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Sandoval Benched

Episode 47: NBA Finals Recap

00:35:58 7/21/2021

Past Episodes

Sandoval Benched
This episode covers game 5 of the NBA finals, Damian Lillard's plea to the Portland front office. Covid issues in Tokyo during the Olympics. I also review Space Jam and F9 (spoilers).
00:45:35 7/19/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers the NBA Finals. Giannis' Dominance, Ohtani becoming the face of baseball and MLB's savior. Emmy nominations and new hobby of buying and selling rare games.
00:39:41 7/13/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers the first game of the NBA finals between the Bucks and the Suns. Checking in with Trevor Bauer and his suspension. I also breakdown the Maria Taylor and Rachel Nichols Issue at ESPN and how it relates to fake social activism.
00:47:54 7/7/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers the Western and Eastern Conference Finals. Chris Paul's Legacy, outlook for the Clippers, allegations against Trevor Bauer. The hiring of Chauncey Billups and the direction of the Trail Blazers. I also talk about the Name and Likeness in college sports as well as Physical and Kevin Can F*** Himself. Plus much more in this week's episode.
00:57:11 7/1/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers the NBA draft lottery picks, Jazz/Clippers, Nets/Bucks, Sixers/Hawks. Advice for Ben Simmons and NBA Conference Finals.
00:45:40 6/22/2021
Sandoval Benched
KD's heroics, Milwaukee's failures, Kawhi's Injury, Luka's issue with Mavericks front office and Chris Paul update.
00:32:35 6/16/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers the recent injuries in the NBA playoffs to Harden, Kyrie, Embiid, Conley and how this changes each series. Also breakdown the MLB substance issue with sunscreen/rosin and spider tack. Kevin Durant's one-man show with Kyrie and Harden out or injured.
00:31:04 6/15/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers the Julio Jones trade, Brad Stevens moving to the front office and Danny Ainge stepping down. Coach K announcing his retirement. Where do the Blazers, Lakers and Mavericks go from here? My new finals pick since the Lakers were eliminated. Are the Brooklyn Nets the ultimate hate watch?
00:30:13 6/8/2021
Sandoval Benched
Checking in on the NBA Playoffs, Anthony Davis and Joel Embiid Injuries. I also discuss fan behavior, Julio Jones news, Mare of Easttown and Hacks.
00:51:21 6/1/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers another NBA playoff preview since the updated standings. Also talk about the basketball hall of fame and Ben Wallace, Chris Webber and more.
00:37:21 5/17/2021

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