In many spheres of live entertainment, the audience is privy to only a polished product. Passionate about our process, we would love to openly share our creative documentation with our audience. You are our collaborators, our inspiration. In the lead up to the release of our transmedia digital work Tides, we will be taking you Ankle Deep" into the world of our project and reveal how it came to be!⁠ With the releasing of conversations with our fellow collaborators and mentors, we also hope to showcase the local artistic talent locally grown or based in our hometown Townsville.⁠


Ankle Deep - A Tides Overture

Reminiscence, the ocean and the future of music

In this episode, artistic director Krishna chats to paradise pop artist, collaborator and long-time friend Ravika, about the inception of the Tides soundtrack. Between reminiscence of growing up in Townsville together, the artists explore their deeply felt connection to the ocean, their musical and literary influences and discuss the difficulty in cutting through the noise in such a media-saturated world.

Theatre of Diversion respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the unceded land upon which we live and create, the Wulgurukaba of Gurambilbarra and Yunbenun. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and are deeply honoured to learn and share in their stories on this spectacular country. We humbly acknowledge the neighbouring groups of the Townsville district and the custodianship of Indigenous peoples around the world as we develop our global creative practice.

00:30:51 10/25/2020

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