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Dad's Game Review

Ep.14 – DR. Mario for IOS and Forgotten Anne!

Paul and Chris are changing things up this episode and the ones going forward! Listen in to hear what we have on the horizon for all your gaming dads out […]
00:33:52 7/21/2019

Past Episodes

Dad's Game Review
Join hosts Paul and Chris as we talk about how disappointed and elated we were over the releases from the past 8 months…. sorry… we really try to do this […]
00:51:12 3/8/2019
Dad's Game Review
Paul and Chris are back with some or most of the games that have been played, reviewed and forgotten about since the last time we recorded a podcast…
00:08:07 8/26/2018
Dad's Game Review
Join Paul and Chris as we discuss with a special guest Mia, Paul's daughter. We will talk with her about her thoughts on her favorite games and not her sister […]
01:01:27 3/7/2018
Dad's Game Review
Hi Dads… Episode 10 is here where Paul and Chris talk about Obduction for PS4, Uncharted Lost Legacy and a fun dodgeball game called SitkBold!!!!!!
00:54:34 10/26/2017
Dad's Game Review
In this last episode, Paul and Chris delve into such games and conversations such as, why is minecraft still a thing? Chris talks more about Breath of the Wild and […]
00:38:04 8/15/2017
Dad's Game Review
Paul and Chris get an exclusive look at The House of DaVinci and discuss other indi games with some blockbusters to come and what we think… as we always do..
00:51:01 6/3/2017
Dad's Game Review
Listen in to Paul and Chris discuss Nintendo's new console the switch, Resident Evil (secret love) and the flaws it came with it's story.
00:00:00 2/14/2017
Dad's Game Review
Listen in to Paul and Chris discuss…. well.. everything since July.. it's been a crazy 4 months since we last posted so we apologize for that.
00:00:00 11/6/2016
Dad's Game Review
Paul and Chris discuss E3, how to find dead people with Pokemon Go! and some tips on if you ever go on a cruise…. Listen in today!
00:00:00 7/26/2016

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