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Top 10 Catchphrases

On today's episode of The Creative Team, Ron & Cole present the Top 10 Catchphrases in professional wrestling history. Before we get there, we have to address the unfortunate news that fell upon the world of professional wrestling & our podcast family. The Wrestling world lost The Genius Lanny Poffo. He was a pleasure to be around, and legend in this industry. Speaking of legends in an industry, our beloved host Cole also lost his Grandfather. Much like his sister Candice LeRae paid tribute to both men on Monday Night Raw this week, we take the time to honor these men as well. Take a moment to treasure the people you love while you have them, and please enjoy our show today. Thank you.
01:13:13 2/8/2023

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The Creative Team
Today is the dramatic conclusion to The Royal Sabotage Draft. Ron & Cole have had a week to build cards out of the rosters they drafted for each other! We now put the responsibility in the hands of our judge! A returning guest. Dino Winwood joins the cast to crown the winner of today's draft. Who made the best out of the worst!? Tune in today!
00:58:27 2/1/2023
The Creative Team
It is draft season ladies and gentlemen, and we are on the road to the Royal Rumble. Ron & Cole will be tasked with drafting a roster of talent to make an 8 match card. The only catch is that each member of the roster must have participated in the Royal Rumble match. Oh and it is worth mentioning that this draft will be under SABOTAGE RULES! That's right! For the 3rd time, Ron & Cole will be drafting each other's rosters in the inaugural, Royal Sabotage Draft. Tune into Part 1 now!
00:47:00 1/25/2023
The Creative Team
It is the dramatic conclusion to the very first bracket of the year, Creative Team fans! Many moments have moved onto the next round. One Darsow has been played. What historic moment in Pro Wrestling History will take the crown as the Creative Team's greatest moment of all time? Join Cole, Ron, and the 3rd man DJ BBQ to find out now!
01:19:35 1/18/2023
The Creative Team
It is the very first bracket of the year, Creative Team fans! This one is sure to be jam packed full of moments! We will be discussing the 32 biggest moments in Pro Wrestling history. Which 32 moments made the cut? What moments will move on? All questions will be answered in due time. Our 3rd man for such a bracket is none other than DJ BBQ from the Kota iRadio Network. Join us for part 1 today!
01:22:36 1/11/2023
The Creative Team
Happy New Year everyone! We trust that you all had a tremendous Holiday vacation filled with love and laughter. We have great news. The laughter continues on! Cole & Ron have decided to open the year with a Take it up with Creative for the ages. We are going back to the New Generation Era to put a spotlight on one of those most unlikely to succeed characters in the industry. The Goon. That is right! It is our "Goal" to do right by The Goon and we have just the story to tell to make it happen. Join us now!
00:50:04 1/4/2023
The Creative Team
Happy New Year to you all from us here at the Creative Team. As we wind down an extremely eventful year in the world of Pro Wrestling, it is only fitting that we take the last show of 2022, and nail down the Top 10 Moments of the year! Some of the moments were personal taste, some of the moments were personal for emotional reasons as you will hear. Some were just too big to ignore! We discuss them all! Tune in now!
01:07:02 12/28/2022
The Creative Team
It's the most wonderful time of the year, friends! But before we get to our holiday weekend filled with gifts, Let's put a bow on the last bracket of the year. Join Cole & Ron along with their 3rd man, Wade Needham from for the dramatic conclusion to this stacked bracket and see who took the crown for The Creative Team's Wrestler of the Year!
01:21:21 12/21/2022
The Creative Team
What a year we have had ladies & gentlemen! Just like last year, we had a bracket to solidify who we thought would be the top star of 2022. This year we will have a bracket to determine who actually was the top star of 2022! Enjoy the first part of an enjoyable Creative Team bracket alongside RingScoops very own Wade Needham to help Cole & Ron get the job done. DON'T FORGET THE DARSOW! Tune in now!
01:12:11 12/14/2022
The Creative Team
Happy Holidays from us here at the Creative Team. Tis the season to create joyful memories that will last a lifetime. Speaking of memories that last a lifetime. Our topic today is the essence of why we love professional wrestling. We are talking stories. Having a story to invest in is what drives emotion in this artform. It is the very thing that gets us fans to buy a ticket! Join us today as we solidify our Top 10 Storylines ever!
01:27:25 12/7/2022
The Creative Team
Just because Turkey Day is behind us, doesn't mean the following episode isn't timely! Normally we Take it up with Creative for a gimmick that maybe didn't get a fair shake creatively. Today we are going to take maybe one of the most doomed from the start creative ideas and see what we can do to salvage it. Our subject today, is the The Gobbledy Gooker! Enjoy!
00:47:58 11/30/2022

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