Join PirateTomski as he sets the record straight on a number of issues affecting society today. We'll cover everything from social media, big tech and politics right through to the relevance of religion and conventional education.


Speaking Freely

Empathy: FRIEND or FOE?

This week we talk about the role of empathy in modern culture and how useful it is in a world of social media and news
00:00:00 4/1/2021

Past Episodes

Speaking Freely
This week we talk about Online Data and Company Usage, and ask the question; are cookies a bad thing? The Social Dilemma Is Dangerously Wrong - Part 1; The Social Dilemma Is Dangerously Wrong - Part 2: Rob Braxman - What Browser to Use? About Browser Isolation:
00:00:00 3/2/2021
Speaking Freely
Cancel Culture is a growing movement that has targeted the famous and the non famous. But what does it mean? *** The views, information or opinions expressed in the YouTube Channel and Podcast are solely the views of the individuals involved and do not represent the views of any third party. Where guests appear on the YouTube Channel and Podcast, the views of those guests are solely their views, and the Company does not accept responsibility for them. Such views are the views of guests, and not the Company.
00:00:00 2/17/2021
Speaking Freely
Hedge Funds, Reddit forums and the Cathedral. We share our view on what has been happening on the stock market in recent days.
00:00:00 2/2/2021
Speaking Freely
Has big tech got too much control? Should your freedom of speech be moderated by employees of these private companies? In this our first episode we tackle these questions and look into what has set Pirate Tomski's alarm bells off recently.
00:00:00 1/20/2021

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