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All About Piper and Gavin, with Piper Rockelle and Gavin Magnus

Young influencers Gavin Magnus and Piper Rockelle chat with Meridith about how they use SUSPENSE to increase their YouTube engagement! Also, did you know dogs can help grow your following? And learn why it's so important to find a collab partner.
00:27:13 5/15/2019

Past Episodes

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Fan guest Emile Renee joins the show to talk to Meridith and Mads about her dreams of social stardom and her music career/cover songs she performs. Let's help her with her social skills and how she can grow to influencer stardom!
00:27:51 5/8/2019
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Chicken Girls cast-member, Fortnite lover, Rock Your Hair performer and Hayden Sumerall BFF Rush Holland takes us behind the scenes of his social media stardom! And we discuss Lily Singh's groundbreaking network late night show, a first for the YouTube community.
00:25:44 3/20/2019
Selfie Made
Triple threat teen Bryce Xavier is doing it all; listen to him talk about getting started in LA, his Brat show with Kenzie Ziegler, working with Will.i.Am, and so much more!
00:33:19 3/8/2019
Selfie Made
Listen to co-host Mads Lewis share her incredible story - how she was cast for Chicken Girls, her views on fame and supporters, tips for the aspiring creator, and much more in this inspiring episode! Plus get the scoop on Nickelodeon's KCA influencer nominations AND this week's music news!
00:30:48 2/27/2019
Selfie Made
Top influencer photographer Dawn Kingston - who's shot everyone from Jacob Sartorius to Kenzie Ziegler, Johnny Orlando to Cameron Dallas - shares her secrets for amazing Instagram pics and how YOU can become an influencer photographer too!
00:38:47 2/22/2019
Selfie Made
Teen influencer siblings Dylan Conrique and Caden Conrique discuss moving to Los Angeles, their roles on Chicken Girls, what's it's like having an internet famous sibling, and of course some of their top tips to get ahead on social!
00:28:58 2/8/2019
Selfie Made
Denzel tells us what vid to post this week and how he continues to stay on top. And sisters Bailee and Kaitlin discuss acting alongside heavyweights like Charlize Theron and Katie Holmes, being entrepreneurs, Bailee's new book and clothing line, and their podcast "Just Between Us". And of course how social helps them connect.
00:41:13 2/1/2019
Selfie Made
From the set of the I am #selfiemade Campaign Meridith speaks to Chicken Girls Star Brooke Butler about how she got started and broke through, her tips and tricks, and how her mom urged her to start on social. Also Meridith answers your dear selfies!
00:27:58 1/25/2019
Selfie Made
UK music duo, Max & Harvey, talk about their upcoming tour dates, new music, balancing school, and they teach us how to master the British accent! Plus, another amazing Dear Selfie from you - the fans!
00:38:29 1/18/2019

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