Intentional Sports Game Changers Podcast

Game Changers Podcast: Where we discuss how the game changed us and what we're doing to change the game Join our host, Andy Mcdermott, as he explores the transformative power of sports. In each episode, Andy sits down with an array of guests, including professional athletes, to discuss how sports have changed their lives and how they're using their influence to make a difference in the world.


Intentional Sports Game Changers Podcast

Intentional Sports Podcast Episode 1: Austin Carr

Welcome to the first episode of Intentional Sports Game Changers Podcast! Our host & Intentional Sports founder, Andy McDermott, invited former NFL wide receiver and president of Intentional Sports, Austin Carr to discuss how the game of football changed Austin's life and how he transitioned to helping lead the Intentional Sports mission of using sports and opportunity to change the future of Chicago
24:51:00 2/22/2024

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