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Apocalyptic conversations are poignant and timely interactions with people of passion and purpose; making sense common through conversation and generative listening. We discover new things or ways to perceive connections within each of us as co-creators bridging diversity, equality and inclusion with a new living awareness in the new normal - based on original One World (1990-92) in Phoenix. How are you guiding the future? What's your 'new normal' going to be? Are you still stuck in the last century's mindset or open to discovering something new? It's a new time for humanity and you ar


One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats

One World in a New World with Dennis Reina, Ph.D. - Author, Leadership Consultant

It's been over a decade since Dennis and I first met in Crystal City, VA. at an American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) international leadership conference. Now the Association for Talent Development, the event was full of instructional developers and chief learning officers. His work and business has grown substantially since then.  

Dennis Reina, Ph.D. and his life and business partner, Michelle Reina, Ph.D. are the founders of Reina Trust Building®, a global consulting, assessment, coaching and development firm that has worked with leaders and teams in more than 250 organizations worldwide, and on every continent.   

Reina helps organizations build and rebuild trust and exceed business goals through the power of human connection, no matter the company size, structure, location or market challenges. 

Trust Building makes these organizations measurably more energetic, adaptive and capable.  Our conversation covers his early explorations of taking advantage of traveling companions and finding his first job. It was a very interesting an unique one. He shares some about a Near-Death Experience he had early in life, too. We jump around from one spot to another and eventually land in a discussion about trust.   

Dennis gets a bit caught up in books and models in an effort to explain what he's found leads to being able to discuss and initiate organizational culture trust. Why is it so important and how do you build or re-build trust within an organization?  

Dennis is a cancer survivor as well, and we speak about the process of getting through the tough patches and grow into a future with less trepidation. We discuss more about questions, developing processes and building trust with self and others.  

Like a true presenter, he pulls out a prop to help illustrate the various factors involved in trust. Bringing in the sense of trust and how it feels, with a little sidetrack, I was searching for a deeper explanation on how the trust in interpreted by the body. How would a leader learn how to tune into the gut, the intuition, of how the trust level is discerned.  

Dennis shares some methods of inquiry to flush out details using the framework he and his wife have developed over the years. Character, Capability and Communication all affect trust. How do we work through questions that need to be asked in order to move the playing field to the next level and invite players to participate in a more authentic and honest fashion?

01:01:00 1/7/2022

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One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats

And now for something completely different. We've been diving deep into the lives of those in the trenches in business, organizational development and systems transformation in a variety of ways. Kosta Makreas brings a new dimension to the conversations, perhaps in some ways apocalyptic to our audience, from having a professional career in software engineering to interacting with Star People.   

As two Hoosiers reuniting, we launch into some familiar territory for us. Both of us have been active in Ufology for decades, though Kosta has taken a front seat, so to speak, with his efforts to build, organize and support a vast network of folks who want to make contact with Star People, which is their preferred nomenclature according to Kosta.   

What may seem odd or peculiar or even scary to some has been lifelong experiences for others. Kosta shares how his interest began as a youth and the challenges he faced growing up in a period when it wasn't too popular to talk about engaging aliens, let alone calling them Star People. His shares a synchronistic experience his wife had while he was away on a CE-5 week-long campout.  

If you haven't heard the term, CE-5 refers to human initiated contact with  Star People. Kosta's work began with Steven Greer and quickly evolved to developing contact groups around the world on his own. Our chat moves into discussing the People's Disclosure Movement, taking the notion of disclosure and putting it in the hands of the people instead of governments that have not been able to announce their knowledge.   

Research and study is always necessary, and Kosta mentions a study that includes over 4,000 accounts from around the world. It was performed by an organization called FREE, under the title of Beyond UFOs - The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Intelligence. We discuss Kosta's work with ET Let's Talk ( and the numbers of people involved. You might be surprise, though perhaps not.  

If your curiosity is sparked, you'll enjoy the conversation for sure. We only scratch the surface of the work and how it affects those involved. For decades it wasn't popular to speak up or out about this topic and now folks seem to be flocking toward their own discovery and engagement.   

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01:16:10 12/31/2021
One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats

Poignant, Purposeful, Insightful and Inviting Dr. Pauline Crawford has been engaging apocalyptic chats in her work, Magical Conversations, for decades. She's an activator and wayshower for creating change in how we interact conversationally and ultimately in our functional daily lives; professions and relationships.

Reflecting on Walking on the Moon or being in the Lighthouse with a little bit of alliteration, Pauline shares that she's always been at the center of communication and conversation. Her early observations of the flow of conversations, or not, lead her to dive deeper into the nature of conversations. Developing a process called Third Space, which became 'Magical Conversations.'

Our conversation advances to the discussion of 'flow' and the aspects of mind flow and heart flow. The question of noticing the disconnects, those things that constrict or inhibit effective and flowing conversation (bias, criticism, judgement, etc) and how she facilitates the transcendence of them.

She speaks to the aspect of making sense common through conversation being a key aspect and offers a technique to bring balance with a statement of intent and the choice as to whether to stay or go. It isn't matter of whether to stay or go, it's a matter of recognizing the activity.

The notion of unity in diversity is a challenge for some, yet the wisdom is that everyone is equal in the conversation even in their difference. How do we translate the feelings and sensations we have during conversation?

Traditional methods are metric-driven with little attention given to the mind flow, the sensemaking. Pauline shares the observation that virtually every professional realm has been ignorant of the natural gifts of people because we focus on materialism. Nature has a plethora of aspects that we haven't considered that offers a reflection of the direction we are evolving toward.

What is your 'one word' for the future? What does it illicit within you? What does it engage in you?

She asks an interesting question as prep work before joining the Magical Conversations regarding specific focal topics, "Are you willing to be here before you get here?"

Consider the implications of that question. How would you answer it and what do you need to do within yourself to answer and show up in the affirmative?

Dr. Crawford offers an open invitation to participate in the World Wisdom Circles that bring people together to explore how different cultures express the same concepts using different words. Imagine if you had the ability to recognize the similarity where you first thought there was a difference or division?

As evidence of intrigue and unexpected references with the mention of Edward DeBono's Six Hats, Pauline reveals that he is her third cousin. The notion of order in chaos offers an insightful reference that brings the conversation back to mind flow. So many points of order appear at times that it's difficult to acknowledge and draw attention, yet the sense is of connecting and flowing well.

The comfort in ambiguity and the ability to be vulnerable in our conversations, whether in purposeful gatherings or normal life, bring opportunity for better relationship building. The awareness of something 'feeling' good (connected) compared to the sense of feeling bad (disconnected), brings the ability to discern whether something is 'desirable' or 'undesirable.'

The balance of our conversation flows around the sensemaking of feelings, words, vibrations and the conscious or unconscious manner in which we engage them or ignore them.

Pauline's dream is to remove all the 'negatively connotated' words in our language that create separation in their use. The notion of a concerted effort to change how we communicate is quite spectacular and offers great challenge as well as great opportunity.

We really hope you'll offer some time and consideration of our content and conversation.

01:07:15 12/24/2021
One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats

Cogent, Coherent, Conversational Dive into Creating New Ways of Doing and Thinking Donna is co-founder of Unstitution - a purposeful coalition, a mindscape, a do-tank and a robust, modular methodology set that meaningfully brings together people and organizations from across civil society, business and government sectors.  

We enter the Wayback machine again, highlighting the discussions going on in psychology about the need for greater awareness and reflection Donna found early in her career. She mentions, too, that early in life she realized a rather idealist view in that she wanted to do something to make the world a better place. She wanted to feel like what she was doing made a difference, like most Cultural Creatives at the time.  

We peered into the early years, as a teen, when she first became aware of her empathic listening and giving herself permission just to be herself. Early beginnings of exploring self, paradoxes and realizing that the seeming polarities were part of a whole, not something to cause separation. Donna mentions that who we are at an individual level is always important, though we are connected to something much larger.  

Wanting to be valued for the things most valued in self is a point Donna makes and reflects on the need for being clear about what one values, first. Being a pioneer in the field, like many of our guests, she relates that early on there were disconnects in the readiness for acceptance within industry, as well as private and public organizations. Alas, she sees a trending of authentic relationship building through deep listening and more open conversations.  

Donna chronicles her transformation from working inside corporations and organizations to exploring a larger scope of working with them from a liminal space, literally. She makes a point that she and many others live in that liminal space and just haven't found the right platform or space to co-create at larger levels in the world. Ego to Wego, Ego to Eco... the merging in service is trending.  

Transitioning from the Industrial Age to the Age of Human, as she defines, is that trend toward harmonizing the 'new' with the benefit for self, others and Earth. Unstitution was born to begin working in the space between, making sense and making sense common with best practices that bring diverse people together for common purpose - a better world.  

There's much more in the conversation to discover that offer insight and inspiration with diverse applications across personal and professional relationships and community development.  

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01:15:44 12/17/2021
One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats

Topics: Out of Body, Near-Death, Expanded Awareness, Shared Understanding  Have you ever had an Out-of-Body or Near-Death Experience? How did you relate to it initially?  

Lynn K. Russell took the road less traveled for sure. It entailed a diverse and long misunderstood realm of out-of-body and near-death experiences. Many have these types of experiences yet aren't able to integrate, let alone make useful. Lynn's life reflects a deep and investigative path without much direct experience of her own.  

Lynn describes her experiences that lead her into a much broader understanding of the nature of our consciousness being able to experience reality in much different ways than most of us know. From the micro to the macro view of reality, Lynn relates her tutelage from sources unknown. She describes the difference between 'hearing' and 'knowing' in her being during certain events.  

She relates that the experiences more often than not were frightening, due to the amount of responsibility that seemed to be present for her. It was overwhelming at first and without others to confer, it was a process of acquiescing to a greater understanding within. She often felt like she was just going back to school, though a much different school than we're used to.  

The 'nothingness'.... What is it, really?   Our conversation goes into many areas of life, love and the relationships we develop with ourselves, others and the world. Lynn relates some deeply impactful events that certainly lead to an expanded awareness and eventual comfortability with 'people from elsewhere;' across a plethora of places.  

Lynn prompts Zen to relate his own reflection of an experience (OBE) in his quest for understanding the relationship of the 'trinity' across the realms of math, science and religion. His sharing has some truly expansive implications that seem to really make sense. Perhaps it will to you as well.  

If you've had experiences that are 'out of this world' and have been hesitant to explore or investigate, this conversation will give you so many perspectives to view and relate to, perhaps, and help you to feel more grounded in the reality that these things actually do exist and are acceptable and valued for you and many others.  

If this all sounds intriguing, then by all means do explore Lynn's work, her books and the ability she has of making that liminal space more real and understandable for others. We sorely need more dot-connectors across the myriad of interconnected experiences each of us are exploring.  

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The Wonder of You: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You about Yourself: 

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One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats

We jump in the Wayback Machine, minus Peabody and Sherman, for a few moments in exploring Robert's early years in business and his family's challenges in continuing to grow the business. He introduces his awakening to a new way of being through Wayne Dyer's work.   

Robert loves acronyms and shares several - DENIAL, 3D Thinking and how we tend to be self-limiting in our analysis paralysis. He talks about his 'catch up' work and create the skill set necessary to overcome his awareness of his shortcomings.  

He reveals that he became a kind of floating university with his travels by including audio materials that he listened to nearly every spare moment. Robert speaks about the importance of eye contact (with a smile) in communication being critical to building effective relationships.  

Zen hits the nail on the head, softly, with the reflection of Robert's wisdom in building a successful business being a result of where you put your attention, intention and interactions. Pay attention to the story of crossing the room.   

What are your defining moments? Robert shares the many make-overs in re-inventing himself time and again as a serial entrepreneur as a young man and throughout his life. Robert also mentions an understanding that has some tenure in the networking field - your net worth is in a direct relationship to the value of your network.  

Robert reflects the necessity of being leaders by example, and that this 'better way' will result in the transactions on both personal and professional levels. Perhaps these transactions will help to evolve our way of doing business and living together.  We discuss the need for recognizing our stinking thinking and Robert mentions having a 37-year marriage with a brilliant woman that helps to reflect wisely when his thinking is awry. Shortly later we discuss the observance of breath to which his response edifies the practice of meditation and mindfulness.  

The stumper: Is there a natural design embedded within us that is emerging now? He responds with the change in human behavior is a result of necessity. He doesn't look at barriers and boundaries, his desire to explore and understand cultures has taken him to 41 countries so far with a goal of 70 for he and his wife.  

You'll want to pay particular attention to is his answer regarding the best methods of interacting with people on line today. How do you interact with your online contacts in building relationships? How do you provide value and service to your clients or contacts? Is it positive, significant and impactful for them?  

At around the 53-minute mark Robert shares his recommendations for shifting our thinking. We explore a few tasty tidbits in developing awareness and building relationships. Robert stops Zen cold with a question, too.   

In closing... become more conscious and aware of all the signs around you.  

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01:00:07 12/3/2021
One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats

We dive into a laughter-filled excursion into the journey Seth's had to be able to respond to life smiling through the challenges we all face. Laughing in the face of tragedy does not deny the event at all, although some use it as a coping strategy. Not the case with Seth.  

How do we deal with tragedy in life? What are some of the ways in which we can help others in process of life-threatening situations? How do we deal with the devastation of death? We all feel it in some way, and Seth highlights the individual journey through such events.  

We talk about the process of writing and how it affects our lives and the personal growth and the accompanying catharsis in review of our work in progress. The SMILE acronym Seth uses references Dr. Kübler-Ross's work. Zen's tangential nature got inspired from Seth's comments about his process, edifying the nature of our shared journeys while adding some scenery.  

Another acronym Seth takes advantage of is GRACE, which he unpacks in relationship to how we engage others in ways that are congruent in our personal evolutionary process the runs from lifting up to a release of tears. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission and space to just allow the process. It's truly freeing.  

What does ascending at the speed of surrender mean to you? What is your transformational process? Do you have one. Seth shares his awareness of his methods and passion that has worked for his clients and benefited him as well. He shares the way in which he's learned how to work with the inner imagery and senses that help him to serve his clients.  

Seth also brings up the notion of plant medicine and how beneficial it is, yet how often it isn't treated with the respect it deserves. He offers some essential clues about their use. Can other rituals or process offer similar results? Seth shares a technique that's he's been working with recently.  You can tell Zen loves the conversation as a way to corroborate many of the lines of understanding that converge in the healing process on our way to finding wholeness. You'll do well to listen to the entire conversation and the tasty tidbits sprinkled along the transformational trail.   

One of the things we are learning to accept as additional help is the notion of mediumship and that it does have practical applications. Reach out and connect with Seth if you find his work appealing. Seth's parting offering to help with the development of intuition is precious.    

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Smile From The Inside!: A Five-Step Guide to Heal from Anything in This Crazy Modern World: 

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Smile, You've Got This!: A Guide to Healing... especially in the time of Corona: 

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01:04:37 11/26/2021
One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats

You'll want to take notes on this apocalyptic chat as it is full of comparative ideas and resources to explore. Dr. Zabiegalski began his interest in human dynamics and questioning how we work together better from his own quest for such. His experience and expertise at high-level consulting and strategic management offers another perspective of how business and human interaction evolve. 

The development of the learning organization philosophy from Senge's work as well as Tom Campbell. Eric speaks of feeling like an imposter as a right-brained thinking in a left-brained world. How is this an important aspect of how we distinguish between our emotional/intellectual 'home room' and what we need to do for the greater good? How do you perceive 'exploitation' and 'exploration' as processes in your business or life? 

Eric has explored research and personal experience in developing an understanding of the 'ambidextrous organization.' Ever heard of the corpus collasum? The conversation about it will expand your view of how our brains work. The exploration of masculine and feminine cranial comparison is exquisite. What about the outlier aspects in functionality? 

How do we embrace and engage diversity? Are we missing the benefit of minds we've considered to be on the fringe of cognitive abilities? How do you surf the perfect wave in your quest for balance and functionality, let alone survival and thrivability in the world? Where is your attitude toward divergent thinking - diversity and learning development - that balance of what matters. How do you acknowledge the 're-union' of genders in a movement toward balance?

You don't often hear a strategist and senior consultant speak toward energy and quantum physics, let alone the aspects of human dynamics in emotional and intellectual performance. Can these ideas, notions and practical applications help us in creating the 'great weset' or 'new normal' in this transcendent event period now. How comfortable are you in ambiguity?

Our conversation evolves into the nature of asking questions. Eric's status as certified coach and board member of the World Institute for Action Learning provides great insight and understanding into developing questions that lead us to solutions across a plethora of practical applications. You'll enjoy the applicable advances in the conversation on the rise of the ambidextrous organization and the ability of empowering the self-alignment of people, places and things.

Is there 'One Energy' that drives our bus and our choices are what manages the manifestation of flow in our lives? If you've wondered about the nature of consciousness and the magic of observing, connecting and implementing better application of your internal software, Eric has a wonderful expression of an overview of our cranial activity that's gotten us to this state of our evolution.

How do we proceed? Listen in to our exploration for keen insight and paradigm shifting moments. Thanks for your view and for further information on Eric and his work...

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From Eric: Left, Right, Zen is a whole brain thinker and being a guest on his One World podcast was like an energized conversation with an old friend. From human consciousness and cognition to work, organizations, and being comfortable with ambiguity. Listen in and join the conversation and learn how to surf the perfect wave every day.

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01:20:18 11/19/2021
One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats
And now for something completely different, truly... Imagine if you were able to gracefully get through the things that are difficult for you. We'll explore how neuroscience relationship strategy ignites the mind's ability to cognate and coagulate. What if you were able to communicate with realms others don't experience, let alone even know exist? How would that ability function in the world today? What if you were able to learn how to use them in practical and pragmatic ways? Our guest has done so and offers guidance for many. Octavia and Zen leap into a world unknown to many, yet experienced by a growing number of people as they develop their own self-awareness and begin to ask questions about reality. Highly sensitive people have learned how to create bridges between personal and professional worlds. How can those sensitivities be developed and understood better? What are the questions you are asking about the reality you're experiencing? How simple or complex are they? Octavia shares some great considerations for how we move through those items. We switch from the personal to the professional: How does this ability affect the way we do business? Do we overthink or acquiesce to inner awareness that's not always easy to articulate? Octavia's work with entrepreneurs includes a variety of activity to utilize the full sensory experience of working toward goals and objectives and using the mind in more effective and efficient ways. How do these kinds of skillsets operate in entrepreneurial, company or corporate culture? Can the left and right brain work in harmony and in conscious activity that promotes it? "Everything is consciousness, especially with people involved," Octavia responds. Zen does a few spins of his own to relate and corroborate what Octavia expresses from her own experience. Her references are exquisite in this apocalyptic chat and you will absolutely enjoy the deep dive down the rabbit hole that has profound possibilities for YOU. What are the possibilities coming out of Covid and co-creating a 'new normal,' as we move forward? How does she help entrepreneurs to achieve agility in the process? Is it about questions, mental health or learning about self first without the constraints of labels or diagnosis? Our conversation moves into incredible insights and observation about life, love and the negotiation of details and events to achieve success. We cite a plethora of references and personal insights that offers a shift in paradigms on multiple levels. Connect with Octavia on LinkedIn: Investigate further via her website: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Connect with Zen on LinkedIn: Zen's Digital Vitae: Zen's books on Amazon: Music: Outcasts and Social Misfits (Zen on drums) Buy Zen a cup of coffee:
01:09:34 11/12/2021
One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats

Are we coming out of or going into? Who's leading us? How are they leading us? Are they trustworthy? What are the signs of trustworthiness? How does that affect our lives?  

My conversation with Michell Levy takes us down the rabbit hole of credibility. He's a Global Credibility Expert, according to his branding. What's credibility to you? You'll want to watch the entire interview because it has excellent points for showing up better in life sprinkled throughout. Is you business compass aligned with your customer's point of pain?  

Mitchell describes his journey through his own transformation in business, developing the presence of a Global Credibility Expert. He shares a litany of interesting statistics that reflect what credible people do and how the show up. Where are you in the mix? Mitchell unpacks what it really means to be credible, to get noticed and to achieve being seen.  

Ever thought of doing a TED Talk? He's done two and shares his learning between the two, capping a 30+ year process that was powerful for him. Perhaps it will be for you as well. His sharing of bits of wisdom and our exchanges deepen the conversation and its reflections of practical application.   How do you get to know whether a person is credible or not? 

There's some notions of getting to know, like and trust. Mitchell speaks to the aspects of each from his research. How can we grow together through learning to coach and be coached? Are coaching moments necessary?  

You'll find many tasty tidbits, nuggets of notable knowledge we don't often consider regarding traditional thought processes that have inherently diminished our capacity for credibility.   

Find out more about Credibility Nation here: 

Connect with Mitchell on LinkedIn: 

Credibility Nation Book: 

BEing Seen and BEing Heard as a Thought Leader: What's Necessary for Individuals and Businesses to Transition from the Industrial Age to the Social Age: 


From Mitchell... "I've been interviewed by over 300 podcasters in the last couple years and I have to say that Zen stands out as a beacon of purpose. He came prepared by researching ahead of time, and at the same time was open to the flow of the conversation and asked some amazingly cool questions that no one of his peers ever did.   He's smart, articulate, thoughtful and purposeful. If you are asked to be interviewed by him or are looking for someone to work with who does work that's not the norm, that's above and beyond your expectations, reach out to Zen."  ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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00:59:20 11/5/2021
One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats

We take a deep dive into the sensemaking of design and strategy starting with reminiscing college days at Ball State University. Both of us had similar 'awakenings' that changed our outlook on life. Brady Mick is on sabbatical currently from strategic design and planning, having been a facilitator of process and workplace design.   

His passion for co-creating cohesion in customer/vendor/production environments brought much sensemaking to his practice. Then a strange thing happen. He followed his gut feeling that he needed a change and left a leading education and workplace design and thought leadership firm. Although the workplace was a great experience, he felt there was still something more and took a leap of faith to find out.   

Our chat explores the trending of organizational development that is springing from the archaic notions of the greats from the era of assembly and production. We explore the new(er) notions of sensemaking and emergence of real innovation in the co-creation of new agile systems within organizations.   

Bringing the younger generation on board, Brady speaks to a surprising realization from observing his teenage son playing video games. Most of us are bereft of solutions for engaging teens beyond the gaming lifestyle they have today, often affecting school performance negatively. He sees something beyond that and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the re-framing.  

This was a most enjoyable conversation that you'll enjoy, a real-life exploration of things that matter to all of us from personal growth to family to building community. What really is the 'age of enlightenment' as it relates to the evolution of humanity now? Are we moving into, as Brady calls it, the 'age of intuition.'  

From Brady...  I am designing my future. In this new reality, I imagine that: "Status quo" is a creative challenge Divergent and new ideas are welcome Work process is for people to produce results in a positive experience Purposeful design requires deep thinking Teams are built on a strengths-based philosophy Innovation is valued as equal to collaboration Learning is currency The future has meaning and purpose.  

with Brady on LinkedIn: ______________________________________________________________________________ 

Academian Mironova's Dissertation: 

Brady's Reflection: Zen is a rare spirit in pursuit of the higher value understanding we all need to thrive. Zen moves with confidence and insight thought the ethereal and the practical to achieve actionable knowledge. Zen had read widely in the plethora of thought offered to each of us, and has thought deeply about the meaning, value and beauty of what he has discovered. What a joy to work with him to build wisdom; the type of wisdom that brings pleasure to the struggles often faced in a business life. I recommend connecting with Zen and participating in his passion for connecting us to the next level evolution/revolution in our culture.  

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