This true crime podcast focuses on athletes who did great on the field but terrible in life! Or some who brought them down in their prime. Listen as Carlos and Todd break down all the highs and lows!


Out of bounds "crime in sports"

Lorenzen wright

A Memphis homegrown talent in basketball Lorenzen Wright ascended to heights every kid growing up would want be in life. A kid making it to the pros and with his hometown team and making millions and having a beautiful wife. So what went wrong? Listen in and find out!

00:47:04 4/6/2021

Past Episodes

Out of bounds

In this story being an upstanding man in the community and always being there for everyone can be taxing. The one time you are not and something happens you take it to heart and blame yourself. Two things in this true story will break your heart, a man out to be there for everyone cant and he feels the burden and the blame. And second the tragedy of mistaken identity costing a family a tremendous loss.

00:43:16 3/19/2021
Out of bounds

Tommy went from street thug to reformed, to Nfl star. But what led him into new levels of crime and self destruction? 

00:56:15 3/8/2021
Out of bounds

The tragic twist to a promising life for Steve after his playing days were over. Listen to Carlos as he describes how his life took a tragic turn after he enjoyed the good life for so long. From the humble beginnings to Nfl royalty.

00:44:10 3/1/2021
Out of bounds

What happens when the weight of the world and what defines you relies on one fateful pitch, that could change your life for good or for bad. Listen as we tell the story of Donnie Moore and his crimes against women and his spiral into murder.

00:49:05 2/22/2021

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