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i grew up in the restaurant industry

ABOUT my favourite restaurants - where I like to go out to eat or order from, working in a restaurant/bar since I was a teen, what kind of customer your servers are judging, and returning to dining out post-pandemic.

00:22:13 8/12/2021

Past Episodes


ABOUT wanderlust - this episode is all ABOUT travel: places I have been, where I am going, travel hacks and tips and a Q&A session.

00:20:09 8/5/2021

ABOUT tattooing my body - why I do it, the "meaning" of tattoos and a q&a session.

00:24:21 7/27/2021

why the heck did I make a podcast? ABOUT the podcast & a little bit ABOUT me.

00:08:32 7/18/2021

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