Toronto Superfan, Ivan M, brings his brash and passionate views and opinions on all the major sports leagues in North America and of course, defends all Toronto sports teams to the end! Joined by his sidekick, Tammy, the two tackle all the major and minor storylines in sports with a little spiciness mixed in.


The 6ix vs Everybody

The 6ix vs Everybody: Episode 16

After a brief (ok long) hiatus, Toronto Superfan Ivan Mokorich and good friend Tammy are back to talk about the continuing misery that it being a Leafs fan and why Mitch Marner has got to go!
00:00:00 6/3/2021

Past Episodes

The 6ix vs Everybody
On the latest episode of The 6ix vs Everybody, GFT takes a deep dive as to why analytics SUCK and should not be the lead measuring stick of success and talent. Plus, the diva behaviour of Pierre-Luc Dubois is debated, the Jays make more moves and the NBA refereeing is not so good, eh!
00:00:00 2/1/2021
The 6ix vs Everybody
On this week's episode of the show, Toronto Superfan Ivan and GFT (Good Friend Tammy) eat some crow with respect to the Jays signing Shapiro to that contract extension...why? Because the Jays FINALLY land a big name player. The duo also tackle the start of the NHL season, what is wrong with the Raptors and the NFL playoffs, baby!
00:00:00 1/22/2021
The 6ix vs Everybody
It took us a while but, lucky #13 has arrived. Toronto superfan, Ivan Mokorich and GFT (Good Friend Tammy) rant about Canada losing the World Juniors to the Americans, the return of our beloved NHL, the Raptors dismal start to the NBA season PLUS, James Harden whines his way out of Houston, Boogie Cousins is pissed and the Toronto Blue Jays signed Shapiro to a 5 year contract extension, rewarding him for doing absolutely nothing to improve the team. Subscribe and review, people!
00:00:00 1/15/2021
The 6ix vs Everybody
The second wave is here and the sports world is feeling it! We're talking NBA Finals, why LeBron the basketball player, not the person, is a douche and the mounting COVID cases in the NFL. Plus, what would this podcast be without talking a little Leafs as we dive in to Free Agent Frenzy and it being time for the Leafs to put up or shut up.
00:00:00 10/9/2020
The 6ix vs Everybody
The Day the Sports World Stood Still...Again!
00:00:00 9/4/2020
The 6ix vs Everybody
We're BACK! It's been a minute but sports are back and we're talking all things Toronto sports (booooLeafs). The Raptors are cruising, the Leafs are golfing and the Jays....well who really cares, right? Ivan M and Tammy return to the mic to dish on what's been happening this quarantine.
00:00:00 8/20/2020
The 6ix vs Everybody
Ivan Mokorich and Tammy are back after a brief hiatus where a lot has happened and the world has shifted. We talk about what's been happening around the world with Black Lives Matter and how we all need to be AND do better! We also touch on some of the latest news in the world of sports including the return of the NBA, the battle between MLB and the players and the possible return of the NHL.
00:00:00 6/10/2020
The 6ix vs Everybody
The Superfan and Good Friend Tammy are back with another episode and this time, things get a little heated as the duo debate over the greatness of Mats Sundin. Plus, they list their top 5 Blue Jays and Maple Leafs from the last 30 years, Gronk joining TB12 in Tampa and whether or not LeBron could have cut it in the NBA days of yore!
00:00:00 5/6/2020
The 6ix vs Everybody
Toronto Superfan, Ivan and Good Friend Tammy sit down to talk about The Last Dance, aka the MJ Doc and debate whether or not LeBron or MJ are the G.O.A.T's of the NBA. Ivan also lists off his Top 5 Toronto Raptors of all-time and they touch on the 2020 NFL Draft going VIRTUAL! Follow on Apple Podcasts. Spotify and iHeart Radio
00:00:00 4/23/2020
The 6ix vs Everybody
Self-quarantine is still in full effect but Toronto Sports Superfan, Ivan Mokorich and good friend Tammy are back with another episode of The 6ix vs Everybody and they talk about the NHL's and NBA's drop dead dates to cancel their seasons, what will happen with baseball and the tragic passing of Edmonton Oilers player, Colby Cave. Follow in Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart Radio
00:00:00 4/15/2020

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