3 best friends who went through college together talking about life lessons they learned, how their lives changed, and also thoughts on things going on in the world.


3's a Crowd

College: Laughs and Lessons

In this episode, we share some of our favorite college memories, our favorite classes, some life lessons that we learned throughout our 4 years, and our Netflix recommendations. We hope you enjoy! Be sure to follow our Spotify page and follow our Instagram @3sacrowdpodcast_
00:00:00 5/11/2020

Past Episodes

3's a Crowd
In our first episode, we discuss embarrassing stories from our week, what we are struggling with while in quarantine, and some song suggestions to make you get up and dance! We hope this episode provides you with some comic relief but also some advice on how to possibly deal with your own struggles. Please support us. Follow us on Instagram @3sacrowdpodcast_
00:00:00 5/4/2020
3's a Crowd
This is our first episode/teaser. We wanted to give you guys a taste of our personalities before we start releasing full episodes. Our episodes will be posted every Monday! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @3sacrowdpodcast_
00:03:16 4/29/2020

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