A little over 4 years ago Donnie Hart, a former collegiate football player and a promising Professional Wrestler found his once fairytale life spiraling out of control following the sudden tragic death of his brother, and eventually landed at rock bottom layin in a jail cell in New Jersey facing life in prison after losing it all, at the same time across the river in Philadelphias notorious Kensington section, Tim Kudgis, a once promising professional boxing play by play announcer had hit his own rock bottom, homeless, layin lifeless on the floor of an abandon building after his 4th drug overdose. But against all odds, rock bottom became the concrete launching pad for both of them to not just take their lives back, but to reach back down and help lift others out of their own rock bottom. Now every Wednesday from 7pm-8pm on Toxic radio they will host Hungry For Hope, where they share their Inspiring stories of how they turned tragedy into triumph, all while also tasting the best food the area has to offer during their Dining with Donnie Segments, touching on boxing, professional wrestling, everything Philadelphia and having guests share their stories of hope


Hungry 4 Hope

Hungry 4 Hope: Ep. 20 - With Frank Meeink

On this episode of Hungry 4 Hope Podcast we have noted speaker, author and founder of Harmony Through Hockey, Frank Meeink, who had the cult classic movie American History X loosely based off his life, we will also have our gambling and sports expert Yianni the Greek stopping by giving gambling picks on the Flyers, live Sixers updates and more, get ready for a classic 💪🏼💪🏼🏒🏒🏒

01:17:35 8/19/2020

Past Episodes

Hungry 4 Hope

Reckless Donnie and Big Time Tim Kudgis go ROGUE!!!

In this episode the guys are joined by Yianni the greek and take the audience on a roller coaster of hilarious topics. Strap yourself in and get ready for the ride with HUNGRY 4 HOPE!

00:59:07 8/12/2020
Hungry 4 Hope

Almost every time we have had a guest I've told our producers at toxic radio and my co-host that we out did ourselves and will never be able to get another guest even close to the one we just had, but some how we do it week after week, some guests are national names but what I like most about the majority of them is that they are people who's names should be household names and story's should be told world wide but for whatever reason they aren't YET, well this weeks guest Shangrila Rendon is no different, her story, her message and what she's doing in the community is a story everyone NEEDS to hear, get ready to be inspired!


01:10:39 8/5/2020
Hungry 4 Hope

Reckless Donnie and Big Time Tim Kudgis are joined by Lisa Merck. Lisa shares her story of having Covid in the beginning of the pandemic, before all the closings across the nation. She tells stories of her and her husband being in quarantine and interacting with friends and family afterwards.

Lisa also tells Yanni her thoughts on sports returning as we may be in the mist of a second wave here in the US.


00:56:59 7/29/2020
Hungry 4 Hope
01:00:21 7/22/2020
Hungry 4 Hope

We couldn't be more excited to hear our guests story and have them show the world that what they have works. Just a couple weeks ago we had Millionairess CrossFit Co-founder Lauren Jenai and new husband Ty, who found love while Ty is out on 2 million dollar bail fighting a murder charge, but it was an inspiring love story and truly great people and I have a similar feeling about these guests, I can't wait for you to hear their story, and remember Stay Hungry

00:56:05 7/18/2020
Hungry 4 Hope

Join Reckless Donnie and Big Tim Tim as they discuss Patrick Mahomes, Desean Jackson, WWE's Matt Riddle and this continuing NJ saga with more restriction to travel and casinos.



01:00:12 7/8/2020
Hungry 4 Hope

We return to the Toxic Radio Studios to find out there has been a ban on EATING!

We also discuss independent wrestling crowds and Donnie sings us a special song.

01:01:06 6/10/2020

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