Surf writer, Neil Pearlberg, and skate shop owner, Terry Campion, host of the very popular Off The Lip Radio show in the #1 surf city in the United States, Santa Cruz, California..


Off The Lip Radio Show

OTL#398 - Gretchen Fermer, August 5th 2020 swam the length of Lake Tahoe


and accompanied by Kim Rutherford whose marathon swimming accomplishments included swimming from Monterey to Santa Cruz

00:00:00 8/13/2020

Past Episodes

Off The Lip Radio Show

Discussion with Santa Cruz Mayor Justin Cummings…. plenty of info regarding our community and BLM movement.

00:00:00 8/13/2020
Off The Lip Radio Show
00:00:00 8/12/2020
Off The Lip Radio Show

Legendary Surfboard shaper Bob Pearson is always a fantastic guest with many stories to tell!

00:00:00 8/6/2020
Off The Lip Radio Show

Rock and Roll from one Santa Cruz best bands…. live at the Chill Out Cafe.

00:00:00 8/3/2020
Off The Lip Radio Show

Aaron McKinnon, Jay Race Paddle Board race winner, former PAC-12 swimmer with Cal Poly and now working for the EU in Milan Italy…. A fascinating show….& thank you to Kailyn Winter for being our guest co-host.

00:00:00 7/29/2020
Off The Lip Radio Show

Three of Santa Cruz finest musicians, come together for an epic afternoon of funk, soul and rock and roll music on the shores of the Monterey Bay.

00:00:00 7/23/2020
Off The Lip Radio Show

Live show with excellent Santa Cruz California Funk, Soul, Rhythm and Blues Band, The Joint Chiefs

00:00:00 7/19/2020
Off The Lip Radio Show

Former Mayor of Santa Cruz and now vying to return to the Santa Cruz City Council.

00:00:00 7/18/2020

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