental album is like the dictionary in every language, including slang. In episode 34 of the Disk Dungeon, we dabble with two of the most influential bodies of work ever created. #JDilla Donuts and #MikeOldfield #TubularBells
00:36:32 3/31/2023

Past Episodes

Disk Dungeon
We are honored to have the incredible legend from Minnesota musician, composer, singer, song writer, and AWESOME friend Mark Mallman! #MarkMallman he has done music trailers for #TheHitcher remake. #Adventureland and 10,000 BC you may recently have hard his viral hit #Flowers from the soundtrack of #Rickandmorty season five! We have a great dive into his career, his life, and his incredible Journey! Also in this episode we chat about Transforming artists
01:40:30 2/3/2023
Disk Dungeon
In episode 33 we explore a couple of gospel influences in the music of yesterday and today. Julian puts Joe onto #ChanceTheRapper and Joe puts Julian on to #OtisRedding! #MusicBlessings This is a One of Two interview series with special Guest Angela Workman who has toured and sang with #RayCharles #Eminem #Prince #BBKing and more. Angela Workman is known as the Funk Balladtress. She has encompassed stages throughout the world. Her original global infused compositions and standard renditions are sure to stir the soul. Her goal is to change the world one note at a time.
01:12:26 11/20/2022
Disk Dungeon
In the dark depths of the Disk Dungeon you some times meet royalty! Separated down a long Bloodline but still connected to the King, we met Jared #Presley Steam Punk guitarist and all around wonderful music master! We spend 20 minutes talking about playing around the US, venues, and his style of music and what inspired him to become a musician!
00:29:24 2/4/2022
Disk Dungeon
Welcome back to our podcast #DiskDungeon where I am put on to music and melodies in the deepest darkest dungeons of your computer disk. #JoeDove will take you on a trip with #NF the rapper getting into the album #Mansion Please #Like #Share #Subscribe to the channel! Join our Like us on Facebook
00:15:02 12/24/2021
Disk Dungeon
Join us in a special Dove Dive on the Disk Dungeon as we have a special guest. Greg Massi from #MaudlinoftheWell and #Kayodot He is a master guitarist and we sit down for a long conversation about music and his Journey through out.
00:50:48 11/24/2021
Disk Dungeon
Hello and welcome to this DOVE DIVE where you put me on to music and melodies from the darkest dungeons of YOUR computer disk. This week James Geiger put me on to #BLUEYES
00:11:59 10/17/2021
Disk Dungeon
This week Joe Dove returns for the Dove Dive of the #DiskDungeonPodcast to talk about the latest artist he was put onto by Yvette! #ClaudeBolling and #JeanPierreRampal for the album Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano. This was a musical experience and Joe talks about the #Hiho app as well as a peek into the next chapter in his work life.
00:12:18 9/15/2021
Disk Dungeon
Welcome back to the dark depths of the Disk Dungeon. If you made it past doom club of 27, welcome to the 32 Club! You're not done with the devil yet. You sold your soul for stardom and fame and that comes with a heavy price... your life. Join Julian and Joe as we take a dive into the darkness surrounding Music Curses. In this episode we have a special guest to guide us through, Josh Sterling from the amazing podcast #HauntingSeason Josh joins us as a special guest getting into the #32club #LeadZeppelin #TheWho #MommasandPoppas #thegratefuldead
00:47:36 8/30/2021
Disk Dungeon
It's easy to lose your mind in the Dungeon, "a couple of screws up in my head loose" but lucky for you we're here to show you the way... In Disk Dungeon episode 31, Joe resurrects his #iPod from the dead and takes us back to an age where we were all cyber pirates. Julian finally remembers that weird band from Connecticut that blew his mind and gets a little too deep into metaphors. #seal #tune-yards
00:48:04 8/14/2021
Disk Dungeon
Loren Dixon put me onto #BrendaKahn deep dive into the music and life of the artist. Her triumphs, her set backs and loss, all cultivating into a fantastic ongoing career in music! My Folk fans may already know her but my music seekers of new artists, get ready!
00:15:32 7/24/2021

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