Fantasy Fumble is an average Joe's perspective about Fantasy Football as well as legal betting within the state of Georgia. The host will talk about what fantasy football players you should draft, trade for, or pick up. The host will also talk about legal betting but with a twist. Tune in to find out! Disclaimer: Please bet responsibly and the host is not responsible for any gambling addictions. If you have a betting problem contact your local state for support.


Fantasy Fumble

NFC South Part 2. New Orleans Saints & Tampa Bay Buccaneers

On today's episode, Hayden talks about the Saints takeaway players and gives some cold takes for both the Saints and the Buccaneers. Also, GO CHECK OUT DRAFT TOWN if you are into trading cards! They have all sorts of packs and cards that are affordable. THIS PODCAST IS NOT SPONSORED BY DRAFT TOWN.
00:31:02 6/17/2024

Past Episodes

Fantasy Fumble
Today, Hayden talks about the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers. With the addition of a new QB in Atlanta, Hayden has higher hopes for the Falcons than last year. Then he gets into what the expectation is for Carolina. Follow Fantasy Fumble on Instagram @fantasy_fumble. Please be sure to leave a review and don't forget to subscribe!
00:29:19 6/7/2024
Fantasy Fumble
Today, Hayden talks about the expectations for the Packers and the Vikings plus some players to take away from your draft if you are able to. Follow fantasy_fumble on Instagram for more updates!
00:25:18 5/23/2024
Fantasy Fumble
Today, Hayden talks about the NFL schedule being released and begins his projection on how the teams do overall for the year and which fantasy players stick out to him. Be sure to follow Fantasy Fumble on Instagram @fantasy_fumble for future updates. Thank you!
00:26:10 5/17/2024
Fantasy Fumble
On today's episode Hayden goes into detail with the team he drafted vs. the team he has now as well as the trades that have taken place in between week 1 and week 7. Then he goes into detail about his betting slip for Thursday Night Football where the Jacksonville Jaguars play the New Orleans Saints.
00:28:48 10/19/2023
Fantasy Fumble
Welcome to Fantasy Fumble! The show where the host talks about fantasy football and gambling but with a twist. This show is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not meant for actual results. Please gamble responsibly and the host is not responsible for any loses that you might endure. Thank you for tuning in and be sure to share!
00:12:53 10/19/2023

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