Getting Started

Getting Started

Posted by LaunchpadOne Team

Now that you're publishing your podcast, a great next step is to market your show to new and existing listeners on your social media channels. LaunchpadOne has partnered with
Headliner to give you an easy way to create video and audiograms for your podcast to promote on social media!

You can watch this short video to find out more about Headliner:


Here's how you can use Headliner on LaunchpadOne:

Select An Episode - The Headliner tool is available for existing or newly published episodes. For a review on how to publish an episode of your show, you can read more here.

Publish to Headliner - Once your episode is published, in the Sharing section at the bottom of the episode page, select the Create Headliner Video button:

Select Your Aspect Ratio
- for the clip you're creating, select how you'd like it to look. You can choose:

  • Landscape - best for YouTube and websites

  • Square - best for Twitter,

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Thank you for joining LaunchpadOne. Before you go, please drop us a line at and let us know if there's features we can improve!

If you have decided to change hosting services, please make sure your new feed is set up prior to shutting down your LaunchpadOne account. Once that is ready, follow the steps below to close and/or redirect your account:
  1. Click the avatar icon in the top right-hand corner of the LaunchpadOne dashboard.
  2. Select "Close Your Account."
  3. On the account closure page, you will have an option to let us know why you're leaving and to set up a redirect to a new hosting platform.
    Close account screen
  4. Insert your new RSS feed into the provided field and click "Close My Account" to complete the redirect.
  5. Remember, creating a redirect is a permanent process that cannot be undone and your account with LaunchpadOne will be closed upon redirecting.
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Distributing Your Podcast To Listening Platforms

Once you've set up your new podcast and uploaded episodes, you'll need to make them available to listeners!

Here are simple instructions on distribution options to grow your audience so that you have direct ownership of your accounts on these platforms.

Note: before you proceed with distribution, ensure that your podcast has a published episode (or trailer/promo) and uploaded artwork in LaunchpadOne to meet distributors submission requirements.

Apple Podcasts - Instructions | Submit Your Podcast

The Podcasts app by Apple is one of the more utilized podcasting apps in the market. To be published in this highly used platform, it is important to go through the validation process for submission. To learn more about the iTunes submission process, please see here.

Please see here to start the podcast validation and submission process.

Spotify - Instructions | Submit
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To share your content on your personal website or blog, LaunchpadOne offers embeddable players for you to use.

This are two options for you across the site, single episode players and show playlist players. This will cover single episode players. To learn about show playlist players, please see this article.

  1. Click the "Your Episodes" tab, and select the episode you'd like to embed under "Recent Episodes."
  2. In the "Sharing" Section, you will find HTML code for an embeddable player: 

Embeddable Player Code

You can customize the following fields:
  • Width and Height - these are editable in pixels. By default, the width is responsive, so it will fill 100% of the width of the site or iFrame.
  • Program Logo - you can toggle this on or off
  • Duration - this is final episode duration, you can toggle this on or off too
  • Color Scheme - you can go with the default color scheme, as pictured above, or select custom color scheme to edit the player:
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Create Episode

From the "Episodes" Tab, click the "Publish an Episode" button to begin creating your episode.

Episode Details

Fill out the following on the Episode Details page:
  • Title - Fill in the episode title. Make your title specific to attract subscribers.
  • Description - Include a few sentences to describe your episode.To enter a line break in the episode Description, click the HTML option. Then, press Shift + Enter or click the "BR" button to add a line break.
    • To create a new paragraph in the episode Description, click the HTML option. Then, press Enter or click the "P" button to begin a new paragraph.
    • As far as what actually gets sent to iTunes for the Description, we send it both with HTML (if it contains any) and with all HTML stripped out. All podcatchers including iTunes typically strip out all HTML, which is why we send the stripped out version. However, starting with iOS 11, iTunes does
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Getting started with a podcast is easy with LaunchpadOne, and you can either create a brand new podcast, or ingest an existing podcast for rehosting and new distribution. Check out below for how to do both:

Setting Up Your Account
  1. Select "Start Podcasting" to begin your account setup here, and fill out your account details
  2. Verify your email address with the code provided and log in to LaunchpadOne to see the screen below:
Create or Import

Creating A New Podcast

  1. Select "Create a New Podcast" and fill out the sections listed below:
    • Program Details
      • Fill in the Title and Description
        • To enter a line break in the Description field, click the HTML option. Then, press Shift + Enter or click the "BR" button
        • To create a new paragraph in the Description field, click the HTML option. Then, press Enter to begin a new paragraph.
      • iTunes Show Type - select Episodic or Serial
        • Episodic (default) - Specify episodic for stand-alone
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