Chris (a cop) and Damon (a lawyer) geek out about whether your favorite movies get the "law-thing" right or wrong. Our ideal listener loves movies, enjoys podcasts while commuting to and from work, and questions whether complicated subplots would play out in the real world. Perp Fiction provides expert perspectives, insights, and analysis that our listeners can work into the conversation when they geek out with fellow movie-philes.


perp fiction

PerpFiction E2.1 - Lethal Weapon 2 Redux

Chris and Damon take a fresh look at Shane Black's Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) and analyze Diplomatic Immunity, Money Laundering, and Police tactics and camaraderie, among other things. Damon also finally admits that, like Detective Murtaugh, he is too old for this ____.
00:37:33 9/2/2021

Past Episodes

perp fiction
Chris and Damon examine diplomatic immunity, car chase protocol, cop camaraderie, and money laundering in Lethal Weapon 2 (1989).
00:36:52 6/27/2019
perp fiction
Chris and Damon open the series with a look at police procedure and felony murder issues in Die Hard (1988).
00:24:24 6/11/2019

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