Welcome to the Outlier Podcast, the podcast for everyone who is interested in building better homes. Host Sandra is chatting with Anthony, the founder and lead designer at Outlier Studio, who is passionate about creating beautiful and high-performing homes. Together, they sit down once a month to chat with industry experts and to answer any and all questions about high performance homes. We want to educate Australians about the possibilities of energy efficient design and change the way we build houses today. We hope you join us on that journey.


Outlier Podcast

How to test the performance of your home

We have met Anthony Stagg a few months ago when we picked up our very own Retrotec blower door test kit. Anthony is the director of 2 businesses: Fire Protection Technologies and Energy Conservation Technologies, a company that sells blower doors and provides training to perform residential blower door tests. We are so happy he took the time out of his busy schedule to sit down and have a chat with us about what a blower door test really is and how it can be useful for not only newly built homes, but also existing houses. He even shared some of his own experiences with his current renovation and how he utilised a blower door test to help identify the major weak points in his home. Now, for anyone looking to have a blower door test and some thermal images done to their home, please feel free to reach out to us at Outlier studio as we do offer this service. But first, let's get into this episode with Anthony Stagg from Energy Conservation Technologies.
00:34:04 5/3/2022

Past Episodes

Outlier Podcast
Everyone who has talked to me in the last year or two has probably gotten an earful about windows. I am known to be the crazy window gal amongst my friends, and I finally got to properly nerd out with a real life professional. Gary Smith from Ultimate Windows has been in the window industry for most of his career and has seen a lot of change happen over the last couple of years. In our interview, he explained the different materials of windows, of course the variations of glazing, and he also talked about important performance indicators that you should look out for when getting windows for your home. He even shared some valuable insights about how to find the right manufacturer and the first steps you should take when determining what windows you really need for your house.
01:19:15 3/29/2022
Outlier Podcast
This is a good one! In the first episode of 2022, we sat down with Ben O'Brien from SolarPro Bendigo to talk about solar energy. Ben is a sustainable systems engineer and very passionate about solar energy, especially for residential homes. He explained to us how solar panels work, how much they cost to install, and what current government loans are available for homeowners. On top of that, he had to answer a couple of very spicy questions to help our listeners determine once and for all: Is solar energy really worth it?
01:02:53 1/30/2022
Outlier Podcast
In the last episode of 2021, we discuss the environmental pros and cons for renovating vs rebuilding a home. Then we go into a little reflection of what the year has been like for us, and we make some very exciting announcements to look out for in 2022. Happy Holidays and happy new year!
00:20:05 12/16/2021
Outlier Podcast
In the last episode, we spoke about our approach to designing efficient homes and mentioned the term hybrid home. So, we decided to elaborate a bit on what that means to us, and how these high performance homes are different to conventional builds as well as passive houses. It is a brief talk, but we managed to touch on what high performance means to us, why it is so important and why we believe this is the way to go in the future.
00:12:01 11/21/2021
Outlier Podcast
People love the idea of energy efficient houses, but are afraid of the potentially high extra building cost. Building designer Anthony and builder David explain how much it really costs to build a high-performing house in Australia and clean up some of the myths surrounding passive houses.
00:29:27 10/25/2021

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