The Who & How Club is a podcast, blog and movement created and hosted by recording artist Arys Déjan. On this show, Arys sits down with friends, family, creatives, and everyone in between to not only reflect on, but to also share life stories and perspectives on art, relationships, energy, love, social issues, and most importantly, how to answer these big questions ....Who are you? and How did you become you?


The Who & How Club

Episode 52: Forgiveness is Coming

On today's episode, Arys gives us a breakdown on what he's been up to since the release of his most recent "Guest Spot" episode on the All In Podcast. He sends a special shout out to some of the shows he's recently been a guest on, as well as to some of the new guests that he'll be having on the show in the upcoming weeks for all of you to listen to. Arys also announces his upcoming mini series "Welcome to Forgiveness". All of that, plus some positive self-talk on today's 52nd episode. Enjoy! Here is a list of the shows Arys recently made an appearance on. Connect with these shows and the hosts! CFD Podcast: Faithful Film Fanatic: Activated Podcast: www,
00:34:58 7/14/2021

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The Who & How Club
Have a listen to Arys' first guest spot of 2021 as he sits with Rick Jordan from the All In Podcast, an episode that was recorded back in February and released in March of this year. Arys is used to being the one asking all of the questions, but Rick managed to get Arys to really open up about his childhood, his father, art, strength in vulnerability + much, much more! Be sure to check out the visual episode of the conversation on our Youtube channel as well. Follow Rick and the team at the All In Podcast through the links below! Enjoy! ALL IN PODCAST: Linktree - THE WHO & HOW CLUB:
00:47:02 6/16/2021
The Who & How Club
It's a brand new season of the TWHC Podcast and we come bearing gifts! Arys returns with a brand new intro, new energy and some new updates on what the next 50 episodes of the podcast and movement are going to look like! He brings us up to speed on his Journey to Therapy, and gives us some good news that occurred during his mini vacation away from the show. That, plus more on today's 51'st episode! Don't forget to stream the show on all podcast platforms, and follow the show on all social media platforms as well (@whohowclub + @only1arys). Check out our Season 2 trailer: Want to be a guest on the show? Click the link below for our "Be A Guest" fillable form and share your story with us! Enjoy!
00:28:01 6/7/2021
The Who & How Club
It's finally here, everyone! We made it to episode 50! Celebrate with Arys and the Club as he celebrates not only his 32nd birthday, but the 50th episode of his creation, The Who & How Club. On today's episode, he is joined by The Council (Carlos & Dave) as they talk about what this milestone means, hip-hop, what it means to be a man, getting older and wiser, plus much, much more! We want to say a special thank you to those who continue to support the movement. Cheers to another 50! Follow us on all socials! @whohowclub @ony1arys
01:45:32 4/29/2021
The Who & How Club
Episode 49 of TWHC has Arys updating us all on his journey to therapy, sharing a new April Rule (Rule 2), his birthday and talking about DMX and what he meant to not only him...but to the culture as well. Follow us on all social media platforms at @whohowclub If there's anything that resonates with you on today's episode, feel free to DM Arys or email the show at
00:41:01 4/21/2021
The Who & How Club
Welcome to part 2 of TWHC's April Rules sessions. Today, Arys introduces a new life rule to the listeners and speaks about the loss of one of his pets. He also updates us on his journey to therapy, super hero shows that are out right now, and DMX. Only 2 more episodes until our 50th birthday!
00:38:15 4/7/2021
The Who & How Club
Today, we're back with a brand new "Spotlight" episode with a very special guest! We welcome Teresa Greco, a mother, a wife, an author and friend to the Club. Teresa is a being that wears many hats, and today, we get to know a little bit about who she is, what she does...and her journey to a fulfilled healed life. She gives some advice to the listeners, gets Arys to open up about some pretty deep stuff....all while promoting her new book, The Decision to Heal: The Pathways from Suffering to Love, which is now available for purchase everywhere! Get your copy of Teresa's new book today! Follow Teresa's Instagram & Twitter: Support for The Who & How Club is brought to you by MANSCAPED ( Use Promo Code: WHOHOW20 for 20% off with free shipping on all orders. Get 3 free meals when you use our GoodFood promo code today!: Promo Code: ARYS3X2
01:25:28 3/31/2021
The Who & How Club
Arys touches base with the listeners and supporters this week for a quick talk and update on where he's at right now with his therapy journey, his upcoming guest, and his excitement for finally reaching the 50th episode. Almost there, indeed! Justice League - Snyder Cut Movie Review:
00:13:51 3/24/2021
The Who & How Club
On part 3 of our "Spotlights" series, Arys gets to dive deep into some hard life lessons and knowledge sharing with Travis Noel, a coach, a father, an activist and an individual who has his own clothing brand called 80Sounds. We get to know Travis in an in-depth way, and also get to talk shop about hip-hop, perspectives on youth culture today and entrepreneurship. Follow Travis and his brand below! Support for The Who & How Club is brought to you by MANSCAPED ( Use Promo Code: WHOHOW20 for 20% off with free shipping on all orders.
01:35:58 3/17/2021
The Who & How Club
No matter the time spent, or amount of training you've received while being in the field....there's no telling what your reaction(s) may be in the event of a traumatic situation....or even the effects a traumatic situation will have on you in the future. Today's episode focuses on trauma and a situation Arys found himself in a few weeks back. The episode serves as a therapy session for Arys and those who may be going through something right now, and even for those who haven't dealt with their own past traumas. Please, remember to always take care of yourselves! Listen to the episode to find out how to be a part of this week's free MANSCAPED giveaway. Support for The Who & How Club is brought to you by MANSCAPED ( Use Promo Code: WHOHOW20 for 20% off with free shipping on all orders. GoodFood: Promo Code: ARYS45 (45% off)
01:04:56 3/6/2021
The Who & How Club
On part 2 of the new series, Who & How Spotlights, Arys speaks with a walking definition of redemption. Marlon Morgridge is a father of 3, community activist and recording artist from the west end part of Toronto. In this episode, we speak with Marlon about his life journey and how he went from the streets to the classroom, to also doing really important work within the same community that he grew up in. Be sure to enjoy the new "Spotlights" intro of the series, as Arys ushers in a new vibe on the TWHC podcast. Support for The Who & How Club is brought to you by MANSCAPED ( Use Promo Code: WHOHOW20 for 20% off with free shipping on all orders.
00:34:36 2/11/2021

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