We at JayidaLife are here to help people who are battling mental health, physical health , emotional health and spiritual issues and by sharing Jayida life with the world it give me a opportunity to connect with y'all on a different level. JayidaLife does not condone any negativity or bullying..



Journey Through My Past Addiction

Today episode we talk about my addiction journey and how much I have changed for the better
00:12:29 9/16/2023

Past Episodes

We talk about the deaths of my ex wives and the truth behind
00:13:37 9/10/2023
Hi Everyone 👋 Let's talk about Kierra Seasoning Company for a minute and understand where things are going right now
00:08:12 8/23/2023
Tonight we talk about My Sexuality as a openly bisexual pansexual and Poly transgender woman and why I am coming out as such.
00:05:37 8/23/2023
00:00:20 11/10/2019

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