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The Wheeler & Dealer

2. RIOT!

Big Mike and Will talk about the chaos going on across America. Riots are breaking out causing damage to cities and people across the country. When will they end and how will the market react Monday? The guys weigh in on what they think will happen and dive into many conspiracy theories. Make sure to subscribe rate review and follow the show on: Instagram: @wheeleranddealerpod Twitter: @wheel_deal_pod
01:33:15 5/31/2020

Past Episodes

The Wheeler & Dealer
Seaworld takes, Draft Kings kills it, and many other stocks we have gotten wrong,. Do not listen to what we say we clearly do not know what we are talking about. Invest at your own risk. Two guys having fun investing. Good Luck!
01:04:43 5/29/2020
The Wheeler & Dealer
Welcome! What you'll get from us is ways to make money in a post Covid world, insight onto what really is going on in our country, and even some conspiracy theories! Enjoy!
00:01:09 5/14/2020

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