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Take it up with Creative - Cole Dawson & Ron Kilbourn...?

On this very special edition of Take it up with Creative. The boys put on their thinking caps and create a storyline for each other. That's right! Ron will have control over Cole's Creative, and Cole will have control over Ron's creative. This should be a great time! Leave us a 5-star review and tell us how you would debut yourself! Tune in today!
00:47:49 5/25/2022

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The Creative Team
After an entire year with us here at the Creative Team. Many of you must have asked once or twice, "Who are these guys?!" We are going to dedicate the next few weeks to properly introduce ourselves with a little bit of history, and fun stories. Sit back, relax, and join us for a special sit-down interview as we pick the brain of our very own Cole Dawson. Tune in now!
01:07:47 5/18/2022
The Creative Team
A very happy 1-year anniversary to the Creative Team! What better way to celebrate this crowning achievement than to ensure that we never have a guest on our show ever again!? Thats right friends, we are going to be running a mini Creative Team bracket, and the participants will be our all-star lineup of guests throughout the past year. Gear up for some belly-aching laughter, some friendly jokes, and some not so friendly jokes, but jokes none the less! We hope you enjoy this special episode, and many more to come. Thank you for your support.
01:01:09 5/11/2022
The Creative Team
May the 4th be with you! In honor of Star Wars Day, one of the most iconic villains in cinematic history comes to mind. Darth Vader. Today, we pay tribute to all of the evil, & vile scum who have wreaked havoc within the world of professional wrestling! Strap in for a fun Top 10 episode as we countdown the greatest heels of all time! Tune in now!
01:14:17 5/4/2022
The Creative Team
It all comes down to this Creative Team fans! Last week, Ron & Cole drafted 20 former intercontinental champions to their rosters. This week, they present their super cards to the judges! Please welcome our special guest judges Chuck, Uday & Dick of The Bux Effect podcast. Who will the judges favor? Tune in today for the dramatic conclusion of the Intercontinental Champion Draft!
00:56:04 4/27/2022
The Creative Team
It's Draft season Creative Team friends, and the boys are out for blood! Usually, Ron & Cole draft rosters within a specific time period. Today, we have a number of time periods and dream matches on the table! The only way to qualify for this draft is the individual has to have held the Intercontinental Championship. Listen in as Cole & Ron draft their rosters to present to next week's judges on the first ever: Intercontinental Champion Draft. Tune in now!
00:46:03 4/20/2022
The Creative Team
On this special edition of Take it up with Creative, our subject is an emotional one. We are talking about that late, great Scott Hall. Today, we pay homage to The Bad Guy by going back in time to re-write history. We are going to go back where most of us knew him first. In the WWF as Razor Ramon. The year is 1996. Razor Ramon & Diesel are about to leave for WCW. Bret Hart hasn't returned yet. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is about to win King of the Ring. Today we ask ourselves, what if Razor Ramon stayed in the WWF? Get your toothpicks out, and let's find out together!
01:15:06 4/13/2022
The Creative Team
We here at the Creative Team like to do a lot of talking. That is our show! It is what we do. So how about we talk about the greatest talkers in professional wrestling? Thats right! It's Top 10 time! The subject today is Mic-Skills / Promos. Cole & Ron present each other, and the Creative Team universe The Top 10 Greatest Promos of all time.
00:55:53 4/6/2022
The Creative Team
It is the glorious conclusion to both WrestleMania month & The WrestleMania Bracket here at the Creative team. We are passed the first round, and already 2 Darsows have been played! Join Ron, Cole, & returning special guest Ty Matthews, and enjoy this very fun, and highly debated second half of this Bracket as we solidify the Greatest WrestleMania of all the times! Tune in now!
01:16:52 3/30/2022
The Creative Team
The Ronstoppable Cole-Train is well on its way through the road to WrestleMainia, and we got 2 stops left. A special 2-part Bracket! This time, The Creative Team takes 32 WrestleManias ever, and debate them all the way down to solidify the greatest WrestleMania of all the times! Please welcome our 3rd man, a Creative Team regular, but a first time Bracket participant, Ty Mathews joins Ron & Cole for the next 2 weeks! Listen now!
01:35:33 3/23/2022
The Creative Team
Happy 3:16 Day! We celebrate with a monumental dose of Take it up with Creative! This week we go back in time, and rewrite history to lead up to the biggest box office match that never happened. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Vs. Hulk Hogan was a huge plan in 2003, and circumstances leading to Austin's retirement changed the course of history forever. If the stars aligned. What could have been?! Crack open a couple of Steve-wisers, and tune in today to find out!
01:11:57 3/16/2022

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