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Endless Ranters

Episode 86: Ultra-fan mania

On this episode we recap the friendsgiving/birthday celebration for THE WORLD FAMOUS ultra fan, Addie. After the ass kiss rodeo, the gang talks EVEN MORE Travis Scott festival turned ritualistic sacrifice, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, & Kyle Dunnigan. The episode is capped with what's becoming a new segment on the show, movie talk.
01:15:03 12/1/2021

Past Episodes

Endless Ranters
On this episode, the guys bust out their own wild & harry concert stories inspired by the unfortunate events of astroworld, put on by Travis Scott. They also talk, at great length, about the McRib & neighboring fast food familiars....and some other stuff is discussed as well.
01:16:07 12/1/2021
Endless Ranters
On this episode we discover that Robbie detests teenagers participating in Halloween, we go over the shooting on the now defunct set of "rust", & some other stuff is discussed. Tune in to find out.
01:18:59 11/24/2021
Endless Ranters
On this endless ranting installment, we're joined by our resident band/dog geek, Cindy. We catch up with her & what's been going on in her life since last she joined us. We also talk stripping & how NOT to be THAT patron at the local exotic dance establishment.
01:43:49 10/31/2021
Endless Ranters
On this installment of endless ranters, our very own Robbie spotlight hogs EVEN MORE time under the internet's limelight with his new found e-fame. We also get into fail videos & the origins of a few well known phrases. Thanks for listening & don't forget to leave a review & rating.
01:00:43 10/13/2021
Endless Ranters
We're joined by fellow acehole kim chi on this episode. Lots of topics covered from free balling, to favorite cars, competitive bike riding, & her Carolla fandom.
01:19:30 9/29/2021
Endless Ranters
Chris & Robbie welcome fellow acehole/podcast host, Martina L to discuss a wide array of polarizing topics. We also plug her (I'm A late bloomer) podcast & chris fills us in on the coming chimp apocalypse. Tell all your friends, rate, comment, & subscribe!
01:16:13 9/22/2021
Endless Ranters
Jane & mole man recap their Carolla drinks bar crawl/family bbq weekend. From setting up, to the food, live music, friends & interacting with like minded listeners. We follow it up with a lively discussion about sports & our involvement during our youth & in Chris's case, he gives his parental take on the matter.
01:14:22 9/8/2021
Endless Ranters
At the top of the show, our would be kbbq connoisseurs give a quick recap of their recent dinner outing & Jane's attempt to destroy mole man's car. After a quick laugh we get into what we shell out the most cash for. Find out how our consumer minds tick!
01:29:21 9/8/2021
Endless Ranters
Off the top, lets address the elephant in the room, Robby spotlight is busy handling business off mic & will return shortly. In the meantime, we get into the NATO phonetic alphabet, "the" delta variant strain, & our take on the olympics.
01:23:07 8/8/2021
Endless Ranters
While Jane is M.I.A. Chris, Mole man, & Robby discuss his religious upbringing, we also get into our early gigs during our young adult years inspired by producer mole man. We round out the episode with plenty of movie & shows to binge to your hearts content.
01:39:28 8/3/2021

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