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I'm Just Sayin' Bruh

I'm Just Sayin' Bruh... This Is Part 2.

In this continuation from last week's episode, they guys get real personal and open up about mental health and some of their struggles.
01:05:41 5/19/2022

Past Episodes

I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
The guys talk a little bit about the final episodes of Ozark, the Dave Chappelle attack and more in part 1 of this episode.
00:57:33 5/12/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Micah Parsons and the puck drop, Mike Tyson and more in this week's episode.
00:57:18 5/5/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
The guys are back after a missed week from being old and tired. They talk a little bit of NBA Playoffs, a lot of Snowfall and a lot of Power and Power Book IV: Force.
01:26:42 4/28/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Our thoughts on the latest episode of Power Book IV: Force, Lakers coaching options and more.
01:15:50 4/16/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Corey thought he lost the whole first part of the podcast but he didn't. The guys have a good "Ones Gotta Go" segment, plus much more in this week's episode.
01:24:34 4/7/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
This week we talk about the Ryan Coogler Bank of America incident, Snowfall and more.
00:56:49 3/17/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Yea it's late but its here. In this week's episode: Family Dollar rats, the Mair Chokwe and Kenny Stokes, The Batman and Fast and Furious 9.
01:11:02 3/12/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
The guys talk All-Star Weekend, The Juwan Howard slap, and war.
01:19:48 2/24/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
The guys talk about the Super Bowl and the halftime show. Where can Power Book 2 go from here? Greg brings up retapplement.
01:17:45 2/17/2022
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
They guys are back with their episode dropping on Super Bowl Sunday. Listen as we couldn't talk about the season finale of Power Book 2, talk about the premier of Power Book 4: Force. We also argue about a man's hair, lol.
01:31:39 2/13/2022

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