My name is Cassandra. I am a podcaster, professional photographer and teacher from Bridgeport, CT. With my obsession with all things pop culture, I thought hosting a podcast would be a good venture to follow. I hope to bring interesting topics, fascinating guest and humor to my audience. So sit back and enjoy!

A platform that allows actors, directors, producers, managers to give their personal insights, experiences, and opinions about this industry of film making.

A nostalgic visit back to the Midnight Society's campfire with snark, snacks, and plenty of chats. See show notes at
Ever wondered what would happen if you stuck two bros in a room with just a microphone and everyone?s favorite reality TV show? Well you?re about to find out. Every week, Seth and Caleb take you through episodes of The Bachelor from start to finish. Buckle up, grab some rose-scented candles, and prepare for your new favorite comedy hour.
Join Toby and Dave Shaver as they discuss the latest in comic book culture and revisit some of the greatest superhero stories ever told.
In MMA, if you're going to talk the talk, you better Back Your Chat! The Podcast that will delve into the world of Mixed Martial Arts and breakdown not just the fights but the talk away from the cage. We'll take your host's - Alesy - unique outlook to other sports and entertainment too! Future Logo Intro by WinnieTheMoog Link: License:
The show to find out how those in sports, music, & entertainment made their mark!
From Behind the Story, comes The Wrestling Time Machine. When there?s no guest to Interview, I?ll be talking about Shows that happened in the date that I?m publishing on.
Welcome to our Pocast , join us as we discuss movies , disney plus series , Marvel content and much much more. If you would like to see the video version of each episode subscribe to our YouTube Channel, just follow the link below and turn on notifications.
What to watch (or skip) on streaming networks. Hidden gems and indie surprises.
Breaking Out of Breaking In is a practical, pragmatic filmmaking and storyteller podcast about taking your creative destiny into your own hands, reframing what it takes and means to "break in" to a fundamentally broken industry, and making work that gets seen without playing the Hollywood game (or at least, while changing the rules). Each episode explores a particular subject interrogated and researched by the hosts to turn an obstacle or limitation into an opportunity for listeners, or a conversation with a guest who shares exactly how they broke out, broke in, or circumvented things entirely to define success for themselves.
A deep dive into the greatest Hollywood Action Movie Car chases!

Welcome to CB Media Network, a hub for everything related to the Canadian film industry and Hollywood. CB Media Network offers a range of podcasts and YouTube series, including The Comic Boys Show and Hollywood in Canada.

Check us out on social media @comicboys_

Check us out on our

It's silly to serious and everything in-between, so lets drink some Champagne and have fun! Hosted by: Jenifer
A screenwriting re-writing podcast about how much a script can change when you change one page.
Mega Harrison and Chad Davis talk nothing but Christmas all year long......... movies, shows, traditions
You know when you're hanging out with your buddies having a few drinks and talking movies...well that is us! Cinema Stash Rehash brings you back to the reason why you love movies from the 70's 80's & 90's by celebrating the time when movies were made with original ideas, great scripts, priceless soundtracks and the use of practical effects. We are just a few guys who love movies and just can't stop talking about them, so join us as we love them, make fun of them, and discover how they fuel our everyday life paranoias. So please tune in to rehash with us, learn movie facts and to learn how these amazing childhood memories were made. Cheers!
A strong, fanatical look at the world of comic book movies and of course, all things nerdy and sci-fi, with the sources of insider knowledge and the drunk whimsy of a drunk, Irish redneck! Part of the DSP Media Podcast Network at Support for this podcast is brought to you by MANSCAPED?, the best in men?s below-the-waist grooming. Their products are precision-engineered tools for your family jewels. MANSCAPED?s? Performance Package is the ultimate men's hygiene bundle! Join over 4 million men worldwide who trust MANSCAPED with this exclusive offer for you?. 20% off and free worldwide shipping with the code: DSP20 at If my math is correct, that?s about 8 million balls.
I review reality shows such as The Kardashians, Housewives, movies, and maybe even a couple of guests! LET'S CONNECT:

Comics talk about everything. So do we.

Cosmic Soup Recording is a Recording Studio in Phoenix AZ. We talk about local music and movies. We are fans of Super Heroes and Sci-Fi. Please join our discussions every Sunday. You can see us LIVE on Facebook or tune in here for the replay. Thanks for checking us out!!
Der Podcast Lowrider. Seit 2006. Mit der Ghettoschleuder von Studio 54 bis Area 51. Happy Hour im Boom Boom Room. Backstage sind braune M&Ms verboten ! Alben/Hörbücher:
Welcome to the ultimate Dad Tv Podcast, where myself, an avid Dad of 3 finally gets to watch some TV as the kids have gone the F*** to sleep! Along with guest hosts, other Dad's and parents we discuss digital streaming content, tv, film, kids programming and more. What is that one show you get to fall asleep to each night? #CouchDads
Critics w/o Credentials is a that is a podcast dedicated to talking about everything related to Film, TV & streaming. It's a collaboration of friends that enjoy discussing random movies and TV and we've been celebrating being mediocre at it since 2012.
We are Dames who like to have a cocktail and talk TV....the good, the bad and the embarrassing
The Best Podcast For Athletes.
Presented by Philo - Watch every Hallmark movie @

Join Bran, Panda, and Dan as they attempt to watch and review Hallmark movies. Just 3 dudes…watching made-for-tv movies. What could go wrong?
Listen ad-free at

Follow us:
Instagram: @hallmarkpodcast
Twitter: @hallmarkpodcast
Facebook: Deck The Hallmark Podcast
A Podcast all about the hit 90s show Family Matters.
🏝 ™
🦧 Creative Director
🎧 Music Influencer / Supervisor
⚡ Everybody Dances Sometimes ⚡
Djon & Hannah recap the strategy, social game, and stupidity of each Survivor episode!

Dubterfuge Podcast is new podcast from Shway Media. Join our hosts Pod Team Epic (@Shterrra of @WeLoveDubVAs & @MatthewHVoss) as they discuss anime and everything new in the world of dubs.

For questions, comments, or just to say "Hi!", email us at!

"Dubterfuge" was created by Stella Luna and Matt Voss, is produced by Shway Media, and is a part of the Shway Media Podcast Network. For more information, visit

Joseph Dunninger was a well-known mentalist, using his extra-sensory perception to read people's minds. Dunniger's psychic abilities were apparent in his childhood when he could cheat on math tests by reading the smart kids minds. His parents encouraged his talents and he entertained their friends with his magic tricks. DunningerAt the age of seven, he was already performing his mind reading abilities as "Master Joseph Dunninger, Child Magician" and was a regular on the vaudeville circuit even performing for Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Pope Pius XII. Even Harry Houdini was impressed by the young Dunninger's abilities. As radio became popular, Joseph Dunninger became one of the first paid acts to hit the airwaves. After many guest appearances, his radio show Dunninger, The Mentalist began broadcasting on September 12, 1943. On the old time radio show, he would read the minds of the audience members (including Dorothy Kilgallen) guessing social security numbers, birthdates, and even serial numbers on dollar bills. An incredible performer, Joseph Dunninger sat on a stool in front of the audience doodling on a piece of paper, practicing what he called "telesthesia" or though reading. It is quite amazing! This collection includes all known guest appearances of Joseph Dunninger on rare shows such as We the People as well as episodes of "Dunninger, The Mentalist." See also: Magic Collection, Mind Readers in Old Time Radio, and Harry Houdini Recordings.
This podcast has been created to uplift, inspire and empower. Kevin L. Garner, Sr is the founder and CEO of Enjoy Life Smile Everyday. Kevin is a multifaceted entrepreneur and Clergymen. Mr Garner believes you can shape your future by the words you speak presently. Your actions, attitude and faith will determine rather you fell or achieve the things you desire. Enjoy Life Smile Everyday Podcast is insightful and provides you with the tools you need to win the battles of life.


When you are entertained for awhile, it is no longer a way to kill time. Instead becomes a path to discover new you. Don't you think it's fun to share what you got on your mind and even when the comments section can't hold it all, there's still a way for me, EntertainmenT OverTime. Would you like to hear?!!

A Marvel Disney+ after-show with Harvey Brent and G.I. Jolie. Join us as we talk about Marvel Studios latest offerings and comic book tv and film in general. It's the same tired nerd sh*t with a little more sass.
Movie news and reviews from comic book films to those that Scorcese loves!
Fun lively breakdown of everything from anime, fashion, video games, comics, to tv and movies. Nothings off the table. Each episode is a dive into what we see. Also smaller podcasts breaking down what we love. Its a network to let your inner self out in a way that lets you feel fun and free
Standup Comedians Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel love films and they love arguing about them. But in this unique podcast; they invite guests to come in and argue why some of the most financially successful, beloved or acclaimed films are trash. Kevin and Kevin preside over these cases and see if their friends have made them change their minds. Check out this podcast dedicated to giving the most hilarious, witty, and funniest movie reviews you'll ever hear.'s weekly movie and tv show reviews in a group conversational format.
The House of Nerds reviews and talks about all things nerd. Comics, Video Games, Cartoons and more.
Podcast about Movies,TV shows, DC/Marvel, Gaming, Music and more
Three average guys from down south discuss all things entertainment. We talk about topics involving movies, tv shows, music, celebrities, sports and more.
Welcome to our podcast! Dive deep as we explore the latest and most effective apps designed to boost your Instagram followers, likes, and engagement. Discover insights, tips, and alternatives like TopFollow to elevate your social media game.
Featuring attorney and professor Toni Ann Marcolini discussing creativity in all its forms in an interview format with various guests. A show about people and topics of interest ranging from books, films, history, sports, legal cases, healthy lifestyles, cooking and television shows to behind the scenes of the creative process.
A community dedicated to highlighting Live Reality Games from around the world! Check out our facebook group for more information:
A community dedicated to highlighting Live Reality Games from around the world! Check out our facebook group for more information:
Do you enjoy science fiction mixed with social commentary and comedy? Join hosts Mike-EL, G.I.Jolie and Champ-Ian as they discuss THE ORVILLE, Seth McFarlane's hilarious trek across the stars. Each episode reviews one episode of the TV show, while examining and contrasting the series with classics like Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, as well as more recent sci-fi reboots like Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Blade Runner.
Warren Hanson and Jason Purcell are your personal guides on the path towards entertainment. Allow these two movie lovers turned filmmakers to recommend your next movie night. Enjoy full movie breakdowns, artist spotlights, spoiler-casts and much much more. Nothing is off limits, no film to daunting and everything is worth the climb. Join them every Friday 9am EST just in time to make or adjust those weekend plans. Grab some popcorn a beverage and some comfy shoes and follow the path they've blazed towards blockbuster base camp.
My mom loves movies, especially when she catches the last 40 minutes of one on TNT. This is a podcast about those movie watching experiences!
On The Rocks is a weekly talk show hosted by on-air personality Alexander Rodriguez. A mix between Joan Rivers, Johnny Carson and Judy Garland, Alexander talks about entertainment, fashion, pop culture and hot topics while sipping cocktails with his celebrity guests from stage and screen. Academy Award Winners, Golden Globe Winners, Tony Award Winners, Emmy Award Winners and pop culture headliners ? he?s drank with them all.
Chris (a cop) and Damon (a lawyer) geek out about whether your favorite movies get the "law-thing" right or wrong. Our ideal listener loves movies, enjoys podcasts while commuting to and from work, and questions whether complicated subplots would play out in the real world. Perp Fiction provides expert perspectives, insights, and analysis that our listeners can work into the conversation when they geek out with fellow movie-philes.
Join Cal, Dan and guests as they tackle the never ending cycle of gaming, the internet, movies, or whatever else springs into the show! More content at
Podcasty z gwiazdami - 1 - Weronika Jaskó?ka. Wywiad z aktork?, prezenterk?, modelk? Weronik? Jaskó?k?.
Welcome to Season 3! PopRocks is about two dads discussing those wonderful retro stories set in the decade of decadence—the glorious '80s and early '90s. Co-hosted by Daniel Parkins and Larry Mauro, PopRocks interweaves narrative storytelling with pop-culture references that will ultimately make you remember and relate to an era we could never forget. Shows drop bi-weekly on Friday nights. Supplemental pictures and videos air on YouTube bi-weekly on Saturdays at Please Like, Subscribe, and Leave a Review!
A weekly discussion of Disc Golf between Chris Tellesbo (Pro) and Gavin Goodwin (Amateur) for anyone interested in the sport.
Wrestling Ratings, for the past 25 Years, have been the Cornerstone of how Wrestling Companies have gauged there probability in lasting on TV and as a Company. In the Wrestling Ratings Podcast, join Host Daniel Veillon as he discusses modern day Ratings and talks about the old Wrestling Shows. With WCW Nitro and WWF Raw?s Ratings as a major part of this Podcast, tune in to see what differences were made by each episode and than listen as Daniel compares each Show to see what he thinks made the biggest difference.
Breaking down the best of Reality TV. Come join the for our weekly recaps of Survivor, Big Brother and more and starting 3/30/2020 Reality Daily Recaps.
RedRock is the home of The Shiznit Show which is a talk show that covers everything from celebrity gossip to serious social issues with a whole lot of funny thrown in and Pod of Thrones reviews and predictions about all things Game of Thrones!
We're in Paradise, baby! All our favourite (and least favourite) contestants from past Bach/Bachelorette seasons are all on a resort in Mexico ready to find love! Or if you're Aaron, ready to find another enemy!
This podcast will cover a variety of topics such as Sports, Pop Culture, Movies and TV.
The Podcast talk show where cynical horror movie geeks talk the world of horror and pop culture. Welcome to SCARIFYER! Support this podcast:
This Vanderpump Rules star is getting into some shenanigans as she brings the party to you. From conversations with celebrity and industry guests, juicy stories from her time on the show, and her life in Vegas; it's a party only Scheana could throw. It's downright shenanigans!
Before you commit to what could be your child's next favorite TV show, let voice actress, Kara Edwards, and child therapist, Laura Orr, break down the good, the bad, and the downright annoying of the many TV programs available to your little ones.
Welcome to Silent Podcasts! We're anything but silent! Check us out if you're looking for Reality TV recaps, Scripted TV show reviews, Animation reviews, and more! Youtube: Silent Podcasts Twitch:
A film enthusiast, lecturer, and teacher just talking about all things movie-related - some newer, some that are more classic. But I don't say "old" - as Lauren Bacall said, "It's not an old movie if you haven't seen it."
Join The Shaver Brothers as they discuss each episode of the Netflix Original Series "The Umbrella Academy". Toby and Dave also explore the show's source material, the Dark Horse Comics series "The Umbrella Academy", by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba.
Gossip Fiends ALLISON MCKAY and PRINCE FLEET EASTON disentomb celebrity corpses and pick through for the gold. We may dislodge a few roaches but we come up with the nuggets for you!
An unorthodox film review podcast where you tell me your favorite movies, I do my best to tear them to pieces, and you defend them, as the masses listen in.
A weekly Movie Podcast for everyone who loves movies, from the movie snob to the philistine. Every week Syq ranks the last five movies he watched, and periodically, Syq and his wife Teashia go over their personal top 10 lists while drinking Scotch and Red Wine.
Internet outrage is poisoning the way we communicate. Everyone's angry, everyone's cancelled and NO ONE'S allowed to think for themselves!! Subtweet THIS is an open discussion on the topics that make you angry. Our goal is to prove that disagreements are normal and civil discourse is still possible. #SubtweetTHIS
Suspense Radio, brings you the best of the best in suspense / thriller / mystery and horror. Interviews and reviews in the genres.
Ted and Gus talk about Stalkers, Renting Coffee Cups, Home Cleaning and other random nonsense.
Superheroes are the dominant film genre in Hollywood, but the path to their current popularity is complex and uneven. Join Mike-EL, Joshua Murr-VELL and Champ-Ian as they discuss superhero movies & TV shows from DC Comics, Marvel Comics and more! Each episode features one film or TV episode featuring an iconic superhero, reviewed by passionate fans of the genre.
Former MMA Fighter turned Actor, Author, Tattoo Artist, and CEO of Tattness Co. Clothing, Keith "Tattness" McCleary Hosts a Podcast that has no boundaries. From the paranormal to interviewing fellow celebrities, pop culture and current events. This organic conversation based show follows no script and you never know who might swing by.
Stay up to date on each weeks tech and other news.
A podcast of uncompromising realness of everyday life. Discussing life experiences, subtle advice, HipHop, celebrity misdeeds and well doings, entertainment & news. Nothing is off limits as Fly gives his opinion with unfiltered honesty toward anything thrown his way.
COMING to you from Brooklyn by way of his mother's vagina, THE QUINTESSENTIAL STUDMUFFIN Joel Gertner does his damnedest to overcome his natural modesty to TELL YOU HOW GREAT HE IS, do today's top stars the favor of having them on for great interviews, talk about the news of the day and make you think FOR ONCE!
Join Toby Shaver ("Back Issues") and his daughter, Lucy, as the recap and discuss each episode of the DC Universe/CW Original Series "Stargirl".
Listen in on weekly conversation between the one and only Scott Streets and the show they call Freak,. as they discuss PRO WRESTLING, MMA, FOOTBALL,BASEBALL, COMIC BOOKS, MOVIES AND MUCH MUCH MORE. in fact you'll never know where the conversation going to head. plus frequent guest host joining them
Join us on LIVE Monday and Wednesday nights from 7p - 9p CT from the Fan Stream Sports - DSP Media Studios in North Dallas. DFW sports radio personalities Colby Sapp and Timm 'IndyCarTim' Hamm offer an energetic mix of sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and fun! Check us out on X: @colbytimmshow | @IndyCarTim | @ColbySapp! | And make sure to subscribe to our epic YouTube Channel!
Welcome The Console Room a fun after show looking back and forwards and currently, its timy whims, at Doctor Who! With host Ernesto Castagna and Joe Dove we dive into the world of The Doctor with fun facts and deeps dive in your little Tardis, your smartphone!
The Creative Team Podcast ( Pro Wrestling/Sports) Every Wednesday Join Ron Kilbourn, Cole Dawson of The Creative Team Podcast Pro Wrestling Podcast.
Join JATP superfan Lucy Shaver and her dad as they recap and discuss each episode of the Netflix Original Series "Julie and the Phantoms".
Join The Shaver Brothers, as they take a deep dive into the Amazon Original Series "The Boys".
A show where the hottest topics are discussed and dissected!
I talk about the Episodes of Heartland and the Cast of Heartland.
Hosted by Selene Montijo, The Media Lounge is your source for VIP interviews, Entertainment & trending news.
Film opinions, facts, musings, rants and ravings with Derich Heath and Josh Davis. Covers a wide variety of genres, periods, familiar names and titles - everything from Spielberg to Kaufman to Argento to Herzog to Lynch. Loaded with obscure trivia and interesting anecdotes.
Giving you raw and uncensored opinions on how we see all things entertainment, sports and everything else in the world!
To ponder, means think about something or someone carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion. If the pandemic has taught us anything, its that we weren't used to having so much time to think. As the world opens back up we will be forever changed by this shared traumatic experience. What has been on your mind? How are you different? For me, I'm going after the things I love, as distraction free as possible. One of those many passions, is podcasting. I love to talk to people, who have something to say, and have some perspective on the world around them. So here we go, The Ponder All Podcast. Conversations with interesting people who contribute to society with their passions and perspective. From Celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians and more, we discuss the world around us and how their contributions help the world get better, one day at a time.
The Real Housewives of Reality cover everything Real Housewives related but also incorporate other hit reality shows. A part of the PFT Media Network and Launchpadone.
A podcast for sports fans by sports fans. We talk a little bit of everything in sports, but we also delve into pop culture and whatever comes into our minds.
The world's most dangerous Film & TV critics
Why listen to the low hum of the dark void we call a universe, when you can listen to the sultry rambles of Edwardo "The Manager" and Derek? With a rotation of recurring guests they'll help you flex those pop-culture chops, and you're guaranteed to have at least ONE awkward moment when you're listening. Though, it will most likely be because you've accidentally laughed out loud in public. Did we mention this is a comedy podcast? Definitely not a couple of guys trying to embarrass you in front of your coworkers who can hear you chortle in your cubicle. Or maybe you're commuting home? Then it's okay that you're smiling like a crazy person behind the wheel. Your hosts won't judge you for the way you listen; they're simply here for nostalgia, shits, and giggles. So come spend your time poorly with us! The goal of this show is to reach an audience and develop a following organically over time. Subscribe for free by searching "Time Spent Poorly" on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. Follow us on Twitter too @TSPNMedia & @yonimusprime
I talk about current wrestling, as well as I start talking about the Monday Night Wars timeline. I talk about February 24, 1998 in a recent episode on here.
Theatre Scorpio is a semi-weekly podcast that dives deep into Japanese film, whether mainstream or obscure, new or old. Each episode hosts Mark and Scott cover a different film in a loose, conversational manner.
With our your hosts, Sean and Myke. With the release of the new Star Wars series on Disney+ titled ?The Mandalorian?, we decided to talk about the story of the Mandalorian and also history of the Mando?ad culture. As a Star Wars enthusiast, Sean is well versed in most of the Star Wars Canon and Legends universe. As an addition to Mandalorian culture, we will also discuss other fun and exciting facts about the Star Wars universe! Thank you and may the Force be with you.
On this show we will have guests on every Tuesdays and Fridays and discuss the topics in sports of the day
Reviewing the fights, bringing unbiased news, and entertaining debate on hot topics in the sport of mma.
From the creator of Behind the Story Podcast comes a Podcast about Wrestling, TV Shows, Movies, MMA and Documentary type Shows.
Voice Of The Heroes is a Podcast dedicated to sharing news and information about the latest television, streaming platforms, and big-screen movies to watch. Our hosts will go back and forth sharing their thoughts, opinions, and insights to help our audience find some of the best videos. If you would like to ask any questions that will appear on the show, leave a comment in one of our videos and you can be featured.
My friend Elanee lives a very media sheltered life. listen every 2 weeks as I take her through some of my favorite movies from 2010 and back. some she'll enjoy, most of them she will hate.
Matchmaker and Dating Expert Amanda Rose shares her expertise on all things dating, relationships and everything in between! Submit your questions to and for more dating tips go to
Join Xander Skullion and James Gruesome for a Podcast for Gamers by Gamers. Bringing you something old, something new, and a little bit of nostalgia too! If you enjoy the show be sure to check out for more Content and Archive Episodes

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