Spend time with Storytellers, Experts, and Heroes over a cup of coffee. On "Human Touch" the team at Interact Studio interviews interesting people who are helping to solve some of the world's problems. Each episode contains insights and inspiration to lift your day.


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Human Touch: Dr. Cheryl Richards of Johnson & Wales University

Cheryl L. Richards, Ph.D. began her term as president of Johnson & Wales University's Charlotte Campus, on June 15, 2020, in the grip of COVID. Previously Dr. Richards served as the founding chief executive officer and regional dean of Northeastern University's Charlotte Campus. As someone with a distinguished career in higher education, she talks with us about the impact of COVID on Charlotte campuses, and what's ahead for the University.
00:28:33 7/16/2021

Past Episodes

Interact Studio
On this episode of Human Touch, we discuss the role that culture and community play in growth and success with Tino McFarland, CEO of McFarland Construction, and Executive VP/COO Ben Wilhelm. Tino and Ben will share how they built one of the fastest-growing black-owned businesses in Charlotte-and what's ahead for construction, given the rising costs of materials.
00:31:28 6/18/2021
Interact Studio
Do you Dream Big? Kathy Izard suggests everyone does. Kathy is an award-winning author and speaker who has helped bring great change to homelessness, housing, and mental health in Charlotte - and just recently has worked with her daughter to create a community called Women | Faith & Story. The award-winning author and speaker will discuss answering the "whispers" that push you to your calling, overcoming self-doubt, doing good, and dreaming big.?
00:12:41 6/4/2021
Interact Studio
Over the course of nearly two decades in leadership roles at Novant Health, Dr. Pamela Oliver identified three keys to transforming healthcare: creating access, providing remarkable experiences, and building relationships. Dr. Oliver speaks with us about how the pandemic has changed the human side of healthcare; the importance of relationships to the future of healthcare; and the bottom line on wearing a mask.
00:28:52 5/21/2021
Interact Studio
For years, Charles Thomas has been protecting and growing Charlotte's Historic West End. His work as Program Director at the Knight Foundation is helping preserve the neighborhood's rich history.? Here he shares what the Knight Foundation is doing for a long underserved part of town.?
00:39:17 5/7/2021
Interact Studio
On this episode of the Human Touch, Jessica Baryla and Porter Metzler will give you the benefit of their insight as experts at effective strategy.? When Jess isn't being our Creative Director, she is a senior producer at WCCB. Porter is Director of Social Media for Interact Studio, as well as for Charlotte Is Creative.? Jess will help give you an understanding of the power of effective personal branding. And, Porter will give advice on how to share your personal brand with the world via social media.
00:32:15 4/23/2021
Interact Studio
In this edition of the Human Touch, Joni Deutsch, WFAE's on-demand content & audience engagement manager and host of the Amplifier music podcast teaches us the basics of what makes a good podcast. Joni knows what it takes to create, produce, and host engaging, thoughtful, and entertaining podcasts, and she wants to share that knowledge with you in her "Podcasting 101" talk.
00:28:58 4/9/2021
Interact Studio
Blair Primis has 20+ years of marketing experience and is a master of knowing what to do (and not to do) to help build a brand's image. He is currently the SVP of Marketing & Talent Management for OrthoCarolina. On Thursday, March 25, Blair joined us on Human Touch to discuss something he's been doing in the best way for years: "Breaking the Rules of Traditional Marketing."
00:31:06 3/25/2021
Interact Studio
If building relationships is hard ... building relationships in a virtual space can sometimes feel impossible. But for Stacy Cassio, that's no problem at all. Stacy is the founder and CEO of Pink Mentor Network, Charlotte's first mentorship collective. She is a master of networking, mentorship, and relationship building. Stacy's mentors helped shape her into the powerful woman she is today. Now she is helping others find mentors and create authentic connections that will propel them down a path to success. She knows the power of having a strong network with even stronger mentors and on the Human Touch, she shares her wisdom as she speaks on "Virtual Relationship Building."
00:34:32 3/11/2021
Interact Studio
On February 25, Chad Henderson, head brewer and co-owner of NoDa Brewing Company, shared his story and spoke on the theme of "Overcoming." Henderson was the brewer at NoDa when it opened in 2011 on North Davidson Street. Despite massive growth, he has stayed true to the brand and homebrew roots, and he still excited. Supposedly he does take a day off every now and then, though you wouldn't know it. Whether it's brewing new recipes (and participating in zany YouTube videos) for the weekly releases or representing the brewery at events, this homebrewer turned pro is seemingly everywhere. Brewing is more than a job for Chad; it's a passion-which shows in NoDa's beers.
00:29:43 2/26/2021
Interact Studio
On February 11, Dave Alpern, the President of Joe Gibbs Racing, spoke to us on the theme of "Resolve" from Daytona as the 2021 NASCAR season got underway. Dave's journey has taken him from being known as "The T-Shirt Guy," through the life-changing loss of his best friend, J.D. Gibbs, to being named the head of a premier organization that has amassed five NASCAR Cup Series Championships.
00:33:18 2/11/2021

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