Gameweek Review, Match Predictions, Transfers Plans, Q&A, Crypto Picks and More


OFB FPL Podcast

GW1 - New Begin Ings

We talk about what we expect to come in this new season, our drafts, and more!

00:57:43 8/11/2021

Past Episodes

OFB FPL Podcast

GW38 Review, Season Review With Our OFB Champ, Advice for Next Season, and More!

00:39:34 5/28/2021
OFB FPL Podcast
GW34 Review, GW35 Transfer Plans, Q & A, Crypto Picks & More
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OFB FPL Podcast
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GW36 Review, GW37 Transfers, Differentials & Captain Picks
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OFB FPL Podcast
GW35 Review, GW36 Transfer Plans, Q & A and More!
00:33:17 5/13/2021
OFB FPL Podcast
Predictions and more for GW5
00:16:50 4/27/2021
OFB FPL Podcast
GW11 Review, Match Predictions, Q & A, G12 Transfer Plans, Crypto Picks and more!
00:42:28 11/7/2019
OFB FPL Podcast

GW10 Review, Match Predictions, Q&A, GW11 Transfer Plans, Crypto Picks and more!

00:27:53 10/31/2019
OFB FPL Podcast
GW9 Review, Match Predictions, Q&A GW10 Transfer Plans, Crypto Picks and more!
00:51:20 10/24/2019
OFB FPL Podcast
GW8 Review, GW9 Match Predictions, Questions & Answers, Transfer Plans, Crypto Picks and more.
00:42:40 10/17/2019

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