Hello, I'm Eric Lee. My curiosity about life and what makes people do the things they do, led me to start a podcast. I also love to talk so I invite you to come hear me give my opinion on various topics. I realize that everyone may not share the same views as I do and some people may see things differently but I'm OK with that and hope you are too!


This Is How We See It

In The News

More school violence (this instance was personal to me).  Hunter Biden found guilty on all three counts in his gun trial.  Sean Combs is giving back his honorary Doctorate degree.  Tune in for these stories and more.
00:00:00 6/15/2024

Past Episodes

This Is How We See It
The one thing in my life that I regret the most.....  Trump is convicted on all 34 counts regarding a hush money payment made to porn star Stormy Daniels.
00:00:00 6/2/2024
This Is How We See It
There is proof now that Sean "Diddy" Combs physically assaulted Cassie.  NC Board of Governors vote to repeal DEI (diversity, equality and inclusion) policy in all public Universities and Colleges.  NC State Senate passed bill  to make it illegal to wear masks in public, will it become law?  Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito flew upside down flag at his home in 2021 days after the Capitol riot.
00:00:00 5/25/2024
This Is How We See It
What is Ageism and what can be done to fight it?  Why should we all be concerned about this discriminatory practice?
00:00:00 5/17/2024
This Is How We See It
Thought I'd go back in the vault and replay an episode from 2019, where we count down the some of the most high profile scandals of the 21st century.  Hope you enjoy!  
00:00:00 5/8/2024
This Is How We See It
Tune in as I talk about the dangers of high blood pressure and the scare I had last week with mine.  What is high blood pressure and what can you do to fight it?
00:00:00 4/26/2024
This Is How We See It
We are sad to hear of the passing of OJ Simpson today.  Our hearts and prayers are with the Simpson family!  Here is an episode that I recorded back in 2015 regarding the 1995 trial that had the world on the edge of our seats.
00:00:00 4/11/2024
This Is How We See It
Join me as  explore the negative effects of social media on teen and what parents can do to combat it.
00:00:00 4/5/2024
This Is How We See It
Pansexuality.  What exactly is it?  How is it different than Bisexuality?  Celebrities who now identify as Pansexual.
00:00:00 3/24/2024
This Is How We See It
Who watched the Oscars? CBS developing first black daytime soap opera in 35 years. Kim K. and Bianca Censori, are they friends now? Two children at a Duplin County, NC daycare overdose on fentanyl. Boss shows up to employee's house after she calls in sick from work.
00:00:00 3/17/2024
This Is How We See It
Sean "Diddy" Combs has had a bad year with multiple allegations of sexual assault and sex trafficking lawsuits filed against him.  Here is everything to know about the timeline of the accusations.
00:00:00 3/9/2024

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