We started our podcast in Brooklyn East Flatbush to Interview Creators,Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Musicians,Designers,Producers, Pastors Etc in our community, nationwide and international. We talk about their their Start & Their Journey, Their Purposes, Ups and Downs, Their Drives, The industry their in, People they would like to work with, Their Mentors Etc. Hopefully we can get some donations to help fund and grow our podcast (More Equipment, BiggerSpace,Marketing,Venue Rentals for on stage interviews and so forth) . https://www.gofundme.com/f/ugr-podcas... We want to get this out there professionally to a huge audience before these talents that need to be brandished get tucked underneath the carpet and go to waste. With your support we can keep rolling footage and Enhance our content to the Best Quality Videos and Audio Recordings. We are a living advocate for our community and a voice for our Generation and those before and to come.


Underground Railroad Podcast

PurpDaDealer Talks East Flatbush, Time In The Feds, Favorite Albums, Influences, Documentary + More

Wayne Kastro & Porterz Pres. Underground Railroad Podcast Interview with Purp Da Dealer Artist from East Flatbush Brooklyn NY, In this show he talks about New York Hiphop Music, Time in the feds, Music Industry. His Development + More
00:11:11 12/12/2019

Past Episodes

Underground Railroad Podcast
Wayne Kastro & Porterz Pres. Underground Railroad Podcast Interview with Td like da bank Artist from Africa now reside in Brooklyn NY, In this show he talks about the business decisions he had to make on his rise in the music industry.Personal Life and Goals +More
00:12:29 12/5/2019
Underground Railroad Podcast
Wayne Kastro & Porterz Pres. The UnderGround Railroad Podcast Season 1 Ep 2 This is a interview with Pee Gunna, a rap artist from East Flatbush Brooklyn New York.With his love of musicians he took it in his own hands to distribute and collect Revenue from his music. With his management Team he is planning to take the industry by storm. Enjoy! And Remember To #UGRR #Subscribe #RICHROWTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXXScnReotU For artists Looking for distribution here is a 15% distrokid discount link Below: https://distrokid.com/vip/seven/869725
00:19:09 11/27/2019
Underground Railroad Podcast
Wayne Kastro & Porterz Pres. Underground Railroad PODCAST Season 1: Episode 1 Egami Collection: Ceo/Founder Reuel Matthew Mr Egami Speaks about his journey and upbringing as a entrepreneur , his purpose in his career, who he is affiliated with, Major Companies he wants to work with and why, giving back to the community with knowledge and being a advocate and a voice for his community by promoting a corporate image for a more aproachable Business Minded Black America. Hosted By Zj Dramma Wayne RRDJ Da Genius Video By : Rich Row Tv (C) Rich Row Publishing Richrowrecords.com Blackteament.com Audio Engineer: Dwayne Vidal Shot & Edited by : Dwayne Vidal Directed By: Dwayne Vidal & David Leogene Music: Dwayne Vidal (Zj Drammawayne ft Wayne Kastro - Step Fwd Instrumental ) Wayne Kastro Ft Porterz - Back Home https://open.spotify.com/track/7ygK5B... Wayne Kastro - Gods Looking https://open.spotify.com/album/5ZEdSd... Wayne Kastro - Time Shows https://open.spotify.com/album/5zqyUF...
00:15:32 11/20/2019

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