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She Said What She Said

She Said What She Said, and She Means What She Said... BARE NAKED TRUTH PODCAST is joined by Symone Davis of #wavytv10 and we talked about her start in news and also being part of the National Association of Black Journalists, her transition from living in Florida to Virginia and even the difference in the dating scenes. We also spoke about issues such as the #derekchauvin case #onlyfans going mainstream and what would she do if she saw her boyfriend get beat up and bad dating experiences ?????????? and thats just the tip of the play so we can get unapologetic, unfiltered and unadulterated also make sure you check out the website and to help support the channel you can donate to the cash app at $bntpodcast if you would like to get some BNTPODCAST merch u can go to our link at
01:02:30 7/1/2021

Past Episodes

Toxic or Not We wanna know if you are Toxic or Not!!!??!??? We have G.Garcia,,author of the book "TOXIC", as a guest on this episode amd we talk about all things toxic. We spoke with her about her book and future books she is working on. We also got into her personal business about Toxic Relationships, toxic friends, and toxic family. Thats just the tip of the iceberg we also had her weigh in on who is more Toxic to women is it Derrick Jaxson or Kevin Samuels. Things took a comedic turn when we discussed pet peeves and then asked if men should sit down when they have to pee ????????. You definitely don't wanna miss this episode...grab ya popcorn, press play and grab ya hazmat suits....because this has toxic written all over it. #toxic #relationships #family you can find Toxic at all online book locations and you can Google search: G. Garcia Toxic instrgram: @g.garciaofficial also make sure you check out the website and to help support the channel you can donate to the cash app at $bntpodcast if you would like to get some BNTPODCAST merch u can go to our link at
01:10:16 6/18/2021
I DON'T CARE..... I DON'T CARE....but lets talk about it. New mask policies could soon have us leaving our masks at home. Should transgender women compete in women's sports? Should we get rid of gender based sports? Marijuana aka weed is now legal in many states...what are the policies? Monthly child tax credits coming our way but for how long and will this effect employment rates that are already low. Gas shortages shook many areas and what was the cause....was it a pipeline or something else...tune in and find out.....grab ya popcorn and lets talk about it #transgendersports #legalizeit #cdc also make sure you check out the website and to help support the channel you can donate to the cash app at $bntpodcast if you would like to get some BNTPODCAST merch u can go to our link at
01:25:03 5/20/2021
I'm Just Being...ME I'm Just Being...ME...because I can only be me.... The BARE NAKED TRUTH PODCAST sits down with Mylira Green, a certified psychotherapist, and we talk about everything from how to overcome past trauma, what is trauma and how we can grow from the trauma we have endured. We also cover topics of growing up in black families, sexual abuse, mental health and #PTSD. Mylira even shed some light on her #butterflyeffect approach to counseling and also the art of #reiki. This episode is definitely one that you want to watch, more than once, because you don't want to miss the topics and solutions that are presented.... You can reach Mylira Green on her website also make sure you check out the website and to help support the channel you can donate to the cash app at $bntpodcast if you would like to get some BNTPODCAST merch u can go to our link at
01:07:30 4/28/2021
Stop Being A Culture Vulture..... Leta talk about these culture vultures who feed off of the energy, pride and confidence of our Black women. Why does this happen and what can we do about it? Lets also shed some light on those such as Derrick Jaxson and Kevin Samuels who use women's emotions to either gain their fan base or gain a profit....Also stick around d as we cover issues such as toxic independence and the relationship between black men and black women. We have an action packed show today and we also have a special guest who stopped by to chop it up with us. if you would like to donate to the BARE NAKED TRUTH PODCAST u can cashapp at $BNTPODCAST make sure u check out the website and also stop by our merch store and pick up a few teeshirts and hoodies thank you for supporting now stop reading this description and press play ????????
01:05:37 3/25/2021
Why he didn't marry you How can a man be with a woman for 6 years and not marry her, but find another woman and marry her within six months? Thats what we are gonna get into on the first episode of season 4. lets discuss some of the reasons this man didn't marry this woman, who's to blame? Is it his fault or her fault for not going the extra mile and putting a ring on it? Join the discussion as we have many laughs and some serious moments and help us kick off our new season. If you would like to donate to the show you can cashapp us at $BNTPODCAST Make sure to check out the website at and also check out our merchandise at #marriage #podcast #relationship
01:01:52 3/11/2021
Black Mirror: Social Injustice!!!! Join us as we speak about Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome aka PTSS. stick around as we speak about the importance of voting, defunding police and the importance of knowing your worth. we also cover issues such as the lack of hope which can lead to a lack of future planning and we also speak about changing the mindset of our communities so that we can thrive in society. This episode is definitely a deep dive to touch on topics that are huge in our communities and a discussion that everyone should have. #justice #blackmirror #social check out our website:
00:48:22 1/14/2021
Laugh Out Loud with BARE NAKED TRUTH PODCAST and our cuzzin Skeeta G we talk about everything comedy from how he started, influences, his comedic style and life as a single father.....join us for many laughs and a good time our other platforms: skeeta G instagram: @skeetaG23
00:44:29 12/14/2020
#wallstreet #entrepreneur #food Wall Street Cafe...we talk with Domenick Epps and Danita Hayes the owners of the Wall Street Cafe....they tell us about their humble beginnings, how they grew into the successful businesspeople that they are today, their real estate journeys, their multiple businesses and of course The Wall Street Cafe. This is definitely an interview that should be enjoyed with the family....sit back listen to these role models as they give us their BARE NAKED TRUTH. other platforms: Domenick Epps: Danita Hayes:
01:03:07 12/2/2020
The Definition of Me. We sit down with Terror and Senior of PBE aka Pure Brilliance Entertainment. We cover everything from growing up in jersey amd being labeled a #delinquent to being a #visual mastermind and the new album #WMD aka Weapons of Mass Destruction...Terror and Senior also speak about working with #industry artist and meeting #KRS1 and the current state of hiphop, movies and music videos that they have in the works.....check out our Merch and other Platforms:
01:19:51 11/6/2020
4th Down and Life, We interviewed Tiana who is a #LifeCoach and #Entrepreneur and we spoke about the struggles of #depression, #friendship, #life and what it is to be a #faithbased. We also tackled the topic of why devine esteem is more fulfilling than #selfesteem. Other topics mentioned was the movie #cuties which is now on #netflix and the difference between cheerleading and beauty pageants....and why women always take food off their man's plate ??????????...this episode is packed with laughs, good information for the press play and enjoy.... Tiana's Instagram: @_crownedbytiana Tiana's website: merch, audio, social media for BARE NAKED TRUTH PODCAST:
01:02:03 10/19/2020

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