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CT Archives - Canadian Wrestler Bracket: Parts 1 & 2

Due to some technical difficulties, this week, we will be bringing you both parts of a classic bracket. Here we have a special 2-part Bracket dedicated to the country of Canada! 32 Canadian professional wrestlers are highly debated in tournament fashion to determine the greatest Canadian Wrestler of all time! Could Canada's favorite son take this whole thing? Quite possibly! But don't you dare forget the Darsow! Join Ron & Cole along with very special guest, Dave "Tiger-Man" Smith right now!
01:35:16 9/20/2023

Past Episodes

The Creative Team
It's a Top 10 episode today Creative Team fans! You know, we as podcasters feel like a Tag Team most of the time. So, what better subject to discuss other than the Top 10 Tag Teams of all time?! Cole & Ron have brought their list to the table. Let's see who makes the final cut! Tag in your friend and listen in today!
01:14:15 9/13/2023
The Creative Team
You may not be able to trust a snake, but you can certainly trust us when we say that we have an epic Take it up with Creative this week! Today, we hop back in time and ask, "what if?" What if Jake "The Snake" Roberts won the WWE Championship? Cole & Ron put on their Creative Caps and pitch their ideas! How would we get there? Who would he beat? We find out today.
01:01:58 9/6/2023
The Creative Team
It has been a sad week for the world of professional wrestling. We lost the legendary Terry Funk. Terry Funk is your favorite wrestler's favorite wrestler. That is how good Terry Funk is. A day later, we were all struck by the tragic passing of Bray Wyatt. Bray quickly became one of the greatest, and most believable characters in pro wrestling, and he is gone way too soon. Today we pay tribute to these fallen superstars. As tragic as this week was for the industry, it is one of the most successful weeks as well. After we pay our respects, we are going to discuss the historic AEW All In from Wembley Stadium. Let's all sit back and enjoy some wrestling. Terry & Bray would have wanted it that way.
01:34:35 8/30/2023
The Creative Team
It's game-time, Creative Team fans! Last week the boys were tasked with drafting 20 Managers within the world of Professional Wrestling. This week, they present their 8-match card to the judge! What better judge can you ask for other than Pro Wrestling Manager extraordinaire! You've seen him on All Elite Wrestling. He is a Pro Wrestling Guerilla alumni; the always entertaining Dino Winwood joins us to decide who had the best card. Will it be Cole? Will it be Ron? It is Part 2 of The Creative Team's Pro Wrestling Managers Fantasy Draft. Tune in now!
00:50:38 8/23/2023
The Creative Team
It is draft time ladies & gentlemen! Boy, do we have a special 2 weeks lined up for you. Today, Cole & Ron will be drafting their rosters to make a card for the judge, but there is a twist! They can only drafter Managers! That is right. The guys will only be able to draft 20 Managers and somehow make an entire show out of that roster! This will sure be a fun episode full of twists and turns! You never know who will be discussed, or who will be picked. It's part 1 of the Manager Draft! Tune in now!
00:55:25 8/16/2023
The Creative Team
We are fresh off of a historic Summerslam, and the Creative Team have a lot to say about it! After they discuss the hottest event of the summer, Ron & Cole dish out a Take it up with Creative suitable for heat! A topical character, hot off of latest episode of Dark Side of the Ring. The subject is Bam Bam Bigelow. Bam Bam was a guy that could do it all. An agile big-man who could work with anyone! Today, we ask the question: What would Bam Bam do in the WWF during the Attitude Era? The Creative Team plans to deliver the perfect answer to that question. Just press play!
01:01:25 8/9/2023
The Creative Team
This episode is going to be a hot discussion, but also a fun one! We are talking 2 of our favorite things! Professional Wrestling & Video Games! That's right Wrestling has been a part of the video game world since the very beginning! Ron and Cole will discuss the greatest wrestling games ever made spanning across multiple decades! Tune in now for a fun filled Top 10 episode. The Creative Team's Top 10 Wrestling Video Games!
01:12:13 8/2/2023
The Creative Team
It has been a wild first half of the United States Champion Bracket. We have only just begun! Part 2 gets even better! Witness the epic debates and be prepared for the most unexpected final match The Creative Team has ever witnessed in Bracket History! DJ BBQ joins us again for the epic conclusion. It is part 2 of the United States Champion Bracket. Who will be crowned the winner!? Find out today!
00:46:29 7/26/2023
The Creative Team
We are wrapping up July with a 2-part Bracket, Creative Team fans! We are discussing the prestigious United States Championship. Thats right! 32 of the greatest professional wrestlers who have held the title with duke it out in a best 2 out of 3 tournament bracket featuring our 3rd man, DJ BBQ! It's an Uncut reunion! Get ready for rich history and laughs! Don't forget the Darsow! It's Part 1 of the United States Champion Bracket. Tune in now!
01:20:17 7/19/2023
The Creative Team
4th of July may be in our rear-view mirror, but Pyromania is still running wild for us here at the Creative Team. We are going to be doing another Top 10 today and the topic is Pyro! Thats right! Part of the glitz & glamour of professional wrestling is the awe-inspiring visual presentation of the Pyro these companies display for their events, and especially the entrances of the performers! We will be discussing & reminiscing about all the performers with the best Fireworks display for their entrances. Do you have your favorites? They might be on this list! Tune in now to see who made the cut!
00:57:12 7/12/2023

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