My mom loves movies, especially when she catches the last 40 minutes of one on TNT. This is a podcast about those movie watching experiences!


Movies My Mom Likes

Holes (2003) with Anijah

Madeline and performer/extraordinaire/chanteuse/Foley expert Anijah discuss the 2003 flawless book to move adaptation "Holes". They discuss the lack of interest in the cover art, the fact that this movie for Madeline is "a Flintstones episode", the iconic line readings, the song choices, the stunning visuals, and how Rick Fox and Vanessa Williams were the Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell of their time. There's talk of magical realism, the legend/moment/icon EARTHA KITT, cute onion salesman Dule Hill, the agony of the love story between Kate and Sam, the importance of character actors, the beautiful resolution of Sachar's writing, SPLOOSH, Texas weather, the Yelnats family curse, the best Disney movies and much much much more.

01:40:00 5/27/2021

Past Episodes

Movies My Mom Likes

Listen to Madeline and her sister Olivia recap the 1990 Romance/Financial Drama "Ghost" starring Patrick Swayze, Whoopi Goldberg, Demi Moore and Ghoul Tony Goldwyn. They talk about the similarities between "Ghost" and "Jack Frost", Soho apartments, time jumps, Tony Goldwyn's hotness, heavy handed foreshadowing, Patrick Swayze's gymnastics skills, comedy legend Whoopi Goldberg, after the iconic pottery scene …did they wash their hands?, Demi Moore's teeth, Madeline crying REMEMBERING the last scene, cats seeing ghosts/hating perverts, Olivia noticing small details that went right over Madeline's head, subway ghosts, Whoopi Goldberg's comedic timing, Carl's gaslighting, the Prospect Park neighborhood, powers that ghosts have, 90s fashion choices, age differences, Tony Goldwyn's acting history , psychic mediums, etc etc etc

00:00:00 10/6/2020
Movies My Mom Likes

Hi Friends,

Here's a special quarantine pod for all you quarancuties. Madeline and Olivia dissect the seminal Nic Cage classic "National Treasure" that Madeline recounts pretty much from memory. It's fun, it's done over Skype, Madeline drinks a margarita. There's talk of Sean Bean, Sean Bean impressions and Meerschaum pipes. What is Nic Cage's hair piece made of? What exactly is the definition of a firsty-lasty? Madeline confesses she literally has a knowledge of nothing except for this movie and also the second movie. (National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets) They talk about Nic Cage as a potential love interest, Sean Bean impressions, and the multiple exotic and historical locales. Fun Fact: Diane Kruger did all her food truck stunts. You heard it here second. Listen wherever podcasts are heard!

00:00:00 3/31/2020
Movies My Mom Likes
Our Egos are writing checks our bodies can't cash! Madeline and her friend Scott discuss their need for speed and the 1986 film "Top Gun". It turns out that watching this movie at 3 AM brings out the best in both of them. They discuss aviators, baby oil and homoerotcism…and also the volleyball scene. There's epic music, epic plane scenes and epic call signs. Maverick, Iceman, Goose, Hollywood, the gang's all here, and they're all sweaty! You'd better buckle up because you're about to take a ride into the danger zone!!!
00:00:00 12/20/2019
Movies My Mom Likes

"Love is patient. Love is kind. Love means slowly losing your mind." Today on the pod Madeline (with her Phoebe Buffay sick "sticky shoes" voice), her aunt Pandy and her cousin Harley talk about the 2008 film "27 Dresses". How does Katherine Heigl have that huge apartment on an assistant's salary? Who's in this movie? Ed Norton? George Burns? ED BURNS! They talk extensively about Malin Ackerman's eyebrows (or lack thereof) They discuss the best ways for brides to pick bridesmaid's dresses and sometimes brides pick dresses that are a little ugly to make themselves look better. James Marsden has the best cheekbones in the game and Benny and the Jets is the most misheard song ever written. There's some coughing, Madeline loses her notes (and finds them), they marvel at the comedic talent of Judy Greer. Aunt Pandy points out every soap opera actor and Stella contentedly nurses in the background.

00:00:00 11/4/2019
Movies My Mom Likes

Bruce and the chocolate cake. Madeline cries about libraries. Luke is no longer a weak-ass clown. There are multiple planes flying overhead and the we recorded this in August ( a month ago I AM SORRY) so THE AC IS BLASTING but this is still a great episode nonetheless. Madeline and podcast theme writer/performer, Luke, discuss the 1996 Fantasy/Drama, "Matilda". They discuss the acceptable instances to wear a fedora and we FINALLY get an answer about the existence of Central Jersey. Luke knows who Jon Lovitz is, at least. Madeline talks about what A NERD she is for liking both school and libraries. Luke teaches Madeline about basic multiplication . They talk about all the movies Luke hasn't seent and what teachers must do in their spare time. Madeline can't read her own handwriting and posits the theory that Miss Trunchbull is a hoarder. They both decide that JK Rowling borrowed HEAVILY from Roald Dahl. Is Miss Honey's father named Magnets? Find out on a new episode of Movies My Mom Likes. As per usual, please like and subscribe on iTunes and Spotify.

00:00:00 9/16/2019
Movies My Mom Likes

"I'll have what she's having!" Ladies, am I right? Madeline and her brother Davis discuss the ultimate romantic comedy. Note: They watched this movie with their parents in full beds in a hotel in West Virginia. They explore the thought that Madeline thinks people looked older back then even if they were young and Davis has never seen a grape with a pit in it. Madeline explains the plot of Casablanca to him. This is a movie they had to tell their mom repeatedly to stop talking during. She likes it so much! They talk about what constitutes "negging" in the late 80's as well as why the trees in Central park aren's as orange as they used to be. Madeline also makes Davis critique Billy Crystal's batting. Davis didn't know Katz's Deli was a real place. Do you say "taxi" or "cab"? All this and more on the newest ep of the pod! Please don't forget to follow on instagram @moviesmymomlikes and to email questions. comments, concerns and suggestions to

00:00:00 8/12/2019
Movies My Mom Likes

Madeline and Jenny explore the Mandy Moore Shane West romantic tragedy , "A Walk to Remember" or as Jenny says "The Original Big Sick". They discuss sweaters, Southern Accents and Switchfoot as well as what the phrase "lay it on a brother like a PopTart" means. They talk about the evolution of Mandy Moore and the equally groundbreaking evolution of Mandy Moore's bangs. They also talk about ambitions, yearbook quotes and what similar triangles are. They talk about TicTac's for an inordinate amount of time as well as the urban legend about the clowns in vans. Finally, they talk about what would be #1 on their bucket lists (Hint Jenny's involves the stars of Rush Hour) and the fleeting hotness of Shane West. It's a good ep!

They invite you to take your own walk to remember by listening to the flawless soundtrack on Spotify and while you're there, subscribe to "Movies Mom Likes". This episode is sponsored by Liz Soolkin Productions,, and the Pret A Manger on 39th and 8th.

00:00:00 7/18/2019
Movies My Mom Likes

Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan (BOTH HOT) star in this romantic comedy about love, life, wine and cheese. There's mustaches, a french detective, a stolen necklace AND MORE! Listen to Madeline describe the best kisses in cinema history and Liz explain the complexities of American Kevin Kline's French Accent. This is a good one! As usual, please leave a review on iTunes at Movies My Mom Likes, follow us on instagram @moviesmymomlikes and if you have a suggestion about a future episode, email

00:00:00 6/26/2019
Movies My Mom Likes

Drama, drama, drama and Kate Hudson's hair! Andie Anderson and Benjamin Barry fall in love in this classic battle of the sexes rom com. Kate Hudson and Matthew Mcconaughey star as Andie Anderson and Benjamin Barry in a movie that can only be described as "fun for some of us"! Please like and subscribe on itunes and spotify and if you want to suggest a movie your mom likes, email us at or follow us on instagram @moviesmymomlikes

00:01:13 6/18/2019
Movies My Mom Likes

Bill Pullman in a reversible jacket? Need we say more? Madeline and Olivia take a deep dive into a mom classic. Is it a Christmas Movie? Do both of us cry? Spoiler Alert: We do. Like and Subscribe on iTunes please. I need your approval!!! Follow us on instagram @Moviesmymomlikes or submit a suggestion to Theme song by the talented AS HECK Luke Demuro

00:00:00 6/8/2019

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