We are inundated with celebrities stories of transformations, journeys of self-growth , and stories of development. The "how you did it" question is glamorized from those who have tremendous resources, wealth, and time. But what about the everyday person: the caring mom who's balancing work and kid's school and extracurricular activities, the dad who's juggling a full and part-time job trying to provide the best for his family, the professional who is constantly on the go, or the beautiful soul who's just getting by? How did they do it? These are the stories that need to be shared. The Enspirate Podcast focuses on the everyday person and their stories of growth, transformation, and development; their "how they did it" story. Each episode will share the story of the everyday person's enspirational road map highlighting the successes and stumbles, and how they created their "best you". Each podcast will encourage, inspire and motivate you to your best self, giving you a story that will enspirate!


Enspirate Podcast

The Story of Operation Friendship: Helping the community of Katy Texas

After watching countless hours of the damage left behind in the Houston region from Hurricane Harvey, Kyle Hastings had an idea about friends helping friends in a time of need. He called it "Operation Friendship". The plan was making a Labor Day weekend trip to Katy Texas with a rental truck of donated goods, and it turned into a life changing event for many! Listen to how an idea was turned into action within 1 week that generated 9 truck loads with a total of 125,000 pounds of supplies donated and delivered to a warehouse in Katy Texas.
02:31:14 8/29/2021

Past Episodes

Enspirate Podcast
Become the coffee bean and change your environment. Bev had a life experience (that may have happened to you in similar ways), and she felt herself turning into the egg. And it came at a time after she read "The Coffee Bean" by Jon Gordan and Damon West. Hear about this experience that was hours old, the explanation of "The Coffee Bean" and a recap of interviewing Mrs. Anne Fuehrmeyer in the Enspirate Recap Show!
01:16:39 8/26/2021
Enspirate Podcast
I know many of us miss our grandparents and have those moments where you wish you had 2 hours to learn a little bit more about their lives and what they persevered through being children of the Great Depression, living through World War 2, and many other historical events and cultural changes. I was lucky enough to interview Mrs. Anne Fuehrmeyer who was born in 1930, and approaching her 91st birthday this October. While listening to Part 2 of my talk with Mrs. Fuehrmeyer, I want you to think about what you would ask your grandparents if you had 2 hours with them today. Enjoy the Enspirate Podcast!
01:02:01 8/22/2021
Enspirate Podcast
October 4th, 1930 in rural Kentucky, the world was blessed with the birth of Mrs. Anne Fuehrmeyer. Mrs. Fuehrmeyer's experiences are what movies are made from and what books are written on, and I am honored to share it on Enspirate. Enjoy part 1 of this 2 part series of the beautiful life stories from Mrs. Fuehrmeyer as she talks about her life from 1930-1950.
00:53:06 8/15/2021
Enspirate Podcast
In Part 3 of "Breath Before, During, and After the Storm of 13 Years Behind Bars", LT continues his story of lessons he learned about having a full heart, spreading his love and smile, and living a parallel mission to Damon West's message of being a coffee bean. Enjoy part 3 of this Enspirate Podcast.
01:19:18 8/8/2021
Enspirate Podcast
Josh Patton is a police officer in the Chicagoland Suburbs, a loving father, a devoted husband and a friend to many. Josh has also lost 130 pounds and successfully kept it off through a proper mindset. Growth and transformation is not a 1 size fits all approach. Hear how Josh Patton did it through a bariatric procedure, but most importantly a will to change. Josh is an Enspiration to me, and I hope to you!
01:23:22 8/5/2021
Enspirate Podcast
Part 2, "Breath During the Storm", will bring you a powerful message of healing, forgiveness and learning to smile in an environment of little smiling. The Enspirate Podcast has many different motivating factors on why it started, but one of the catalysts is from listening to the Impact Podcast with Todd Durkin when he interviewed Damon West. Damon West's message of "be a coffee bean" is one of the cornerstones of The Enspirate Podcast, and an indirect cornerstone of how LT began to live his life behind bars by a parallel message. Enjoy the Part 2 of The Enspirate Podcast's 3 Part series "Breath: Before, During and After the Storm of 13 Years Behind Bars".
01:10:34 8/1/2021
Enspirate Podcast
Join Kyle Hastings & Bev B as they recap "Part 1: Breath Before the Storm of 13 Years Behind Bars" and talk about other topics that come to mind! Enjoy!
01:25:44 7/30/2021
Enspirate Podcast
During the next 3 episodes, you will listen to LT Griffin's story of transformation and growth. LT spent 13 years in a federal prison after pleading guilty to a drug charge. We will spend the next three podcasts talking about this journey. Part 1 is called "Breath before the storm", part 2 is called "Breath during the storm", and part 3 is called "Breath after the storm". You will hear the story of LT Griffen from the time we met in 1997 to today and why I chose to call this series "Breath: Before, During and After the Storm". LT's story of "fighting on" and "pressing on" is one that will ENcourage, inSPIRe, and motivATE.
01:10:21 7/24/2021
Enspirate Podcast
It this episode recorded at the Enspirate Kitchen Table Studio, Kyle Hastings welcomes his "podcast wife" Bev B! Bev will be joining Kyle during interviews as we start this enspirational journey to share the everyday person's story that will encourage, inspire and motivate. Enjoy this bonus episode where real-life happens in the background with Nala the Dog chewing squeaky toys, kids acting up, and an air conditioner running while try to give a proper introduction to Bev B. Enjoy the show!
01:14:29 7/20/2021
Enspirate Podcast
Accountability. Sustainability. Commitment. This is the life that Dr. Jill Lenzen lives and this is the foundation for success with the B3 Fitness program. As a mother of 3 and a business owner with dozens of clients that's grown exponentially in the late 4 years, Dr. Lenzen balances both worlds with the principles she preaches. Enjoy an Enspirate podcast with Dr. Lenzen and learn how she's transformed her clients and myself.
01:16:52 7/18/2021

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