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S2E4: The Stressed Out Introvert

If you're an introvert, you know that sometimes you can feel tired and stressed out when it seems like everyone around is doing something exciting. In this episode, I share some of the difficult challenges I have faced as an introvert in a world that doesn't understand is.

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00:25:19 11/7/2021

Past Episodes

The Chirp Podcast
While surrounded by noisiness of the urban life, let this poem by Wordsworth let you remember your own special place which helped you through difficult and tiring times.
00:10:13 10/31/2021
The Chirp Podcast
A Reflection on the first line of the poem "Desiderata". Solitude is essential in our lives. When we are encumbered with all the chatters of this world, we need to step back and embrace the silence.
00:23:34 10/23/2021
The Chirp Podcast
I encountered this poem in high school and thought that it's inspiring. It somehow brings value and tips on how to find peace and happiness in life. Up to this time, the poem still resonates especially that we are very saturated with a lot of material desires and temptations around.
00:03:49 10/19/2021
The Chirp Podcast
Five years ago in October, Papa passed away. Years went by and I'm still coping with it. Here's my journey of dealing with his loss and getting my life back.
00:22:01 10/17/2021
The Chirp Podcast
Some friendships last long, while some don't. When one goes through struggles in life, a friend becomes a shoulder to lean on. But what happens when a person you trust ruins the friendship you treasure the most? As a season ender and in celebration of World Mental Health Day, I am sharing my own experience of losing friendship and finding my own worth.
00:15:28 10/10/2021
The Chirp Podcast
They say that literature has the power to heal. So, this mental health month, I'm going to share the poem which my psychiatrist friend recommended me to read when I was on the verge of my mental struggles two years ago.
00:08:22 10/5/2021
The Chirp Podcast
Life can be so challenging when we encounter failures and rejections in our lives. But here are some ways on how to deal with these inevitable situations.
00:17:57 9/26/2021
The Chirp Podcast
Bare necessities means having sufficient resources, with nothing to spare. This is quite a challenge for us, especially when we are encumbered by the desire to gain material possessions. But is it impossible to live with bare necessities? And how? This episode will tell you. Listen now.
00:14:08 9/19/2021
The Chirp Podcast
This pandemic has surely taken its toll on us. We might be feeling a bit depressed or anxious. But here are some ways to deal with this horrible situation. Listen now.
00:14:44 9/12/2021
The Chirp Podcast
Having the experience of living in the city and in the farm, I would say that I have tasted the best of both worlds.
00:20:12 9/5/2021

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