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Endless Ranters

EP #76:Robby spotlight's house of film

While Jane is M.I.A. Chris, Mole man, & Robby discuss his religious upbringing, we also get into our early gigs during our young adult years inspired by producer mole man. We round out the episode with plenty of movie & shows to binge to your hearts content.
01:39:28 8/3/2021

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Endless Ranters
It's the holy ranters this week! Chris, Jane and Manny tackle the touchy subject of religion, sharing what role it played in their upbringings and where they stand now. Jane shares a clip from a youtube deep dive she did on a controversial definition of God. Then Jane shares good news about a Chinese couple reunited with their kidnapped son, bad news about a string of church fires in Canada, and old news about the first polio vaccinations.
00:00:00 7/22/2021
Endless Ranters
It's America's birthday so we're sharing stories about how we celebrated, including Chris's opinion on how we SHOULD celebrate as legit Americans, and find out from Rob what holiday they celebrate with fireworks in Guatemala. Plus an in depth discussion about the role of hamburger and tuna helper. Jane wraps it up with news stories about a women's rights development in Saudi Arabia, and lingering trauma for the reporters from the Jan 6 riots.
00:00:00 7/12/2021
Endless Ranters

On today's episode Jane jumps for joy as she's joined by more women, but not just ANY women, The Lady lackeys Hayley & Jen from carolla digital. We ask, poke, & prod into their carolla fandom & how they came to work for the man. Robby aligns himself with our guests by putting his feminist agenda front & center. We have more fun with discussions on conspiracy theories, favorite movies, light musical talk, mole man's sad sack lack of a love life & MUCH MORE. Big shout out to producer Emi for manning the control boards.

01:19:15 7/1/2021
Endless Ranters
Summer is upon us so the gang reminisces about their childhood summers and some of their fondest memories: road trips, Martha's Vineyard, grandma's carpeted kitchen, finding love in Guatemala and making the trek to Mexico. They also share listeners' summer memories and Jane reports news about 40 cows roaming the streets of LA, and Canada Goose stopping the use of fur. Jane also adds a new subsegment of old news, kicking off with a story about sugar rationing during WW2.
00:00:00 6/28/2021
Endless Ranters
Manny's friend George joins Manny and Jane from New Jersey for a fascinating interview about his extreme diet consisting only of raw animal food (including regular raw organ meat smoothies). He went from being incredibly sick, eventually diagnosed with MS and tells us how he came to discover this diet to very effectively control his symptoms. for Vinnie fans this is NSNG on steroids and George's story is so inspiring even for those of us without major health problems that you may find yourself wanting to give the diet a try yourself to see if you can reach the state of nirvana he claims to have achieved. Maybe. George also takes some tangents about spending time in an Alabama jail, his past junkie days, and why he wears blue light filter glasses. For lots of pictures of his raw meals and anti-vegan posts follow George on IG: @george2theworld
00:00:00 6/25/2021
Endless Ranters
"I identify as a lady" Find out which ERP host's dad was ahead of his time uttering those words in the 90s. It's all dad talk and jokes in this special father's day episode. We pay tribute to our own fathers, shame some of the worst father's in history and Rob rattles off some dad jokes. Jane gets into some news about a bad son that ate his mother and dad that was swallowed and spit out by a whale.
00:00:00 6/20/2021
Endless Ranters
In the spirit of episode 69 recording on 6/9 we let Manny take the spotlight to talk about his experiences at sex parties and gang bangs. Don't worry, Jane and Chris keep it tasteful and it's really a fascinating deep dive in to a world unknown to most of us (or so we assume). Chris also talks about getting into two fights during his recent travels and Jane shares news stories about a woman giving birth to decuplets and a man hiding razor blades in pizza dough.
00:00:00 6/11/2021
Endless Ranters
Chris starts the show off with follow up thoughts to our UFO episode and questions our entire existence and set of knowledge. Then Chris, Jane, and Manny celebrate the comedy scene Covid comeback with an episode dedicated to their favorite comedians, sharing clips and discussing controversies. Jane shares comedy related news about writer Mike Schur and an article about the psychology of humor.
00:00:00 6/8/2021
Endless Ranters
Beam us up! We talk UFOs have a friendly debate about the probability of alien life existing. Jane even adjusts her mic to sound like she's zooming in from another planet*.Manny shares a personal story about aliens possessing him during an episode of sleep paralysis and we all discuss our favorite alien movies. Then Jane shares some good news about life from Earth infiltrating Mars and bad news about life from Earth getting into a fight on a Southwest flight. *Kidding. Apologies for Jane's crappy sound this week. She's in the process of nursing her mic back to normal.
00:00:00 5/28/2021
Endless Ranters
OG Acehole Jeff Lee is with us and we run the gamut from his Carolla fandom history to his love of Mustangs, baseball, as well as his connection to Bruce Lee He also gives us tips on how to do Chinatown right (spoiler alert: be Asian). Jane shares news stories about detecting depression in blood, and a no-getter school bus hijacker.
00:00:00 5/24/2021

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