Two snarky glamour ghouls discuss ( and sometimes try to solve ) crimes with a paranormal twist.


Hauntings and Homicide

Bloody Mary

In our flagship episode, we take a peek into the mirror and find out the history of Bloody Mary. As well as giving props to the master of consent, Alan Jackson!
01:05:59 3/13/2020

Past Episodes

Hauntings and Homicide
The one rule on the internet is a simple one. Don't eff with cats. This week, Heather and a very special guest (her very own mom), discuss what happened to a lunatic that did NOT follow that rule.
00:48:31 12/27/2019
Hauntings and Homicide
TW: Harm and Death to Children, Mass Murder He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been bad or good so be good... Join our favorite Glamour Ghoul, with guest Kayla, as they discuss the Santa Suit Slayer! Oxygen show mentioned in podcast is called Homicide for the Holidays.
00:24:30 12/18/2019
Hauntings and Homicide
Heather is joined by her sister Kayla as they try to figure out what happened to the Jamison family who disappeared in 2009.
00:26:10 12/11/2019
Hauntings and Homicide
Don't call them for a free tarot reading. This week Heather and Celina discuss two cases of the biggest frauds in the metaphysical world. Sources: and
00:59:11 12/4/2019
Hauntings and Homicide
Heather and Celina cover some famous LA Hauntings, the Hollywood sign and the Knickerbocker hotel As promised in the episode, here are the top three Marilyn Monroe movies 1. Some Like it Hot 2. Gentleman Prefer Blondes 3. How to Marry a Millionaire Content Warning: Suicide. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255
00:50:08 12/4/2019
Hauntings and Homicide
Heather and Celina surprise each other with true, chilling tales of absolute horror, but you'll have to tune in to find out!
00:52:59 12/4/2019
Hauntings and Homicide
Meet the Greenbrier Ghost AKA the story of the first ghostly testimony used in court. Is it legit? Heather and Celina are on the case.
01:04:02 12/3/2019
Hauntings and Homicide
In 2013, college student Elisa Lam died under mysterious circumstances at the Cecil Hotel. Was it murder? An accident? Or something even more cryptic..? Heather and Celina investigate.
01:02:16 12/3/2019
Hauntings and Homicide
Nope: it ain't double vision! Heather and Celina cover two eerily similar murders 157 years apart. Bonus! Q&A with your ghost hostesses with the mostest!
00:58:38 12/3/2019
Hauntings and Homicide
Heaven's Gate: CUlt, or Nike advertisement gone wrong? We reached out for comment and they responded! Find out their official statement in our latest episode. Newscast credit to CNN's Dan Simon and Heaven's Gate Member Rio DiAngelo
01:11:17 12/3/2019

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