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Adam and Joe Discussion Show

Episode 3 - Food

In this episode of the podcast, the esteemed idiots chat about food! from lasagna (aka Italian cake), to restaurants (be nice to your server!), to the age old questions about pineapple on pizza, the boys go in depth about their love and hate for all things food. Bon Apetit!

01:23:50 8/23/2021

Past Episodes

Adam and Joe Discussion Show

Welcome to Episode 2! In this episode, the dynamic (lol) duo chat about music, while trying not to talk too much about Metallica out of fear of Lars' wrath and lawyers. Enjoy!

01:24:37 8/16/2021
Adam and Joe Discussion Show

The Adam and Joe Discussion Show has begun! For this inaugural episode, the two discuss a longtime passion of theirs: Video Games. They touch upon a range of topics within that realm, while Joe constantly sidetracks himself. Enjoy!

01:22:41 8/9/2021

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