Join college students and full time wannabes Sofia and Marie for weekly chats about fashion, lifestyle and college. Listen along as these two best friends balance their ambition and schoolwork, and talk about topics which they are absolutely unqualified to cover. Learn why Sofia and Marie pride themselves on being wannabes and maybe even become one yourself.



Let's Talk What's Up With Us | Study Abroad, Youtube, & Getting Cancelled

Sofia and Marie are back this week for some much needed catching up! Hang with these two as they cover all of their latest life updates including Sofia's aparent new dream of becoming a movie star director, Ty's surprise visit, and their mutual fear of internet cancellation. So much ground to cover in one episode--so sit back, relax, and catch up with us!!
00:36:45 4/25/2022

Past Episodes

Sofia and Marie are back this week to chat about what is new in pop culture. Listen along as these two review the latest fashion trends, give their opinions on some iconic collabs and debate their pop culture hot takes with a simple bop or flop.
00:42:44 4/16/2022
Marie and Sofia are back this week to dive deep into the mind of a college frat boy. This episode Sofia and Marie are asking Ty all of your questions about the frat lifestyle, from the recruitment process to how to get yourself blacklisted welcome to the frat boy tell all. Chat with these three as Marie and Sofia prove why frat houses are really just the big slumber parties boys never got to have, and maybe learn a few things about what goes on at a frat when they aren't throwing parties ;)
00:48:05 3/27/2022
Sofia and Marie are back this week to talk about prioritizing you! From March 2020 nostalgia to setting healthy habits for everyday life, Marie and Sofia discuss why they are choosing to focus on themselves this spring and how they are planning to do it. Chat with them as they finally get out of their seemingly eternal "rut" ;)
00:32:05 3/21/2022
Sofia and Marie are back this week to talk about none other than spring break season! While Marie is heading to the beach Sofia is still working in Dublin. While they will be doing different things this week chat with them about needing a break and how they are feeling about the spring season ahead. Talk with them about how to feel productive and happy after a break and get in the right mindset for the rest of the year!
00:28:00 3/6/2022
Marie and Sofia are back this week to talk about what is keeping them going. These two are stressed and overworked but are taking this time to reflect on all the good things that are helping them push through! Chat with them about what they are looking forward to, how they stay positive and a bunch of happy memories in between! Midterm season is tough but there is so much to get excited about! We hope you take this time to reflect on what you are looking forward to and get excited about all of the amazing things to come <3
00:32:40 2/27/2022
Sofia and Marie are back this week with a very special guest Mackenzie Davis! These two are beyond pumped to be sharing their very first interview episode with you all and Mackenzie is the perfect gal to be chatting with. Mackenzie is simply the definition of a badass bitch, she is a 21 year old licensed realtor and full time student who is currently applying to grad school. This girl really does it all so join us in chatting with her about how to make your dreams a reality at any age. If this episode doesn't motivate you to pursue your goals we aren't sure what will....
00:38:36 2/21/2022
Marie and Sofia are back this week to celebrate arguably the most important holiday in February, Galentines Day! Hang out with them as they answer your questions about love life, reflect on some funny memories and debate whether Kanye should be allowed to have social media. So sit back relax and come hang out with Marie and Sofia for a Wannabes happy hour you deserve it ;)
00:35:32 2/14/2022
Sofia and Marie are back this week to talk about getting out of a slump! These winter months never fail to bring seasonal depression and creative burnout, but this year Marie and Sofia are not going to let that negative energy affect them for long! Chat with them about how to break the cycle and get back to being the badass bitch that you are. It happens to everyone so let's get through it together.
00:36:08 2/6/2022
Marie and Sofia are back after the Holiday season to talk about New Year's resolutions! It's a dreaded topic for some but these two love a rebrand so they are looking forward to changing some things in 2022. Chat with them about how to healthily approach your goals this New Year and catch up with them from the break, the have missed you ;)
00:25:16 1/16/2022
Sofia and Marie are back this week to reflect on their third college semster. They learned a lot and are ready to lay it all on the table. Chat with them as they unpack what they feel this semester taught them, and trust me there is quite a bit to unpack there. They are left with some lingering questions, as I'm sure we all are but hey there is always next semester to figure them out. College is really charecter development isn't it ; )
00:23:48 12/20/2021

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