Welcome to the Outlier Podcast, the podcast for everyone who is interested in building better homes. Host Sandra is chatting with Anthony, the founder and lead designer at Outlier Studio, who is passionate about creating beautiful and high-performing homes. Together, they sit down once a month to chat with industry experts and to answer any and all questions about high performance homes. We want to educate Australians about the possibilities of energy efficient design and change the way we build houses today. We hope you join us on that journey.


Outlier Podcast

What is a high performance house?

In the last episode, we spoke about our approach to designing efficient homes and mentioned the term hybrid home. So, we decided to elaborate a bit on what that means to us, and how these high performance homes are different to conventional builds as well as passive houses. It is a brief talk, but we managed to touch on what high performance means to us, why it is so important and why we believe this is the way to go in the future.
00:12:01 11/21/2021

Past Episodes

Outlier Podcast
People love the idea of energy efficient houses, but are afraid of the potentially high extra building cost. Building designer Anthony and builder David explain how much it really costs to build a high-performing house in Australia and clean up some of the myths surrounding passive houses.
00:29:27 10/25/2021

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