Join Trav and Jenn as they laugh their way through obstacles life throws at them as black millennials juggling career life, relationships, family, etc. Real topics. True stories. Hearty laughs. Zero political correctness from 2 people who show no sympathy.


Lyfe Be Trippin'

Don't Underestimate the Homie

NINETEEN...SEVENTY?! Trav and Jenn are back with their views on the current state of society. Let's talk about it!
01:13:39 2/15/2022

Past Episodes

Lyfe Be Trippin'
HotShot Episode. A random fact about the creation of a multi-billion dollar streaming platform sparks a conversation on cancel culture, social media politics, and the closed-minded faction of our society.
00:16:08 12/30/2020
Lyfe Be Trippin'
Trav & Jenn talk noise on why the current dating world is trash and give updates to how their Ronacation is going.
01:13:47 5/7/2020
Lyfe Be Trippin'
In the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine chaos, Trav & Jenn talk with two of their good friends about illness prevention, while explaining how they tune their blackness in varying environments.
01:13:36 3/26/2020
Lyfe Be Trippin'
Aside from Trav's rants, the duo gets blunt about their annoyances with people's weird shenanigans.
01:06:12 2/26/2020
Lyfe Be Trippin'
What is your definition of success? Is there really a such thing as a completely peaceful life? Trav & Jenn discuss what they feel are the levels to their personal meanings of success and a peaceful life.
00:56:13 2/18/2020
Lyfe Be Trippin'
Trav and Jenn discuss why they feel certain career fields aren't worth the high debt that often comes with earning a college degree and talk about their paths towards the new mantra, "Shit Happens!" This "hot shot" episode was almost trashed due to the constant beeping in the background, but we wanted to salvage the content.
00:56:01 1/19/2020
Lyfe Be Trippin'
It gets real as Trav and Jenn become vulnerable when discussing the challenges of adulting and maintaining friendships as they get older.
01:29:24 1/15/2020
Lyfe Be Trippin'

Trav and Jenn talk about their dislike of the concept of New Year Resolutions and go through the best-selling hits of the past decade (2010-2019).

00:57:03 1/9/2020

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