Podcast of Champions is a new weekly review of the WWE flagship shows and AEW Dynamite! Join the three man host team Micah, Cooper, and Jaylon as they break down this week in Wrestling, laugh at wrestling memes and provide breaking news,rumors and all around fun! Be sure to add this show to your weekly wrestling podcast playlist!!


Podcast of Champions


The boys are back! and this week was awesome, wacky, and down right insane!! AEW was visited by Rick and Morty. Crown Jewel had a Fiendish ending! and Smackdown was injected with Yellow!
00:53:23 11/1/2019

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Podcast of Champions
This week we show frustrations with WWE, and continue to ride AEW like a championship race horse! With the fallout of that horrid Hell In a Cell, and the looming (THIRD) WWE Draft; are we having a baja blast? nope.. Be sure to subscribe to our show, leave a review. THANK YOU ALL! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PodOfChamps
01:31:00 10/12/2019
Podcast of Champions
Its the debut episode of a new wrestling podcast. The Podcast of Champions! We hit the ground running with this crazy week in all things WWE and AEW We recap RAW, Smackdown (On FOX) and AEW. We'll give weekly awards, announce breaking wrestling news, and more! Be sure to add us to your library and never miss an episode every Saturday!
01:32:28 10/4/2019

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