"Im Just Sayin" - with Justin Werley is podcast of interesting conversations with people from various walk of life including Athletes, Friends, Co-Workers, Police Officers and many more. "I.J.S." allows people to talk about their lives openly and just hang out, laugh, and tell their stories.
Oxfords Very Own Podcast Brought To You By Bear & H. This Podcast Isn't Your Typical Podcast Which Your Soon Find Out When Listening To The Types Of Content And Guests We Have Come On. We Tackle The Types Of Content That Most Wouldn't Even Dare. But Most Importantly Have Fun. We Say What Ever The Hell We Want To Say. Remember Have Fun Listening And Give Us A Follow. SOCIALS: Twitter: @oxfords0_100 Instagram: @oxfords0_100 Youtube: oxfords 0-100 podcast Snapchat: ice_balls Enquiries: oxfords0100podcast@gmail.com
Dig almost one hundred layers deep into the mind of our fascinating guests via a set of hand crafted questions. No question too small, no guest too big. Interesting questions for interesting people.
Come along as a graduate student and his much cooler wife explore all the minutiae, trivia, and historical contexts of contemporary politics and US history. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll vote, and we'll all have a ball in the process. Like Sawbones, but for U.S. history & politics!

I talk about life with my 6 kid blended family, life hacks, trending topics, and more. On a mission to interview the world's most interesting people. 


The Abbott and Costello Show is a comedy program from the era of old-time radio in the United States. It was broadcast first on NBC and later on ABC, beginning July 3, 1940, and ending June 9, 1949
TJ "The Chicago Kid", The Blaq Trump & Patti Cakes recap the past week and preview the upcoming week, in their own "unique" way

Join political organizer, Andrew K Turner, and comedian, Tim Phillippe, as they delve into the burning political issues affecting American democracy and the lives of American citizens.

America! The Conversation on Spotify 

"America! The Conversation" was created by Tim Phillippe and Andrew K Turner and is a production of Shway Media and America! The Podcast Presents.

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This season, our host, Theb A Stard, and his producer, Tim, return to the studio to discuss the 2024 election and all of the craziness that it will surely bring.

"America! The Podcast" is a political comedy podcast following the adventures of Theb A Stard, the embodiment of and only hope for America, and his producer, Tim Phillippe.

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Comedian Anthony T. Covers Daily News Topics, Weather, & Traffic. With Comedy, Motivation & Slapps. Tune in & Chat Live each week Monday-Friday by visiting AM2PM.ONLINE
A conservative and a liberal sit down to discuss, with openness and respect, everything from politics, social issues, and everyday life with the occasional piece of advice. Apolitical is a judgement free zone. There is so much division, we are restarting the conversation between both sides of the isle.
Hey everyone! Welcome to my podcast At Home With Josh! On my podcast, I will be talking about practically everything!
Real talk all day, everyday coming live from Atlanta. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jameyel-price/support
Welcome to my verbal diary where I want to discuss any and all things that is essentially on my mind or have wondered about. Sometimes I will be solo and then other times I will have some amazing guests to bring all different perspectives in life. The ultimate goal is to hopefully bring some joy, laughter, inspiration, and just maybe a little bit of entertainment. Don't forget to share the podcast with a friend!
Ever wondered what would happen if you stuck two bros in a room with just a microphone and everyone?s favorite reality TV show? Well you?re about to find out. Every week, Seth and Caleb take you through episodes of The Bachelor from start to finish. Buckle up, grab some rose-scented candles, and prepare for your new favorite comedy hour.
The Bare Naked Truth Podcast is a podcast that brings you the everyday truth. Created in 2019, the focus of the BNTpodcast is to shed light on topics that effect the average blue and white collar people of society who make this world go around. If you are here for soft spoken tones and sweet words, you came to the wrong place. BUT!!!!! If you want gritty Truth, with an in your face style of conversation, no hold barred, BARE NAKED TRUTH, then my friend, you have found the podcast for you. The BNT podcast consist of Ya Favorite Cuzzin, K.Y.D. and Punkee. When you tune in you will get content that centers around parenting, relationships, and lifestyle. While I'm sure that sounds boring on the surface, you have to dig deep and see what this is really about. So let's dive deeper, when you watch or listen to this podcast you will see that the hosts are very candid, and have no problem exposing anyone and anything, anytime something seems fraudulent. The motto is simple " YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH" and once anyone takes a seat on this show, they are under oath. Even though the hosts have wild and lively personalities, and will definitely expose the truth, the objective is still not to slander or belittle anyone. So if you happen to be a guest on the show, you will see first hand how fun and incredible the show is, and you will probably be enticed to return. With all that being said, the best way to describe this show, is Bare Naked with the Truth, and our question to you is...CAN YOU HANDLE IT.
One has bad luck, the other has a bad back. Never mature enough for grown up conversations but always up for an adult one. As a "Show of Things" the conversation could go anywhere, no matter where it starts. We are going to take up space, whether you listen or not... Catch us on Twitter! @BarelyAliveShow Opening theme: Can't Stop Won't Stop - "Stop, Drop, N Roll" Closing theme: High N Mighty - "B-Boy Document 99"
Ben and his guest enjoy a tasty breakfast and discuss the weeks topic
Podcast by Better Off Dead Minute: The Podcast
This podcast is for fun and entertainment. Nothing is too serious here. We feature odd news. Some will be different random SHIT that's just plain weird, strange, kooky, and far-out. Why because we tried the regular news and it is just depressing CRAP. So bring on the freaky, funky, ghastly stories that are floating around. We can not verify the correctness of any story you be the judge of that. These eccentric & flaky writings is a celebration, to offer you a smile and a laugh or two. The Big Show is a diversion from the norm and a blast of absurdity a JOKE or 3, that we take seriously, in a recreational goofball way.
"Bigdaddy" Marty Allen and financial analyst Bart Slak give unique and entertaining stock tips Live from Bigdaddy Productions Studio in Cleveland, Ohio
A podcast by millennials for millennials.
What to watch (or skip) on streaming networks. Hidden gems and indie surprises.
This is the story of what happens when two people move in together... both bringing their two kids with them - the good, the bad and the ugly side of creating a blended family. We introduce the key players in our little story, along with a brief outline of what we've done and why we've done it. 2 adults, 4 kids, 1 family.

Rosie & Vicky discuss friendships, dating & celebrity culture.

Become a Paid Subscriber: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/boxingstella/subscribe To See/Hear All Episodes - Subscribe! ⬆️ ⚠️ Rated R ⚠️ Sponsored by Life In Question Brand (The Urban Book Of Questions) on IG. All about My Comedic Journey to the Stage (To Perform as a Stand-Up Comedian). An Underground Real, Raw + Rare Outwardly - Introspective Look at Life, Love, & Other Disasters from a Subjective POV. *Please remember, this is my Comedic Alter Ego #NOVA
Welcome to Burn Before Dissemination the Podcast where we discuss a different word related to investigation and murder each week.
A fiery mix of anything goes honest talk when friends sit around a campfire and the absolute insanity that is us. From money, love, weird one night stands and our own disgusting fetishes, we bare all. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/campfireshtshow/support
Gritty and thought-provoking, Darren Johnson -- writer, professor, parent, publisher and provocateur -- wonders what is the meaning of all this &#%!@?! Based in New York, he riffs on pop culture and the media, usually recording while, literally, on the road, heading to work. He's a throwback. Sometimes he's chomping on a cigar. He owns a print newspaper called Campus News and knows a lot about journalism, and colleges. Get your travel mug and hop in. Subscribe and never miss a rant, or a pothole.
Car-Boyz is a weekly podcast that looks at all things motoring and beyond. Two boys from the Big Smoke chat sh*t about cars from and pretty much any other rubbish. This in no way will inform or educate but we hope it'll entertain!
Moriah Daniels, a local radio personality in South Florida, and her husband Scotty D, an avid fisherman and charter mate, bring their weekly fishing stories to the Catch 'Em Up podcast. From their offshore adventures to days on Lake Okeechobee, to hitting their favorite local spots these South Florida natives share their trips, tips, and tricks to help you land a variety of fish. The couple add a comical twist to their stories as their outings don't always go as planned, and their competitive personalities make for some fun entertainment.
Champagne & Lobster is look into the person behind the recipe, food and beyond.
It's silly to serious and everything in-between, so lets drink some Champagne and have fun! Hosted by: Jenifer
A screenwriting re-writing podcast about how much a script can change when you change one page.
Dual hosts Chase and Mikey moderate a discussion revolving around the guest visiting the show. The majority of the show emphasizes a loose conversational style between the hosts, show support and guests, encouraging a round table of ideas and stream of consciousness that might occur in addition to pre-planned material for the guests to participate in.

Think of it like a radio morning show without the early hours and all that annoying music. If cheesy crackers were people.... they'd be Chris, Wally, and Jess. Hey, wit happens. 

We're three friends who met doing radio together (well, Wally and Jess did, and Jess and Chris did). We cover everything from bad dates and pooping in public to the news of the day and what it's like to work in radio. We WILL make you laugh, possibly as much AT us as WITH us -- we're that funny (not just funny looking). Bring your sense of humor! It's called comedy, people. (We might also make you think about some more serious stuff, but don't hold that against us)

Warning: we cuss. A lot. Adjust your listening accordingly. 

If you laugh even once, we'd sure appreciate your rating and review on Apple Podcasts (even if you listen somewhere else -- it just takes a free iTunes account) so more people can laugh at us. Uh. With us. Yeah. 

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Welcome into the brains of KC and Sean as they talk everyday occurrence in the day and life of being chef's . Weekly shows airs on Tuesday as they talk whatever and ever and everything in between. Thursday where Sean and KC tackles "tell me what you eat and I'll tell you what you are" Food Specific Tips and Tricks in our restaurant. Patreon.com/porkandwine YouTube.com/ChefSaltyPorkPodcast Have any food questions and want to connect with us? AskChefSalty@gmail.com Sean's Twitter: @Metrocardx Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/chef-salty-pork/support
Become a Paid Subscriber: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/chickstalkingpish/subscribe Jas and Nic spilling some weekly tea and having wildly candid conversations.
Two best bro's aka amigo's join forces to make a podcast while having beers, shots and talk about today's pop culture, sports, drinks and our funny stories on growing up in the heights as two latino's one Puerto Rican and the other Dominican and Colombian, if you're looking for around the way NYC drinking and funny stories tune in listen in.
You know when you're hanging out with your buddies having a few drinks and talking movies...well that is us! Cinema Stash Rehash brings you back to the reason why you love movies from the 70's 80's & 90's by celebrating the time when movies were made with original ideas, great scripts, priceless soundtracks and the use of practical effects. We are just a few guys who love movies and just can't stop talking about them, so join us as we love them, make fun of them, and discover how they fuel our everyday life paranoias. So please tune in to rehash with us, learn movie facts and to learn how these amazing childhood memories were made. Cheers!
A strong, fanatical look at the world of comic book movies and of course, all things nerdy and sci-fi, with the sources of insider knowledge and the drunk whimsy of a drunk, Irish redneck! Part of the DSP Media Podcast Network at DSPMediaOnline.com Support for this podcast is brought to you by MANSCAPED?, the best in men?s below-the-waist grooming. Their products are precision-engineered tools for your family jewels. MANSCAPED?s? Performance Package is the ultimate men's hygiene bundle! Join over 4 million men worldwide who trust MANSCAPED with this exclusive offer for you?. 20% off and free worldwide shipping with the code: DSP20 at manscaped.com. If my math is correct, that?s about 8 million balls.
This is a comedy sports show that is meant to take a lighthearted look at sports. The hosts Jadon and Evan will have many guests on the show, and maybe you could be next! Be sure to check out our website collegeidiotstalkingsports.com
Bayleigh Robinson meets up with a rotating group of friends to discuss everything that has happened within the past week. we discuss news both happening around the globe and locally, we discuss our lives, hobbies, tv & film reviews and explore our sense of humour!
Der Podcast Lowrider. Seit 2006. Mit der Ghettoschleuder von Studio 54 bis Area 51. Happy Hour im Boom Boom Room. Backstage sind braune M&Ms verboten ! Alben/Hörbücher: https://www.amazon.de/s?k=Thorsten+Passek&i=audible&s=date-desc-rank&qid=1612200102&ref=sr_st_date-desc-rank
A podcast where we promise you don't have to agree with everyone. If you're that person that always wants to say something, but doesn't know how to, this podcast is for you. We want to have conversations that leave you all saying, "I'm so happy you said that!" Subscribe for unfiltered opinions, very super professional advice, and laughs. Follow us on Instagram @couldntbemepod to keep up and chat! Interested in advertising or working with us? Email couldntbemepodcast@gmail.com
Want to know how other creatives create? What drives them? Their stories? Creatively Speaking is all about that! Professional Broadcaster Steven James sits down with Artists, Musicians, Professional Wrestlers and all sorts of creatives to talk their processes.
Presented by Philo - Watch every Hallmark movie @ philo.tv/DTH

Join Bran, Panda, and Dan as they attempt to watch and review Hallmark movies. Just 3 dudes…watching made-for-tv movies. What could go wrong?
Listen ad-free at bramblejamplus.com

Follow us:
Instagram: @hallmarkpodcast
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Delayed Discourse is an entertainment podcast that dives into popular topics about today's society.
Get Ready! for one full hour of Dick Power
🏝 DiPlein.com ™
🦧 Creative Director
🎧 Music Influencer / Supervisor
⚡ Everybody Dances Sometimes ⚡
Power Throuple Laura, Chelsey, and Isaiah sit down and talk about a disaster.
This is the official home for the Dos and a Half 5incos podcast. Hosted by Ben, David, and Stu with Regular Special Guest Sean! Check us out Every Wednesday for Movie News, Review, and General Nonsense!
We talk ish that we mean. F-bomb's, N-words & funny memes. Hated by Me-Too'ers. Hosted by TJ, Trump (The Good One) and Bryan "3SL" Lyles.
You're listening to the FASTEST podcast on earth. It's about pragmatism, truth, happiness, and the search for it all. I'm Dave Kanyan, a 56-year-old truck driver, husband, father, son, brother, friend, acquaintance, and probably not the best neighbor. I'll hold the door open for anyone. Don't rush, we've got plenty of time. Listen in as I record my show from my car, as I drive to and from work. We discuss everything and nothing, all at the same time. Enjoy your commute, listening to my commute. Come along for the ride. I'll tell ya and ask you (nicely) how life oughta be. Thanks for listening!
Endless Ranters is a fan-interactive comedy podcast.
Eric & Gord want to change the way you see the world by destroying your reliance on mainstream media and bringing you the truth about the most important news of the week, most impactful stories from around the globe and fact about all the things things you didn't know you needed to know. Truthful, Insightful, powerful, Passionate and often hilarious are six words.
Seriously semi-unserious commentary on serious topics. Seriously.

The FAR OUT! Podcast with Frank Hannon is all about taking risks, challenging yourself and getting out of the box, far out of the box, like doing a podcast.

After living in a haunted house for years and and learning more and more about what goes bump in the night my son Trenton, girlfriend Newsroom Nessie, and I have decided to bring our knowledge and love for the paranormal to the world of podcasting and YouTube. Weekly we will sit down and talk about what's new in the news in the world of the paranormal from ghosts, cryptids, aliens, or anything of the unexplained.
Conversations based on the guest
A podcast that revolves around the guests visiting the show. The discussion is based on thoughts and stories that come up as the conversation unfolds.
Gram's Porch Podcast is brought to you by sibling duo Brooklyn and Anthony who hail from the Mile High City aka Denver, CO. Our podcast will cover various topics ranging from celebrity news, movies, music, family, urban legends, and anything in between! No topic is off-limits here. Grab a drink, pull up a chair, and join us on the porch!
A podcast where imperfect people discuss real life topics… and sometimes, have to ask for forgiveness later.... Because let's be honest, you can get a little hood and still be holy.
Vleeties of TWFS and Geezy get together for a Social Commentary. We break down the Hashtags & Headlines that dominate the news cycle.
Life has its highs, lows, and moments of laughter. My guests and I find a topic and tell three stories, one happy story, one sad, and one hilarious story related to that topic. Buckle up, cause we?re about to get high, get low, then LOL!
From the twisted humor of Steven James comes a radio program which harkens back to the golden days of Radio when Ron & Fez and Opie and Anthony Ruled the Roost! A last bastion of free speech and uncensored humor. Catch the show Live Fridays 11am - 1pm on Mixlr.com/Mesn-Radio.com
Grant, Mike, and Chrystal embark on an adventure to BLESS this world with national news and personal endeavors in an entertaining way to break up the monotony of everyday life, Grab a Beer and Laugh with us!!! ** Discretion is advised, some stories in this podcast are over exaggerated and some names may be made up or changed to protect the person(s) in the story. Please note this is a podcast for entertainment purposes** We are also on IHeart Radio: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/256-hold Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/holdourbeer/support
3rd season. Previous two available upon request. [On other free sites] How could i be homeless? I got screwed. But... Ultimately its my addiction and lack of human connections throughout my life.
A restlessly creative collective of gamers, weebs, & nerds hell bent on world domination.
Three Bros talking about Pro Wrestling and Pro Sports
Interviews with amazing people... Thought provoking hypotheticals. Always ask yourself... What If?

Join hosts Alanah and Tim for season two as they discuss the weird lives of Ron and Casey DeSantis, the governor and first lady of Florida.

Catch up on season one and relive all of the wild lies of former New York Representative, George Santos while he runs for congress...AGAIN!

"I Do Not Trust This Person" was created by Tim Phillippe and is a production of Shway Media and America! The Podcast Presents. For more, visit www.ShwayMedia.com!  

Podcast about Movies,TV shows, DC/Marvel, Gaming, Music and more https://linktr.ee/daveya10mins
Three average guys from down south discuss all things entertainment. We talk about topics involving movies, tv shows, music, celebrities, sports and more.
An [Semi] educational, comedy podcast; Asking the dumb questions we?ve all wondered but never asked out loud! Let?s learn together!
This is a podcast show where we kick up our feet and sit back and tell the weird and comical world of comedy with a lot of laughter about the weird shit people do from restaurant owners to amusement park owners and to the regular joe on the street want to laugh your ass off ? Stay tuned Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lgmediaentertainment/support
Raw and informative, conversational podcast. Just me and my friends talking about love, sex, relationships, marriage, and so much more all while drinking some adult beverages!!
In a world of testosterone, race cars and fart fans emerge the women of the Carolla Universe, breaking down the walls of the ultimate sausagefest. Follow these young transplants as they journey through Los Angeles and exploit the details of their lives. From wild nights and dating to behind the scenes, updates and guests from Carolla Digital & Carolla Drinks. They're ready to let it all out. After all, this is their therapy!
Lisa Lampanelli is now a life coach. That's right - The Queen of Mean is now The Queen of Meaning! Join Lisa each week as she sits down with a guest co-host to solve their problems as well as some of her own. She'll also be answering letters from fans to offer advice and taking calls from her actual clients to learn how she can be a better life coach. So if you have a problem - Let Lisa Help! If you don't listen, blame yourself for your horrible life.
Join Sheryl and a cast of crazy characters on an adventure to piss off the world!! Just kidding, but they do say whatever they want.
Welcome to Loud & Opinionated! I am your host Russell Brown! On our podcast we talk about EVERYTHING! We will talk all things DFW sports as well as all of the weekly breaking news in sports! We will even mix in a little WWE. We will even mix in some movies and TV shows with a lot humor! Hope yall enjoy!
Join Trav and Jenn as they laugh their way through obstacles life throws at them as black millennials juggling career life, relationships, family, etc. Real topics. True stories. Hearty laughs. Zero political correctness from 2 people who show no sympathy.
Don't Get Mad, Get Media! Rare Music Celebrity Interviews MadPod.com
Join married couple Tanya and Justin as they discuss the wacky crazy unpredictable everyday life they live. From parenting a teenager and a 5 year old spunk bucket to keeping the flame of a marriage alive. O and we also talk about Tanya's hauls...
Warren Hanson and Jason Purcell are your personal guides on the path towards entertainment. Allow these two movie lovers turned filmmakers to recommend your next movie night. Enjoy full movie breakdowns, artist spotlights, spoiler-casts and much much more. Nothing is off limits, no film to daunting and everything is worth the climb. Join them every Friday 9am EST just in time to make or adjust those weekend plans. Grab some popcorn a beverage and some comfy shoes and follow the path they've blazed towards blockbuster base camp.
A conversation and deep dive between two friends with plenty of life experiences and how others must face realities that our egos choose to sometimes ignore.
MYFB… enjoy laughter & real conversation with us & you!!..(all calls and podcast are recorded) but live at time of recording. The only thing missing is you! come join us, the best hour or so of your life!!
MYFB… enjoy laughter & real conversation with us & you!!..(all calls and podcast are recorded) but live at time of recording. The only thing missing is you! come join us, the best hour or so of your life!!
Welcome, listeners to Nude Radio!!! A podcast that follows the life of Kenny Heflin and friends as we navigate the dark millennial comedy of Love, Sex, and Relationships. It'll serve as an audio journal for most of our lives with tons of relatability, life lessons, self-discovery, and delicious sexual experiences. Follow Kenny Heflin and friends each week as we explore the ebbs and flows of a real-life romantic comedy. Become a Nudist and bear it all with me!!!
NYNJ Real Talk is shaking things up every week with their very funny, spit your coffee out your nose comedic style. Listen in, it?s guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and have you saying WOW did they just say that! Hit the link below to tune in!
Join lifelong Chicagoan and caffeine fiend Dion McGill as he converses with the varied personalities that make Chicago an amazing city.
On The Rocks is a weekly talk show hosted by on-air personality Alexander Rodriguez. A mix between Joan Rivers, Johnny Carson and Judy Garland, Alexander talks about entertainment, fashion, pop culture and hot topics while sipping cocktails with his celebrity guests from stage and screen. Academy Award Winners, Golden Globe Winners, Tony Award Winners, Emmy Award Winners and pop culture headliners ? he?s drank with them all.
This podcast is has various comedic, interesting, & entertaining topics but my goal is to focus on the history of the Indigenous people of the American continent that was lost or stolen from history or hardly ever talked about. Opochtli is also known as the 'Left Handed One' or 'He who divides the Waters' in Nahuatl which is the Aztec's native language.
NBC World of Dance stars Luka & Jenalyn dive into their differences and talk about their personal experiences on hit TV shows, world tours, music videos more. Being so different, who would expect Luka & Jenalyn to work so well together! Their goal is to help other couples embrace their differences and come together because of it! Get to know this fantastically different dance duo like no one has before and learn how we navigate the rollercoaster we call LIFE!
Join hosts Matt and Alexei as they do a deep dive into the weird and obscure communities that make our world the weird place it is.
Two friends come together to drink wine, beer, vodka or whatever is available and chat about everything your Momma never told you...and then some!
Come To You With Great Cultural Topics That You Can Relate To, and If Not I Can Hip You To It
Welcome to our Podcast!! The Permanent Vacation Project Podcast is hosted by Sean Mallett & Jodi Reath. They are Former longtime residents of Massachusetts, Owners of Millions of Muscles Fitness and a couple with 3 children..... A few years ago decided to take the plunge and move to Sunny Tampa! We are excited to bring you this podcast featuring our adventures and stories from in and around Tampa Bay and all of Florida!! Let's all work to live our Permanent Vacation life...
Chris (a cop) and Damon (a lawyer) geek out about whether your favorite movies get the "law-thing" right or wrong. Our ideal listener loves movies, enjoys podcasts while commuting to and from work, and questions whether complicated subplots would play out in the real world. Perp Fiction provides expert perspectives, insights, and analysis that our listeners can work into the conversation when they geek out with fellow movie-philes.
what new in photography!
A sweet, kind, engaging, imaginative, funny podcast for children of all ages. Each podcast is 10 minutes, ending with a poem. Weekdays: Mon - Fri.
An OutedFox production presents a beer review podcast with a little bit of comedy on the side.
Join Cal, Dan and guests as they tackle the never ending cycle of gaming, the internet, movies, or whatever else springs into the show! More content at www.podcastvsplayer.com
Poly-Saturated is an in-depth, ongoing discussion from a polyamorous family detailing the poly lifestyle keeping it poly-real along the way. The host J, Crow, Xan, and co-host Scarlet take you on a polyamory journey through the ins and outs of their poly-life.
Welcome to Season 3! PopRocks is about two dads discussing those wonderful retro stories set in the decade of decadence—the glorious '80s and early '90s. Co-hosted by Daniel Parkins and Larry Mauro, PopRocks interweaves narrative storytelling with pop-culture references that will ultimately make you remember and relate to an era we could never forget. Shows drop bi-weekly on Friday nights. Supplemental pictures and videos air on YouTube bi-weekly on Saturdays at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCecuiFLBd-2Y2em7wVErY-A Please Like, Subscribe, and Leave a Review!
A weekly discussion of Disc Golf between Chris Tellesbo (Pro) and Gavin Goodwin (Amateur) for anyone interested in the sport.
Hosted by The Voice Of God, Radioactivity is the latest in premiere entertainment with world-class talent at the helm. Seriously though, we have no idea what we're doing.
LISTEN NOW! Real Talk with Judge Joe Brown (season 1) is a NEW PODCAST with opposing points of view and engaging celebrity conversation. Judge Joe Brown and his co-hosts, Aida Rodriguez (comedian), DeAnn Salcido (Former family judge), and Clifford Stewart (martial arts guru)sit down with celebrities, political figures, artist, experts, and many others to exchange strong opinions. Real Talk with Judge Joe Brown (season 1) is comprised of eight (8) jaw-dropping episodes that will surely leave you picking sides. Click the episode links below to listen NOW!
Red Nexus "Get Your Freedom On" | A Conservative viewpoint on today's topics, and some life lessons through "Gants Rants." It's time we take back our Constitutional Republic. www.RedNexus.tv **Fair Use**
RedRock is the home of The Shiznit Show which is a talk show that covers everything from celebrity gossip to serious social issues with a whole lot of funny thrown in and Pod of Thrones reviews and predictions about all things Game of Thrones!
We are the Saturday night DJ's at Singers Karaoke Club in Solvay NY. You may know us and Boozy & Baked. Our podcasts are meant to make you laugh, think, and generally put you in a good mood. So sit back and enjoy the show.
Resting Bitch Face features weekly guests sharing the uncensored details of their crazy lives. From dating disasters to workplace drama and everything in between, nothing is off limits for these hilarious and relatable friends. So whether you're laughing with them or at them at least you'll feel a little bit better about your own F'd up life!
Riding Shotgun With Charlie is a aims to entertain and educate people who are into firearms. However, not everything is firearm related. We may talk music or politics or whatever may come up during a conversation between the driver and the passenger.

Theb A Stard, host of America! The Podcast, and his producer, Tim, are taking a road trip across ever state to discover which state embodiment voted against Theb to be the Embodiment Of And Only Hope For America! Who could it have been?! Which state embodiments will we meet?!

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The Rock and a Hard Place - the only place we talk about absolutely anything and everything.. and we do it in at least 2 different languages cos apparently doing it in one language is too mainstream! This is Bangladesh's first true podcast.. So we clearly have a reputation to uphold! A mostly English but sometimes bilingual podcast!
Chickie throws it your way on his way to work
Where we will take on the task of helping you be informed, and change the world for a place where common sense rules
Life stories and experiences. Being a mom / woman who smokes and grows weed.
This Vanderpump Rules star is getting into some shenanigans as she brings the party to you. From conversations with celebrity and industry guests, juicy stories from her time on the show, and her life in Vegas; it's a party only Scheana could throw. It's downright shenanigans!
Deaf / hard of hearing musician Aaron Schilb interviews songwriters, musicians, and writers of all kinds. Everyone has a story to tell and he's here to lend an ear and let you know who you should be listening to as well.
Gossip Fiends ALLISON MCKAY and PRINCE FLEET EASTON disentomb celebrity corpses and pick through for the gold. We may dislodge a few roaches but we come up with the nuggets for you!
Snapshot XL is your deeper dive into the world of tech. Stay updated with latest tech news in the most detailed way. It is also an extension of the Snapshot Series (by Technologically Challenged) on YouTube. Subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/technologicallychallenged for more tech news, views and reviews brought to you by a professional idiot, which is I (Kazi Omar - BD/UK)
The weekly ramblings of two dudes from Maine, trying to make sense of the world.
Two established Podcaster's join forces to have some fun with the swap meet of poorly formed opinions that is social media. Splash Jordan of the And Friends 360/ Verdict Podcast and I AJ of the AJ Presents The Gr8r Good Podcast attempt to digest the under cooked chicken of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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No show page because dammit we both already have show pages that force us to read this crap all day every day... so check those pages as well as our own shows!!

AJ Presents The Gr8r Good
The Verdict Podcast
And Friends 360

- Instagram -
House Of Splash

GiO is the lead singer/rhythm guitar player of squA²red. In this episodic podcast you can hear what goes on inside the mind of GiO!
This podcast gives a glimpse into what it's like to be a striving musician in todays music industry. Hosted by a metal band called The Doubted and based in Los Angeles, It seeks to be a glimmer of hope for anyone wishing to pursue a career in music.
Stories From My Youth is a podcast about my life. Funny or interesting stories to make you laugh.
Join Stu and Al on topics that include ?Top 3?, ?Noughties Corner? and ?Tales of the Bag O? Nails?. Irreverent chat and laughs (Not a guarantee).
Welcome to 'Stuff You Wouldn't Say Out Loud' with Jake and Mike! The guys talk about everything and anything on their mind. The twist - they speak honestly. Shit you wouldn't hear out loud in public. Guaranteed you thought it, but Jake and Mike say it out loud. Join us every week for a new episode of Stuff You Wouldn't Say Out Loud!
Need to make some new friends? Join the 3 ?Good Friends? Michael, Annemarie, and Trina every Wednesday as they try to navigate through the most experimental, amazing, tragic, & interesting decade of their life: Their 20?s. Each episode contains wild stories, helpful advice, games, & lots of laughs with guest friends. If you?re needing a new friend group or just like being nosy and listening to other people?s conversations then you can definitely sit with us. Follow us on Instagram @suchagoodfriend
SydnyCode Podcast feed

Named best new Wrestling Podcast by LP Productions. Join Trevor Shelby and Thomas Kennedy on a roller coaster ride of Professional Wrestling. Every week we drink beer, rate, review and then argue about everything involving Professional Wrestling. 

The Monday Night Wars: Just before the 25 year anniversary of the Monday Night Wars they began a journey to relive each and every episode that pitted WCW Nitro and WWE Raw against each other. Each week a winner is declared and at the end of the Monday Night Wars, we will find out who really won the war.  

NWA Powerrrhouse Podcast: The NWA Powerhouse podcast is a weekly overview of NWA POWERRR and its Pay Per Views. 

Watch Along: Need a friend to watch Professional Wrestling with? Well look no further. Join Trevor Shelby as he watching Professional Wrestling from today and yesterday

Its a fun show that features interviews with rock stars, comedians, professional athletes and various pop culture icons, mixed with lifestyle related talk, comedy bits and other insanity.
NSFW! Two Adults try to tackle waking up every day, in a very raw way. Warlock Fred & Condor bring a couple of 30-year-old perspectives, both different. Friends from Elementary School, They now put this together from across part of the country. In a bedroom studio. New Episodes Mondays. If You Like What We Do, Check The Links... https://anchor.fm/talkingchaos/message https://www.patreon.com/TalkingChaos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFxRrkugZPhLuo9HHWPolBA Become a Patron! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/talkingchaos/support
Comedian Sunda Croonquist sits down with comedian Stacey Taylor to talk comedy, prison, recidivism, and the Straight Jacket Comedy Tour. Stacey Taylor is a stand-up comedian from Los Angeles, California. After doing 23 years in prison for a life sentence, he was given a second chance at freedom, but didn't forget the jokes along the way. He channels his experience of being incarcerated, and brings it to the stage. Stacey says some of his major influences are Richard Pryor, Red Fox, Leroy & Skillet, to name a few. His goals are to use his comedy to inspire young kids and people, in general. His favorite quote is, ?it's not how you start but how you finish, that's important!? Performing at the Laugh Factory has been one of his biggest accomplishments as a comedian, and he's just getting started. "Runaround" by Andre Merrit and DJ Topic Instagram: @Andre_Merritt Twitter: @Andre_Merritt Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dre-merritt
Just two Dads Talking about everyday life!
To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson.... once you get locked into a serious beer collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The Tap Takeover Podcast is a beer podcast focused on promoting craft breweries in the Midwest. Featuring interviews with the brewers themselves, and all industries that support microbreweries. Including tastings of exclusive recipes, and traditional styles. Cheers! ??
Former MMA Fighter turned Actor, Author, Tattoo Artist, and CEO of Tattness Co. Clothing, Keith "Tattness" McCleary Hosts a Podcast that has no boundaries. From the paranormal to interviewing fellow celebrities, pop culture and current events. This organic conversation based show follows no script and you never know who might swing by.
Official Ten Dollar Slimer podcast, check us out on youtube for more fun. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDb4Y7SKV372wu4yMLN8v0g
Ut non enim eleifend felis. In dui magna, posuere eget, vestibulum et, tempor auctor, justo. Praesent ut ligula non mi varius sagittis. Vivamus euismod mauris. Sed consequat, leo eget bibendum sodales, augue velit cursus nunc, quis gravida magna mi a libero. Curabitur ligula sapien, tincidunt non, euismod vitae, posuere imperdiet, leo.
A podcast of uncompromising realness of everyday life. Discussing life experiences, subtle advice, HipHop, celebrity misdeeds and well doings, entertainment & news. Nothing is off limits as Fly gives his opinion with unfiltered honesty toward anything thrown his way.
We are two besties based in Dubai, and we jibber-jabber about random shower thoughts that come up in our heads, give advice to listeners and also bring in some very special guests. If you are looking for some laughs, relatable content or just some background noise, tune in to "That&This"
Season 1 Episode 1 Introductions
COMING to you from Brooklyn by way of his mother's vagina, THE QUINTESSENTIAL STUDMUFFIN Joel Gertner does his damnedest to overcome his natural modesty to TELL YOU HOW GREAT HE IS, do today's top stars the favor of having them on for great interviews, talk about the news of the day and make you think FOR ONCE!
We HAVE Graduated from the basement in the Midwest. We are still sharing OUR unique perspective on life. Language is suspect, subject matter is borderline acceptable and the commentary shows a distinct lack of understanding and on occasion someone says something really freaking funny. Really Freaking FUNNY! Just listen and judge for yourself! Spanky and Scooter share and most times overshare on their take in this world. The show email address is beansandweenieshow@yahoo.com. Find us on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/beansandweenieshow/ Check out our Rumble Channel at https://rumble.com/c/c-687845 Support us if you enjoy our SHOW. Paypal - beansandweenieshow@yahoo.com We love each and everyone of YOU!
The Bux Effect is a comedy podcast that features the hilarious banter and antics of host Chuck Bux and his colleagues Dk Murphy, Dick Power and Drayvon. The trio discuss everything from pop culture, sports, relationships, and personal stories, with a lot of jokes, sarcasm, and roasts along the way. Whether they are debating the best superhero movie, sharing their dating disasters, or pranking each other, they always keep it real and funny. Listen to The Bux Effect and join the fun!
A podcast consisting of an explosive combination of four brothers from North Carolina with a lot to say! The host, Eletrik, is a former DJ and connoisseur of everything music, more specifically Rap/Hip-Hop, has an interesting take on everything and is a self-proclaimed "Free Thinker". His first cousin/brother is the spark that starts the flame he goes by the name Jerry or simply by his last name, Hines. Then we got Reggie, better known as Led-B, we like to call him the "S*** Starter" he always got some ish going on or is in the middle egging things on. Lastly, we have Wilks he's the quiet one, but don't let his demeanor fool you, he's got a slick personality once you get him out of his box. These guys have started a Wave and it continues to grow. Hit that subscribe button and join the wave, even though their slogan says otherwise "Don't Ride the Wave, Be the Wave"!
Join us on LIVE Monday and Wednesday nights from 7p - 9p CT from the Fan Stream Sports - DSP Media Studios in North Dallas. DFW sports radio personalities Colby Sapp and Timm 'IndyCarTim' Hamm offer an energetic mix of sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and fun! Check us out on X: @colbytimmshow | @IndyCarTim | @ColbySapp! | And make sure to subscribe to our epic YouTube Channel!
The Creative Team Podcast ( Pro Wrestling/Sports) Every Wednesday Join Ron Kilbourn, Cole Dawson of The Creative Team Podcast Pro Wrestling Podcast.
A Dallas Cowboys podcast in partnership with CowboysSI.com and DSP Media. Talking all things Cowboys and NFL with Timm 'IndyCarTim' Hamm! Join us daily for the latest Cowboys and NFL information! Follow us on Twitter @IndyCarTim and @CowboysDailyPod. Part of Fan Stream Sports and DSP Media.
Three childhood friends in their mid thirties interview eclectic guests and talk about current events from an uninformed male perspective. Listen to their comedic take on life, marriage, friendship and awkward everyday situations. Join them every Monday at 8:00 am for their expert MMA analysis of the most up to date UFC and Bellator news and fights.
JD (Jhevani 'Free Smoke' Dixon), a Professional Boxer, talks the recent world within the sport of Boxing while adding a bit of current news, music, entertainment, and comedic breaks!
Music/Pro Wrestling podcast located in Phoenix, AZ. Check out The Gio and Meatbag Show live on Facebook every Week or on all podcast streaming platforms! Punk Rock, Pro Wrestling, Comedy etc.!
The Good Times Podcast is hosted by The Xekutioner & Almanac Jack. The Good Times duo finds themselves jumping into a large variety of topics with the sole purpose of keeping YOU entertained!
A Life podcast about the issues surrounding the host?s life. Recovery, Medicine, Substance Use Disorder, and the way in which they all intertwine.
A podcast where there's no limits, no scripts and no f**king chill.. You asked for it and we brought the hate out.
Welcome to The Inebriated Podcast
hosted by Sam C and my Co-host JDot
thank you for joining us
we are a weekly podcast with high energy conversations
and entertaining views about pop culture and weekly topics
about the South Florida experience.
like, comment, subscribe, and share on all media platforms
thank you and enjoy.
Our goal is to make you laugh till you poop. 67% of the time every time.
Welcome to The Joey and Gilly Show. Packed with utterly hilarious witticisms and today's common problems. Regular articles Hate Mail and Gilly's Tinder Tips. Twitter / Instagram - @JoeyandGilly Facebook - The Joey and Gilly Show Viva the Revolution!
Just like other podcast but only lazier
The pioneering hockey web site has its own fake radio show. Tell your friends.
Between the two of them, Hannah and Alexis have a wealth of expertise in all things mundane--and some not. But their respective venn diagrams only intersect with behind-the-scenes footage from the 2005 version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, so each week, they take some time to learn something new from each other. One?s the dummy; one?s the expert.
Three mates who love to talk and tackle the issues of everyday life by having a laugh whilst discussing important debatable topics. Instagram: @TheLetsGetRarePodcat Email: letsgetrarepodcast@gmail.com
It's not too long. @maxkevincomedy
Lee has lived in Northern Virginia since 1978, Mark and Bill have each lived in Northern Virginia, let's see, their entire lives. The boys have talked endlessly, over the years, about starting their own radio show. Along came podcasts so here we are, doing what they have talked about for a very long time. They each have very unique perspectives on life here in NOVA and they don't always agree but they do make each other laugh so take a chance and listen yourself to what they have decided is a Seriously, not serious at all podcast each week.
Welcome to The Petty Chronicles...where each week we discuss the most random things that you never knew you wanted to hear. There's 3 choices in life, you can do things the right way, the wrong way, or the petty way.
What happens when four best friends since high school decide to start a random podcast? They create the Poddamn Idiotz Podcast, discussing random news stories, talking sports, playing games, being controversial, and just having a good time! Join Captain B Slow, J Hizzle, Ric Spade, and Texas, as they have idiotic discussions for your entertainment. **This Podcast is not suitable for children**
Host J.Matlock is very insightful and passionate about whatever it is that he is talking about. Which he uses to make his podcasts amazing. He brings a certain energy.Dont take my word for it, find out for yourself.
Have you ever just thought to yourself that something just doesn't sound right? Something about that news article, sports team, athlete, religious experience, or life event doesn't seem to be totally truthful? That's where we come in! We are looking for facts and unbiased opinions on every subject and topic under the sun. We are... The Question Everything Guys! The Question Everything Guys' Podcast is a weekly episodic podcasts on most podcast platforms. We are here to give you the answers to the questions others are afraid to discuss.
The Real Housewives of Reality cover everything Real Housewives related but also incorporate other hit reality shows. A part of the PFT Media Network and Launchpadone.
Remington is an Native Californian living in Pasewalk, Germany. Since moving to Germany in 2007 he's built a life in Germany with his wife and three kids.
Gonzo style on the street freestyle interviews with strangers mixed to Lofi hip hop instrumentals. We discuss anything and everything, content varies each episode depending on whoever crosses my path in my travels around Australia. Maybe one day I can figure out how to make a living off it.
Comedian Eulalio Magana invites entertainers from all types to talk about their road gigs, how they got started, provide insight about their industry all while making fun of himself and telling his own road stories.
Robby discusses current events, gives a take on various topics. He might be joined by friends, podcasters or popular influencers to share similar or opposing view points.
Welcome to my brand new podcast, The Royal Pod! Every single Monday & Wednesday I, Rican King, will be coming at you with some great chats about life, sex, relationships, creepy ghost stories, interviews with music artist, life experiences, and more to come. Thank You so much for taking the time to listen to The Royal Pod!!!! if you liked this episode please make sure you subscribe on iTunes, Google play and leave reviews. You can also listen to The Royal Pod on soundcloud and spotify, Just search The Royal Pod or my name Rican King. Thank You for listening enjoy now!!:):)
Here at The Shenanigan Show our conduct is questionable, our practices are mischievous, but our spirits are high...literally. It's the podcast no one asked for, delivered hot and fresh weekly. Join us as we cover all the gigs, the ha-ha's, and the funnies, while also providing you with not-so-expert opinions on things we are more than unqualified to give.
Join hosts Ryan and Doug in the garage as they convene The Steering Committee, a laid-back take on all things cars and driving, straight out of Colorado. Follow us on Instagram! @ryanbahrke @thesteeringcommitteepodcast Realtor Daryl Vaughn: @Daryl_Global_Realtor and 720.432.5335. Enter our code STEERING at checkout for 10% off at JackSloane.com. Check out RiNo Sign Works at rinosignworks.com and @rinosignworks. And, for badass Belgian brews, visit our Bruz Beers friends at bruzbeers.com. And, use our code STEER5 at Swisstrax.com for 5% off! For partnership, media or industry inquiries, please email us at ryan.bahrke@auslandercreative.com or thesteeringcommitteepodcast@gmail.com.
Why listen to the low hum of the dark void we call a universe, when you can listen to the sultry rambles of Edwardo "The Manager" and Derek? With a rotation of recurring guests they'll help you flex those pop-culture chops, and you're guaranteed to have at least ONE awkward moment when you're listening. Though, it will most likely be because you've accidentally laughed out loud in public. Did we mention this is a comedy podcast? Definitely not a couple of guys trying to embarrass you in front of your coworkers who can hear you chortle in your cubicle. Or maybe you're commuting home? Then it's okay that you're smiling like a crazy person behind the wheel. Your hosts won't judge you for the way you listen; they're simply here for nostalgia, shits, and giggles. So come spend your time poorly with us! The goal of this show is to reach an audience and develop a following organically over time. Subscribe for free by searching "Time Spent Poorly" on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. Follow us on Twitter too @TSPNMedia & @yonimusprime
Comedian George Collins rambles about everyday life. Games, Audio, Movies, Media, Everything Support the show with a dollar a month here: https://anchor.fm/the-whomst/support www.Paypal.me/comedian Follow: Twitter: Regularasgeorge Instagram: RegularAssGeorge Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-whomst/support
How did we get here? How does anyone get anywhere in life... A breakup! Yes a breakup. For some odd reason breakups have become the modern day epiphany. True story. Breakups will make you realize, despite what all your friends and family have been telling you years, that you have made several bad decisions when it comes to dating. Breakups will make you realize that the recent relationship you just got out of was single handedly holding you back from reaching your full potential. The breakup will also make you realize that not only was your counter part never a good fit for you but also your involvement in the relationship was preventing you from individual success. It was the main reason for not capitalizing on a career change, the need to go back to school, the gym, opening a bar or even starting a blog. Ironically, breakups will make you realize that you were never ready for a relationship in the first place. Furthermore, breakups can even make you come to the realization that you are the worst boyfriend ever! If you are guessing whether or not a breakup is the reason for this blog, you are correct. Although the breakup was expected I was still devastated because I was the dumpee and not the dumper. I?m sure if I was the dumper I would have handled the situation a lot better but I did not. So in my bout of depression, what the breakup made me do is reflect on every single aspect of the relationship including how things turned out so bad. While in that moment of reflection I realized that there were a lot of things I should and could have done different. So here we are. This blog is my attempt to evolve into not only a better boyfriend but also a better person. By researching, discussing, inquiring and getting feedback from men and women I?m hoping to get to the bottom of this whole relationship enigma and see if I can one day become datable. I?m not holding my breath though... Enjoy!
The sexy taboo stuff, that's on everybody's nasty mind. Juicy topics that includes the strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and the NUTS! Can ya dig it! No topic is off limits or left unturned! Come listen to an array of topics originating from the numinous mind of your host, while being butt-naked and unperturbed. Nothing escapes X & Y Baby!
If laughter is the best medicine, call me Dr. Kevorkian, b*tch! I'll keep ya up on the stories that main-stream media won't cover and make ya laugh, because you deserve it! Bad at small talk? Not anymore! YSP will have ya hanging out with the cool kids in no time! Visit yeahsopodcast.com OR watch it on YouTube here: www.youtube.com/channel/UChIP-FWwdHEKUMchkUI_upQ/ OR say it to my face, if ya got the stugots here: @theerev on the Clubhouse app YSP on Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/show/1CwNV6e7fopMtnrfIoTG9d?si=04cf0ac0a10a43e0 @yeahsopodcast on Twitter/Instagram @the_ys_podcast Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/yeahsopodcast/support

Join hosts Andrew Turner and Tim Phillippe of "America! The Conversation" as they discuss why certain politicians are bad for American democracy and how neither side is sending their best people.

They're Not Sending Their Best on Spotify

Social Links
Instagram - @AmericaTheConversation
TikTok - @AmericaTheConversation
Facebook - @AmericaTheConversation
Twitter - @AmericaTheConvo
Patreon - patreon.com/americatheconversation

The show's theme song is "Circus" by Oleg Kirilkov and was procured via Pixabay.com then remixed by Timmy Two Step for use in this show.

"They're Not Sending Their Best" was created by Tim Phillippe and Andrew K Turner and is a production of Shway Media and America! The Podcast Presents.

For more, visit and www.ShwayMedia.com!  

Robert Lohbihler has plenty of stories that we can all relate too. Sit back, relax and get ready to laugh because.. This Is So Us.

You always wanted three assholes. Now you can have them! Three ordinary guys discuss current and historical events from their own unique asshole perspective. Not for the easily offended, the assholes dive into various topics and offer opinions you may share but are too afraid to say out loud. @3assholespod

We LOVE to hear from you! Email us at timeforten@gmail.com Time For Ten is a podcast that features a number of top ten countdown lists that range in topic from mob movies to olympic events. Hosted by Bob & John, two regular guys from Connecticut, they'll keep you entertained week after week.
Todd and Jules cover everything from sports to life and back to sports again, all from the comfort of Todd's couch.
Get early access to ad-free eps and supes fun bonus content when you subscribe to my patreon! https://www.patreon.com/tommylenk Hey it's me Tommy Lenk! No, I don't think we've met. Well, I'm an actor and also that guy from Instagram who makes the garbage dresses? No, the other one. No, that's the baby wearing costumes while it sleeps. Forget it. Anyway, this is my podcast where celebs, friends & crazers bring me their prized possessions and items that no longer "spark joy" and I try to figure out what's trash and what's treasure! I'm like a totally unqualified Marie Kondo, with none of the discipline and a very shoddy work ethic - OK, so basically we're the complete opposite - but I do think you'll enjoy the magical art of NOT tidying up with me! And remember, one man's trash is another man's podcast...I mean TRASHcast!
The Brovivor Podcast Network is happy to release it's new show "Trivial Tournament". Each episode see hosts navigate a pop culture tournament. Who is the best Disney character, greatest sports moment or best fast food chain? Come here each week to be part of the bracket.
Politics. Culture. Society. Science. Comedy (both intentional and unintentional). General ranting from two self-righteous and overly-educated ex-Army guys. You could call them relics. You could call them #wokeless. You could call them agitators. But be careful, they may call you an ambulance. And..... one of them is an actual bastard
Welcome to the Unnecessary Commentary Podcast! Brought to you by Brittany, Juan, and Joseph.
Tune in to Episodes of UNPRIVILEGED DRINKERS, as we discuss various topics of BEER, WINE and LIQUOR. We're a band of brothers who come together and indulge in all different types of Alcohol and share our experiences. We promise you will not be disappointed, at the very least you'll get a great laugh.
Drunken sports rambling by idiots. It's real original! We cover a variety of sports topics from NFL, NCAA ,MLB UFC, local Highschool Sports to anything in between! Check out Unrealistic Expectations Podcast (@UnrealExpPOD): https://twitter.com/UnrealExpPOD?s=09
With nothing off limits, Useless Knowledge will keep you on your toes. We accept any of your questions regarding ANY topic via email at: theuselessknowledgepodcast@gmail.com
Zierlandia, a world in chaos. 2 Heros, and a whole lot of stupidity
My opinions on the different pop culture I consume, from an 28 year old nerd's point of view.
Listen hack producer Mr. Dr. Prof. SLAMbuka slowly address the cynical attitudes of Louise as they dive into irrelevance and irreverence.
Disconnect from your daily grind to connect, laugh, grow and get real with us - we can relate!
"We Didn't Do It" is a true crime & comedy podcast which dissects unresolved mysteries and cold cases. Only one thing's for certain... we didn't do it.
We talk about stories that we find interesting or ridiculous. Make sure to grab a drink and enjoy the ride!
Podcast by Weekly Clink
A Podcast all about the odd and awkward thoughts and behavior we have as humans.
My friend Elanee lives a very media sheltered life. listen every 2 weeks as I take her through some of my favorite movies from 2010 and back. some she'll enjoy, most of them she will hate.
Wit & Wisdom a satire, news and interest show that covers sports, politics, video games and whatever the hell we want. Wit & Wisdom: a show containing and lacking both.

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