Navigating post-grad life as unladylike and unapologetically as possible in a big new city alone.


Unladylike and Unapologetic

Ep. 3: Coming Out of Glass Closets

Is it even possible to be outed when you're in a glass closet? In this episode I talk about the time I was outed in high school by a fellow queer person and how I'm still somehow bitter about it 10 years later?
01:07:12 6/30/2020

Past Episodes

Unladylike and Unapologetic
Bear with me on this cursed episode!! - In this episode I talk about my first post-grad job, possibly moving to Korea, and almost quitting two weeks in? It's a mess.
00:00:00 2/5/2020
Unladylike and Unapologetic
The first episode of the podcast discusses going at it alone and most importantly going after what you want!! Music: "Lost World" by White Hex
00:25:23 9/9/2019

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