Lighthearted discussions between and mom and her teenage daughter about pop culture, life, and everything in between. Exploring the mother and daughters points of view.


Coffee and Sweet Tea

Alabama Rush

Guys there's so much to discuss this week! We talk Lauren's latest obsession (rush tik toks), Gracen has a surprise during recording, a few dangerous sleepwalking stories, and we try to figure out what Lauren should be when she grows up (and listeners- it gets dark) Thanks for listening!!!
00:40:08 9/2/2021

Past Episodes

Coffee and Sweet Tea
In todays episode, we find out that Gracen's been keeping a secret! We also discuss our failed sports and hobbies, and talk about our irrational fears.
00:40:58 8/29/2021
Coffee and Sweet Tea
On this weeks podcast we're discussing another church that Lauren visited, we hear a mysterious barking sound, get an update on Gracen's work life, and hear a lot about Laurens work history. Bon-a-petit!
00:45:33 8/15/2021
Coffee and Sweet Tea
What a journey- we thought this episode was lost forever, but fear not! There's a whole lot of goodness up in here. Church hopping with Lauren and a look back at Gracen's job history.
00:42:26 8/8/2021
Coffee and Sweet Tea
We're baaaaack! Coming to you from Washington and Arkansas! We've got a lot of catching up to do!
00:29:53 8/1/2021
Coffee and Sweet Tea

We've got a lot of updates and info in today's show! Medical advice, moving updates, hotel pricing, adult summer camp dreams (or is it prison?) and so much more!

00:28:32 7/1/2021
Coffee and Sweet Tea

See if you can keep up with all of our different convos on this weeks podcast! So many things! 

00:29:48 6/9/2021
Coffee and Sweet Tea

We know we know It's been a while. Apologies! In this episode we'll catch you up on our lives, discuss whether or not Elon Musk is a good person, and bum you out with talk about depressing children's movies. 

00:29:26 5/10/2021
Coffee and Sweet Tea
Guys let's be honest- there's nothing really special about this episode. BUT it is Easter and we are so happy to come to you with more getting to know us questions and life updates. Please enjoy and have a hoppy Easter :)
00:23:55 4/4/2021
Coffee and Sweet Tea

Well well well- here we are again! Fresh from Arkansas with updates on the potential move. Followed by fun real estate info from Gracen on how to acquire property that isn't rightfully yours! So much to learn!

00:29:23 2/26/2021
Coffee and Sweet Tea
Well well well. I joked about having covid in the last episode and look what happened!! Come along as we discuss the Covids and check in with Gracen about all of her jobs! Plus hear a secret about a trip I'm taking!
00:26:56 2/18/2021

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