A podcast that revolves around the guests visiting the show. The discussion is based on thoughts and stories that come up as the conversation unfolds.


Good Company Bad Habits

Ep: 5 - Mark Perdue

On this episode we discuss the adventures of Mark Perdue .
01:24:11 9/21/2022

Past Episodes

Good Company Bad Habits
Ray Ream is the guitarist for Generator a bad religion cover band and co-host of Other People Podcast.
01:25:11 9/15/2022
Good Company Bad Habits
Joe Cole is a hospice Chaplin and marathon swimmer who recently completed a 20 mile swim from Catalina island to Rancho Palos Verdes.
01:32:08 9/7/2022
Good Company Bad Habits
This episode is our first time back since January of 2021. we discuss Sodi's latest trip to vegas and fantasy football with a special guest phone call.
00:57:16 8/18/2022
Good Company Bad Habits
On this episode we are joined by John, Sodi, and Constantine to discuss beliefs, the Unibomber and where they are now.
01:30:58 1/12/2021

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