My name is Cassandra. I am a podcaster, professional photographer and teacher from Bridgeport, CT. With my obsession with all things pop culture, I thought hosting a podcast would be a good venture to follow. I hope to bring interesting topics, fascinating guest and humor to my audience. So sit back and enjoy!

D-Strong is One of those artists that should have been a household name years ago, but for some reason hip hop doesn't work that way. If you're not talking about bust downs and how many hoes you have or what style of Molly suits you best, then you're shelved as ?other? or the dreaded ?Experimental? hip hop nowadays. There's no separation of music anymore, meaning Hip Hop gets an overused title encompassing all that is urban music, while ?pop? rappers have a million sub-genre names like trap, LoFi, Ghettotech, House, Electro, garage funk to help define what they do. Be strong and see breath of fresh air and they clustered world of social media accounts and words like ?lyricist? being thrown around like hot garbage. we get a chance to sit down and talk to D and find out his take on hip hop rap music Lo-Fi the whole enchilada. It should be interesting. Today?s strain: Gelato.

Also, be sure to check out music from D-Strong @ MIXCLOUD MONDAYS available NOW at this link

2 Dudes Talk Tattoos is a podcast about tattooing, science, and art. Join our hosts, Brian Mathew and Rian Othus, as they discuss modern tattooing, interview world-famous guests from science, art, and tattooing, and fight over which way is better to get things done.We answer listener mail, take tips for new research, and waste time arguing over things that may seem simple yet oftentimes are very complex.

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Playing all the very best in Rock Music.
Dig almost one hundred layers deep into the mind of our fascinating guests via a set of hand crafted questions. No question too small, no guest too big. Interesting questions for interesting people.
Literary Personality Destiny Carter interviews the best and brightest in the industry
In many spheres of live entertainment, the audience is privy to only a polished product. Passionate about our process, we would love to openly share our creative documentation with our audience. You are our collaborators, our inspiration. In the lead up to the release of our transmedia digital work Tides, we will be taking you Ankle Deep" into the world of our project and reveal how it came to be!⁠ With the releasing of conversations with our fellow collaborators and mentors, we also hope to showcase the local artistic talent locally grown or based in our hometown Townsville.⁠
The ANY KEbnY Radio show is a podcast dedicated to creating a platform for under the radar or lesser known creatives to be heard. We feature new and up coming projects and interview creatives to spotlight their work.
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Join Toby and Dave Shaver as they discuss the latest in comic book culture and revisit some of the greatest superhero stories ever told.
From Behind the Story, comes The Wrestling Time Machine. When there?s no guest to Interview, I?ll be talking about Shows that happened in the date that I?m publishing on.
Audioteka Literacka Bezkresu. Bezkres — pismo literacko-artystyczne wydawane od 2019 r. Poezja, proza, dramat, publicystyka. Zapraszamy na Facebooka: bezkres.sympatycy. Jeśli jesteś autorem — zapraszam do współpracy — przyślij do nas swoje tekst, do publikacji. Czytelników zapraszam do sklepu online.
What to watch (or skip) on streaming networks. Hidden gems and indie surprises.
This podcast host is a dynamic force in the world of audio storytelling. With a passion for exploration and a knack for engaging conversation, they have carved out a niche in the podcasting realm. Their diverse range of topics reflects a curious mind, covering everything from pop culture to deep philosophical discussions. Armed with wit, charm, and a distinctive voice, this host has captivated audiences worldwide, inviting listeners to join them on a journey of discovery with each episode. Whether delving into current events or diving into the depths of human experience, they bring a fresh perspective and a genuine enthusiasm to every conversation. Tune in and be inspired by the captivating tales and insightful discussions brought to you by this podcasting maven.
Cauldron of Worlds is a podcast focused on creating various story universes and worlds. In it author Chad Corrie shares some tips and ideas on what he's learned over the years in creating his own various story universes as well as providing some insight into some of the nuts and bolts (and behind the scenes information) that went into some of what he's created. This podcast and all its episodes are ©2020 Chad Corrie. All Rights Reserved. You can find out more about Chad Corrie online at: and @creatorchad (FB, Twitter, and Instagram). Questions and comments can be sent to: cauldron (at) chadcorrie (dot) com.
Welcome into the brains of KC and Sean as they talk everyday occurrence in the day and life of being chef's . Weekly shows airs on Tuesday as they talk whatever and ever and everything in between. Thursday where Sean and KC tackles "tell me what you eat and I'll tell you what you are" Food Specific Tips and Tricks in our restaurant. Have any food questions and want to connect with us? Sean's Twitter: @Metrocardx Support this podcast:
We are Zach & Toni! Welcome to our podcast! We're two married BIPOCs talking about life. Join us as we talk about: - Living in Las Cruces (Formerly Chicago) - Our love of the outdoors - Married life - How Zach REALLY wants a dog And a whole lot more! We named the show Chips & Salsa because that's how we bonded. Talking over one of our favorite snacks. So pull up a chair...and no double-dipping.
A strong, fanatical look at the world of comic book movies and of course, all things nerdy and sci-fi, with the sources of insider knowledge and the drunk whimsy of a drunk, Irish redneck! Part of the DSP Media Podcast Network at Support for this podcast is brought to you by MANSCAPED?, the best in men?s below-the-waist grooming. Their products are precision-engineered tools for your family jewels. MANSCAPED?s? Performance Package is the ultimate men's hygiene bundle! Join over 4 million men worldwide who trust MANSCAPED with this exclusive offer for you?. 20% off and free worldwide shipping with the code: DSP20 at If my math is correct, that?s about 8 million balls.

Comics talk about everything. So do we.

Contemporary Co prides itself on supporting Australian Artists and Designers. We specialise in designing Contemporary Australian Made personalised gifts and customized gifts.
Every episode of this podcast will share insight tidbits and updates related to Chad Corrie and his work?from all story universes and projects. This will also cover the gamut with everything he produces/creates: podcasts, readings, etc. In short, if you want to know what's going on with anything Chad is about this is the podcast to check out.
get to know how they got started with their unique crafts, and what their goals are for the future. Learn about the person behind the craft as we sit and chat and sip some tea.
An open invitation to the mind of a creative writer and creatives of all walks of life.This is a safe space for creatives and those who love us. Come experience the journey as I figure out life and self-publishing. Support this podcast:
Crooke & Candle is a podcast about two creatives on their journey to become their own boss doing what they do best, as well as having conversations with real Artists, and why they decided to become artists and creatives.
Investing in stocks is a great way to make money, so is investing in yourself. Every Friday Devins will give advice and feedback on certain topics, to which listers can submit. If you want to become a Graphic Designer or a creative, or want to learn the best ways to grow your business as a business owner and get great advice for yourself, this is the podcast for you!

Different Shades: Anthem of Alternative" is a captivating alternative song that delves into the essence of individuality and uniqueness. With its mysterious lyrics and eclectic melody, this song takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. It celebrates the beauty of diversity and encourages listeners to embrace their true selves, unapologetically. Through its thought-provoking lyrics and distinctive sound, "Different Shades" resonates with those who dare to be different and stand out from the crowd.

Dave Keeler talks with guests from Austria and throughout Europe who are pioneering unique ideas and making an impact in their fields. You can reach us at
Talk Across America, Sports Talk, Travel Restaurant and Entertainment Reviews
Joseph Dunninger was a well-known mentalist, using his extra-sensory perception to read people's minds. Dunniger's psychic abilities were apparent in his childhood when he could cheat on math tests by reading the smart kids minds. His parents encouraged his talents and he entertained their friends with his magic tricks. DunningerAt the age of seven, he was already performing his mind reading abilities as "Master Joseph Dunninger, Child Magician" and was a regular on the vaudeville circuit even performing for Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Pope Pius XII. Even Harry Houdini was impressed by the young Dunninger's abilities. As radio became popular, Joseph Dunninger became one of the first paid acts to hit the airwaves. After many guest appearances, his radio show Dunninger, The Mentalist began broadcasting on September 12, 1943. On the old time radio show, he would read the minds of the audience members (including Dorothy Kilgallen) guessing social security numbers, birthdates, and even serial numbers on dollar bills. An incredible performer, Joseph Dunninger sat on a stool in front of the audience doodling on a piece of paper, practicing what he called "telesthesia" or though reading. It is quite amazing! This collection includes all known guest appearances of Joseph Dunninger on rare shows such as We the People as well as episodes of "Dunninger, The Mentalist." See also: Magic Collection, Mind Readers in Old Time Radio, and Harry Houdini Recordings.
El Legado de Borges es un podcast de AudioRelatos, AudioPoesía y ficciones sonoras. Podrás escuchar AudioRelatos y Audiopoesía de autores tan importantes como Jorge Luis Borges, Luis de Oteyza, León Felipe, H.P.Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Algernon Blackwood, etc...

El legado de Borges 2.0 es un lavado de cara al antiguo al antiguo podcast del mismo nombre, pero con una mejor calidad de audio y una mejor selección de historias.

El libro de los cinco anillos o también llamado el libro de las cinco esferas, de Miyamoto Musashi, es uno de los textos más importantes sobre la lucha y la estrategia surgida de la cultura guerrera japonesa.

Recordemos que Miyamoto Musashi fue un duelista invicto, samurái sin señor y maestro independiente, fue un hombre de armas profesional nacido en una larga tradición de cultura marcial.

En el libro de los cinco anillos, veremos todos los secretos de la lucha y la estrategia en las artes marciales, profundizaremos nuestro conocimiento sobre esta disciplina milenaria. Si no conoces de las artes marciales o si eres un aprendiz, un maestro o alguien que realmente quiere aprender, el libro de los cinco anillos es un texto que nos revelará el verdadero propósito de la pelea, y el gran secreto oculto para obtener la victoria en cualquier batalla.

El conocimiento de Miyamoto Musashi cobra vida para hacernos entrar en la flor del éxito, en la destreza mental, física y sobre todo espiritual. Conoceremos datos sobre Miyamoto Musashi, su origen, infancia, las verdaderas razones del porqué se volvió en un samurái, los mitos y leyendas que empañan su vida, ¿realmente asesinó a alguien cuando era niño? ¿Es cierto que jamás tuvo novia, familia e hijos? ¿Fue un fenómeno para los demás? Las respuestas las encontraremos en este espléndido texto: El libro de los cinco anillos.
EL: The Podcast is the voice extension of our blog and store Elevation Lifestyle. Nothing is off topic on this podcast. Hosted by a Mom and her twins, enjoy all the many topics ranging from entertainment to politics...ok, maybe not politics.
Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with Subway's Sub of the Day, where each bite is a journey through a world of flavor! Picture yourself stepping into your nearest Subway restaurant, greeted by the inviting aroma of freshly baked bread and the cheerful chatter of fellow food enthusiasts. As you approach the counter, your eyes light up with anticipation as you peruse the menu, eager to discover the day's featured sub creation.
Travis is a USMC Iraq war veteran, he created this podcast focused on the warrior mindset. Each podcast he covers a book and explains lessons learned from a tactical and leadership standpoint.
FRONT ROWE With JACKIE ROWE, Internationally known as Jackie Rowe, Jamaican born. Brooklyn BRED! And raised ..Affectionately respected as the Boss! Woman and the matriarch! Queen of Bk. AKA ~ ICONI- Author⚜️ Entrepreneur ⚜️Go-getter ⚜️ Young Mother ⚜️Muse ⚜️ Pioneer ⚜️ Innovator⚜️ Visionary ⚜️GlamMom ⚜️Godmother ⚜️ Legendary. OJ💋. Enjoy! My incomparable Lifestyle, and candid conversations with my guests on life's everyday struggles such as health, grief, depression, relationships, love money, power, and respect.
Join DJ Nik, Rachel and Xan as together they review every single movie to have won the Oscar for Best Picture in chronological order on this biweekly podcast! Next episode coming August 19th!
A thorough explorer of society and culture. The world is a strange place and the aim is to go into uncharted territory to find information and enlighten the world from its ignorance. Join 'Grinder' as he discusses, debates and overall talks about multiple subjects related to Society, Culture and much more! In an attempt, to come up with his verdict.
A show specially catered to those with an interest in true stories of the paranormal. Each night we will focus on tales from all over the United States where the residents of the past will share with us their darkest secrets.
A weekly podcast dedicated to Spider-Man comic books in the 1980s. We start with Roger Stern's debut on 'Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man' #43, then continue on with virtually every chronological Spidey appearance for the rest of the decade.
The House of Nerds reviews and talks about all things nerd. Comics, Video Games, Cartoons and more.
A little over 4 years ago Donnie Hart, a former collegiate football player and a promising Professional Wrestler found his once fairytale life spiraling out of control following the sudden tragic death of his brother, and eventually landed at rock bottom layin in a jail cell in New Jersey facing life in prison after losing it all, at the same time across the river in Philadelphias notorious Kensington section, Tim Kudgis, a once promising professional boxing play by play announcer had hit his own rock bottom, homeless, layin lifeless on the floor of an abandon building after his 4th drug overdose. But against all odds, rock bottom became the concrete launching pad for both of them to not just take their lives back, but to reach back down and help lift others out of their own rock bottom. Now every Wednesday from 7pm-8pm on Toxic radio they will host Hungry For Hope, where they share their Inspiring stories of how they turned tragedy into triumph, all while also tasting the best food the area has to offer during their Dining with Donnie Segments, touching on boxing, professional wrestling, everything Philadelphia and having guests share their stories of hope
Follow two industrial design students on their path to their senior capstone project. This journey will include interviews with Industrial Designers and other professionals related to their capstones. Hopefully these insights will help you along your creative path in your time as a student and a professional.
New podcast weblog Technical, Practical, Writing tips, Books on Writing, Author News and Interviews for all Artists.
Featuring attorney and professor Toni Ann Marcolini discussing creativity in all its forms in an interview format with various guests. A show about people and topics of interest ranging from books, films, history, sports, legal cases, healthy lifestyles, cooking and television shows to behind the scenes of the creative process.
This is and will be a comprehensive examination of all matters aesthetic, all the arts and humanities and what it means to be human. From the internal process of makers and creators, we dive deep into all things arts and humanities. Become a patron on Patreon here: Become a Patron! As a subscriber, you have access to additional episodes, live podcast events and more, as our special thanks to you! Support this podcast:
Keeping It Cultured is a place where you can come to listen to exciting interviews and fascinating stories from people in the world of music, film, performing arts and more. This podcast show brings entertainment to a new level as we get up close and personal with our guests. Learn things about some of your favourite people in Canadian culture. On the Keeping It Cultured show we talk about everything from personal life, funny facts and upcoming events. Our unfiltered, unedited episodes will take you on an adventure! Just sit back, press play and listen to the stories unfold.
Pierwszy odcinek do?? chaotycznego (jeszcze) podcastu, w którym sk?adam Pa?stwu propozycj? nie do odrzucenia, troszk? si? j?kam, mieszam w zeznaniach i bardzo próbuj? dok?adnie wyja?ni?, o czym w?a?ciwie b?d? opowiada? w kolejnych odcinkach. Zdj?cie wykona?a: Agnieszka "Frustra" M?ynarczyk.
The Kota iRadio Network is a Podcast Network for all kinds of Podcast. New Shows will be debuting soon and a Schedule of Days when theses shows will be on The Kota iRadio Network Podcast Feed. The UnCut Live Show: Time and Day TBA Powered by:, AE41|entertainment, [Find us on Social Media] Merch Store Link in Bio: Host: Sponsors: Midwest All Pro Wrestling, Remedy Brewing Company, Alberta Wrestling Academy, KBack Radio, Work Horse Fitness, Flagship Pro Wrestling, Can-Am Wrestling.
Kelly and Matt sit down and pick some of the most popular Kpop songs and translate their lyrics into English. They go over what they are singing about and try to uncover and decode some of the nuances of the language between Korean and English. It is a lesson in language and culture. Please send your comments if you would like us to analyse your song. Thanks for listening! ??? ?? ?? K pop?? ????? ??! ? ???? ?? ?? kpop? ?? ??? ??????? ! ?? ? ??? ??? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??????. ??? ??? ?? ???? ??! ????? ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????. ?? ???? ?????.
La herencia de Alejandría es un lugar de recomendaciones literarias en el que hablamos de un determinado libro, de su autor, de algunos aspectos relevantes y curiosidades relacionadas con la obra y el escritor. El propósito de la Herencia de Alejandría es hacer llegar la cultura al mayor número de personas. El contenido que presentamos es completamente original y no lo vais a encontrar en ninguna otra parte. Escogemos los libros que recomendamos con mucho cuidado considerando, en primera instancia, la relevancia de su aporte cultural. Es primordial, porsupuesto, que se trate de historias entretenidas, de gran calidad literaria, emocionantes y bien contadas. Algunos son libros que han sido superventas a nivel mundial y otros que no son tan conocidos, pero os podemos asegurar que todos pasan el filtro de grandes, tremendas historias.

Join Lezley-Ann Shaw as she performs and chats about anything and everything. 

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Life Concierge Podcast's mission is to create friendships and community through honest storytelling, humbling laughter and sharing lessons learned on the pursuit of finding purpose. Host Sarah Hider introduces you to guests you can relate to, learn from and connect with through conversations that are fun, yet grounded in truth, growth and perspective.
TV host Mike Janela and actress Sarah Pribis share their show business stories, struggles, and tips for how to succeed in media.
Step into a realm where mysteries abound and curiosity reigns supreme. In each episode of this captivating podcast, we embark on a journey through the uncharted territories of the human experience. From inexplicable phenomena to encounters that defy logic, we delve deep into the unknown, leaving no stone unturned. Through immersive storytelling, intriguing interviews, and insightful analysis, we navigate the murky waters where skepticism meets fascination. Whether you're a seasoned believer or a curious skeptic, prepare to be enthralled, entertained, and enlightened. Welcome to a world where the enigmatic becomes tangible.
Diving into the fascinating world of human behavior and the mysteries of psychology. From laughter to tears, every emotion takes center stage. Join the exploration of the mind's enigma, one episode at a time. Let's navigate the labyrinth of thoughts together.
Programa de entretenimiento en el que se realizan entrevistas a escritores, cantantes, escultores, presentadores, etc. además de interpretaciones de textos, narraciones, declamaciones...Un programa que fomenta la cultura.
Don't Get Mad, Get Media! Rare Music Celebrity Interviews
Helping readers find the best books by known and unknown authors! Romance book reads, audio and reviews. Giving a voice to new authors and seasoned ones through author interviews from authors of all genres. Motivational stories, health and social issues, and music. From Mahogany SilverRain, IR romance author, show host and ESL teacher.
Majestic Salute Hotel - Untuk koki rumahan yang haus akan sesuatu yang enak Temukan ribuan resep, menu, pintasan memasak, ide makan malam, makanan keluarga, dan lainnya yang teruji di Majestic Salute Hotel

Make Photo is an author's online publication about the art of photography.

We teach you how to create and process photos, as well as how to make money from your favorite business.

You'll find articles on all topics related to photography, cameras and photography software.

A lot of useful materials (from professional courses to presets and tutorials) will help you start or advance in the profession of a photographer.

We also introduce users to the features of photography on modern smartphones, phones and other gadgets.  

Join Mike as he broadcasts fun, engaging Stars Wars content from a hidden rebel base in Southeast Massachusetts. Come for the underrated character minute, spot reviews, and free-range Star Wars conversations. Stay for the unique opportunities to interact and join the conversation!
NBC World of Dance stars Luka & Jenalyn dive into their differences and talk about their personal experiences on hit TV shows, world tours, music videos more. Being so different, who would expect Luka & Jenalyn to work so well together! Their goal is to help other couples embrace their differences and come together because of it! Get to know this fantastically different dance duo like no one has before and learn how we navigate the rollercoaster we call LIFE!
Step into the captivating realm of forgotten legends and whispered mysteries as an enigmatic host leads you through tales lost to time. Each episode unveils a new chapter of history's untold secrets, weaving together threads of intrigue, adventure, and the inexplicable. From ancient civilizations to modern enigmas, prepare to be spellbound by the stories that have slipped through the cracks of memory. Tune in and let the whispers of the past guide you on an unforgettable journey into the unknown.
This podcast serves as the audio component of author Chad Corrie's Writer's Desk page and seeks to share insight, tips, and writing advice for those either just starting or currently navigating their own writing endeavors, whatever that may be.
Paint X Wiki is a blog site concentrated on showing innovative strategies, Suggestions And also to making modern-day calligraphy and also picture.
Chris (a cop) and Damon (a lawyer) geek out about whether your favorite movies get the "law-thing" right or wrong. Our ideal listener loves movies, enjoys podcasts while commuting to and from work, and questions whether complicated subplots would play out in the real world. Perp Fiction provides expert perspectives, insights, and analysis that our listeners can work into the conversation when they geek out with fellow movie-philes.
Plan B is a Sugar Daddy is a girlfriends guide to figuring out life plan A so you don't have to resort to plan B. Fashion industry friends Rachel and Leone are here to offer up unsolicited advice on all things work, play, and love. Prepare to dive into the entertaining backstage version of transitioning from LA fake adult, to real adult, with 0 daddy issues.
In the digital age, where visual content dominates the online landscape, high-quality product photography has become essential for businesses looking to make a mark in the digital realm. Whether you're an e-commerce entrepreneur, a social media influencer, or a professional photographer, mastering the art of professional product photography is a valuable skill that can set you apart from the competition. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of capturing stunning product photos that not only showcase your products in the best light but also have the potential to outrank
Wrestling Ratings, for the past 25 Years, have been the Cornerstone of how Wrestling Companies have gauged there probability in lasting on TV and as a Company. In the Wrestling Ratings Podcast, join Host Daniel Veillon as he discusses modern day Ratings and talks about the old Wrestling Shows. With WCW Nitro and WWF Raw?s Ratings as a major part of this Podcast, tune in to see what differences were made by each episode and than listen as Daniel compares each Show to see what he thinks made the biggest difference.
The rebels always bring changes and all change is born as an act of rebellion. Several of them grew up around music, let's know who they are.
Skateboarding - Talking about skateboarding with and among friends. Over 100 years of experience between the trio. Take it or leave it.
A podcast dedicated to Marvel's greatest cosmic superhero: Quasar! Every episode follows the chronological appearances of Quasar in the Marvel Universe, beginning with Captain America #217.
Radio host, student pilot and LA enthusiast Freddy Rivera dives deep into his story from beginning to now in all the adventures he partakes in - those in radio, flying, food and more.
Artystyczny Biznes - czyli kolektyw zajmujący się swoją pasją czyli rozmową. Działamy przede wszystkim w ogólną pojętej kulturze Hip-Hopu aczkolwiek dla młodych ludzi nie ma granic. W planach mamy o wiele więcej audycji między innymi: na temat sztuki, spraw społecznych, mody, sportu i co nam przyjdzie do głosu. Tworzymy z pasji dla ludzi z pasją

Soy Luis Carballés, locutor, actor y Director de Producciones Carballés. He dedicado muchos años de trayectoria profesional a la difusión de la cultura a través de contenido audible: libros, relatos cortos, cuentos, poesías, ensayos y entrevistas a personalidades de la vida cultural del mundo de habla hispana. En el afán de encontrar nuevas formas de haceros llegar contenido literario de la más alta calidad, Producciones Carballés comenzó el año 2022 publicando reseñas literarias en nuestro sitio web

Desde un principio tuvimos muy claro que deseábamos desarrollar un formato que fuera amable al lector y que no se limitara únicamente a esbozar parcialmente la trama de algún libro interesante. Por eso es que hemos incluido detalles acerca de la vida de los autores, curiosidades o anécdotas poco conocidas acerca de su trayectoria o del propio libro, fotografías e incluso enlaces a sitios donde se pueden ver las películas completas cuando se trata de adaptaciones al cine que se han hecho del propio libro.

Afortunadamente, tal y como nos ha sucedido con todos los proyectos que hemos emprendido hasta ahora, estos artículos-reseñas han tenido una enorme aceptación por parte de nuestro público y hemos creído que es el momento de migrar con ellas al formato podcast donde ya tenemos una importante presencia también con una gran variedad de contenido.

Es por ello que hoy tengo el gusto de presentaros este nuevo proyecto de contenido audible titulado Reseñas literarias donde espero veros habitualmente. Cada nuevo episodio será un viaje desconocido y espero que me acompañen a conocer mundos nuevos en cada episodio.

Join host Kyler Bingham in conversation with notable authors and filmmakers.
Say It Forward brings top money advisor Rebecca Rothstein with guest hosts Lee Ann Daly and Kim Garner as they go inside the real life stories of fascinating people at the vanguard of art, music, business, pop culture, TV, film, fashion and more. Their guests are often professional colleagues and friends! Some are famous, some are rich, some are both, some are neither...but all deliver juicy, insightful, often funny and always amazing stories told with heart from the heart. The interviews take you inside to uncover struggles and joys that have never been revealed before. Join them as their guests rewind to the beginning and Say It Forward.
Deaf / hard of hearing musician Aaron Schilb interviews songwriters, musicians, and writers of all kinds. Everyone has a story to tell and he's here to lend an ear and let you know who you should be listening to as well.
Shomee Events Industry Jam By Shomee dot Life Shomee Events Industry Jam features interviews with event organizers, speakers, educators, and performing artists of every kind discussing events industry trends. Suggest topics, give feedback, and submit questions at Interested in being a guest? Read our FAQ at
From the studios of 104.7 The Bull, KQSN Radio, Shootin' The Bull features the latest on news, events personalities and happenings in Ponca City and North Central Oklahoma.
Before you commit to what could be your child's next favorite TV show, let voice actress, Kara Edwards, and child therapist, Laura Orr, break down the good, the bad, and the downright annoying of the many TV programs available to your little ones.
Join The Shaver Brothers as they discuss each episode of the Netflix Original Series "The Umbrella Academy". Toby and Dave also explore the show's source material, the Dark Horse Comics series "The Umbrella Academy", by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba.
Gossip Fiends ALLISON MCKAY and PRINCE FLEET EASTON disentomb celebrity corpses and pick through for the gold. We may dislodge a few roaches but we come up with the nuggets for you!
DC superheroes laid the groundwork for all others that followed. Join Comic Book Syndicate as they explore DC superheroes, from Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to Dr. Occult, Slam Bradley and more! Each episode follows one DC superhero as they evolve from the Golden Age to the Silver Age to Bronze Age.
A captivating storyteller with a penchant for sparking thought-provoking conversations, this podcaster crafts a vibrant audio landscape where ideas roam freely. With a warm and inviting tone, they guide listeners through a myriad of topics, from the profound to the playful, always leaving room for curiosity and reflection. Whether sharing personal anecdotes or diving into deep-dive interviews, their podcast is a testament to the power of human connection and the endless possibilities of the spoken word.
5 women discussing books and other stuff during our lunch break....Join us!
Welcome back to another episode of "Coffee Conversations," the podcast where we delve into all things coffee-related. I'm your host, James, and today we have a fascinating topic on our hands. We're going to explore the heart of one of the world's most famous coffee chains – Starbucks Partner Central. Starbucks Partner Central is the digital hub that connects Starbucks employees and partners worldwide. It's not just a platform; it's a community where baristas, managers, and corporate staff come together to share information, resources, and experiences.
Welcome to the Studio Vibes Podcast on iEnt Live, where we discuss everything from songwriting to music marketing, with interviews, reviews and much more
Suspense Radio, brings you the best of the best in suspense / thriller / mystery and horror. Interviews and reviews in the genres.
Dreaming big and trusting God, every step of the way.
Talk Purpose and Truth; Shifting You Into Higher Consciousness is a podcast hosted by Eden Sustin; physical medium and Kim Somers Egelsee; intuitive, #1 best selling author and inspirational speaker. This unique show elevates, uplifts and encourages listeners to grow, heal, awaken and evolve. Eden and Kim include bold topics, special interviews with inspiring guests, intuitive reading, channeled messages from beyond including celebrities, hot topics and more! Tune in for unprecedented truth, on purpose discussions and magic moments!
Comedian Sunda Croonquist sits down with comedian Stacey Taylor to talk comedy, prison, recidivism, and the Straight Jacket Comedy Tour. Stacey Taylor is a stand-up comedian from Los Angeles, California. After doing 23 years in prison for a life sentence, he was given a second chance at freedom, but didn't forget the jokes along the way. He channels his experience of being incarcerated, and brings it to the stage. Stacey says some of his major influences are Richard Pryor, Red Fox, Leroy & Skillet, to name a few. His goals are to use his comedy to inspire young kids and people, in general. His favorite quote is, ?it's not how you start but how you finish, that's important!? Performing at the Laugh Factory has been one of his biggest accomplishments as a comedian, and he's just getting started. "Runaround" by Andre Merrit and DJ Topic Instagram: @Andre_Merritt Twitter: @Andre_Merritt Soundcloud:
On this episode I interview Mike Nificent
To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson.... once you get locked into a serious beer collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The Tap Takeover Podcast is a beer podcast focused on promoting craft breweries in the Midwest. Featuring interviews with the brewers themselves, and all industries that support microbreweries. Including tastings of exclusive recipes, and traditional styles. Cheers! ??
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We take 5 minutes and give you wine conversation starters and travel destinations. WELP Magazine recognized the podcast as one of the best Travel Podcasts of 2021.
Unique take on dog training podcast using my positive methodology and positive reinforcement dog training. Yet a funny and informative, conversational and fun presentation to help dog owners with their dogs. Problems being solved live, with audience questions. Sometimes guest dog owners as well as other dog world informative people. Loose, yet scripted in a very easy going manner. Game show episodes with dog owner contestants needing help with dogs and issues. This will be THE dog everything podcast and incorporate many other relating subject matter parallel to the dog world.
Renowned veteran dancers / choreographers Heather (GLEE) and Ava (aka AVA FLAV) have worked with the likes of Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and many more! Join them each week as they share their stories, chat with guests and recap So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, World of Dance and ALL your favorite TV dance shows!
Art. Culture. Opinion. Made in LA.
Join sisters Maria and Stephanie Giesta as they reopen and invite you down to The Giesta Cafe Podcast each and every week! Covering everything from entertainment. traveling, politics, food, real experiences and so much more, you won't want to miss their unique take on everything under the sun.
Every episode working actors join Ivan Wanis Ruiz to discuss the realities of the acting industry and reveal their methods and secrets to becoming a professional actor. The discussion is done through the lens of the great acting books of history. Every episode we review the key lessons of each book and discuss how it applies to the day-to-day of the working actor.
Join us for some great conversations with the best and brightest in the product design space. We'll dig into how they got to where they are today, what mistakes they made along the way, and what advice they have for you as you navigate the world of product design.
The Redefine with Jeremy & Cristy is a lifestyle podcast based in Tulsa, OK hosted by two friends from completely different professions sharing good vibes, friendly encouragement, and honest conversations from life and Cristy's years in the wild beauty industry!
Comedian Eulalio Magana invites entertainers from all types to talk about their road gigs, how they got started, provide insight about their industry all while making fun of himself and telling his own road stories.
Why listen to the low hum of the dark void we call a universe, when you can listen to the sultry rambles of Edwardo "The Manager" and Derek? With a rotation of recurring guests they'll help you flex those pop-culture chops, and you're guaranteed to have at least ONE awkward moment when you're listening. Though, it will most likely be because you've accidentally laughed out loud in public. Did we mention this is a comedy podcast? Definitely not a couple of guys trying to embarrass you in front of your coworkers who can hear you chortle in your cubicle. Or maybe you're commuting home? Then it's okay that you're smiling like a crazy person behind the wheel. Your hosts won't judge you for the way you listen; they're simply here for nostalgia, shits, and giggles. So come spend your time poorly with us! The goal of this show is to reach an audience and develop a following organically over time. Subscribe for free by searching "Time Spent Poorly" on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. Follow us on Twitter too @TSPNMedia & @yonimusprime
Welcome violin (or viola, cello, guitar, trumpet...) geeks everywhere! With all the detail and troubleshooting of a one-on-one lesson, in The Violin Geek Podcast, violinist and violist, recording artist, author, and string teacher Laurel Thomsen shares her daily discoveries, insightful interviews with top performers and music industry leaders, and tips for practicing, polishing, and becoming the best musician you can be. Happy Practicing!
I talk about current wrestling, as well as I start talking about the Monday Night Wars timeline. I talk about February 24, 1998 in a recent episode on here.
Welcome to the first episode of "The Xander Zone Podcast" a show diving into Nerd Culture topics from movies, anime, tv shows, video games and even things like the Paranormal!

Ruminations from ThePod
Contemplations on Life, The Universe and Everything from the unbridled mind of TK Anthony
about his experiences, observations, social interactions, life, and myriad other topics such as:
Podcasting, Commentary, Art, Technology, Radio, Video, News, Philosophy, Media, Photography,
Science, Lessons, Home Studios, Communications, Lighting, Health, Psychiatry, Visualization, et al.

These programs may be episodic, serialized, or randomg droppings of any length

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I'm so Enthused to quench your Thirst with my knowledge of the beer, wine, and spirits, and food industry. Traveling the world, one drink at a time. Providing a platform to share my experiences one drink at a time.
Welcome, we are Chris King and Kurtas Cook. We are game designers and developers that aim to make amazing games that will bring joy to millions and our podcast aims to break down games and try to explain why they are engaging and fun for others to play. We may get off topic or go on rants but that is because making games is our passion.
In this podcast author Chad Corrie shares some insight and information related to the world of Tralodren and the various stories that take place in it. This information is similar to DVD extras wherein he'll be sharing things from a "behind the scenes" perspective. From time to time he might also share information on the development of other projects and ventures related to the world and/or other related works as he has leave to do so.
Created and hosted by fantasy author Chad Corrie, Tralodren: Legends and Lore will expand more of the Tralodroen cosmos by delving into its rich history, legends, and lore. Meant as a supplement for fans and followers of the world setting it's also a companion to the various other incarnations Tralodren finds itself translated into?whatever formats those may be. This podcast and all its episodes are ©2020 Chad Corrie. All Rights Reserved. You can find out more about Chad Corrie online at: and @creatorchad (FB, Twitter, and Instagram). Questions and comments can be sent to: lore (at) chadcorrie (dot) com.
Join Meredith and Rebecca from Beacon Hill Wine and Gourmet, talking about and giving our honest reviews on all things wine, beer, gourmet and delicious! Of course there'll be lots of laughs, special guests--and some spilling of the tea... You just never know what we're going to chat about! Suggestions on what to review are always welcome... Support this podcast:
The UnCut Live Show: Time and Day TBA Powered by:, AE41|entertainment, [Find us on Social Media] Links in Bio: ( Pro Wrestling/Sports/Music/Food/Independent Pro Wrestling) Merch Store: Host: News Spot: Sponsors: Midwest All Pro Wrestling, Remedy Brewing Company, Alberta Wrestling Academy, KBack Radio, Work Horse Fitness, Flagship Pro Wrestling, Can-Am Wrestling.
Unmistakable in his red hat, Rick Achberger attends 40 to 50 WWE shows a year. He is known to the WWE Universe as either ?Sign Guy? or ?Red Hat Guy?. He wears the same red hat and blue shirt to every WWE event he attends and always has a few witty signs with him. Follow along with Rick and DFW SportsRadio Superstar Colby Sapp as they keep you up-to-date on all the week's pro wrestling news and storylines.
We are two sisters who grew up around the Country Club life, in the Valley of Fargo, ND. We share a love for faith, friends, animals, and laughter! Talking about our life experiences, favorite things, and what goodness there is in the world. We know listening will be a weekly must! With a few sister spats and what makes us different will also make this podcast a "must keep listening" tune in! - Kate Baldock is a creative entrepreneur and feline lover. Working hard and pedaling her artwork across the valley! - Laura Christianson is a an accomplished registered nurse specializing across the board in neonatology, pediatric oncology, and skincare dermatology. She's one smart cookie!
From the creator of Behind the Story Podcast comes a Podcast about Wrestling, TV Shows, Movies, MMA and Documentary type Shows.
Join college students and full time wannabes Sofia and Marie for weekly chats about fashion, lifestyle and college. Listen along as these two best friends balance their ambition and schoolwork, and talk about topics which they are absolutely unqualified to cover. Learn why Sofia and Marie pride themselves on being wannabes and maybe even become one yourself.
Disconnect from your daily grind to connect, laugh, grow and get real with us - we can relate!
Locals from around the world share the hidden treasures of their city. We'll go beyond the basic tourist attractions to discover the best things to do, eat, drink, and see from a local's point of view. Whether you're using airline miles, hotel points, or cold hard cash to travel, our goal is for you to have the best experience possible when you visit these cities thanks to the insider knowledge of our guests. Stay tuned and subscribe so that you can join us when we travel there.
Tips from someone who has been cut and contracted in the top 12.
My friend Elanee lives a very media sheltered life. listen every 2 weeks as I take her through some of my favorite movies from 2010 and back. some she'll enjoy, most of them she will hate.
Yo But Listen, is the the podcast about everything, and nothing at all at the same time. It's informative, comical, artistic, mixed with sports, life and everyday sh!t

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