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Erin Lawrence with NextBase Dash Cam, Bird Buddy Smart Feeders and the L'OR Coffee System - HGG603

Full show notes, transcriptions (available on request), audio and video at http://theAverageGuy.tv/hgg603 Erin Lawrence from https://www.techgadgetscanada.com. is my guest this week. In this episode, we explore a range of innovative products, from the NextBase 4K iQ Dash Camera's impressive features to Erin's candid experiences with the Bird Buddy smart Bird Feeder, offering a cautionary tale about high-priced disappointments. But fear not, as we uncover a worthy contender in Birdfy. Additionally, we discuss the L'OR Barista pod coffee machine and the Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller and Wireless Soil Sensors, providing insightful commentary on their performance and practicality. Join us for an engaging discussion on the pros and cons of these cutting-edge gadgets, as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Thanks for listening. Join Jim Collison / @jcollison for show #603 of Home Gadget Geeks, brought to you by the Average Guy Network. WANT TO SUBSCRIBE? http://theAverageGuy.tv/subscribe Join us for the show live each Thursday at 8pmC/9E/1UTC at http://theAverageGuy.tv/live
00:00:00 3/16/2024

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