Unfiltered, Unedited && 100% REAL perspectives from 2 Dope ahhs Queens.. Who got the Juice? We got it! #SipTime


F.U. Podcast

Are you Married to the image?

Suffering Trying to live up to society's expectations. Are you married to the image?
00:00:00 1/15/2020

Past Episodes

F.U. Podcast
So often black men say they aren't heard, or under valued by the black woman. So two black Queens gave a couple of Black Kings the platform to be heard loud and clear
00:55:45 12/23/2019
F.U. Podcast
The RELAUNCH: Black love from the perspective of the black woman. Are we growing and healing or hurting each other more?
01:02:00 12/17/2019
F.U. Podcast
Now vs Then........ Can we speak on the differences in the generations? From men to parenting... lets get into it
00:31:17 10/8/2019

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