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The Midnight Movie Podcast

MMP - Episode 17 - Robert Zemeckis

This time around, we're taking a look at Robert Zemeckis - a most controversial figure around the Midnight Movie offices. Hear about his humble beginnings! Hear everyone praise Roger Rabbit, and find out just how many actors were offered the lead role before Hoskins! Hear how Zemeckis sold his soul to digital madness! Hear Derich rant about his deep, profound hatred of Forrest Gump!
03:12:38 3/23/2020

Past Episodes

The Midnight Movie Podcast
We take an in-depth look at the life and career of the late, great George A. Romero. His work means a great deal to more than one of us, so there's a lot to unpack - the two Dead trilogies, the weird experiments like Season of the Witch and Knightriders, his early days working with the likes of Mr. Rogers and O.J. Simpson, his collaborations with Stephen King, his silent periods. This is a good'un.
03:16:35 3/7/2020
The Midnight Movie Podcast
We take a trip through the surreal, brilliant, varied career of Mr. David Lynch, the kind of golden artist we get once in a lifetime.
02:13:45 2/18/2020
The Midnight Movie Podcast
Derich and Josh discuss the rocky career of John McTiernan, a real intellectual and an artist who just got shoehorned into making action pictures. To hear the guy speak, you would think he'd be a director of art films or dramas. Movies like Predator and Die Hard are successful largely because of him and his artful approach. It's a shame that his career petered out like it did - both due to declining box office performance, and serious legal matters. All this is discussed at length.
02:18:12 2/9/2020
The Midnight Movie Podcast
We take a look at the work of Paul Thomas Anderson, one of our greatest living filmmakers. Our longest episode, which is odd considering we've covered far more extensive filmographies. There's just a lot to discuss there. Learn about the man and his films and hear us blather on about our opinions and such. Infotainment!
03:04:38 1/22/2020
The Midnight Movie Podcast
The boys discuss Oliver Stone; Derich is a huge fan, Josh is not, and Evan falls somewhere in between. Learn about the man and his films, hear us chat and argue about it all. Lots of praise for Talk Radio. Hear Evan defend his inexplicable love for Any Given Sunday!
02:30:56 1/14/2020
The Midnight Movie Podcast
We delve into the filmography of David Fincher, director of such films as Se7en, The Social Network, and Zodiac. There's little love for Alien 3, but a surprising amount of it for Benjamin Button.
02:32:20 12/30/2019
The Midnight Movie Podcast
We discuss the life and career of the great John Carpenter. His filmography ain't perfect, but we're all lucky to have him.
02:50:13 12/8/2019
The Midnight Movie Podcast
Derich and Josh examine the career of New York legend Martin Scorsese. Recorded immediately after a viewing of his latest film, The Irishman.
02:38:11 11/24/2019
The Midnight Movie Podcast
Derich, Josh, and Evan take a stroll through the adrenaline-fueled cinematic career of Arnold Schwarzenegger. We even talk about Twins. Gotta love Twins. Well, not really. But it has charms. You know it does. Admit it.
02:06:10 11/14/2019
The Midnight Movie Podcast
The career of controversial director John Landis is explored in detail; we touch on everything from Animal House to Twilight Zone to The Stupids.
02:06:48 11/4/2019

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