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Chicks Talking Pish

Here's some weed I grew in a dumpster

Ep 11: Jas & Nic see each other for the first time (in person!!!!) in 10 years, Jas has big life news & invited Lewis Capaldi to her Law formal, smoking weed in Canada vs. Ireland, tons of celeb gossip, Nic's breathwork session, we explore Jas & Nic's tattoos, the girls play who's most likely to?, a raunchy confession from Reddit & more! --- Send in a voice message:
01:01:06 5/16/2023

Past Episodes

Chicks Talking Pish
Ep 10: on this episode the girls keep it short & sweet but somehow talked about so much??? Married at first sight, how Nic played hard to get with her fiancée, Jas explains seasonal allergies, Tiktok trends that need to go and ones they love, the most satisfying sounds, their search history, sexy history & more! --- Send in a voice message:
00:30:03 5/6/2023
Chicks Talking Pish
Ep 9: this week the girls get caught up on all the latest celeb gossip (RIP Jerry), best friend Piers makes an appearance & is SPICY, Jas is officially an ordained minister, wearing shoes in the house, crying in public, weird Irish names & more! --- Send in a voice message:
00:50:32 4/29/2023
Chicks Talking Pish
Ep 8: update on Nic's dog, how we react to certain things, Jas got fired, Nic wants to move out of Ontario, some celeb gossip & lots more! --- Send in a voice message:
01:07:12 4/26/2023
Chicks Talking Pish
Ep 7: this week Jas is coming to us from a park in Glasgow and we're being worried mum's for Nic's dog. We have the pleasure of speaking to the one and only Crystal Quartz!!! We dive into everything drag & her Queen's park speech in Toronto. Plus so much more! --- Send in a voice message:
01:08:33 4/16/2023
Chicks Talking Pish
Ep 6: this week we're judging Khloe Kardashian & are here for Jeremy Renner's recovery. Jas & Piers got into a custody battle, Jas makes Nicole look like the dumb blonde she is, introducing our special guest for next week and so much more! --- Send in a voice message:
00:52:18 4/10/2023
Chicks Talking Pish
Ep 5: this week we have best friend Piers as a special guest! Covering everything from the latest Selena dating rumours, how much we love Jersey Shore, animal trials & more. --- Send in a voice message:
01:00:25 4/1/2023
Chicks Talking Pish
Ep 4: updates on all the latest celeb gossip (Amanda Bynes is NOT okay), birth order syndromes, the girls top icks, having a fake assistant, sacred prostitution and lots more! --- Send in a voice message:
01:11:46 3/26/2023
Chicks Talking Pish
Ep 3: this week we're talking celeb gossip, the time Jas accidentally walked into an orgy, Nicole thinks she's an old gramma, and more! --- Send in a voice message:
00:59:39 3/19/2023
Chicks Talking Pish
Ep 2: We're baaaack! This week we're discussing all the juicy celeb gossip, cancel culture, how Jas may have cancer but who knows, and of course a few crazy stories in between. --- Send in a voice message:
01:23:33 3/7/2023
Chicks Talking Pish
Ep 1: It's us, hi, we're the problem, it's us. Meet Jas & Nic coming at you from two separate parts of the world, stirring shit up & spilling some tea. --- Send in a voice message:
01:05:35 2/21/2023

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