Four guys talk Minnesota United, craft beer and real life, providing an independent and unbiased perspective of MNUFC's tactics and decisions. These guys are unwilling to hold back on their opinions about the Loons and their direction while throwing in humor, insight into their lives, and odd news with a sprinkling of guests to boot. They regularly visit Minnesota craft breweries, recording on location, to offer listeners an opportunity to explore and support the local, thriving craft beer culture.


Loonacy Podcast

163 Cheers to Five Years : Loons Beat The Rapids & The Case Of the Octo-Hand-Frog

The guys open the pod congratulating Connor on his recent college graduation. They then announce that this is the 5 year anniversary of the podcast, and discuss all that has happened during that time. Then it's on to the beers for the night, and a brief discussion about the Loons incoming signing. The Loons victory against the Colorado Rapids is discussed next, which includes talk about the field conditions, Bongi stepping up, the injury to Jack Price and how the team is playing better without Rey. They then make their predications for next weeks home game against Vancouver. After a quick break, they play another round of Ask the AI, followed by Connors MN Soccer history segment. To close the pod, they discuss a case of mistaken identity on a door bell camera.
00:00:00 3/20/2023

Past Episodes

Loonacy Podcast
The guys start the pod talking about weather, new beers at Allianz Field, & spring break in Fort Myers. Then it's on the Loons draw against the Red Bulls. They discuss the terrible field conditions, the goal by Bongi, the goal by the Red Bulls, & all around sloppy play by both teams. The guys then make their predictions for the upcoming game against the Rapids and do a little Ask the AI. This is followed up by some MN Soccer History, and they end the podcast with a story about a stolen truck full of chocolate.
00:00:00 3/13/2023
Loonacy Podcast
The guys open the podcast down two hosts. They then discuss lunch plans on Saturday, spring time and the Loons home opener. The beers are up next, and then they discuss some news from around the MLS. Loons bye week news is up next, which is followed by their predications for the upcoming match against NYRB. The guys then get into their new segment, Ask the AI, where they ask ChatGPT questions regarding the Loons & soccer. They finish up the podcast discussing a news story about a tweet from the National Park Service regarding proper etiquette when you & a friend are being chased by a bear.
00:00:00 3/6/2023
Loonacy Podcast
The guys open the podcast talking about the latest snowstorm and weather terrorists. Then it's on to the beers and a brief update about Rey. The Loons victory over FCD is discussed next, which includes talk about the lineup, the formation, Mender's goal, Mender's non-foul, the defense holding up, and playing without Rey. The guys talk about the new Apple TV MLS Season Pass next, and discuss the good & the bad of the first week on the app. Connor's MN Soccer History segment is up next, and they end the podcast with a story about workers falling into a vat of chocolate.
00:00:00 2/27/2023
Loonacy Podcast
The guys start the pod by getting right into the beers for the night. They then move on to some more talk about Rey and his absence from the team. Predictions for the Loons season is up next, with each guy predicting where they will end up in the standings. They also each make a bold prediction about the upcoming season. Next, Connor talks about his experience at the Loons Northern Lights kit release, and adds in his MN Soccer History segment. The funny story for the night is next, which is about a ballet director who didn't like some criticism and took it out on the critic. The guys then go off script a bit and talk about Aaron Rodgers and if MLS Season Pass will be available at local bars.
00:00:00 2/20/2023
Loonacy Podcast
The guys open the pod with the announcement of new intro music from the band Grand Holler. Then it's on to the beers for the night, with David tasting Modist's new collab with Hormel. The discussion then turns to Reynoso, and how concerned they are with his absence from the team. The guys then talk a little Apple MLS Season Pass, along with some playoff format rumors for the 2023 season. Some MN Soccer History with Connor is up next and they end the episode with a story about a Minnesota man being assaulted with a chicken.
00:00:00 2/7/2023
Loonacy Podcast
The guys kick off the podcast discussing the new beer collaboration from Modist Brewing & Hormel. Then it's on to the beers they are drinking. The cover the signing of a young CB next, and some other rumors floating around about a possible signing of a CB from Liga MX. The then discuss the Loons home opener giveaway, and if it will be cold enough to use it. Japan's population problem is discussed next, and they finish the podcast with a story about a unwelcome turkey causing problems in a Minnesota city.
00:00:00 1/26/2023
Loonacy Podcast
The guys start the pod discussing how everyone is making moves but the Loons. Then it's on to beers, and the reason David isn't drinking during the podcast. They talk how the Loons roster is set up next, and how it's pretty much the same team as last year. They discuss some needs and some different formations. A couple rumored transfers from South Korea are discussed, and how the World Cup changes a perception of certain players. The guys then answer some questions from people on Twitter, followed by a short segment of MN Soccer History. They end the episode with a story about a female cop who lost her job due to her open marriage policy.
00:00:00 1/17/2023
Loonacy Podcast
The guys start the podcast discussing their holidays, and the reason why Tony isn't recording this episode from a sunny beach in Mexico. Then it's on to the beers and a discussion about the World Cup Final. They then talk about the MLS Superdraft and who the Loons selected. Up next, it's the Loons 2023 schedule, and they talk about what games they are looking forward to. They finish the podcast with a story about the cops being called on Cousin Eddie and a new law in Korea.
00:00:00 12/28/2022
Loonacy Podcast
It's just Tony & Dave on this episode and they start talking about the current MN snowstorm. Then it's on to the beers for the evening. After the beers, the discuss the quarterfinals & semifinals of the World Cup, focusing mostly on the upsets and games that went to PK's. They then discuss the Loons signing a couple of MLS Veterans to start filling out their roster. They finish with a funny story about a heist in Germany of some very weird stuff.
00:00:00 12/16/2022
Loonacy Podcast
The guys start the pod talking about their weekends, then it's on to the nights beers. They then discuss the round of 16 at the World Cup, and spend extra time talking about Team USA's loss to the Netherlands and the future of the team. A little Loons talk comes up next as the guys talk about the recent signing of GK Clint Irwin. To finish up the episode they talk about two stories: a golfer getting an unexpected nose job & a women who couldn't stand the noise of some medical equipment.
00:00:00 12/8/2022

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