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Episode 126 – It's Never Too Late to Launch a Business, with Teri Dreher

Teri is a former career ICU nurse turned pioneer in the emerging field of professional patient advocacy. She is the founder of Chicago's first and largest advocacy firm founded in 2011, NShore Patient Advocates and is a public speaker and best-selling author of Patient Advocacy Matters. She has served on the board of NAHAC and helped develop national standards, practices and ethics for the profession. Teri has received multiple awards from civic and business organizations for her dedication to social causes, leadership and business success,including the national Ken Schueler Patient Advocacy Compass award. Show Notes "Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance." -- Samuel Johnson Teri has proven to us that it is never too late to start a business. If she can do it at age 54, so can you. The oldest of 9 children, leadership seem to have been thrust upon her from an early age. It was embedded into her from early that she is supposed to make a difference. The fact that her father was a Missionary in India during the British Imperialist days. What an impact that has had on her? What would trigger this 50-something former nurse to turn to entrepreneurship? Sometimes all one needs is to have a sense that some form of injustice is being done. The healthcare challenges in the US is a contributing factor. A frightening health scare when her father-in-law fainted on board ship in Belize was enough to want to provide better healthcare for patients. Sometimes a painful moment is an indication that God is pushing you out of the nest for something better. That, along with other incidences, let Teri to get training in the Patient Advocacy business in 2011. Fast forward to now and she believes that it has been the best decision of her life. This discomfort with the system led Teri to start her own business at age 54. With the passion for protecting patient, she knew she failure was not an option. She made bold moves such as selling her house and downsizing into something much smaller. Seeking mentorship from experienced and successful business men was just one of the things Teri sought after to ensure she was successful. Now Teri pays it forward by mentoring others who want to enter the same business as she does. One the other side of every problem is an opportunity for someone to be part of the solution. Let this episode serves as an inspiration that you can do whatever you want at any age. Be inspired! ---- Hot Point Being successful in any area is an inside job. Connect with Teri Dreher 30 Minute FREE Consultation: Patient Advocacy for the Chicago Area Call: 847-612-6684 Website Email Facebook LinkedIn Get 20% OFF Leadercast Women Visit our Sponsor: Jamaica Stock Exchange Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter
00:27:48 8/13/2019

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The Entrepreneurial You
Nancy who holds a BA in broadcasting and psychology, altered her career path throughout the years as her eyesight worsened. She worked for Oregon News, Good Day Oregon, Good Morning America, and Entertainment Tonight. Nancy was later a singer, a top-producing realtor in Southern California, and is currently a successful business owner. Show Notes "Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." C.S. Lewis Nancy didn't grow up in the proverbial ‘bed of rose' as many are accustomed to. Observing domestic violence in the home, later with divorced parents and the ensuing struggles didn't exactly provide fertile ground for greatness. Or did it? Nancy's Determination She was determined to live full out regardless of the hand life has dealt her, including news at 16 years that a genetic disease would cause her to start going blind by years 40. Of course she was hoping that a cure would come. But being in her forties now, she has been declared legally blind. Nancy began to psycho-analyze how the women in her family coped developed the coaching skills that she now has. She saw all this as an opportunity to start living full out. But what does this really mean and how is she living full? It starts with looking at all aspects of your life carefully and diversify your time and energy. Live with passion in your heart to experience all you can. When you have moments when things don't go the way you plan, it becomes a little easier to self correct when you live from a place of living full out. This episode with Nancy is for you if you are tired of just going through the motions. ---- Top Tip When the odds are seemingly stacked up against you, it is ok to put a cap on that day and start again tomorrow. Connect with Nancy Solari GIVE AWAY: Sign up for 80 Tips to Balance Your Life Website Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Get 20% OFF Leadercast Women Visit our Sponsor: Jamaica Stock Exchange Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter
00:26:40 8/6/2019
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David is the Co-Founder and CEO of Voices.com, the online marketplace that connects business people with professional voice over talent. The unique blending of his audio engineering background with self-taught business savvy and website development afforded David the creative freedom to pursue his passion for innovation during the first dot com boom, the result of which catapulted him onto the scene as a pioneer in his field in the early 2000s. Show Notes "Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance." -- Samuel Johnson David was always fascinated with sound, music and technology as a child. It was no surprise then that he studied sound engineering in school and now owns his own recording studio in his home city of London, Canada. Setting boundaries Part of his own growth mindset development entails being able to set the context for working with his partner who is now his wife. Having been able to set boundaries, communicating who he is when he is having a conversation. For example, he informs whether he is communicating as a husband or business partner. Successful people think about their mental fortitude as much as their physical body and intellect. David implores us to listen to our bodies, find what we love doing and put your body in a position to feel good. Whatever decision you need to make, think about it in 10-10-10. That is, what is the impact of your decision in 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years from now. Good decision should be sustainable over all these time frame. David concludes that passion and resiliency are the most necessary traits for success and growth. Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from adverse circumstances. David has left so much great nuggets on this episode of The Entrepreneurial You. Listen to the entire episode and share it with your tribe. ---- Top Tip A plan will give you the guidance to persevere and it doesn't have to be elaborate. Goals written down are more likely to come to fruition. Connect with David Ciccarelli GIVE AWAY: Reports on Voice Acting Industry Information Website Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Get 20% OFF Leadercast Women Visit our Sponsor: Jamaica Stock Exchange Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter
00:25:12 7/30/2019
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Shane is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, product launches, sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities. Show Notes The great myth of our times is that technology is communication. - Libby Larsen What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer Marketing, what is that really and how do you build a successful program? Well, that's what Shane will share with us on this episode of The Entrepreneurial You podcast. Surely it has been around for a while. When we think of the term we sometimes think about celebrities but if you have influence over a community - well - you are an influencer. Anyone can be one without having 100,000 followers on Instagram. Bear in mind too that some of these followers that are online are fake. Yes, that's a thing. People can buy followers. It all comes down to engagement. If you are putting out great content you are an influencer. As long as people are believing in what you do. But how do you connect with influencers? Software such as influencer.co and grin.co is a great place to identify those who might be ideal to work with your brand. You have to keep testing until you land the one that is right for you. It takes at least 3 months to start seeing the result that you need when working with influencers. It takes effort. It is about frequency. These are just of the things we touched on during this episode. Please listen to The Entrepreneurial You in its entirety for more on how you can leverage Influencer Marketing to grow your brand. ---- Top Tip Have realistic expectations when embarking on influencer marketing. Connect with Shane Barker GIVE AWAY: How to Build a Successful Influencer Marketing Program Website Facebook LinkedIn Email: shane@shanebarker.com Get 20% OFF Leadercast Women Visit our Sponsor: Jamaica Stock Exchange Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter
00:25:59 7/23/2019
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With more than 30 years of experience in designing and delivering the highest quality classroom-based training for adult learners, Janet has made the transition to the on-line classroom and created Alliance Learning. This leading edge platform provides clients with the opportunity to provide custom-built, learner centered e-learning opportunities for their employees and members. WeLoveLearning courses are built using the best available tools and are designed to Janet's high standards of learner interactivity. Show Notes The great myth of our times is that technology is communication. - Libby Larsen 10 years ago Janet travelled extensively to her clients to conduct training. Now the table has taken a drastic turn to move along with the times. Doing in person workshops now account for 1% of her business at most. She has completely transitioned to the online worlds. "People have always wanted training when they need it (just in time training). But we didn't have the tools available to us to do it, `` says Janet. Learner retention is a big part of the reason online training is so good. Trainees can get the training just when they need it which increases learner retention and ultimately behavioural change. This conversation will provide the necessary tools to get you started with your online course. Hot Point Think carefully about the learner experience you want your users to have when planning your online course. Connect with Janet Stewart FREE: eLearning 101 PDF WhatsApp: 1-613-299-5003 Email Website Twitter LinkedIn Get 20% OFF Leadercast Women Visit our Sponsor: Jamaica Stock Exchange Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter
00:27:02 7/16/2019
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Hailey is a certified content strategist and founder of Your Content Empire, where she partners with small business owners who are over the shoulds and ready to build their content empires – their way. Through her programs, DIY content kits and award-winning, tell-all weekly blog, she's helped thousands of entrepreneurs create smarter content on a consistent basis that delights them and their customers while growing their bottom lines. Show Notes "Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them." - Doug Kessler Content is King! Perhaps you were hoping otherwise but there is just no getting around this reality. But all content isn't created equally. So how do you create the content that connects with your audience? This episode of The Entrepreneurial You has Hailey divulging all you need to know about your content plan. Firstly, let's debunk the myth that Content Marketing is only about creating written blogs. It is rather of way creating content and using it to build your audience. It is a strategy of building your business by giving value to your community. As GaryVee would say, "give, give, give or jab, jab, jab" before you ask anything of your audience. Hayley outlines her 5-step strategy that she recommends in building an effective content plan to use as part of your content marketing strategy. Look at past data Choose promo focus for upcoming month (theme, trajectory, etc) Identify content pieces for the month. What is your cornerstone content Brainstorm ideas for topics Build a content calendar An easy way to grow your community is to use lead magnet. What you use is of course dependent on the price point of what you are trying to sell. FOr low priced items a simple PDF is great. Always base it on a need or a question that your ideal client has. Don't get overwhelm and try to do everything. ---- Top Tip In choosing your content plan/strategy, remember to talk with your people to know exactly they want from you. Connect with Hayley Dale GIVE AWAY: The 5-Step Content Quit Plan Website Facebook Get 20% OFF Leadercast Women Visit our Sponsor: Jamaica Stock Exchange Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter
00:24:03 7/9/2019
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Nathan is a 29 year old long time entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. He started his first eCommerce business out of his college dorm room and has sold over $30 million online. He is now the co-founder and CEO of FreeeUp.com, a marketplace that connects businesses with pre-vetted virtual assistants, freelancers and agencies in eCommerce, digital marketing, and much more. He regularly appears on leading podcasts, such as Entrepreneur on Fire, and speaks at live events about online hiring tactics. Show Notes "Marketing is telling the world you're a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world you are one." – Robert Rose The experts make it look easy but running an e-Commerce business is anything but. Whilst success isn't impossible, it takes an enormous effort to win at it. Nathan starting hustling in college but a cease and desist letter from his institution led him to pivot. Starting to sell baby products on Amazon before Amazon was a thing is the direction that he took. Having posted his first vacancy for hire on Facebook, he began to think it was easy to do. It really wasn't he learnt. The more famous Fiverr and UpWork didn't cut it either and that is how freeeup.com was born. Outsourcing to the Philippines Price point, good English, honest are some of the reasons to consider outsourcing to the Philippines for your e-Commerce business attractive. Now skill, attitude and communication is what Nathan hires for using his own platform. Customer service is one of his company's main differentiator which came from his own dissatisfaction from previous experiences. This episode of The Entrepreneurial You dives into the ins and outs of running an e-Commerce. To prove it is not all peaches and cream, Nathan also shares his biggest business failure. Do enjoy. ---- Top Tip Look at everything as lessons. Focus on the big picture. Pursue your passion, it has never been easier to start your business. Connect with Nathan Hirsch Website Mention this podcast and get $25 credit when you create an account. Facebook Get 20% OFF Leadercast Women Visit our Sponsor: Jamaica Stock Exchange Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter
00:18:36 7/2/2019
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John has helped thousands of entrepreneurs succeed in their business by doing outsourcing differently. He created and runs OnlineJobs.ph, the largest website for finding Filipino virtual workers, with over 500,000 Filipino resumes and over 100,000 employers from around the world using it. He works about 17 hours per week, choosing to spend his time with his family rather than working. Show Notes "If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you're putting yourself out of business." Lee Kuan Yew No, you don't have to do it all alone. Outsourcing has been increasingly popular. But what are the main things to consider when looking to find talent outside of your office? John enthusiastically shares his journey on The Entrepreneurial You podcast. As a Programmer, John started a few online businesses, some of which didn't last very long. John discovered how working with talent from the Philippines has positively impacted his very successful business. It worked so well, persons from his mastermind group began to ask how they might get to do the same. Hiring someone full time from the Philippines has been super liberating for John. Outsource to the Philippines He shares that Filipinos have the characteristics that make them good hire. They are honest; they don't want to steal your business ideas as they are not entrepreneurial. They are very loyal, almost to a fault. They won't jump ship the minute they get a better deal from someone else. They are hardworking and pleasing by nature. Communication issues will not exist because they speak very good English. In outsourcing effectively, have a clear vision of what you want to offload and find someone to do that. ---- Top Tip Find something you can teach, hire someone to teach and get back some hours in your life. Connect with John Jonas Website Facebook Get 20% OFF Leadercast Women Visit our Sponsor: Jamaica Stock Exchange Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter
00:21:42 6/25/2019
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Amanda is the CEO of getalifeatsea.com and is the author of the How the Heck to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship Guide. Amanda sailed the world onboard cruise ships for over a decade, working within a variety of roles with multiple cruise lines. She then moved into Cruise Ship Recruitment and Cruise Employment Education Provision Services. Amanda now helps adventurers successfully navigate cruise line application and interview processes so they too can travel the world. Show Notes "Don't sit and wait. Get out there, feel life. Touch the sun, and immerse in the sea." — Rumi Many are quite happy in a comfort zone with life on land so venturing out into the vastness of the Ocean may not be appealing. Then there are those who get excited by the mere idea of a life at sea. The icing on the cake is getting paid to travel on board, connect with passengers from all over the globe. Interestingly, anything you can imagine in a 5-star resort, is available on board. There are a myriad of opportunities that are available at sea and Amanda passionately piques our interest by highlighting a few. Since birth, she has been on board since conception, fully immersed by parents who lived a life in the deep. Business Opportunity Having lots of experience in the sea world, when Amanda became pregnant, she made the decision to start her own company helping others excel in the marine world. This haha moment was inspired by the fact that there was no one providing the service of guiding others to apply for jobs on board. Certainly, this is a booming industry with cruise brands adding more fleet to their lines frequently. Amanda has a variety of products and services that will help you on your journey. This episode of The Entrepreneurial You is power packed with what you need to know to get started on a life at sea. ---- Top Tip Being on board requires that you are flexible and able to work with a diverse group of people. Connect with Amanda Hathorn 50% Discount with Code: GET PAID TO TRAVEL: How the Heck to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship Guide Website Instagram Facebook Email: info@getalifeatsea.com Get 20% OFF Leadercast Women Visit our Sponsor: Jamaica Stock Exchange Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter
00:25:24 6/18/2019
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Tony became known as "The Side Hustle Millionaire" after his book with the same title became a #1 best-seller on Amazon. But, this book title isn't just fiction; it is based on his actual story. As an active entrepreneur himself, he still owns a few businesses. But, his real passion is teaching entrepreneurs how to start, scale, and sell their business, within his consulting brand 365 Driven. Show Notes "Opportunities don't happen. You create them." - -- Chris Grosser There is so much to say about the side hustle, some curse it while others swear by it. Tony has been a hustler for a while. He has always been the kid working while others were having fun, sometimes at his expense. But as they say, hard works always pay off...Tony had the skateboards, videogames and bicycles to prove it. Tony early on had the goal of being successful the evidence of which would be 6-figure income - the American dream. An Engineer Degree would be his pursuit. Between waiting tables, waxing cars and other jobs, Tony soon discovered it was taking too much of his time and so he started a company which became one of the busiest communities online. This company was later sold. On the question of becoming a millionaire with your side hustle, Tony's drive, determination and unwillingness to quit taught him in the long run that if this is only about making money you will never get to the place of true success. Your purpose has to be a lot stronger than money. What legacy do you want to leave behind. Think about how generational legacy can be impacted. What can you do to monetize the skills you have? What skills/talents/crafts can you earn to monetize? These are just some of the questions to ask yourself in order to arrive at success. Tony encourages us to be at the intersection of passion, skills and expertise. This will help you create a movement that others want to be part of. Avoid the employee mindset that teaches us to trade our hours for dollars. Get away from that. There is no relationship between time and money when you are doing what you love. Listen to this episode of The Entrepreneurial You for deep insight on how to successfully monetize your side hustle. ---- Top Tip Mindset is the most important thing for entrepreneurs. Pay attention to consistency. Show up every day and do the the work. Connect with Tony Whatley FREE RESOURCE: 1st 2 Chapters of The Side Hustle Millionaire Website Instagram Facebook Get 20% OFF Leadercast Women Visit our Sponsor: Jamaica Stock Exchange Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter
00:28:43 6/11/2019
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Paul is a Mentor, Entrepreneur, & Television Host whose goal is to help you live your best life. He's the world's most influential matchmaker, founded and exited three businesses, host two television shows, spent nearly a decade working directly for a billionaire, and shares his experiences by mentoring through Knowledge Share. Show Notes Paul defines mentorship as "personal development in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person guides a less experienced or less knowledgeable person." After over one year, I finally get Paul on The Entrepreneurial You podcast. Our conversation on mentorship for entrepreneurs was over before we knew it. It was filled with insights on the benefits of mentorship and how to become mentee material. There are lots of strategies to become a mentee but it always begin with your being ready to accept criticism. You must have a high level of self esteem and self love. Knowing you are enough is necessary. Shared Values Develop your north star for all areas of your life and look for people who resembles what you want to be. Whomever you are trying to identify as your mentor should share your values for the most part. It is important too to try and figure out what your prospective mentor is trying to accomplish and find ways to and value to them. The reality is that everyone has goals. We are all tuned in to ‘what's in it for me?" How can you help to advance their cause. It is very easy to digitally stalk your prospects so you are armed with all the information you need to move forward. ---- Top Tip Mentorship doesn't always have to look up. It is about surrounding yourself with the right people. Connect with Paul Carrick Brunson Website Twitter LinkedIn Visit our Sponsor: Jamaica Stock Exchange Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter
00:35:44 6/4/2019

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